I Kids aims to provide into about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow for children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days belore pubncahon.

GLASGOW Activities and Fun

I COLLINS GALLERY Richmond Street. l'niversity of Strathclyde. 552 44(Xlext 4145 2082.

Workshops .-\ series of workshops for

children is being held in conjunction with

the current exhibition which features the work of l)hruva Mistry. Workshops are tree. but book in advance. (’all Laura llamilton. ('urator or Karen Southworth. lishibitions ( )rganiser on above number.

Rotating Dancers 15 ()ct. 1-»3pm. Liz

Ingram and Jane Simpson use the

sculptures as a starting point to explore

character. No experience necessary ; just loose clothes.

Make sculpture and Masks lrom Junk 22 ( )ct

1 3pm. An imaginative and resourceful

workshop which. like that listed above is

open to any child between 7 and 12 years.

I’at‘cnts welcome.


.-\ndrews Drive. I’ollokshields. 427 2725.

Holiday Activities

Admission is free. but restricted toonc

activity per child as numbers are limited.

Must book well in advance and activities

tor the 4 7 year old age group tend togo

y cry quickly. The programme is asfollows

(suitable age range given in brackets):

Sat15 Oct 11). 15am Nature Trail (wellies

and cagoules if wet) (+7 years). Victorian

lantertainments(iv-9);2.15pml‘inger l‘uppetsIS-S) Tile Makingi'f—l2)

Mon 17 2,15pmSamplers(S«-l2).

[Marzipan I‘ruits at W. 15am isfully


, T0818 ll). 15am Street (lamesi7—12). l’otato Prints (4 7 )1 Dressing I'p(7— 12).

Sltol'll‘rcadlh 9)

Wed 19 Storytime Drawing (4 7).

(iingerbread(o9); 2.15pm lleraldry

I" I2). (iloy e Puppetst ‘))

Thurs 20 lli.l5am l’incushionsiS l2).

1’.incakes(5 S);2.15pmButtermaking (‘1 7). I Icrb Bagsio 1))

Fri 21 Street (lame-st" l2); l‘inger

j I’uppctsl5 S). [Masksat 111.15amck Sugar

Mice at 2. 15pm are fully booked]

Sat22 11). 15am \\‘c‘;i\itigi7~l2).

i Shortbreadi5 S); 2.15pm Nature'I'rail lw clliesand cagoules if w et)(~li 7); Victorian lintertainments (on)

I SCOTTISH BALLET 2o! West Princes

Street. 331 2w


luesday "pm. until 17 Dec. £1 .51).

( )pen to anyone. whatever standard. aged

I 2 dlltltl\ ell Exhibitions I ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM. KELVINGROVE 35" 392‘)

Annual Art Competition t‘nii123()ei. l'jinal w eek showing the prizewinners ol the miiseum's 64th annual competition for schoolchildren. Their briel is todraw something lrom the collection. and the results are always of auencouragingly



I HAGGS CASTLE MUSEUM Hill St Andrews [)1 iyc. I’ollokshiclds. 427 2725 The Desperate Journey t'niil December. Story of a highland family emigrating to North America.


I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE (1236 732887 Big Foot and the Hendersons ls ()ei. 1.306: 7.3(1pm. £1 kids. £1.25 adults. Big l5oot.or Sasquatch or the abominable snowman eludes all the scientists. but one day runs into the lIendersoris. Or rather they run into him. He's knocked out. and they take him for dead and take him home. However. he recovers. . .

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. (Ml-(RS7 1(llll

(‘hildien's Video Shows. £1 adults; 50p kids.

Never Ending Story ( t ' ) wed 1‘1()ct. 2.3llpm.

Bugs Bunny Wackey Adventures ( t ' ) Thurs 2()()ct.2.3l1pm.

The Railway Children (1' ) l-‘ri 21 Oct. 2.3llpm.



All the children's lunch time shows are suitable for 5— 12 year olds. last approximately an hour and cost £1 kids. adults£l .511.

The Amazing Mr Bones Sat 15 Oct. 1 . 15pm. Mr Magic Sat 22 ()ct. 1.15pm.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. (MI 887 into

Maisie and the Space Invader Sat 22 ()ct. 1.3llpm. £1.5lladults: 75p kids.

Ship ol Fools Sat 22 ()ct. 8pm. By the

renowned (‘lown Jewels Theatre (‘o.

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I BRASS RUBBING CENTRE Trinity Apse. (‘halmers ('lose. High Street. Bookings tel: 555 4364. Admission £1. Age limits given in brackets.

Make your own Stained Glass and Brass Rubbing Workshop Mon 17. Tue is & lr'ri2l ()ct. lllam- 11.30am (5- Syears);

2 3.3(lpm (9- 12 years). All this week children can rub shoulders. or at least rub paper and crayon. with the intricate and historical pieces of brass at the Brass Rubbing ( 'entre. Part of lidinburgh District (‘ouncil‘s programme ofholiday activities for children.

Make your own Medieval Mask and a Brass Rubbing Wed l‘) Oct. 11% 11.3(lam(9 12 years);

Make 3 Spider Wed 19 Oct 2 -3.3llpm (5-8 years). Spinning out a well known yarn this workshop takes its spidery theme from the famous story of Robert the Bruce.

Draw or paint a Medieval Knight orLady Thurs 2i) ( )ct. lll 11.30am (5» Syears):

2 3.3llpm (9- 12 years).

I BRUNTON CENTRE Musselburgh . (m5 371 1 ext 24-1.

East Lothian Youth Theatre livery Wednesday. 7.30 l).3()pm. l’ree. Drama workshops for 13 21 yearolds. All welcome. l’hone venue for details.

I COASTERS 3 \Vest Tollcross. 228 3252.


Guys ‘n‘ Guisers. Edinburgh

A total at nine ditlerent venues will be involved in the forthcoming Edinburgh Season tor Children and Young People which runs from October 17 to November 9. supported by Edinburgh District Council. It's not a season of specially programmed work— many of the events had been planned by the individual venues orcompanies anyway—butwhat is significant isthe new locus itgivesto children'stheatre and activities. all pulled together under the heading Guys ‘n‘ Guisers.

‘Edinburgh has a strong profile as a family city‘ says Donald Smith. Artistic Director otthe Netherbow. one ol the venues involved. ‘lt's seen as a good place in which to bring up children and it‘s something I hope we can build on.‘ Children‘stheatre is increasingly being taken seriously— Sheffield is holding an international festival for children next year. and London already hosts one—and Edinburgh is well placed to dothe same.

Although many people involved in theatre are sceptical about the concept at providing children‘stheatre to build ‘the audience‘s oltomorrow.‘ the emphasis in this Season isto provide entertainmenttorchildren as something for them to enjoy in its own right. Even it they never go to the theatre again. it is unlikelythat

youngsters wouldn't enjoy TAG's

energetic. Glaswegian production olA Midsummer Nights Dream, or Fablevision‘s special emphasis on visual theatre in The Wild Garden Adventure (see listings).

There will also he a chance for ct .ldren to get involved directly and to t. ke part in the Guisers Parade (Oct 29. 10.303m—noon. Netherbow) and Duncan Williamson. the remarkable story teller who reckons he knows about 3000 stories. will be presenting a Storytelling Festival. 26—29 Oct. for 7 yearolds upwards. Any child who doesn‘t know what a silkie is should get along to the Netherbow and tind out. Guy 'n' Guisers runs from October 17—November9: lull details are available from the Marketing Unitol the district council. 031 557 2480 or the Netherbow Arts Centre.031556 9579.

Disco Every Saturday 6.30—10pm. £1.50. Under 18s alcohol-free disco. Live acts most weeks. I EDINBURGH DISTRCIT COUNCIL BRANCH LIBRARIES Children's Book Week: Come and MeetSpot the Dog 17-21 Oct. Spot will be racing between libraries during the holiday week. so catch up with him by callingyour local library for details of when he will be padding in. Books. comics. toys. games and pictures to colour will also be available during the ()ct holiday week. I EDINBURGH DISTRICT COUNCIL SWIMMING CENTRES Playsessions with lntlatables tor children 17—21 Oct. Playsessions for kids willbe happening all week; contact local pool for further details. I GORGIE CITY FARM 51 (iorgie Road 'I'y'necastle Lane. 337 4202. Open every day of the year. 9am—4pm. free. lidinburgh's farm in the city where. oblivious to the surrounding traffic. livestock is reared and organic produce grown. There are sheep. goats. cows. chickens. ducks. pigs and a special ‘iron age' pig. (halfwild boar. half pig)whose mother was in showbiz with the BBC. Young City Farmers livery Saturday. lllaniu 1 pm. for 7— l 3 year olds. 75p annual membership. plus 15p per session. A regular club for children to learn more about farming. animals and animal welfare. I FRUITMARKET Market Street. 225 2383. Re-creating the World 22 ()ct. lll.3llam noon and 2—3.3llpm. l'irst oftwo free workshops for 8— 12 year-olds. picks up on sortie of the ideas in the current exhibition and involves exploring a fantasy extra-terrestrial world and making a big frieze painting together. Second workshop will be 5 Nov. places are limited. Please contact I’at liisheror Moira lnnes for further details. I HELIOS FOUNTAIN 7 (irassmarket. 22‘) 7884 Fairytale sturytelling livery Saturdayuntil ll) November. 2.3(lpm. l-‘ree (but donations can be made). The latest new activity for children has just started at this shop cafe iii the (irassmarket. It'sfree. designed for 5‘ 111 year olds who can heara story and then get out the paints. chalks and modelling clay. I LAURISTON CASTLE (‘ramond Road. Kiddies Croquet Tue 18 & Thurs 20 Oct 11) l lam. l 1.15am~~l2. 15pm. 2.31) 3.30pm. Admission by ticket only— free from the Museum of(‘hildhood. 42 High Street. Find the Ghouls and Hunt the Spooks Wed 19 ()et. 1 lam--3pm. No need to book in advance - just turn upon the day.the spooks are always there. This event is open to all and entry forms can be obtained from the main door of the castle on the day. Little Lauriston I’ree tickets obtainable in advance from the Museum of(‘hildhood. 42 Iligh Street. l‘ri 21 ()ct. lll.3ll& 11.30am (577 S); 2 & 3prn(‘l-12). (‘hildren's tours of the castle. I MURRAYFIELD ICE RINK Riversdale (‘rescent. 337 6933. Mon Fri 2.3llprn 4.30pm. and evenings various times (check with venue). Saturdays lllam—noon family skating 2.3” --l.3llpm. 7.3ll-lll.3llpm. Sunday ll) ll.3llam (iroup tuition. Sunday afternoon open 2.3(1 4.30pm. I THINS BOOKSHOP 53 5‘) South Bridge. 55667-13 Saturday Club livery Saturday. 111.3” 11.30am. l‘ree. ()pen to anychild (age range approx 2- 13 years). Story-telling for younger children as well as activities and competitions with prizes. Special seasonal activities from time to time.

Film I FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 22.‘ 2688

All seats £1. bookable. 1-‘ilms start at 2pm. Young Sherlock Holmes ( l’( i r l 1 ’SA. 1985)

44 The List 14 27 October 1988