(Stirling. (All Stirling buses pass ground).




I Rangers vaerdeen Ilampden Park. (ilasgou (asaboxel. 3pm. A re-run ollast year's l’inal. \s ith the bookies. tedious social realists that they are. making Rangers lay ourites to \s in the trophy for the third year in succession. let's hope that it Rangers do win. their captain does not make the same mistake as last year. when (iraham Roberts. mistaking lari Durtant lor the ( 'up. lilted the poor Iad up by the lugs and brandished him bemttsedly at the jubilant bluenose hordes. I'he good new s is that both S'I \' and RadtoSeotlaiid \HII broadcast thy .;.i'iie Il‘~ the bad. that .\rthur .\It‘lIIIt‘ItIl.' much ol .1 choice

Wednesday 26

EUROPEAN CUP SECOND ROUND. FIRST LEG I Celtic v Werder Bremen or Dynamo Berlin ('eItie l’ark. (ilasgtm (Bitses o] . ()3. M ). "Rilprn. 'I'he second leg ol the all-( iernian lirst round match is still to be played asue

it. : s Is'ae isnot

go to press. btit Berlin are tlte layourttes.

\\ ith a 3 it lead lrom their home leg. \Vhoct er their opponents. though.('eltic

\AIIIIIUI be too eonlident about their

c‘lt.tttL‘c\. itS both teams are

\seIl-tllsclplinetlatttlalltoolikcl} topunish the kind ot delensixe error which hasbeen second nature to the (ilasgow side this



I Dundee United v Dinamo Bucharest

‘l anriadiee. Dundee (as abo\ e).'7.31lpm. UEFA CUP SECOND ROUND FIRST LEG

I Hearts v Austria Vienna 'l'y necastle. I'tIlllI‘tll'g‘Il (asabtne l. "Slipm, .\'ot the easiest task loi lleatts. throuin lothe second round in lzurope tor the lirst time since ll)" 'l'hetr do“ nlall in recent years has been the Ittss ol goals in the home leg. and II Vienna manage to score tonight the .-\ustrians \s ill be lirm lasotirites to progress to the third round.

.-\lso in the [‘1‘ l-’.\ ( ~tip. Rangersare .may tonight to ( ‘ologne or Anmerp. The second legs ol all loiir ol these ties are due to be played in a tortnight's time on Wed” Nth


Friday 14— Sunday 16

I Dunhill Cup ( )ld ( 'ourse. St. Andrews. Utpet‘ day (( ):\I’ child £3). Season ticket ill). I ast three day s ol the international team knockout competition. (‘areful seeding shotild ensure that all the big teams are still in the draw at this stage. unless one ol the minnows like 'l'hailand or Singapore spring a huge surprise. Other teams lll\oI\etI1 Argentina. Australia. lira/il. Canada. l)emnmark. linglanduhe current holders). I'rattce. Irelartd..lapan. the l’hillipines. Scotland. Spain. Sweden.


Illustration: David Brown, courtesy “The Absolute Game'.


Attertheirdisconcertingly successlul start in Oslo, where they beat the Norwegians 2—1,Scotland‘s quadrennial quest tor World Cup qualification gets properly underway this lortnight with the visit to Hampden of Yugoslavia (Wednesday 19,



As anyone will know who heard the horrilic lirst halt hour at last year‘s Yugoslavia v England match, or saw Scotland‘s 6-0 home victory in 1984, the Slavs are notoriously inconsistent, often because at their inability to field a settled side. Nevertheless, it is certain that Andy Roxburgh will have spent the past lew weeks going over the strengths oi the Yugoslav team with the Scotland squad: while some critics are convinced he should spend more time encouraging our players to believe in their own abilities ratherthan engendering a tear ottheir opponents in them, at least the Scotland boss, unlike some at his predecessors, cannot be accused of vacuous optimism.

As our illustration shows, the somewhat academic Andy has yet to win the lull respect at some key players. Although the big talking point at the Norway match was the substitution oi Roy Aitken, it will take more courage to omit the Celtic captain trom the starting line up altogether: it he does, Roxburgh will have proven his commitment to skillul tootball, and will have shown he is not the SEA yes man so many punters still think he is.

One thing is certain: it Scotland lose this match, the cries iorthe reinstatement as Scotland manager at the great Ally McLeod will grow louder and louder. (Stuart Bathgate).

Wales. the I'nited States and /.imbabsse.

BEBE}— Monday 17

I Hamilton l Iamilton l’ar'k Racecourse. I Iamtlton (access \ ia M74 l. (‘lubL‘L I’addoek {4.5” ( ( ‘ouples LC"). I’irst race 2. 15pm appro\. I‘lat meeting.

Wednesday 26

I Edinburgh .\ltissclburgh Racecourse. \ltisselburgh (S miles south ot Izdinburgh on the .-\I ), (.IUI‘ If. I’atltloek £35“. I'ilrsl race l.45pm. I-‘Iat meeting.

ICE HOCKEY Saturday 15

I Ayr Bruins v Nottingham Panthers Ayr Ice Rink. limekilns Road. Ayr. 7pm.

I File Flyers v Murraylield Racers Kirkcaldy lee Rink. Kirkcaldy. 7.15pm. A return to domestic action for Racers lollossing their l-.uropean (’up tie in Hungary last week.


I Murraytield Racers v Nottingham Panthers Murray t’ield lee Rink. Riycrsdale Crescent. Iidinburgh, (i..‘~llprii.

Saturday 22

I Ayr Bruins v Streatham Redskins Ayr Ice Rink. limekilns Road. Ayr. 7pm.

I File Flyers v Durham Wasps Ktrkealtly Ice Rink. 7‘. lipm.


I Murraytield Racers v Streatham Redskins Mttt'raylield Ice Rink (as aboy e l. b.3llpm.

LACROSSE Saturday 22

I Scottish Universities v Edinburgh Ladies I’CIIL‘t‘IttiII. Noon.


I lngliston Racetrack Royal 1 lighland

Showground. Edinburgh. Full programme of SFlollt) and 2000. sports and saloon events. Practice at 9am. racing at 1.30pm. Adults £3.50. children free: transferto stands £1.50. Free parking.

I Knockhill Racing Circuit Knoekhill. near Dunlermline (signposted l‘rom M90). Motor cycle races for the Jock Taylor 'I‘rophy.

RUGBY Saturday 15


I Stewarts Melville v Ayr Inverleith. Ferry Road. Iidinburgh. 3pm.

I Watsonians v Boroughmuir Myreside. .\lyreside road. Iidinburgh. 3pm.

I Glasgow Acads v Edinburgh Acads Ne“ .»\nntesland. llelensbuigh I)ri\e. (ilasgoxs'. 3pm.


I Corstorphine v Howe ot File l'nion Park. ('arricknowe Parkway . Iidinburgh. 3pm. I Ountermline v Preston Lodge McKane I’ark. Nethertown Broad Street. I)unl‘erm|ine. 3pm.

I Hillhead V Currie l lughertden. llughetiden Road. (ilasgoty . 3pm.

Saturday 22


I Boroughmuir v Stewarts Melville Meggetland. (‘olinton Road. lidinburgh. 3pm.

(ilasgow High Kelvinside y Watsonians ()ld Anniesland. ('row Road. (ilasgow. 3pm.

I West at Scotland v Jedtorest Bttrnbrae. (ilasgow Road. Milngayie. 3pm.

I Edinburgh Acads v Melrose Raeburrt I’Iace. Iidinburgh. 3pm.

I Heriots v Glasgow Acads ( ioldenacre. lnyerleith Row. Iidinburgh. 3pm.

I Ayrv Hawick .‘ylillbrae. Allou ay. 3pm.


I Scottish Open Championship I’UWtIL‘rIlilII Stadium. Beaverhall Road. Iidinburgh. 7. 15pm. £3.50 inc programme.

TENNIS Friday 14—Sunday 16

I Marshalls Scottish Junior Indoor Championships William Younger'l‘ennis (‘entre. .‘IL‘ZKIUWIMIIIK Sports (‘entre. London Road. Iidinburgh. L'nder lls's

VOLLEYBALL Saturday 15


I Su Ragaai V East Kilbride St Ninian's High School. Rouken (ilen Road. Iiastwood. (ilasgow. 3pm.


I Glasgow Bannerrnan v Kyle Iiastbank Academy. Academy Street. (ilasgow. 3pm.

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