105 mins. Sat 15 ()ct. The selling point is that Spielberg produced this speculative account of the early life of l lolmcs whilst still at school.

Asterix and Cleopatra ( t') (France. 1968) 73 mins. Sat 22 ()ct. The canny warrioris transposed into ancient Egypt where Edifix is employed to build a palace inatrix.

Helpmates ( I932) 21) mins. It's not often a feature comes with a short these days. but if(and it's unlikely. I admit) it rnarksa revival ofthe genre. it is only to be welcomed. This one stars Laurel and Hardy

Theatre I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l laniilion

Place. 22b 5425.

Young People's Theatre Event 2b ( )ct 5 Nov.

MacBurgerzb :1) ( )ct. "..‘~nprn. £2 (£1 ). The middle and senior youth theatre's( 14 year olds and above) latest play sounds like a hamburger w rapped in tartan polysterene. It's about an American .‘ylacdonald's-sty lc company who decide to open a branch with a Scottish theme. and takes a critical look at some of theiryouth employment policies.


It's all happening in lidinburgh for 3 year olds and above I he city 's special Season for('liildrcn and Young People includesa huge variety of activities and fun. from Jungle Sessions. based on Kipling's .Iunglebook. to a ( iinsers Parade in guisers gladrags on 2‘) ( MI and a fireworks display for Bonfire Night on November 5. l‘.\'L‘lllS start on Monday 1“ ( )ct and run untilthc middle of Noyember. listings below coy er the period up to 2"()ct. I BRUNTON THEATRE Miisselbiirgh. (m5 2-101). lioxoll. IIIam Spin. The Bug Play 2b ( let 5 Nov . “.45pm. £4 (£2511). Otherwise known as the insect play . A tale of a world w here ugly bugs. creepy crawlies. ants and butterflies are not swattable. put-upon menaces. but rulersol the earth. l or 2 years o (‘ontinues the llr'uriion's season in w liich the emphasis is on family cntertaiment. I LAURISTDN CASTLE ( 'rarnond Road Make a Hallowe'en Mask 1” ( )ct. ltl.3ilam 12.311pml5 Stand 2 4pm (9- 12). Tickets available in advance at any time from Museum ol Childhood. but numbers a lirniied. Make a mask forthe (iuisers Parade on 21) ( )ct. J MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD ~12 1 liin Street. 225 2424. Hailowe'en Workshops is lower. Admission free. book at y enue. Make a Witches Cat Mon I 10.15 11.15am; l 1.31Iam l2..‘\ilpm; 2-3pm; .‘sfsti 4.3Hprn. l-oi'b lliycars. Make yourGuiser‘s Costume isa l‘)()ct. IlLBllam noon 1 4 "i; 2 4pm (S 11). With ('laire Blackwood. tor S l 1 year olds. All children enrolled in these workshops w ill be invited to participate in the(iuisers Parade on 2‘) ( )ct. III.45am trom tlie Netlierbow . There will be tancy dress. prizes for the best dressed guisei . singing and entertainment tor the w hole tarnin . Lady Luck 2“ ( )ct. lII 15am 12.15pm; 2-1pm. A chance to make Ior'tune telling doll. l'oi' S years tipsy aids. Royal Mile at Midnight 21 ()ct. 111.15 11.15am: l l ..‘silam 12.311me 2 3pm; 3.31) 4..‘~Iipm Stories and puppet makingtor~1 2yearoldswiihSheena I)ixon of Solo'l'heatie I NETHERDOW ARTS CENTRE l liin Street. 55b95'“).13ox ofl Mon Sat liiam 4.3(Ipm. Maisie and the Space Invader is 21 ()ct. 11-1 1 .5llam; and Tue ck I'l'l orin 2.31) 3.20pm: for 4 years upwards. A feline fable from the inrmilrble Masie. Presented by Lookahead 'l heati'e Company for 4 years plus. The Wild Garden Adventure in 2ii()ct.

2.30—4.3(lpm. £2.50 (£1 .50): Fablevision wrap their environmental message in a funny. colourful and dramatic show for 5 yearolds upwards.

The Tickling Machine Sat 22 Oct. 1(l.3ilam—noon. 2.30—4pm. £2 (£1 ) Gutrot the Greedy is but one of the problematic people Linda. our heroine. has to combat. A fast funny show which mixes puppets and (masked) people by Open lland Theatre. i-‘or 6—1 1 years. Also see l’ortobello Town Hall. Thomas Morton Hall and Rosebery Hall.

The Puddok an' the Princess 25—29 ()ct. 7.30pm and Sat only also at 2.3tlpm. £2 Si) l .5“). Theatre Alba's imaginative i‘e-working oi the prince who is trapped in the skin of a puddock or frog. For byeai olds s.

Storytelling Festival 3&29 ()ct. 7.30pm. £2 (2.1 ). There is nothing like a good story. we” told. and Duncan Williamson isa master of the art. For 7 year olds + and adults.

Art Workshops: Discovery livery Wednesday. l'ntil 31) November (except 1‘) ()ct). 3.45 5.30pm. £12 for series. For 8— 1 1 year olds. Ten placesonly. Book in advance. Art workshops taken by the Netherbow‘s artist-in-residencc. (‘laire Blackwood. rising bits of shells. feathers. twigs etc to make drawings. collages. and prints. It‘s important to remember to wear old clothes.

Jungle Sessions 23 & 29 Oct at S 6; 12 November. 11).3(Iam.--12. 15pm. £1.5(Iper session. For 7-- 12 year olds. A sericsof drama workshops on the theme of Kipling's story: how to scratch like Baloo. hiss like the snake. and maybe. sing like Mowlgi. Acting. mask. costume making and jungle building skills will be encouraged.

I PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL l ligh Street. l’ortobcllo. Tickets from L'shcr l laIl box office 228 5511. llobson's('hoicc. 17 Brighton l’lace. l’ortobello. or A &J Murray. SA Bath Street. The Magical Princess Mon 17 ()ct.2.311pm. £2.51) (£1 .51)). An ultra-violet princessand all kinds of magic from International Purves l’uppets. For 3 years upwards. The Tickling Machine \y‘ed 190a. 2.3(LA-1pm. See Nellierbow for full description. A Midsummer Night's Dream Tickets from l'slier I lall. 228 l 155 or A eh I Murray.SA Bath Street. l’ortobello. 12117.24 -25 ()ct. "._‘siiprri. £25 (£1 .5iil.ln bicycle sliortsand plimsols the loy ers act out Shakespeare's perfectly made comedy in this production by TA( i. lt‘s enjoyable. if a little skimpy on the complexities. but certainly makes Shakespeare accessible for 12 year olds and oy er. Also at Ardrishaig l lall. Lochgilphead. 21) ()ct. 7.30pm; Bowmorc llall. lslay. Il-i‘) bb’5 41‘). 21 0ct.Spm.

Don Carlos :1 ()ct. 7.30pm. £4112). Scottish ()pera (lo Round's production of \‘erdi is y my much for older children ( 15 years r- land adults. The company have won themselves a fine reputation for these small-scale imaginative production which use a piano-sized score and a set that can be compressed to lit into the back of a Post Office y an.

I ROSEBERY HALL South Qtieeiisferry. Tickets from Ainsworth the ( 'hemist. Town ('ryer or District ('ouncil ()lfice. High Street. S ()ueensferry. PeterandtheWoIi lS()ct. l I- ll.-lllam. £1 I5IIpl. The famous Russian tale in a ycrsion by llandrworks Puppets. for} 9 years. Also see Thomas .Morton I {all

The Tickling Machine l-‘rr 21 ()ct. 2.3a 4pm.

Sec Nellierbow lor price and lull description.

I THOMAS MORTON HALL 28 Ferry Road. l.eith. Tickets from ls’ard Box. 74(ireat .lunction Street. or (ioldenacre l’ost ()lfice.

Peterand the WDIllS()ct.373.4(1pm.Scc

Rosebery l lall tor price ck lull description.

The Tickling Machine Thurs 2ii()ct. 2.51) --ipm. See Nellierbow lor price and lull description.

I Sport I: listed as diary: by sport. then by day. then by event.

BADMINTON Saturday 15—Sunday 16

I Clydesdale Bank Scottish National Championships Meadowbank. Edinburgh. The L'nder lb and Under21 eventstake place over the two days. The early rounds of both events take place on the Saturday. from 9.30am until 8.30pm. The semi-finals begin at lilam on the Sunday . with the finals following. from 2pm. £1 admission (511p concession) covers both days.



I Rangers v City of Edinburgh Barrliead Sports('entre. 1.45pm. ('ity of lidinburgli is the new name for the All Blacks team;in the men‘s league. l’ortobello will also be known as (‘ity of lidinburgh.


I Rangers v Cumnock Barrliead Sports (‘entre. 3.45pm

Wednesday 19


I MI Livingston v Rangers The l-or'um. Almondy ale West. livingston. The women's fixture begins at (v.45pm. with the men's match follow ing at S..7~ilpiii.

Friday 21


I City 01 Edinburgh v Edinburgh Royals Meadow bank Sports ( 'entre. lidinburglr. b.45pm.

Monday 17

I St Andrew's Sporting Club Albany 1 Intel. Bothwell Street. (ilasgow. Meinbersonly. details of bouts still to be finalised as wego topiess lorfurtherinformationcallthe cliibon (I41 2485401 2o5b.


I Race Days Tuesday . Thursday and Saturday. l’owdcrhallStadium. Beaverhall Road. lidinburgli. I'Iach meeting begins at 7.3Upm. and consistsol ten races. £2.2ilStand; £1 .311(iround.


I Race Days 'l'uesday . '1 hursday and Saturday. Sliaystield Stadium. Rutherglen Road. (ilasgow. Izach meeting begins at 2.45pm. and consists of teii races. £2.


Saturday 15


Another weekend oil. as the international squad prepares lor Wednesday ‘s World ('up qualifier against Yugoslavia. See panel.


I Airdrie V Clyde llroomlield. Andriei 15 mins from Airdrie station). 3pm.

I Ayrv Duniermiine Somerset l’ark. Ay r (111 mins from Ay r station) 3pm. This


should be Scotland‘s match of the day. between teams w hose commitment to attacking football rarely fails to please. It will be interesting. too. tosee Seotland's two mosi menial managc is Jim l.eishman of l)unlcrmline. and Ayr‘s unforgettable Ally McLeod. currently undergoing a Nixonesque rehabilitation -- square up to each other.

I Meadovvbank Thistle v Kilmamock Meadovvbank. Iidinburgli (Buses 4.5.15. 26. 44. 45). 3pm.

I Partick Thistle v Falkirk Hrhili. (ilasgow (Buses 1.8. 21.57.bll. bl ). 3pm.


I Albion Rovers v Arbroath ( 'Iiftonhill. (‘oatbridge ( III mins (‘oatdyke station). 3pm.

I Dumbarton v Stirling Albion Boghead. Dumbarton ( lII mins Dunbarton East station I. 3pm.

I Queen's Park v Cowdenbeath llampdenl’ark. (ilasgow (5 mins from Mount l-lorida and King's l’ar'k stations). 3pm.

Tuesday 18

I Scotland Under 21 v Yugoslavia Under21 Ty necastle. lidinburgh ( lliiscs 1.2. 3. 4. 33. 34. ~14 ). "..'~lipiii. A prelude to tomorrow 's senior match. this is also a world cup qualifier for the age group.

Wednesday 19

WORLD CUP QUALIFIER I Scotland v Yugoslavia llampden Park. (ilasgow (as above ). 7.3Hpm. See panel.

Saturday 22


I Aberdeen v Dundee l’ittodiie. Aberdeen. 3pm.

I Dundee United v St Mirren‘l‘annadice. Dundee ( lliises IS. 1‘). 211.21 ).3pm. While both teams have stuttered slightly alter promising starts. l'niled should still hay e the tincsse to rise above the Paisley team'sdisruptiye tactics.

I Hearts V Celtic 'l'ynecastle. ladinburgh (asabove). 3pm. ()iie of those dour relegation battles for which the Premier

I eagiic is laiiicd.

I Motherweli V Ribs l-ir I’ark. Motherwell i All Motherw ell buses pass ground). 3pm. The aw ay team. despite their impressive recent form. are still susceptible to lossof confidence. and Motlicrw ell. yyliostill prop up the division. must be confident of recording their first home w in today.

I Rangersv Hamilton lbrox. (iliisgow (3 mins lbrox underground) 3pm. Thisonc would be a Iormality . only Adrian Sprott no longer plays lor l lamilton. The Accies are slow ly slipping down the table. and that di ill will almost certainly continue today.


I Clyde V Sl Johnstone I'ITIIIII. (ilasgow (as above I. 3pm.

I CIydebankvAirdrie Killmwic l’ark. (‘lydebank (2 mins Singer station). 3pm. I Duntermline v Meadovvbank Thistle liasi l;iidl’ai‘k.Dunlermlinei15minsfrom stations). 3pm.

I Falkirk V Forlar Bl't)L‘I\'\ iIIc. l"alkirk( lili) yards from ( irahamston station). 3pm.

I Kilmarnock v Raith Rovers Rugby Park. Kilmarnock ( 15 mins from stations). 3pm. I Marlon V Ayr( 'appiclow . (ireenock (5 rnins ( ‘ai‘tsdy ke station). 3pm.


I Stirling Albion v Albion Rovers Annfield.

The List 14 27 October 1988 45