The List has got together with Newcastle Brown Ale to otter our style-conscious readers the prize of a litetime. The lucky First Prize winner of this competition will be set free in a branch of Wrygges with £300 at their disposal! That’s a lot of clothes!

And for ten runners-up there’s a whole crate of Newcastle Brown Ale with which you can spend many a cool evening joined by a tashionable triend orthree. That’s a lot of style!

All you have to do is answerthe question and return the form by 14 Novemberwhen the draw will take place.

Newcastle Brown Ale, with its own unique colour, taste and strength, was created in 1927 at the Newcastle Breweries. '- Who was behind its creation?

A: Colonel Saunders B: Colonel Jim Porter C: Colonel Blimp

Daytime Tel ......................................................................... .. Evening Tel .......................................................................... ..

Send to NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE/WBYGGES COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH11TE.




The tirst LP by The Big Dish was called Swimmerand Gavin Pettigrew (Jordanhill), Fiona Mackenzie, Aileen Snody (both Edinburgh) and Evelyn Neilson (Bo’ness) wontickets to seethe group play live in Edinburgh. Copies ottheir latest LP, Creeping Up On Jesus, are on their way to Jane Lang (Glasgow), Debbie Wilson, Colin Young (both Edinburgh), Kenny MacKay (Johnstone) and John Cruikshanks (Arbroath). The tollowing people won copies of the 12in version 01 Faith Healer: Murray Sutherland (Glasgow), Joanne Gaylor (Butherglen), A. Fletcher, Mayumi Higashiyama (both Edinburgh) and Victoria Halliday (Currie).

Everyone knew that Lenny Henry is married to Dawn French and B. Logan (Glasgow) and Paul Rice (Edinbrugh) both won a pairot tickets to see Henry’s show at the Pavilion, Glasgow on 13 October.

Andrew Clouston, M. Covello (both Edinburgh) and Chris Allen (Northampton) won tickets to see Hairspraylor knowing thatJohn Waters was the director. The following people won packages at soundtrack albums, T-shirts and cans of hairspray: Khallid Sarwar, Lisa Crampin, Stetania Swiatek (all Glasgow), A.S. Chalmers, Pete Gregson, Bussell Cairns, Chris Harris (all Edinburgh), Kevin Dugan (Bathgate), Lorna McMenemy (Hamilton) and Margaret Sweeney(Dunblane).

Our Bedsit Survival Manual (Ebury Press £4.95) competition brought torth a small, but eccentric selection at readers’ worst bedsit experiences. Dver-tlowing gutters, over-boiling kettles, under-heated toilets, strange visitations, talking lightbulbs and mice all play a part in the merry world at bedsitland. Copies of the Bedsit Survival Manual went to John Hampton, Chris Allen, Andrew Clouston, Stewart Wilson and Bruce Sneddon.

_ WIN £35.. OI:

I Only ONE entry per person/per competition. It you are entering more than one competition you need use only one envelope, but please make sure that the names at ALL the competitions you are entering are clearly marked on the outside. Employees at The List are ineligible to enter. The decision at the competitions editor is linal.

I NEXT ISSUE The List otters you the chance to drink a pint at yesterday's prices (courtesy oI Blacklriars Bar) or you could win a copy at the new CAMBA Guide or a copy at the highly-rated soundtrack to Belly D! An Architect.

Out on Thursday 27!

68 The List 14 - 27 October 1988

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