F 93 sauchichuu 3”ch 333 5383. l(i_3(tpm_ Iooksot'things they hayen't calmed down 1 g “JV; I Given that Rapeman are facingthe \yrath I "lllk‘llt‘ilhcr. . (tithe moral matority (\yho. oleotirse, are ; Strategy l’reseryation Hall. Victoria neither) heeause ot their name. it is Sll't‘el. 33h 38”». {I after 0.30pm. Some o. ' interestingthat( hristian l)eath are not. klndot l‘tlr(\\t\liltt ideaot heayy rock. g hut then. why should they '.’ 1 I Elephanl N0'58 \anclanls. lulhian ; l I My Bloody Valentine and The Blue Monkey | Street. 325 M13. \egoetants. l.othian t o m u i Experience The Rey ue. 3-1-1 ( ialloyy gate. Street. 335hfs13tipny Hug A” “nkmm n 5524601. lllpni. More (‘reationstars quantity . hut l hay e heard \‘ely et doing it tor the kids. ’I'BMI- won the l.|\l l'ndelground comparisons troni one hand competition a year ago. hut a recent \Ulllk'e performance inShetland.suggeststhat ll IJust Add Waterxtuste Hm, Vlultn‘m anything they are goinglxickymrds rather Street. 23H ["113 U “Hump,” 3“. 1m. he 1 3 “m” “mum-‘- PH}- I Bulb Cormorant l,ord l)arnle\ . W est I Salvation and Christian Death \la} lair. l’ort.2_“l4341.Alternoon.I‘r'ee. 47tlSauehiehall Street. 333 SS"). “afitlpm I Texas Breakfast l .ord Darnley . West | Note early start 'l'his gig has heen mm ed l’oit. 2394341. Ill.3tlpiii. l'ree.’Blues-rock tiom Roottops. (men that Rape-man are tour-pree, ste‘dtlll} groyyinginpopular-11y, ' litetltgllte\yt‘atlttiltlteNintulNiatittlty \ylllttellesltlngtun-gum”interplay_

[)eth ar ' not. hut th 11. Mix sh utl lth ‘y' PAVILION I ' l l V t G|asgow

i (\yho ot course ar' ' neith ‘r t h 'aus' it I E“ P their name. it is tritetestiiig tlihtktehii‘stlan : Manonde a“'SA'I' 15 061' Ed'nburgh


. . I David ESSBX lilieatre Royal. l lope . mm “mm” Pl") hUUSe 'I’heatre. Street. 331 lZH. “.Stlpm. It you “ant to

: .Newslngleciumm (in‘c'l‘ldcplWC-Sv 35W- ~-‘”P”l . see35yearoldyyornenhurlingtheu'

i - . .. _

g 5011M” 1- knickersat thestagethenthisis “hereto IThe Cropdusterstmd Dancing Bears my


pLUs Gues‘r "gene"; Suocxe \‘enue.('a|ton Road. 55’ BUT}. Rottsing I Wrath Child and Screaming Tear’l‘he

l'olk tunes lrom the 'I )tisters. heing Rey ue. 34-1 ( ialloyy gate. 553 Joni. ltlpm. recorded tonight tor a torthcoming liye Alter namely . it you \\ ant to see groyy n alhum to he released on local indie l)l)']‘. men acting in a similarly haekyyard

I IVery Very Mtisie Bo\. h'ie‘tirr'i;i Street. ' manner. this is the gig tor you. A look at a g 221) l7llS. Ll alter 9pm, See l't'l l4. picture. or a listen to their music ; I Litle Wolves l’resery ation l lall. \‘ietot'ia ; tdescr'ihed as ‘hard glam roek' ) is had i A L S T E W A n T Street. 2203810. Ll alter")..‘\llpm. Roekm' enough

rhythm 'n' hlues. rock ‘n' roll hand doyy n . ' 1 from Dundee. - l _- IBilly Jonesliuntsman. Maytield. . ,. ... _l ._ . schoo' 0' l IBarbara Dickson! layliousc iltcattc.

[)alkeith. See .\1on la. _ -_, _ a I Stra‘egy [Mm Durnlc} - “.Cq PU” 32‘) (newts-tilePlate15> "Vlfitill. «.Allpltl,‘ ua 4341' mwmpmt MCC- i LS W. L A“. ero i'irmly in the Middle ot the Road. I The Wilderness Children and Therapy I Medusa Touch and Sneaky Liberty Mandela ( ‘entie. Student l 'nion. Soundcheck Rock Huh. Venue. ( ‘alton

TiCkCTtS {IOU} VCHUCS (where applicable) and Usual Guilds ""“0'1‘”.“WU” Wm- Stmlrnlwnd twuafisvni‘x. 'l'yyoltwalheayy

guestsonly. Indie hand trom Dundee \\ ith mule mum] [nude “‘MIHEJ'CWUW‘14”~\1|t‘t‘<‘lmll‘> I Bluelinger and Cahn and Cahn Mum Box. Victoria Street. 33” l7llh'. £1 alter ‘lpmSee Sun In.

I Texas Breaklast ( )ddlelloyys. l‘or‘rest Rlltltl.::lll81‘13pl‘ll.l'i‘L‘L‘.SL‘L‘Sill::.

iidinhurgh‘s increasineg loud and Intense 'l'herapy. lend them an ear


E E N s IThe TEX FlllEi Five Negoeiants.l.othian P R S T _ . . Street. 335 0313. 9pm. l‘ree. More tongue

I The “"97 Demellves imd The nghlanders in cheek country '.’ I thought it \\ ;ts

(to he eontirmed) Queen Margaret mm“,ij m m. WWI-Cd 1m m \mwrm and

l'nion. l'niyersity (iardens. 3399734. dummy

ql‘m- [-‘lllk‘llkC1‘31""‘lnlllhl-“lll‘lllc I Six Appeal Presery ation llall. Victoria

o I songwriting strength ot the Riyer sit-cur, jjn 38H). {I alter up,”

I)eteeti\ es and the pop sensihilities ot the

Highlanders. as proy en on their dehut

single. Tell Me 'l'hings.

IThe Cropdustersmasgmy (‘ollegeol

'l‘cclmulumw 7“ < 'mmiddcm Road. 333 I Fallen Hero I... ’imm-c. is im Street.

F E A T U R I N 068] . 9pm. Along the lines oi The Men 33143.1.1'opm. [.‘rccr They (‘ouldn‘t Hang. I'm told. ls thata . recomrnendation'.’ Who knows. I h

I McCarthy and The Prayers ( ilasgoyy (‘ollege ot'Technology . 70(1)“ eaddens Road. 332 “(181 . 9pm. Mc('arthy are

I The Silencers Venue. ('alton Road. 557 WW. Scottish rock's hopes tor the luture see issues to come on their lit'st

pmhuhly kan' and mm” lmrd “r headlining tour. alter stints yy ith 'I'he hated. hut yyait tor this: the programme pruuuiuk a “I. NC“ .Am“ u, MC. 45 fl” lhk‘ RU‘ “C WWW“ “5 mill “NW P1100“ heing Used as the current 'I‘ennentsad. are the finest neyy talent to emerge trom I miles Guitars. The Nigm Blooms and Na, (ilasgoyy this year. it not the country.‘ It cm Prcwnmmn “a”. “mm” Strum they wrote it themselyes. fair enough. if 231L181“. Special mum turthc pr“: thr“. not it is a ridiculous piece of l i-Y-P-li. Nu“ “wk hands (“7” {mm thc

IThe Big Parade Halt Bar. lhthoodlands Ndhcrlunds'

RWd' 33: ‘31” 9W"- “CC‘ I Johnny Sunbeam Neuoeiants. l.othian Competent. keyhoard hased hand with a SUCCL 335 53]}. ()pmfl‘r'ee. Rtkli. reasonable singer. hut as yet a slightly . Surprise band Mum. BM. Mum.“ disappointing litre- pert-prmance. leould Strum 32” 17%. 9.30pm. rm:

still h - ‘onyinced. ITheLtirimevaISandStarsotHeaven

Strathclyde t'niyersity . W John Street.

9pm. Glasgow

Ed i n h I Johnny Thunders and The Vaynes and The Crows Rooltops. 93 Sauehiehall Street.

I Cliil Richard l’lay house Theatre. 333 5333, 10.30an A In mg legend

(ireenside Place. 557 25‘)“. 7.300111. returns to hat should he a packed

SOLD ()lf'l‘. Rooltops. With the addition oi The

I Wrathchild Venue. ('alton Road. 557' Vaynes and the (rows a good night is

3073. First of the British metal hands expeeted,

really to exploit the hammy-glammy I Spank Bar Luxembourg. 197 Pitt Street.

tendenciesthat Motley (‘rtie andothers 333 l I 1 l. ltlpm. Free. (irangemouth

were popularising in the States. By the based pop band.

40 The List 14 27 October 1988