I Female lead/backing vocalist l Information from Dante Please telephonel)698 54916 ' Aligliieri society secretary. 53 after 5pm all day

seeks band. Varied experience

G jazz. funky soul. big band sound. I Singing tuition by professional Rowallan (iardens. (ilasgow. Saturday Sunday.

. Loves (‘lannad type folk music singer’teacher. Private lessons. (ill 71.1 1. Telephone (1-11 334 I Urgently required. members .Glasgow weslsnd “‘“ld’mt l but will eoiisider'arivthing. West [End (ilasgow and ~ 1552. fora datingagency. All ages young pmmmoml 0” u (‘ontact (132-1 24892.. Lanarkshire. All vocal styles. I Release/contact “T110 1091‘." fl" 901111153 PO BOX

I’F'I‘T“‘”c"‘ “5“” (3r pcmm I Male (16) needs opera. musicals. cabaret. pop. 1 improvisation/choreography. f 5(18.(ilasgow. (i42011A. ""mnié thc Cm" I hum BUM)“ Saturday homebased job wage Phone 0698 748983. Residential with Lesley Vine I

334635]' of £25 'r per week. Good with I Required—violintutor. November 3—7. £44 ( unwaged). ;

I mas.qu central "ahnu‘um A l figures. Reply la Bellvue StockbridgeKWcst End area for . £68 (waged). full board. Sae for l I Edinburgh professional male a" “alums {unmet I Street. Edinburgh. EH7 413x. adult beginner. Phone ()31 333 ,T details. Laurieston11al|.('astle 3 (33), slim, straight-zicting.said

professional males. Required

. ' t 73p)(m.cningsand wcckmdey Douglas. Kirkcudbrightshire. toheamusing.seeksdiscreet from mid Not-citiber until mid 06445 263. Sincere um (ix—33) {08mm

5 ‘bruarv. PI ‘ase ihone H31 443 if)27 i k I I Ex—London I Beauty by An" “I ( “Slml’hlnk‘ interests in the Arts. food. travel I oouble room in large vocalist/percussionist escapes to I Are YOU SBll-emflloyed? . “2:1in .“pcn‘ “’2‘ “"5" ! “ml mil-"PC “‘“W- PM” a mmfmlilblc “211 Offered to gav : (ilasgow and seeks Accountants‘ feestoo much? 1 pt .I l I “mi‘i Mink“ ; appreciated. Box .\o78'._.

' ) " ' " i v “k” " " ~' Have youraccountsandtax n‘" ‘2) f‘m‘m' “ICLIrl’IYSIS‘ IGlasgow guy(l9),seeks non—smoker. I Icasant location eclectic crossmcr musiciansto . [mm ‘ur. ‘1'. . R V Y x . . 1 . near university and - (lc\-Cl()p0n»—fl()lngprUjCCiS. returns prepared for a ‘0‘ tn ‘c . pct licurc.I . ‘31,,- . lmclhgcm “mules ( 1613) mm underuroundffi.‘ p.w. Phone Replies to Box No 79 S\' l. C‘m‘PCIIIIVC ICC by Mark E m k sun 3.“. I“ x :.hri.‘;"'>_()' _ “WC ‘S Mm”? Dam)" Bluc‘

E Noonan. 'I‘cl. SlClidCfiUnC (\XJUIUIIISL-7.§II, _ Blgl)1sh ctc‘ [-Of

steambath and back massage. correspondence. friendship &

Tel (131 339 8305. perhaps gigs. Photo ifpossible. l Exercise your choice. try Ann‘s ALA. Reply to Box No 79' 1. aerobic classes. Professional I Bisexual female seeks teaching. coupled with numbers intelligent. imaginative friends

Michael ()41 9-16 1694. . iano uner es orer. Edlnburgh l I? T /R f

j . 7 ' Victorianandold pianos

Ilsmerel'le ane'work‘ ICS‘ restored andtunedtostandard I

: there is withthelntcrvarsity wnccnpnch Frecappmiwl ' Hub! “T is u Cth I” ymmg and estimate Glasgow area

I Wanted to rent Single room. West Iiiid (‘entral ( ilasgow. (‘ontact Matthew Jackson

on (MI :48 4M:- ' professional people. We phonc Dave (H1 334 179“. limited in class andindividual (aged 20-31).) with arrange a large numberof l attention. assure comfort and feminist socialist outlook. diverse events such as a safety. Wed in Davidson Mains i Iidinburgh (ilasgow. Box No ; badminton. hillwalkingand I 6pm «5; 7. 15pm. Mon in 79 2, t

i cinema trips in the (ilasgow and ( ostorphine 6pm.7.1§pm 6': I Glasgow male (24) liito I Woman seeks work with Edinburgh “0215- Fur furlhcf __ , __ _ __ ___ __ _ _ 8.30pm ' Beginners). 'I‘ue and alternative music. nightclubs, Childrcm youngstch or details ring (ilasgow (I41 632 50-39335" “153- ENIF‘UWWNT 0 $1391” 0N Thurs (ipm Walpole Hall. West cinema. seeks female (24+ ). handicapped people. I haw gm 3842or1iast(‘oast(1383 738314. FOR ALL POSTER AND LEAFLET Iznd. Block card 1(lc1asses Individual appearance teaching and supervisory . samqvar CIUb OI Glasgow I91 DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS 114.50 £1.81)pay—as—you—come. apprecnited. Box No 79/3. expcricncc. German Offered. the society of young-at-heart For further informationtelephone Student and unemployed cone. I Female Glasgow West, likes Phone Marietta ()31 (168 3780. PFUICSSiOnuls. 'I‘wenty-fifth 031667 9588 Full details’enrolment tel (I31 doing anything from sailing. I Help! Female. 30. “\“u'm” ngmmmc “mm 339 8305. concerts. eating with someone. non—smokerrdrives. adaptable. SCP‘CmPCV F91 furlhcr 533"59'9“’ mm C‘" chm'sm“ 334 35” I Handwriting enthusiast seeks So if male between 45—50join varied experience. Requires mffirmillimt telephone (141 332 _ small commissions for me. life could improve for both work ('.’) Please phone ()31 not) 7123 . . "all?" Lanna?” classes individual menus. invitations. 01 US. Wfilc BOX N0 79/4- 4771.()am_2pm‘ Anything I Magiclarotcards— for reading "3‘10USICYCI5- hurtingocmbcr- table settings. certificates etc. I Lonely male seekslonely paying wellmnsidcwdi phunc()3] (,6: 4655 Alsotalks and soCialevents. female {m lovinglastmg

SERVICES/TRAVEL 25 words maximum


IONLY £1 , 1. Print Name, Address 2. All ads must be I 0N LY £2 Cheques/Pas to be made 25 words maximum be forwarded once per right to refuse any ad. forforwarding replies. PERSONAL 'eox no xxx in top 7. All correspondence to: ISEMI DISPLAY “Highsm



20 words maximum Address cAPirALs. prepaid-enclose cheque/Po with form.


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PRIVATE TUITION/BUY AND SELL Tel No (day) (evel Si'iiepii'é’m‘io'fio'mi

Message category “Might.

I ONLY £3 Messa e note: tel nos count as 1 word ' ‘- 7'“ “MSW” "'9 5. No liability can be accepted for mistakes or 6. Replies to Box Nos must be clearly marked

30 words maximum. figfigflf’mm’

Rate inc Box No which must be used.

Classified Ads The List Ltd £2 per col cm. Min 3cm (£6). No of issues payment encl, Edinburgh sin 1TE (Phone 031 558 1191 to, details) Classified deadline for Issue 80 is Fri 21 Oct. ' Tel: 031 558119 '

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