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their raw limits: the novel digs up the I The Magic Wheel; An Anthology of ‘Staging Steinbeck”. 7.30pm at the George [V Bridge ((131 225 5584). dregs from the depths of humanity Fishing Literature Ed In. David Third Eye Centre. 350 Sauchiehall Wed 26: William Boyd will be signing and faces {alljhility- full on. [[15 profumo and Graham Swift (picador Street ((141 332 7521 copies Of 1118 book ‘New nevertheless with sensitive arid 5.95) Extraordinary wilecmm of I Other Scottish Book Fortnight events Confessions‘. 5pm at the Edinburgh humorous understanding that the “'ritingsinccthclye-ginl1inu‘)ftilnc (too numerous to mention) feature Bookshop. 57 George Street ((131 human psyche is explored and for a ("3311?)ilmpirchbCfishmé' A new William (‘offey. author of a 225 4495). first novel. it is a remarkable angler on [his Spud 0f buffs. biography of the Revd James (‘urrie Wed 26th: Anthropologist Anthony

achievement. (Jacqueline Edgar) ‘(iod‘s (‘onman'z Margaret Jackson gives an illustrated talk on i _ Thomson Davis: Jimmy Black; Bob his book ‘The Pictish 'l‘rail'. b.3llpm I I (‘rampseyz John Prebble. There are at Bauermeister's. 19 George l\’

o . readings andsigningstakingplace all Bridge ((131 2265561). I Life In The Land 0! The Ltvmpfl FORTNJGHT 22 Get—5 NOV over Scotland. Wed 26: William Mclllvanney reads Daniel Vilmure (Faber £4.95) Iwo W88k1 ' See the next issue of The List for from his new collection of poems ‘ln definite: problem-child'brothers run Form” details on all events, con‘act details ofevents in the last week of :1:hrought~he‘1lead‘. 7:3l1pn‘tittJ-itllle‘5 not one night in Florida.sque1ehing . . [he hmmum I hm 51—595mm] [3nd ,9 (ml ssh _ , , , f the Scottish Book Marketing Group on ~ '“ P most ofthe dark hours through the . . - (174?) , _ , . ~ . 0312255795.Thelollowmglsa Edmburgh ' waste ditches and consuming lemon ‘medicine' of the alcoholic variety. Se ' I Museums and Galleries Book Fair 27 Hard-hitting horror viewed through GlaSgow Oct—5 Nov. 10am—5pm at the Royal Glasgow ioutng bui Street-W‘s“, cycs' ("’“d I The Best ot Scottish A display of the Mil-“cum 0f SCOI'imd‘ Chambers I Keith Floyd will sign copies of his irs nove. ,, ~ l. '. Street. I' "b k‘Fl 'd) 13"" 1 . . . . best of this year s Scottish Book , , , “I”! 00 0) “mm “m I'gnders'ege- 839's") 30d VlO'Bnce meight 1m“. 18 ()Ct_1 Nms I Lasswade Children S BOOK Falf 31 Ireland' at llatchards on 15 ()ct n main Taday Kath rompmm 1(1am—5pm. Book Trust Scotland. (kt—4 N0“ Varmus Venue" hm between 1 and 2Pm-

. 158 [lyncdoch plum. (041 333,391)‘ Lasswade High School will host main d K npUpL .r‘! L 3) Mon 24: William Mclllvanney as “Cm” (03] 963.7171 )‘ , . government local gmcrnmcnt iilld Sat 22: Audio-visual presentation of I Joseph “went-j“ be In

h‘ ‘1 .‘ .. above atthe Albany Book . O t C 85mm] PUNK “fit” POI"lCaI ( Olin BUXIU 5 “CW hOOR 0" 51 Klldil- (‘onversation at the Queen's Hall on

Company. 7.30pm. 30 (‘lydeholme

CORN”: Sad ind-wiman "J BIJIJSh R(md(()41t)54 3271). 7 17111211th MUSCUIU ShUP- R0)?” 21 Oct at b.45pm. Tickets priced imam” “"“V‘mmg prCJUdICC and Tue 25: William Boyd as above at Mmcum "wwmmd £2.75 (£1 .50) are on sale at

its manifestations. . Hatchurds‘ 7.30pm“ 50 Gordon 5, Mon 24: Launch ofJudith Bumpus‘s waters-tom‘s (031 335 3435)‘ (‘mel I Unforgettable Fire. The.Story of U2 (04] 2210262). book on Elizabeth Blackadder. Library and Queen‘s } in“.

Eamon Dunph)‘ (Pengum £3.99) Wed 26: Alistair Sum gives an 7.30pm at W’;itersttitie‘s. 114 George I |ain Crichton smith continues a "m, BO‘nO ind] mm? P‘JUI “mum” and illustrated talk on some of his 51”“ (“31 223 3436) Season (“1’0erCVCJIISWSimleby th“ [65‘ (“the PrmC'PlCd mcgil'hand Tue 25: John I’rebble. 7.30pm at the Poetry Association of Scotland by

journeys. 7.30pm at Hatchards as

are treated to the author‘s above. Thins. 53—59 South Bridge ((131 556 reading from his recent work on 1‘) unrcmnung. aqummm and Wed 26: Peter Whitehrook initiates 6743)' ()Ct at 7301"” venue is 27 GUNS“ concurrent insistence on the and participates in a discussion on Wed 26: David Profumo. author of Squaw and admission is {1 (NUS and nice-blokes side of the group. mom” adaptations fur the 5mm __ ‘Sea Music’. talks about U B40 free). For furthur information Captures U2 s epic qualities and related to his hunk of his udapt‘mmn contemporary fiction and his role as on all PAS events. phone (131 334 celebrates their halos. of .Thc Grapes of Wth can“! a writer. Noon at (‘entral Library. 5241.

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