James Bridie Lecture Thurs 2" ( )ct. 12.45pm. Admission free by ticket. 'I‘ony l’aterson giy es the second of three lectures to commemorate .lames Bridie's centenarythisyear atalkon‘Bridieand thc(ilasgow (‘iti/ens' 'l‘hcatre'.

James Bridie Lecture Hi Is ( )ct. 13.45pm. Admission free by ticket. Dr Alasdair (‘anier‘on giy es a talk entitled ‘Bridic The Play w right', See also aboy e.

The Long and the Short and the Tall 'l'uc

S” Hi 1 l \m .". 15pm. £2(£1 ). l‘inaIYear DDA students in Willis 1 lall‘s play . set in the Malayan .lungle. focusing on a grotip of British soldiers and w hat they lear it about their occupation. Directed by Stewart .\1cl\'ie.

I THEATRE ROYAL l lope Street. 331 1234. Box Office .\1on Sat lilam (rpm. (“.Rllpni on perf ey gs). Bar. Buffet.

Richard II Mon 31 Oct Sat 5 \oy . ".311an Thurs ck Sat mat 2.311pm. £3.51) £12.51). Derek .lacobi plays Richard 11 in Shakespeare‘s 1y rical. reflectiyc history play . Sce ( iuestlist. See also King's. lidinburgh. The Selfish Shellfish '1 tie s‘ Sat 13 Nm. 111.3(1am. Afternoon Performance on Saturda} . 2.3”Pm. Adults £4; ('hildren £2. Whirligig'l‘hcatre(‘ompany in a play by one of Britain‘s best-loy ed and most respected children's playw rights. Day id \Vood. In The .St’lfh/t Slic/lliy/t l'esideltlsol the rockpool are threatened by the arrival of a huge oil slick and audience participation is encouraged to help as ert the tragedy. [zeology and entertainment combined for 3 12 year olds l and others? ). I THIRD EYE CENTRE 351 ) Sauehiehall Street. 332 "52 I (‘afe open 1 lam-2.311pm ’l'ue-l‘ri and during eycning performances. The Concise Pocket Atlas Hi Is ( )ct. TSUpm. £3.5ll(£2.5ll). l()l"l‘hcatrewscll known for their extraordinary productions often rising puppets. music and machinery . in a new comicshow. I'lit' ( ‘oncisi’ I’ot'lu'! :1 (/us explores parallels and mystery . w eay ing around coincidences surrounding the deaths of Viennese composers Franz Schubert and Anton Webern. Wild Garden Adventure Sat 29 ( )ct. 2.30pm. f'abley'ision in a comedy combining entertainment and ecology . as the audience are encouraged to help defeat the Dark Force in the countryside that loy es litter and pollution. See also Touring. Polish Realities Hi 4 Thurs 111.\'oy.'l'hc (ilasgow Polish Season starts. See Feature for full details. I TRON THEATRE (13 '1‘rongate. 552 420" 8. Box Office Tue Sat Noon 8pm; Sun 12.3” l1pm.('losedMonday's. The Funeral l'ntil Sun 31) ( )ct. 7.311pm. £4 non-members; £3 (£1 ) members.

Follow -up to l lector MacMillan‘s hugely successful play. 'I'licSus'li. In Bill .\1ac\\’illiam's house. his friends and families gather to bury him w'ithlull ()range honours but they are somew bat oyertaken by eyents. MacMillan'snew comedy broadens the cany'as from his pt'e\'iotts play to debate bigotry. intolerance and figures of authority more generally. Despite a few weak links. a sharp and funny production.

Made in 021’ri4 .\'oy'. S‘pm. Members £4 (£1 ); Non-members £5. Along with a free tasting of Australian w inc. ()z-born singer l-‘ond Kennedy heads up an ey'eningof stories. songs and comedy Australian-style. marking the bi-eentenary of the first [ittropean settlers arriving down under.

Cabaret Weekend Hi 4- Sun (1 .\‘m~. 9.311pm. Members 511p; Non-members £1. Still building up the cabaret circuit in (ilasgow. the Tron hosts a cabaret weekend. Stu 1 lenderson. Stuart 1 leoburn (who does a mean impersonation oer Happy) and the McClttskey‘ Brothers appear on Friday". lan Morton. whow‘on the ‘So You Think You're Funny"

1 l 1 1

competition at the fidinburgh l-‘estiyal and the tan rock group little Rock appear on Saturday: the .\1c(‘1uskey Brothers and Little Rock appear agam on Sunday . this time iii the company of Mac .\1c( 'readic (w ho came third in the So You Think You're 1-'unny competition at this year's ladinburgh l’estiyal ),

Losing Alec ’l‘hurs 11) Sun 2‘ Nos . ".RHpm. Members £51£l)LNon-membcrs £4. ll.-\l.l'-l’Rl('1' l’reyiew on ‘1 hurs Ill.\'oy. Premiere of the latest play by young (ilasgow playwright. l’etcr Arnott. See l’ancl.


I BEDLAM THEATRE l‘ol‘i'csl Road. 1151 22.5 WSW}. Strange Growths in Vietnam weds 31» Sat 31)

()ct. ".311pm. £5 1 £2). Raptus'l’hmtre

return to the Bedlam Theatre with the show that won them critical praise during this year's l'dinburgh l‘estiyal Donald .\1ain‘s wacky . satirical comedy about Danny 1-.mb|em. \oltlnteered for Vietnam by his Mom and brainwashed to the point of absurdity.

The Bear Claw \Veds 2 .\'o\. 1.311pm. £1 members; £1 .51) non-members ( includes lunch). lunchtime show by 1~.1"I‘('.

They \\'et1s‘).\'o\ . 1.311pm. £1 members; £1.51)non-members(inc lunch). 1:1 “1'('m a new adaptation from the noyel by Aileen .\1cl'ar|anc.

Saved Sun o Sat 12 .\'oy 7.311pm. £2.51); £2 cones: £1 1€l"1'('members.ludinburgh l'niyersity 'lheatre ( ‘1th is 1-.dward Bond's tough contemporary classic.

I BRUNTON THEATRE .\1usselburgh.bo5 3‘1 1.

The Bug Play \Vetls 2b ( )c‘l Sat .5 \(iy. ".45pm. £4 ( £25”). A larnily show w ritten by the Brothers ( apek. this is based onthe

allegorical tale of a wanderer who falls

asleep in a forest. only to wake tip and find himself surrounded by a new insect world. Fancy Rappin' Mon " Sat 12 .\‘m . ".45prn. £4 ( £2511). \Vildcat Stage Productions in their tenth anniyersary show . Sec 'l‘ouring.

I KINGS THEATRE 2 l.ey en Street. 22‘) 12111. Bostlice Mon Sat 111am Spm. Bar. [1)].

Pride ofthe North .\1on24 Sat 290a. "..‘~llprn. Sat 2‘) ( )ct. 5pm and Split. £2 £4. \Valtcr‘(‘arr. .lohnny Beattie. Valerie Dunbar and the Alexander Brothersarc among those appearing in this nostalgic yar‘icty show.

Something to Hide .\lon.‘11()et Sat 5 .\'m. ".311pm. Sat 5pm and Spin. £3 £5.51). (ones. £2 off stalls and grand circle

'l‘uc 51‘hurs; all seats hall-price Mons. l’atricia ( iarwood. Dominic ( iuard and (icolfrcy llughesappear in|icSands' thriller in which an illicit affair leads cornrne d‘habitude. to blackmail and murder most foul.

Richard ll .\1on " Sat 12 .\'o\ . ".311pm. \Veds ck Sat mat 2.311pm. £4 £1 1 (‘oncs £3 offstallsandgrandcircle/Tue 'l'hurs. Mon all seats hall -pr‘ice. Derek .lacobi is the prince in Shakespcarc"s lyrical history play See ( iticstlist. See also'l'heatrc Royal. ( ilasgow.

I ST MARGARET'S HALL Napier(’o1|ege. 444 221%).

Owen and Sassoon at Craiglockhart ‘l‘hurs 11) K Hi 11 ()ct. 7..“lll‘rri. To mark the seyentieth anniyersary of the Armistice Stephen Macl )onald introduces scenes from his play .thlxihr)!!! Ht'rm'y. which dramatises the meeting at (‘raiglockhart Hospital ( now part of Napier ( 'ollegelol Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred ( )w en. The full play is also being performed at (‘rawfurd Theatre. (ilasgow. See aboy e. I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 4311igh Street. 556 95'“). Box ( )ffice.

lllam- 4511me 9pm perf. eygs.(‘afe. [1)]. [1i].

Storytelling Festival weds 3r» Sat 2% )ct. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). Duncan Williamson leads traditional storytelling sessions.







PERFORMANCE ii 1 l 2 s i a


William Shakespeare


Sponsored by Scottish life 28 October-19th November, Mon-Sat 7.45 pm.


Sat Matinee 12 November 3.15 pm. Tickets from £2.50. BOOKING NOW

031-229 9697 OXYGEN HOUSE Lunchtime Theatre

Scotland's Only Professional Lunchtime Theatre Company “SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS

ARE SCOTTISH” A season of new Scottish work.

Four plays in four weeks.

2 26 November

1.15pm. £1.50/£1.00 Concessions. WED-SAT. "Sensational". Times Ed. "Impossible not to be impressed." Evening News


A wicked! wiay musical anta’

CRAWFURD TRP, JO ANHILL Tneodny 29 November Saturday 7 January ' Now Open! Tickets £2.50-£4.50. From: The Ticket Centre, Candleriggs. Tel: 041-227 5511 Forfunlrer details contact Wildcat on 041-954 0000

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