I Art is listed by city lirst then byvenue. running in alphabetical order. Please send details to Alice Bain not later than 10 days belore publication date.


I Art is listed by city tirst then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Please send details to Alice Bain not laterthan 10 days betore publication date. I ANNAN GALLERY 1 311 West Campbell Street. 221 5th." 8. Mon I'quttlll 5pm; Sat9.3llam 12.3llprn. (ieneral exhibition oi regular artists. I ART GALLERY & MUSEUM. KELVINGROVE 3573929. Mon Sat lllaiii--5piii;Sun 1—5pm. Cale. |1)] Voluntary guidesarc ayailable iree oi charge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. Contact the enquiry desk. Naum Gabo: The Constructivist Idea 1 'ntil in ()ct. Iixtensiye show ot work by the Russian-born sculptor Naum (iabo planned together with his tamily w ho lent many of the pieces. ()rigiiiated and toured by the South Bank Centre. this is the last ycnue tor the show and the only Scottish date. Medal Winners trom the 84th Annual Art Competition t'niil 23 Dec. Since the beginiiingol the century the gallery has invited schoolchildren into the museum during the summer holiday s to draw somethingol their choice lrom the collection. Some remarkable results are always produced. and on View are the medal winners lrom this. the 84th competition. A Right Royal Reception limit 13 Noy. 1 low togreet the royals. 1888 style. SirJohn Lavery's(also see I-‘ine Art Society) the State Visit of Her .Ilajesty Queen l'ietoria at the Glasgow Internatiinial 12.1 Iii/iittun. has been specially cleaned tor this show. French Prints. Drawings and Watercolours Until early Jan. Work by Matisse. Signac etc. from the permanent collection. National Schools Embroidery Competition Until 27 Noy. 'I‘hirty winning entries. Arundul Society Prints tiniil mid Jan. I BARCLAY LENNIE FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 226 5413. Mon—I’ri lllam- 5pm; Sat Itlam— 1 pm. Autumn Stock I BASILS VEGETARIAN CAFE 184 Dumbarton Road. l’artick. James Lumsden Recent Drawings and Paintings L'ntil 29 ()ct. This is his first solo exhibition. L'sing oil and charcoal his works draw on a Highland background with the I lighland Clearances prominent. I BLYTHSWOOO GALLERY 161 West George Street. 226 5529. Mon—~1-ii 1(1am—5.3tlpm; Sat lllaiii-~ 1 pm. AlexanderMurphy in company. t.‘nii122 Oct. An exhibition irom Alexander Murphy including the works of Dr Mary Armour. Iilizabeth Blaekadder. John Boyd. John Cunningham. Norman Iidgar. Norman Kirkham. Bett Lowe. Dayid McClure. David Martin. James Robertson. (ieofiry Squire and many more. Ceramics by Janet Adam. I THE BURRELL COLLECTION Pollokshaws Road. (>49 7151. Mon—Sat lllam-~5pm; Sun

2- 5pm. Rest. [1)]

Flower Pots I 'iitil 3tl()ct. Iixquisitely Painted Chinese ceramics irom 11th- 19th century . The eastern countries led the iield in ceramics ior hundreds oi years and much oi this work has ney er been equalled.

I CHRISTIE'S 332 8135.

Glasgow Garden Festival Sculptures Sculpture trom the (ilasgow (iarden I‘estiy a1 is to be oiiered tor sale through Christie's. A fully illustrated catalogue is available lront Christie's. Sealed bids must be submitted to the auctioneers by noon on Friday 14 ()ct. 1988.

I COLLINS GALLERY Lfiiiy ersity oi Stiathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 JJtHlext 2082 2416. Mon I‘ri Illam— 5pm: Sat 12 4pm.

Sculpture and Drawings by Dhruva Mistry l’ritil 29 ( )ct. Recent work ironi asculptor w hose large and bulbous icmale Reclining Nude w as one oi the more prominent pieces oi sculpture at the (iarden I‘estiy al. During the exhibition. sculpture and

dance workshops will be held ior 7-7. 12 year

olds. on Saturday s 15 and 22 October. Further details irom the gallery.


'/ 'Ig h z. I __.A‘.r€. J.Al ’3 . .‘


Murray Robertson, Glasgow Print Studio In his tirst solo show Murray Robertson opens his box 01 symbols and writes them across woodcuts, lithographs, oil paintings and pastels. Symbols trom a medieval and Biblical landscape brush into symbols which are new. Snakes and birds dance to the light ol the satellite while the moon takes a back seat in his mystery compilation land and city scapes.

Among these symbols, the central character is man (there are no women)

Street. 221 (i371). Mon~Sat “tam—5.30pm. Crossing Boundaries t'niil 290a. Ceramics and drawings by Peter Beyan. 1)aye Cohen. James Cosgroye and I..y's llansen; iour lecturers in painting troni the (ilasgow Sellool oi :\l‘t cross oyer their usual boundaries into the world ol ceramics. A rclrcshing show by tour

obs iously y ersatile and adaptable artists. I.ys 1 lansen has an exhibition ot paintings at the City Art Centre. Iidinburgh throughout October.

I COOPER HAY RARE BOOKS 2tl311ath Street. 22(i3tl74. Mon I‘ri lllam 5pm;Sat lllaiii--1pni.

AVoyage Round Great Britain l-‘mm 9()ct. An exhibition oi original hand-coloured aquatintsby William l)aniell 1769 1837'). Aquatint is a method oi etching in tone. and this series ol plates. combined with Richard Ayton‘s text. pros ides a y aluable record as w ell as presentation.

I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 West Regent Street. 221 31195. Mon- 1-ri 9.3tlam— 5.31 1pm; Sat 9.3tlam 12.31 lpm. Fytte Christie (1918—79) t’ntil 22()ct. Paintings. draw iiigs and w atereolours by a little-known Scottish itl'tlsl. Also see (ilasgow School oi Art.

I FINE ART I34 Blytltsyy ooLl Street. 332 41127. Mon I‘i‘i

9.3tlam- 5.3tlpiii; Sat lllam 1pm

Forty years ot Painting lrom .s‘ ( )ct. By David McClure.

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 1 2 Washington Street. 221 452i». Mon I’ri lllam ~8priizSat Ill-3pm.

The Fine Art 01 Deception t ‘mil 2‘) t )ct. Works by Paul Chambers. Alistair Keddie and Ken Waldoii. (ilasgow artists with an unusual style ot parody and deception.

I GLASGOW OPPORTUNITES '7 West (ieorge Street. (ilasgow (i2 II'.(). 221 U955. Mon I-ri9aiii—-5pm.

Civis Glasguensis Sum an exhibition oi works by members oi the ( 'ilasgow Photography Group.

I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 22 King Street. 552 117114. Mon Sat lllam 5.3tlpiii.

who is protiled in both spiritual and physical torm. A masked shaman presides over a clinically ordered city, a naked guardian takes a rather surprised mechanic into his contidence and an angel discusses the meaning ot lite with a tield worker in lront oi the nuclear power plant. In strong straighttorward terms, Robertson's hybrid style declares the modern world as tar trom a superstition tree zone. 0n the eve ot the 21st century, tor all our advances in city and science, medieval mystery and tears are still around.

Robertson is essentially a printer. Like the medieval artists (most ot them German) who have intluenced both subject and technique, he is conscious 01 his art as craft and the print as illustration. But here Robertson also makes his debut as a painter. Because Glasgow Print Studio was not tully operational this year while he was preparing tor the exhibition, he was obliged to work, tor the first time since he left Glasgow School 01 Art, in oils. The results have turned that accident 01 tate into a positive step tor the paintings neatly combine the precision and llat quality ol 3 print with a glow ot colour and subtle texture new to Robertson‘s work.

This is a mature lirst exhibition with roots in tribal beliet, German art, industrial history and medieval perspective, all lrom the viewpoint ot a Glasgow artist in the eighties. (Alice Bain)

Murray Robertson t'niil 28 On. First major exhibition by a young Cilasgow artist with at eye ior Cierman printmaking. Workshops The studio workshops have reopened in their new premises and ar e now available ior artists~ use. Membership application IUTllls are ayailable troiii the above add l'ess.

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Rentield Street. 3529797

FYTIB CIITISIIB I'nttl 14()ct.Se1ccted drawings from the ( ‘y ril ( icrber ( iallcry \ show. See listing above.

I GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Ilillhead Street. 339 8855. Mon '1 Iltll‘s 9.15am 9. 15pm; to 9. 15am 4.45pm; Sat 9. 15am —-12. 15pm.

I UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW 945 3425. Philosophy Department. 2nd 1*1ooi‘. West Quadrangle. Ilillhead

The Dilemma 0t Oscar Paintings and drawings by Morag I Iilary . a y'ouiigai'tist promoting her ow it show.

I HAGGS CASTLE 1le St Andrew s I )riye. Mon Sat lllam 5pm; Siiii2 5pm. Cilasgow 's museum ior children. Desperate Journey ‘l‘his exhibition has been postponed until lurther notice while renovation work is can ied out in the

I HARBINGERS 417 (ireat Western Road. 3399999. Mon Sat lllam opiii;Siin

noon 5pm.

PaperCollages t bill In ( )el win-it by .lane Harris a recent graduate in textiles irom (ilasgow School oi Ait She isciirreiitly setting hei'selt up in business producing textiles lor yariousdesigner‘s collections. Screen Prints by Janet Marshall. She describes her prints as: ‘directly interested in initial iorni. llow aridcolour interaction'.

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY I my ersity oi (ilttsgoys . 32 I Itlllleacl Street. 33115451 . Mon~ I't‘l‘).311;llll 5pm; Sat 9.3llaiii lpiii. The Mackintosh House Gallery: ()petl as above but closed tor lunch 12.311 1.3llpm. 511p admission on weekday altci'nooiisand Saturdays. A reconstruction ot the architect's horiic titted with original iurniture.

Scottish Society tor Art History 25 is 36 Nm. A two day coniercnce on the interaction oi Scotland and Italy.

I HUNTERIAN MUSEUM the this ersityoi (ilasgow. 3398855 Mon I‘ri 9.30am -5pm; Sat 9.311am Iprii '1 wice named Miiseuin oi the Year.

Money Plants 1 hill 31 ()ct. I’lantsol all sorts depicted on ancient and tresth minted coins.

Coracle, Kayak and Canoe Itxleniletl lllltll 3 Dec. Iixaniplesot‘yery early watererait irom a buoyant but pre-steam. unengincered age.

I IMAGES GALLERY 7-1 I 1y ndlaiid Road. 33-15311. Mon 1‘” 9.3Uam 5.3llpm. No exhibition at present but general stock includes 18th and 19th century Japanese woodblock prints and 19th and 211th century etchings. watercolouis andoils I INTEROEC GALLERY Mat y hill Burin Ilall. 24 (iairbraid Road. 94(i59l2 General exhibition at gallery artists Paintings by local artists and Kenyan embroidery are on show here.

I THE KELLY GALLERY I 18 Douglas Street. Mon; Fri ltl.3llain- 2pm and2 3t) 5.3tlpm; Sat llIam 2.3(lpm.

GaryAnderson Cntil l5()ct I’aintingsand constructions by the winner ot the Arthur Young scholarship. Ilis prize was exliibitirigat the gallery.

I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 2113 Bath Street. 221N125. Mon I-ri lllam 5pin;Sat lllam ~ 1pm. 19th is 211th century continental oilsarid watercolours.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngayie. 95o 2351f1’ue I'ri 11am 5pm and 7- 9pm; Sat and Sun 2 5pm. Closed Mondays.

An evening 01 Jazz and Art Is ( )ct 7pm 9pm. 7pm 7.3Hpin at talk on the intlucnce ot tau on art giy eii by Dominic Snyder. 731111111 “11111 ran by 'Aboiit '1 line will:

paintings by Alan l)a\ ie.

The List 14- 27 October 198847