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I Music is listed as diary: by day, then by

city. then by event.


FRIDAY 14 Glasgow

I Midday Concert Stevenson I lall. RSAMD. 100 Renlrew Street. 332 5057. lprn. Admission free by ticket. (ieorge Mel’hce. organist of Paisley Abbey. plays Suite on It’ll! creators/unit“ by Nicolasde

Cirigny . Variationson a Shape-note Hymn by Samuel Barber and the I’assacaglia in C minor by .I S Bach.

I 3C0 City I la“. Candleriggs. 227 5511.

' 7.30pm. lixtra date: Saturday 15.

lidinburgh. £2.20 £8.80(Series(‘ discount available). Sir Peter Maxwell Davies conducts Mozart 's Symphonies Nos 35. liaffncr. and 39 with Beethoven‘s I’ianoConcerto No 1 sandwiched inbetween. featuring Cecile I.icad as soloist.

I Pro Arte Recital Henry Wood 1 tall. Clarernont Street. Tickets: 33-16908 (Ambassador Classics). 7.30pm. £3.50

1 .95). The young Jew ish pianist ()ri Steinberg makes his British debut with an eclectic selection of works by Scarlatti. Beethm en (l’allic'quui'). Menotti. (iershwin. Chopin and Liszt.


I 8N0 l'sher I la”. I.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. lixtra date: Saturday 15. (ilasgow . £2.70»~£1 l .50 (Series D discount available). SN() Music Director Bryden ’I'homson conducts Brahms‘ Violin Concerto with Miriam Field. Vaughan Williams‘ Symphony No 4 and the ()verture to 1.4’ ( 'orsain' by Berlioz.

I Utopia Ltd Churchhill Theatre. Morningside. Tickets: 4-19 3641 (Mrs Campbell). 7.30pm. Fxtra date: Saturday 15. £3. The (iilbert and Sullivan Societyot lidinburgh present a concert version of L'topian Ltd.



I The Midsummer Marriage Theatre Royal. Ilope Street. 331 1234. 7.15pm. Iixtra dates: Thursday 20 ( ( ilasgow) and 3

November(Iidinburgh). it» 1.17. Scottish

! l


(iardcns. Tickets: 332 5057 ( RSAMD). 3pm. £4 (£2 children under 15 free). In fairly new Sunday afternoon series. the Allander linscmble play Ilaydn's Quartet

()p 7b .\'o 3 and the ()ctet by Schubert.


It could so very nearly have been disco to Don Carlos. But that's just one of the hazards facing Scottish Opera as they take opera round to places like Oban‘s Argyllshire Gathering Halls where the bistro next door was about to set up its Saturday night shindig in competition. But one of the advantages ol touring with a piano, cast of only six and easily assembled set is that the whole show can quite simply be moved on. And that's what happened in Oban last month. The disco threat won and Verdi moved along a bit.

Don Carlos itsell is a mammoth piece, Scottish Opera Go Round‘s version cutting the lull live acts, but still lasting a good three hours. All the more credit then to the stunning cast who kept up the tension of the power struggles at state, church and personal relationships, directed by David Walsh. In the title role, Colin


I Friends 01 Scottish Opera Queen’s 1 Tall. Clerk Street. 668 2019. 3pm. Introduction Opera in Tippett‘s opera about a couple preparing for their wedding. Dance company Second Stride is a particular feature.

I 8N0 City Hall. Candleriggs. 227 551 1. 7.30pm. £2.50—£1 1 .50 (Series D discount available). See Friday 14. Edinburgh. for full description.


I 880 Queens I Iall. Clerk Street. 668 2019. 7.45pm. £2.20-£9.(>0 (Series B discount available). See Friday 1-1. (ilasgow. for full description.

: I Utopia Ltd Churehhill Theatre.

McKerracher’s performance was absolutely gripping both dramatically and musically, as was Adrian Clarke‘s Rodrigo, his interpretation growing in stature as the character developed. Anne Williams-King and Margaret McDonald brought sensitive understanding totheirrolestoo, responding well to the needs of pertorming in a small venue, close to their audience. Perhaps most striking was the ensemble singing, tight-knit and perfectly balanced. Oil-stage hero is undoubtedly Mark Dorrell, whose lingers breathtakingly tound their way round the piano arrangement of Verdi’s rich score, never stopping tor one moment. Sung in English and highly recommended, although the more lormal stage/audience arrangement 01 Portobello Town Hall may take away some at the production's intimacy. (Carol Main)

Don Carlos, Scottish Opera Go Round, Friday 21 at 7.30pm. See listings.

Morningside. Tickets: 449 3641 (Mrs Campbell). 7.30pm. £3. See Friday Him full description.



I Westbourne Music Belhaven Westbourne Church. Westbourne

to Scottish ()pera season 198889. Check FS() for further details 41412484567.

I Flora Danica The Drum. (iilmcrton. Tickets: 225 7189 (Danish Institute). 7.30pm. Iixtra date: Tuesday 18. Glasgow. £7.50 (irth buffet supper). After a successful Scottish tour in 1980. this Danish Baroque Trio returns with a programme of Bach. Handel. 'I‘elemann. Mattheson. I.ec1air and Boismortier. Danish buffet to follow.

I Paragon Ensemble ()ueen‘s IIall. Clerk Street. has 2019. 7.45pm. Iixtradate: Monday 17.(i1asgow. £4(£2.50). l-‘antasias~ by William Sweeney. (assuriun by David Blake. Rape oft/iv Mamie by IiIizabeth I.utyens and Sonatina No I in I" by Richard Strauss.

MONDAY 17 Glasgow

I Paragon Ensemble RSAMD. 100 chfrew Street. 332 5057. 7.45pm. £4 (£2.50). See Sunday In. lidinburgh. for full description.

TUESDAY 18 Glasgow

I BBC Lunchtime Chamber Concert sso Centre. BBC. Queen Margaret Drive. Iprn. Admission free by ticket from Room 311 (please send s.a.e.). BBCor Reception. Queen Margaret Drive. 012 81)(i. New series of lunchtime concerts starts with the Fine Arts Brass ensemble. who play music by Kurt Schwertsik . Jonty Harrison. (iuy Woolfendcn and -- can this be right‘.’ Ilenry VIII. lfyou‘re interested but can‘t make the concert. the broadcast is on Radio 3 on 15 November. I Flora Danica Ilutcheson‘s 1 tall. 158 Ingram Street. 1.15pm—2pm. Free at door. Baroque delicacies from well known Danish trio. Tea. coffee and sandwiches from 12.45pm. See also Sunday 16. Edinburgh.

I Die Fledermaus Theatre Royal. 1 lope Street. 331 1234. 7.15pm. lixtradates: Saturday 22 at 2. 15pm and 7. 15pm). 7 and 8 December ((ilasgow) plus 2 and-l November ( Iidinburgh). £3—£l3. TV star Simon Callow gets a different sort of chance in a million as he undertakes his L'K debut as an opera director. He could hardly start with anything more popular. but what is he going to do to it'.’Sce feature.


I Lunchtime Concert Reid Concert Hall. Bristo Square. Free at door. 1.10pm. Solo

MORE VALI‘I‘: FOR NIONE‘ TICK i: '1‘ s from £3.00 (maiority o1 seaLs L10 or less) Bo\ ()I‘Iice Credit Cards 041-331-1234 or 332-9000 IVICIsCl Centre (141-227-5511


( t I ( ) W Free perfonnance talks b.30pm in

RSAMI). across fmm theatre. for all performances except Saturday evenings.

\('It Inn/m (In)!





"1 'ndi'nIah/i' min". 1111- SC()'I'SM'\.\' "Iota/ting as well as lunni ".



\Vollgang Amadeus Mozart


Mlthacl (“ppm Sung in Inglish Song in Ixnglish with ritual dances b ' l I g by Second Stride ,1 . ' .. \ s\\\“' w I “1“; “I’m” “m: ""11 In ":1 It'll/I. perry/mew I'lt'M u/ a - "“ummM- ’“ " mm” W“ mam [mum/opera ,

I IN:\.'\'('I.-\I. TIMI-S

"xi/i militant/111g prm/ut'umi... Si ()HMh ( )pi-ra has a "ill/Ur success on 11.x hands 'C (il.x\S(i()\\’ III~.R:\I.D

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