an unusually enjoy alile noyelist. free from the heayy doom-laden seriousness of much l’olish writing; but lioth are here without official endorsement. because of their

inyoly ement in the ‘spoken Inonthlies’ akindofuncensorahle talking IIIaga/ine which takes place in Dominican churches in ( idansk and Krakow.


Only one theatre company is \ isiting officially: :\ls‘atleniia Ruchu (Academy of .\lo\eInent ). whowill giy e a workshop. and perform ’street spectacles‘ and three productions during one w eek in \oy [)ee. Their work is minimalist and experimental. and is designed to bridge the gap between the theatre and its audience which has developed since 1980. when it lost its social monopoly as an arena for pulilic (lCthlL‘. 'l‘het'e will also he a

talk by Zygmunt Huhner. directorof

the l’owszechny ’l‘lieatt'e. Warsaw, and an unofficial appearance by ’l'heatre ofthe Eighth Day. a Polish company now based in Italy. but yery influential during the early ll).\‘lls. of whom (’arrell says. "to omit them would compromise the programme.‘


‘lt‘s a serious programme.‘ says

(at‘r‘ell. ‘and it does concentrate on new deyelopments in the Arts and regardless of where those arts come from they are difficult to present in a popular sense to the public at large.‘ ‘()n the other hand.' l’irie adds.


' ‘what's typical of Polish work in the eighties is that there is more awareness on the part of the artist of the receptivity or not of the audience . . . they are certainly more aware of the puhlic's taste and more populist.‘

Polish Realities events this tortnight (events atterto Nov to be listed in tuture issues). all atThird Eye Centre. Sauchiehall St. 041 332 7521 . unless otherwise stated.

Fri 4. 103m: Photography Exhibition ‘Polish Perceptions‘ opens (‘ollins ( iallery. Richmond Street. 553 44th).

Fri 4. 3.30pm: Photography Forum (‘ollins (iallery. Free. With l'rszula ('zartoryska. photography curator at Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz. who is creating an international collection.

Sat 5. 93m: All Remaining Exhibitions open. See Art Listings.

Sat 5. 11am: Talk. ‘Scotland and Poland. Historic Links Prof l’aul Dukesof Aberdeen l'niyersity . £1.

Sat5. 3.15pm: Talk. “Poland's Cultural Policy' Dr I lenryk Zietek of Polish (‘ultural Institute. London.

Sun 6. 2.30pm: Illustrated Talk. 'The Context of Polish Art in the 1980s'. Milada Slizinska. curator. Free.

Sun 6. 3.30pm: Visual Arts Forum. with .laromir Jedlinski and Maria Morzuch of Museum Sztuki. Lodz. Free.

Mon 7. 7.45pm: Film. ‘Man at lron'. (ii-’1‘. See Film Listings.

Tues 8. 7.30pm: Talk. ‘Women and the Arts in Poland Today'. Margerita ()rlowska. a (ioyernment journalist famous for her interviews with Western political leaders. Thur10.5.45pm:Film. ‘Shivers'.(il’1‘.See Film Listings.

Thurs 10. 7.30pm: Talk. ‘Poland inthe Eighties'. Neal Ascherson. ()hseryer columnist and an authority on Fastern

liurope. £1.

Photo-realism in Lukasz Korolkiewicz's Mary at Glasgow PrintSludio (Far Lett): Symbolictableau by Theatre of the Eighth Day at Third Eye (Above): Edward Dwurnik's angelic Postman atThird Eye (Lelt).

Stalin's youth in Wojciech Marczewski's Shivers at GFT

Schoolday rellections in Akademia Ruchu‘s English Lesson atThird Eye

The List 28 ( )cl ~ It) Nov 1988 9