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More from America on Radio 3 this week w hen the BBC. never ones to forget an anniversary . mark the centenary ofthe birtlt of iiugene ()‘Neill with a number of his plays and w hat they call a 'biographical impression'. The American playw rJght w as born and died in a hotel room. and his best known achiey ement Lung Day‘s Journey" IIIIU Night w as neither published nor performed in his lifetime. Productions are as follows:

The Moon ofthe Caribbees ( )et 15. R3. lfl.25pm. Inst of the four plays abotit the British tramp steamer. the SS ( iIencairn. All are new productions by Bay Area Radio Drama of Berkeley California and are directed by Jose Ouintcro. w hose celebrated proudction of ()‘Neill's I‘lit' [(1771th ( ‘omt'lli caused a storm iii the fifties. ()ther plays iii this seriesare:

Bound East for Cardiff ( )ct If). R3. 7.3(lpm. Inthe Zone. ()et 1". R3.‘).l5pm; The Long Voyage Home ( )cl ll). R3. 9.30pm.

A Moon for the Misbegotten. ()ct ls. R3. 7.30pm. Inst of two classic r‘epcatsol O'Neill plays this production includesan award-w inning performance by Sarah Badel; the second is The Iceman Comelh ()et 2 l. 3. 7..‘\llprn with Ray McAnally'.

Long Day's Journey. ()cl lo. R4. 4pm. A biographical impression w rittcn by Christopher Bigshy with RS( actor Brian Cox as O'Neill and William Ilootkinsas his lather.

The Bceb is of course one of the best places for new play w rights to get their work produced and they are very protidol the amount of new material they broadcast. This year they have introduced a new element . and from ()et 17 to 29they Will be broadcasting the first Radio Drama Young Playwrights Festival. They ins itcd original work from new or established writers aged between l5 and 30 and the plays chosen should riiake a pretty varied season. Three of the w riters are under lb. and Ill hay e ney ci' had work published before; btit there is also a first play bythc highly talented .Ieannctte Wiritcrs'on.

w hose remarkable book. ()rungt'v rtrt'noi (Itt'mt/v l'rrti! won the IVS.< Whithread first novel prize in l‘lSS. llci play Static willbe broadcast on ()et 20. R4. 3pm. The season kicksott on ( )ct l7. R4. .S‘. 15pm with The Word Made Flesh a cabaret recorded before a live audience in the Paris Studio. and the hosts. representing the Kelvinside‘s Young People‘s Amateur Dramatic Society . are Victor and Barry. W'hoelsc'.’

ldon't suppose the am-dram stars of the KYPAI)S would think much of it. btit on Oct 2o. R3. 7.30pm. Philip l‘rench is presenting a programme on New Zealand Cinema . since New Xealand. never known for its modernism. is apparently at last catching up with Australia's recent film renaissance. More to \' ck B‘sliking would perhaps be Scottish ()pera‘s production of The Midsummer Marriage. broadcast from the Theatre Royal. (ilasgow . ()et 17. R3. 7.15pm.

I The Open listings are designed to listany event that would not fit in to one of the other sections. You‘re invited to send information on talks. walks. political meetings etclo. The Lisl.14 High Street. Edinburgh EH11TE. to arrive at least seven days before publication date.


I Talk: Perec’s Memory of Childhood I‘rench Iristittite. l3 Randolph ( ‘resccitt. lidinburgh. WI 225 5300. David Bellos givesa talk about the trench author



I Scottish War on Want: Auction lorAfrica Mary'hill Community Central l lalls. Mary'hill Road. (ilasgow. Viewing begins lllam. auction begins 12 noon. Items for auction include donations from Tina Turner. Bob (ieldof. Ken Currie and other celebrities.


I Sunday Cycle Ride Meet L'sher I la”. [.othian Road. Edinburgh. lllam. Organised by the Lothian Cycle Campaign. this is the first of a seriesof regular bike rides. all under thirty miles and mapped out spontaneously depending on the weather and whim of those involved. Children under l3 should be accompanied by an adult. For more details please ring ()31 2291962.


I Public Meeting: ls Marxism Relevant Today? Tollcross Community Centre. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. Mary Black isthe speaker at this meeting organised by the Edinburgh South Branch of the Socialist Workers‘ Party.

I Seminar: Sidelights on John Levi's Work: The Indian Material Conference Room. School of Scottish Studies. Edinburgh University. 27 (ieorge Square. Edinburgh. 4pm. ('i.A.S. Norman holdsa seminar.

I The Lansdovvne Lecture: Marie de Guise: Princesse de Lorraine et Reine d'Ecosse George IIeriot's School. Lauriston Place. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. 03] 332 1939. Michel Duchein. lnspecteur (ieneral des Archives de France. gives the first in a


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bookshop With its feet on the

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Visit us 10am to 6pm SPIRITUAL Monday to Saturday Or on Thursday evening till 9pm. 8 O O K S

I Talk: Acupuncture Alva Natural Health

series of annual lectures organised by the I-‘ianco-Scottish Society.


I Celebration for Nicaragua ( ‘ate Royal Bistro Ital. In \\ csl Register Street. Izdinbttigh Spin. L2.5lltLl tiiiwagedt To celebrate the signing of a ti iendsliip agreement between the ( ‘ity of I'.LIlllI‘lll't.!Il District ( "turned and lilticlields. Atlantic Coast. Nicaragua. l-diribtiiin-liltieliclds .-\ssociatioii are holding art cyciiingol i music I Itcte \\ Ill be a chance Inn. to meet

the guests Saiidiiiistat oiiiiriaiidaiitc I I.tiriibcrto ( 'ampbcll and the Mayor of I lllticliclds. I Ieiiiiriigtoii ( )riiici

IWellspring'sTenlh Anniversary Celebrations ()ueen's i la”. Clerk Street. lidinburgh. .‘i. Wellspring's Tenth Anniversary 3.3flpm is follow ed by a guest lecture at 4pm. given by Ian ( itirdon-Br‘ow n. director of the centre for 'l‘r‘anspersonal Psychology (LS L2). there is asuppcrat (rpm (L5. must be booked in advance ) and a celebration ceilidli at "pm(£2.5(l {I ). Tickets are available from Wellspring. I3 I Smith's Place. lidinburgh lil le‘N’l'.

.‘itlpm onwards. To celebrate tea. at ;

Centre. IT ()tieensferry Street. lzdinburgh. 7.30pm. .lane ( ‘Iiisliolm gives the latest in a seriesot talks on natural healing.

I Talk: The Prince and the Professron Royal Society of lzdinburgh. 22 ( icorge Street. Iidinburgh. Spin. A lecture given by Dr Patrick Nuttgens on the Prince of Wales and architecture. hosted by the Forth and Borders ( lump of the Architectural Ilcritagc Society of Scotland.


ITalk: Joseph Heller Queen‘sltall. Clerk Street. lidinbtirgh.tl31 (this 2019. (1.45pm.

A rare appearance by the renowned author of ( 'ult'li 22. Sec Backlist.

I Colombian Evening :4 ( icorgc Square (basement l. Edinburgh. Spin. L2(Ll 5“) A ( 'olombian eveningorganised by lzdiiibtii’gh Amnesty Iiitciiiatiorial to publicise correct it about the ‘l)cath Squad' i activ itics iii Coloritbia. 'l'liere w ill be a short talk by a ( 'olombian rcltigce and by an Amnesty International speaker. and authentic ( 'oloiiibian refreshments will be \CIACKI.


I Scottish Action for Nicaragua ( ilasgtm College of Technology , ( ‘ow eatldens Road. ( ilasgow. lllam ~1pm..-\ day-long 5 conferenceabout Nicaragua Speakers include ( 'omnimaridantc [timberto Campbell; I-ianciseo d‘lzscoto. Aiiibassadoi of Nicaragua; Ilennington ()meir. mayor of liltietields. Maria nyc MP. Patil I.a\etly and Kevin l)tinionot ()slam. I~or more details contact the Volunteer ( ‘entrc. 25 Izlmbaiik Street. (ilasgow,ll412203431.

I One World Fair St Johns Church. Princes Street. lzdinburgli. lllam 4pm. Aspartol One World Week. a fair with stallsfrom all the aid organisations.

I Talk: Britain and the Bruntland Report

Cor nerstoiic ( ‘alc. St .lohn'sChtirch. Princes Street. Izdinbtirgli. 4.3tlpm. As part of One World W'eck. David Martin. Ml'l’. gives a talk on the report.


I Talk: Namibia The Theft or the Land Cornerstone Cafe. St John's Church. Princes Street. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. Atalk as part of One World Week.

I Sunday Cycle Ride Meet Usher Hall. Lothian Road. Edinburgh. 10am. Organised by the Lothian Cycle Campaign. See Sunday loth. For more details please ringtl3l 2291962.


I Talk: Development Projects in Peru

Cornerstone Cafe. St John's Church.

“rinces Street. lidinburgh. 7.30pm. \lastair l ltilbert gives a talk as part ofthe )ne \Vttrltt Week.


I Lecture: Bridie and the School olorama Chandler Studio Theatre. Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. 100 chfrew Street. Glasgow. 04] 3324101. Admission Free by Ticket. 12.45pm. Rtissell Boyce gives the first ofthree lectures on James Bridie in honour ofhis centenary year.

I Mstits Cabaret Evening Well Woman Centre. St Brides Corrrmunity Centre. ()rw ell Terrace. Edinburgh. “31 337 5543. 8pm. £2.50 ( £1 ). A benefit cabaret from the female comedy duo. The Msfits. All proceeds to go to Well Woman Funds.

I Talk and Demonstration: The Way Things Work I .ccture Theatre. Royal Museum of Scotland. Chambers Street. Edinburgh. MI 225 7534 c\t. 2b). lllam at 2pm. David Macaulay giy cs a talk and demonstration about how a host of things work and explains the relationship between azip and the Py raniids. amongst other things.


I Talk: Appropriate Forestry in Central Africa Cornerstone Cale. St John's Church. Princes Street. lidinburgh. ".Sllpm. I)r' laii tidwardsol the Royal Botanic ( iardcns giy es a talk as part of One \VttrItI Week. I Talk: The Joy of Wine I‘rench Institute. l3 Randoph Crescent. Izdiriburgh. ()31 225 5300. Cultural Attache to the French Iiinbassy in London. Patrick “tier-Philippe is a wine connoisseur. lle giy es an introduction to the world ofw'inc. follow ed by a w inc-tasting. I Shop Aid Princes Square. Crlasgow'. Nearly 4(lsltt)p outlets in Princes Square w ill be staffed by media and showbiz personalities today as part of the ‘Shop Aid' effort to raise money for the Renal l’ttnd and the AIDS charity CrUsaid. The event is organised by The Western Infirmary Renal Fund and Crusaid Strathclyde. See (itiestlist. I Talk: Homeopathy in Pregnancy Alva Natural Health Centre. l7 Queensferry Street. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. Diane (ioodwin gives the latest in series oftalks about natural health. I Lecture: Bridie and the Glasgow Cltlzens' Theatre Chandler Studio Theatre. Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. llltl Renfrew Street. Glasgow. 04] 332 410] . Admission Free by Ticket. 12.45pm. Tony Paterson gives the second ofthree lectures on James Bridie in honour ofhis centenary year. I Seminar: The Battle of Nechtansmere: The Story of the Stones Conference Room. School of Scottish Studies. Edinburgh l'niversity. 27 (ieorge Square. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. (iraeme Cruickshank. writer and broadcaster. hosts this seminar co-organised by the School of Scottish Studies and the Pictish Arts Society. I Meeting: Loneliness Well Woman Centre. St Brides Community Centre. ()rwell Terrace. Edinburgh. (I31 337 5543. 9.30am— 1 pm. A discussion around the subject of loneliness: do you feel lonely. even when you are not alone? '

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