You won't lind yourself ruining this one in the bath . . . not at leastwithout some degree at agony. [Steel clip watch 218.95 by TIME CHAIN trom Cruise Accessories. 41 Hentield Street Glasgow.]

As winner at this year‘s Young DesignerAward and the lirst shoe designerto win it at that. Emma Hope is receiving a lot at attention. Her shoes match the vaguely romantic and whimsical tone that is creeping back into tashion alter its long exile. A lar cry

. 2—4 Jettrey Street.

. irom the Doc Martens shoe which has been de rigeurlor !

so long thatone could be - lorgivenlorimaginingthat l we don't have pointed leet atterall. [Green suede boot by EMMA HOPE. £115. Black leather shoe by Emma Hope iorBetty Jackson. 295. Both trom Corniche.


And so the Yuppie is dead- the only person who will admitto being upwardly motile nowadays is Norman Tebbit. and we know how lashionable he is. Nevertheless the era has left its legacy olchrome objects. . . Exhibit1: Totally useless shell tape measure. . . [Shinysteel shell tape-measure £6.95 by THOIKA lrom Cruise Accessories. as betore.] Exhibitz: Well . . . at least it isn't a Zippo. [Lighterby C.8.C.. £18.95lrom Cruise Accessories. as betore.]


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The combining ol metals is an increasingly popular device in modern jewellery. Aluminium and copper make good partners lorthe contrast at pigment and the added advantage thatyou can achieve linely wrought eltects at a traction olthe cost of gold and silver. [Beaten copper and aluminium pin brooch £27.95. All designs by ATALIEH trom Corniche.]

Invest in a little autumnal sculpture and do some discreetbody building in the bus queue at the same time. We're not quite sure how you'dleel aboutdroopy earsthough. [Chunky hand-sculpted cedarwood bangles with beaten copper details £56.95 each. matching wooden earrings £39. All by GERDA LYNGAARDlrom Corniche.]


Tiesto getyou noticed-

or even a job as a chatshow host. [Richly coloured batik silktie $224 by ELAINE - HIPPON.Squigg|ysilktie $224 by Georgina Von

Endort. Both trom Corniche.‘ as before. Bottle green and cream silk tie $221.95 by CHICAGO SIDEWALK at Cruise Accessories]

The List 14 27 October 1988 57