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Iidinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Little Shop OI Horrors ( l’( i) ( l-rank ( )1. IS. 198(3) Rick Moranis. Iillen (ireene. Sleye Martin. 94 rnins. Deep in the florist something is stirring. as meek green-lingered type diseoy ers that his layourite plant. Audrey . is actually a flesh-craving alien from outer space. Dalt. enioy able screen transcription of the stage musical. with lunny t'oliage et‘lects. and a beezer cameo trom Stey e .‘ylartin as a biker dentist. (ilasgoyy: (iI’I‘.

I Macaroni ( I5 l t Iiitore Scola. Italy. I‘LS'StJack l.enimon. Marcello I .\Iastroianni. I)ario.\£icolodi. Illomins. l.emmon returns to Naples Ior the lirst time since WWII to discos er that through hisold buddy Marcello's literary ettortshe has become a local legend. 'l'yyogreat actors are \yasted on this lacklustre blobol sentimentality . (ilasgoys: (il-‘l‘.

I Mari 0t Iron ( P( t i i Andrei \Vartla. Poland. l‘).\'l)152mins.:\ sequel tohis earlier .Ilmr (Nd/irrth \y hich looked at the experience iii a riiodel yyorker in the I-‘ilties. the film tells the story ol the strike in the (idansk shipyards \y hich led to the Iorriiation of Solidarity. A syy in response tocontemporary eyents. .\Ian()t Ironysas filmed and released yy ithoiit goy ermnental approx al. but the foreign success ol this

\ aluable proieet meant that the authorities could not ban it. ( ilasgoyy: (il’l‘.

I Manon Des Sources l l’( i ) ((‘laude Berri. I‘r‘ance Italy. l‘LS‘ti) Yves Montand. l)uniel Auteuil. limnianuelle Heart. ll4 rnins. 'I'en years alter the demise ol .Iean I)e I-‘Iorette. the Soubeyrans noyy run a prosperouscarnation farm. “on ey er. .Iean‘s daughter has now groyy it into an alluring young yyonian and. through the tyvists ol unpredictable late. is able to wreak her rey enge.

Steering this epic rural saga toys aids the realms oI ( ireek tragedy . .Ilumm is a lull and satisly ing second Iiall that explores the stilleringot the guilty as they pay a crippling penance tor man's greed and envy. The production values are as high as ey er and :‘suteuil assumes Depardieu‘s mantle as the human soul ol this episode in his tragi-cornic dey‘elopment from glaikit idiot to lu'oken-hcarted stiitor. A stirring achievement. lidinburgh: I-‘ilnihoiise.

I The Man Who Fell To Earth i is i i Nicolas Roeg. I'I-s'. 197(1) Day id Boyvic. Rip'lioi'n. Buck I Ienry. I38 mins. An alien searching for the water needed to say e hisoys n planet has his poyyers destroyed by the sinister machinationsol' multinational businessenterprise. Well-cast Boyyie giyes perhaps his best performance in this dazzling. occasionally obtuse. piece ol Roegian sci-ti. A film that bearsand indeed improves yy itli repeated y ieyy ings. (ilasgoyy': (iI-'I.

I Masquerade ( IS) i Bob .s‘ts arm. l ‘8. IUSSI Rob ony e. .\Icg I iIly . Kim ( ‘allrall ‘Il mins. Youthliil licit'esinlly linds herselt attracted to ingenuoiis y achtsman loyye. an aspiring social climber around the healthy boating community . and begins a relationship yy ith her \y hilst remaining \y ith long-time loy er (’attrall. The latter lioyycy er suspects that his interest in the rich youngster could be leading to a possible murder.

Rather old-hat romantic tr tangle. 'I'he yachting background looks pretty . but banal plotting makes this really nothing to get too worked up oy er. (‘entralz ( ‘annon. Strathclyde: (‘annoir I The Merchant at Four Seasonsi 18) (Rainer Werner Fassbinder. W. (iermany. I971 ) Ilans I lirschmuller. Hanna Schy'gulla. 8‘) mins. Dominated by his mother. and rejected by the love of his life. a timid greerigroeer enters an empty marriage. and finally drinks himselfto death. Melodramatie yet moving biographical study. generally regarded as one of Fassbinder‘s finest achievements. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Midnight Run ( IS) (Martin Brest. IS. 1988) Robert DeNiro, ('harlesGrodin.

Yaphet Kotto. .Iohn Ashton. IZZ mins. l)e .\'iro is charming and surprisingly straightt’oryy ard as an honest es-cop turned bounty hunter. crossing the country to bring crooked accountant (irodin back lorm .\'e\y York to l...-\. so that he can lace charges ol'embezzling Malia money . 'l‘he only problem being that the HII. the mob. the cops. and another bounty hunter all \yant their hands on the suspect too.

Focusing on the groyy irig lriendship betyyeen the tyyo leads as they become reliant on each other in their el‘t'ortsto escape their pursuers. this is an amiable buddy inoy ie that's also a consistently unpredictable road nioy ie. that just happens to be a quite smart cop movie. Superior I lollyyyood entertainment. \ery' capany sery ed up and perlornied. (ilasgoys ('anrion Sauchiehall St. I-.dinburgh; (‘annon I MonsieurHulot‘s Holiday i l’(i)(.Iacques Iati. I-rance. 1053) .Iacques'l‘ati. Nathalie I’ascatid. Michelle Rolla. ‘II riiirts. .\I I Iulot. a bachelor yy itli the accident-prone touch. arriyesat a iaunty coastal resort and dey astation y er'y soon ensues. (‘omic timing at its most irresistible ison \ ieyy here. as ’I‘ati gets an ay \s itli a numberol sloyy burning. memorable gags. all undercut by the stabbing notion that we all ha\c an uncle esactly like l IllIiil.

(ilasgoyy ; (il'i'l.

I Moonstruck t t’( i r i Norman .Ieyy mm. I'S. I‘lSqH‘her . .\'icolas('age. ( )lympia l)ukakis. IlNl nuns. 'l'horoughly \yinning romantic comedy \s rih ( ‘her on ()sear-yyinriing torni as a doyydy young

ys idoys \\ ho accepts a proposal ot marriage lrom a man she does not loy e iii return for a sale and secure luture. Asked to clear up some had blood \s ith hisyoung brother it is love at lirst sight \y hen they meet ; she undergoesa(‘indeielIa-like tr'anslormation and is torn betyyecn the conflicting demands ot her head and heart. Meanyy liile. other members ot her closeknit ltalian-Arnerrean tamin are similarly throysn into amorous turmoil by the intluence ol a nusclueyous moon.

('onibinirig humour and poignancy \yith a charming eccentricity . .IInmrsrriitA isa delighttul story . engagingly told. ()scars alsoyycitl to l)ukakis and .Iohii l’atriek Shanley ‘s rich. tutti lrutti script. (ilasgoyy: (il-"I‘.

I The Name at the Basel is l l Jean-Jacques Annaud. \V. (ierrnany I’ranee Italy. IUS‘o) Sean (‘onnery . I: .‘ylur'r'ay Abraham.('hristian Slater. I31 nuns. Maryellous medieyal mystery with the niastcr'lul(‘onnery as aSherIock

I Iolines-like sleuth on the trail ol a nuiiderer in the monastery . A com incing historical atmosphere and a BAI’I'A

yy inning pertormance lrom Sean. ('entral: Regal.

I The Neverending Story l l’( i r ( \Voltgang l’etersen. I'S \\‘_ (iermany. 1985 l Barret ()lliyer. (ierald \IcRaney . Drum ( iarret. 94 turns. I.onely young boy Bastianstarts to read a my sterious book . and is miraculously drayy it into the pages to undergo an exciting and dangerous adycnture in a land ol tantasy. l’assable adaptation ol the Michael linde bestseller. \yith plenty ot ctrte liii'ry tolk toengagethe kiddies. Izdinburgh: I‘IIItiIlUtISC.

I Une Partie De Campagne ( l’( i ) (.Iean Renoir. I‘rance. l‘l‘ybl Sylyic Bataille. (ieorges l)arnoul. -1ll mins. The late Nineteenth ('entury . a l’arisian nobleman takes his lamin on a Sunday outingand one of his daughters lallsin love. l’nl‘inished Renoir tragment. but imbued With an eye tor landscape that makesit seem like an impressionist painting brought to me. Izdinburgh: I‘rench Institute.

I Pat Garrett and Billy The Kidi 18) i Sam I’eckinpah. l'S. 1973).Iames(‘olmrn. Kris Kristoll'erson. Bob Dylan. lllhmins. Bloody \ersion ol' the Western legend. with I’eckinpah and screenwriter Rudy Wurlitzer reaching for a moody. brutal

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