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38 The List 14 27 October 1988


Once in a while the indie scene throws up a band to which will llock the legions of the disallected: the lost, the lonely, the misplaced and the misunderstood. The latest to give shelterto the huddled masses is The House of Love (playing at Glasgow Technical College on Saturday 15), led by 27-year-old trontman and songwriter Guy Chadwick, who in the last year has tound his lyrics memorised and analysed by people who a year or two earlier might have been writing long letters to Morrissey, telling him that he‘d touched their heart in a way no other could. and all with theirown uniquely personal interpretations at his songs.

Cynics may have sneered at ‘Christine'. the song that seemed to lollowthe blueprintolthe pertectpop single, as laid down by The Jesus and Mary Chain (The House at Love belong to the same label that discovered the Mary Chain, Creation, 3 company seemingly dedicated to reviving and updatingthe tounderAlan McGhee‘s favourite aspects of the Sixties. and getting up as many people’s noses as possible). butthe thin shoulders of Guy Chadwick had to bearthe weight of distinctions like ‘the new messiah... ol guitar rock‘, and Chadwick had to lace correspondingly searching and personal interviews.

In actual tact, the singles and eponymous debut album are grounded tirme in the classic loundations at

indie guitar rock, roughly comparable to that ol labelmates Felt; that is, clearly indebted to Sixties guitar bands, but not chained to that era. It anything, they contorm rather too closely to current expectations. The sound of The House of Love slides into place easily in the wake ol Echo and The Bunnymen, The Smiths, Mary Chain, The Wedding Present, The Mighty Lemon Drops, even The Sisters of Mercy, who still live on in the indies, despite their graduation to the 'real' chart. The historical markers thrown out bytheir songs (Doors, Velvets), are so well-known that they've become as standard, in theirsmallerway, as The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

I was a fan of Echo and The Bunnymen at around the age a great number olThe House of Love‘s fans are now, but the appeal gradually faded as each successive release showed just how stilling their style was. The Mighty Lemon Drops' mistake was in appropriating their idiom wholesale, and then tailing grandly and publiclyto find anywhere to take it.

The attention accorded The House of Love is a sign at the conservative indie buyer, but that shouldn’t be held up to

belittle Guy Chadwick who, through penning some evocative and memorable lyrics in a dead-end musical style, has imbued his band with enough individuality and intrigue to keep them ahead of the pack, Iorthe moment. The merely curious will be welcome at the Glasgow Tech gig. (Mab)

line up should make for an exciting gig. while this is 'l'issum. recent signings to lslaiid Records. making their first public appearance. l)espite sortie dotibts about the soiigw riting. they have agreat singer and a good. James Brown Funkadelic influenced groove.

I CC. Music Showcase featuring The Zydeco Ceilidh Band. The McCIuskey Brothers and Honest Sam and the Dealers The Revue. 2-1-1 (iallowgate. 5524601. lllpm. A good and varied line up. with the McCluskey Brothers looking like the pick of the acts.

I Five Guys Named Moe I-‘ixx. so Miller Street. 248 285‘). 10pm. I-‘ree. Following their recent support gigs with Love and Money . their confidence should be

increased. and it may be that their diverse and engaging songs are best appreciated in

a smaller. more intimate venue. I Dave Berry and the Cruisers Henry Afrika's. 15 York Street. 221 ()1 l 1. 10pm.

If you consider that Dave Berry and the ('ruisers had two minor hits in 1963/4 with Memphis'I‘ennessee (a number 19) and My Baby Left Me (37). you wonder whois going to want to see them 25 years later. (Admittedly, Dave Berry had 3 top ten solo hits later. ) This is the equivalent of asking if anyone will want to see Transvision Vamp in 2013. No.

I Marina's Men Halt Bar, 160Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. Formerly Naifan.


I Cliff Richard Playhouse Theatre. Greensidc Place, 557 2590. 7.30pm. SOLD OUT.

I Spacemen 3 Venue, (‘alton Road. 557 3073. Trippy long songs, filled out with improvised instrumental hits like early Pink Floyd or Hawkwind. Get right on one. matey.

I Black Market Negociants. Lothian