I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3260. 8-12pm. Free. Party Night.

I Bennets 1 1pm-- 3am. £1. Mainly gay. mainly [{uroheat. Beers and spiritsare down to 75p.

I Blackmarket at liury Murrys.

1 1pm—3.311am. Due to Blackrnarket‘s resounding success during the summer they are being allowed to carry on lora trial period. the hands are scheduled to be back around Nos-ember. hut hclore the' club starts.

I Disco Viva 1(1._‘~tlpni 3am. £2. Birthday File Party Night with ( ieorge Mac.

I Henry Alrikas ltlpm 3.311arii. £1 helore 11pm; £2511 alter. 711s music and Videos. I Man At The Window Promotions at HollywoodStudios. ltlpm 3am. £2.50. The pirateinvasionot'(ilasgow London pirate radio 1)Js bring you exclusiye soul and funk mixes along with 1’.-\s tora four-week trial period.

I Mardi Gras 1 lprii 3.311am. £3. House music night.

I Mayfair! 1pm 3am. £1 . (1\ er 25siiiglit disco.

I Palomino Club llpm 3am. £2.1)isco sounds.

I Club Electra at l’ariariia .l.i\.

111.3(1pm 3am. £2.5111ielore midnight. £3 alter. New cluti specialising in electronic heats.

I Rattles “1,3” 2am. £2.511..\totowriaiid chart sounds with 1).]. Roddy Stewart. Vodka 311p. 1.ager 511p.

I Raw at 'I'in l’an Alley 111.311pm late. £1 .

1t'stooquiet round at Raw just now. sotlic

admission is down to £1 and all dririksare £1 as well.

I Reggae Club at the l'tlilelitlll Suite. Roottops. 111.3(1pm 3am. £2511. lnlurie only.

I Savoy 11pm 3am. £2. lager 85p. \odka (iSp.'1'lie1origest riiririirigther 25s night around tow n.

I Streetbeat at (ileopatras. llprii 2.3(laiii. £3(£l.5(lwith ticket ). 1)a\id\\'a|ters ‘streetheat‘ eluli: mixed dance music. IThe Venue 11pm late. the reggae cluli. IWarehouse 1 1pm 3.3mm. £2.51lwitli ticket; £3 without. Just 1'urikiri’. and persuasionist the Man (w ho lair'ly does the rounds) will tie appearing.


IThe Amphitheatre lllpiii 3am. £3, ttatl price helore 1 1pm. 1)isco iiiterrio liglitsup t.othiari Road. in a trial run lor the weekend.

drinks. [A] |.\'1)]|.\"1‘| I Edgars t'rider 18s. 0. 15— 1”. 15pm. £1. I Edgars lllpm -.‘~am. £2. All drinks tonight and Sunday are (ytlp. |A| I Dream at Millionaires. lllpm (iam. £2. Regular all-riighter run by the 1’l'aritasia crew . w ho eriioy ed success in a one-oil lilgltt at \Vrlkie l louse recently .-\e1tl House Jan and Balearic. with Breakfast at Jam. Should attract a lot o1 attention. I Nico's "pm 1am. l'ree. ()yer 21sori1y. I See l‘r'i. I Rock Night at ( "liamliers Street 1 louse. Spm lamttlappy lloiirS‘ Upm). Slip. Standard rock tare on the whole. but irrideriralily popular.



I The Alhambra .il \\ ater loo Street . 221 Finn.

I Bennets Ull ( iltlSSltlltl Street. 552 Satil, I Cleopatras lleliiioiit 1 arm. Kelsiiiliridge.3.111151“!

I Cotton 5 Scott Street. 33.2.1151 2

I Disco Viva 15 t'riiori Street. 221 2-12o. I Follies 1‘13 Pitt Street. 332 "322 “522. IFUTYMUTT'ySWi\t;i\wellStreet.22l


l I HenryAlrikas IR 15 \ Hi'k .s’net-i._‘_‘1 (i111.

j I Hollywood Studios w rinm n Sue-er . 11s (itillti

IJoe Paparazzi .‘211SaueliieliallStreet. 3313111. i I Knightsbridge SW1 »1S( ‘arltori t’lrice.~12‘) 555‘). I Mardi Gras *3 1)iriilop Street. 221 M23. I Mayfair Saueliieliall Street. 332 .‘i.\"2 I Palomino Club 51\VesiRegeniSric-ei. l 33: n33} l I Panama Jax ( 'ustoiii l louse ()iiay . 221 risnfi I Pzazz.‘.l Royal l'\el1.111_‘_{eSt]tl.l1e.2:l I Rattles 1< lieiialder Street. l’artick (iross. 33-1 921 I Rooftops ‘12 Sarieliieliatl Street. 332 Ssh}. I Savoy Sayoy (critic. Saucliietiall Street. 33211251 I Sub Club 22 ,1amarca Street. 2~1Sv1ot ill. I Pan 2“) Mitchell Street 22l

i 52".»

l lVenuei’rr Sauellleliall Street. ‘3.‘.3.\“-l. ' IWarehouse .Sf‘ 1)uri1op Street. 221 io2,‘ I ZiCO'S l".S.'i trigraiii Street. 552N195


I St James «Split mltilitglit, l'lce .Stitll ' .The Amphitheatre ,‘sl 1 titliiari Roarl. 22‘)

and funk night in this eoiiilor'talile \ eiiue. I Cinderellas Rockertellas 0.31 1pm 3am. £1.511hetore 1 1pm; £2 alter. Rock 'ri‘roll years with corresponding drink prices starts at (itlp with (ills' music till 1 lprii tlieri 7llp with 7lls' sounds and trout 12.311amtitl

the end ol the e\ eriiiig. Stls‘ music w itli .s'op

WIN £500 0Fi




I Barbados Suite iii ( 'o.isters( ‘oriipley IBermudaTriangleint‘niisit-isr"ample-x. IBusterBrown53< 3" Market slice-1.33:, 433.1.

I Cale StJames .‘< St .l.1111L'\(2e11t1C. <<‘ jolt.

ICalton Studios .Ent‘alrnn Rn.rtr..<.<n


; IChambers StreetHouse Int'namlwis


I Cinderellas Rockerlellas W .s‘r Stephen

1 Sireeifiirnijnn

l ICoasters Complex 3 \\esl lolleross.2.‘.S


I Edgars Witt RHse Street \(iltltt .irie.

I Finsbury Park 3 5 South St Andrew Street. 55“ 111211.

I Liberty's ( ir'eetisitle Place. 5"“ SSH".

I Madisons ( ir'eerisitle 1’laee. <5“ Isn"

I Millionaires Nitltri re Street. Sfinmisn.

I The Mission Victoria Street. 333 (firm.

I Music Box Victoria Street . 331 i- l "r 1S.

l I NiCO'S 2S King's Staliles Road. 22525-1". I0uter LimitSiri(‘oasterstioriiplm

I Potterrow Student ( cone 1 louse. llr No Street.

IShady Ladieserm gate

I Teviot ROW House lir isto Square.

I Venue ( .altoii Road. 55“.ill“.i

IWilkie Houset‘nwgrne

I Zenatec 5o l'tittlltdllll‘l'ltiL'e. 22‘) i




: ifirszsgg 5-"

Ill-EI-l-r‘ ' ‘9.

new single released October 24, 7" 12” and CD

Scottish Tour October 1988

20th Stirling University 2tst DingwallJings 22nd Aberdeen Venue 23rd Dundee Dance Factory 24th Edinburgh Venue 26th Greenock Ricos 27th Galashields College of Textiles 28th Ayr Pavilion 30th Glasgow Mayfair


The List 14 27 October 1988 43