drawing partly on the t iaelic and Scots fund of stories. For 7 years and upwards. Part of the '(iuys and (iuisers‘ season —see Kids Page for more details.

The Puddok an' the Princess Tue 25-Sat 29 ()ct. 2.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £2.50

(£1 .50). Theatre Alba join in the (itiysand

(iiiisers season with their touring production of David Purves' hugely popular old Scots play about the uppity frog and his affair with a princess. See Touring. Staging a Kelpie Tue 1 Nov. 7.30pm. 9;]. Author Frances l lendry . producer Pam Waddell and director Donald Stnilh discuss children‘s literature on stage. screen and radio. Staging Steinbeck Thurs 3 Nov. 7.3(1pm. £1. Peter Wliitehrook. w ho adapted Steinbeck's (irapev (it‘ll’rath for a stage production during the 108" l-‘estival Fringe. giv es a talk about the experience. introduces his new book . Staging Stein/welt and discusses literary adaptations with playwright Donald ('amphell. The Patriot Game weds 28315 Nov‘. 1.10pm. 1; 1 .50 l £1 ). The first ofa new season of short plays given lunchtime productions by ()xy'gen 1 louse. This season all the plays are Scottish. and this first is by Martin Mc(‘ardie and Robbie .larv is. and tells the tale of an Irish-born. Scots ( 'atholic boy. Changed Days Mon 7 Sat 1‘) Nov . 7.30pm, Weds iv Sat Matinees 3pm. £3 ( £2). Winged l lorse in Alan Spenee‘s story‘of the ( )ld Town in lidinburgh. from 1930s onwards. See also’l'ouring. Stick 3 Needle in My Eye weds ‘)~Sat 12 Nov. 1.10pm. )4 1 .50 (£1 ). The second in the new season from ()xygen l louse -- a play by Jenny l'raser (w hoalso has aplay' at Theatre Workshop this fortnight.see below ) and l.ouise lronside. set in lidinhurgh and rising music and dance to tell a teenager's story I PLAYHOUSE lS--22 (ireensidc Place. 557 2590. Box()ffice Mon Sat ll)arii--hprii (8pm on show nights). Bar. Barry Humphries - Back With a Vengeance Tue 25 Sat 2‘) ( )ct. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £4.50 £13.50. The indescribable in the company of the unthinkable. llas Dame 1-.dna finally made her break into real fame w ith her appearance on The Arelters'.’ Dave Allen Tue 8 Nov. 7.30pm. £5.50 £8.50. Shaggy dogtalc-tellerpar excellence the lULIllithUtlS lrish comicon stage. I QUEEN'S HALL ( 'lerk Street. Rikki Tikki Tavi Sat 2‘) ch Sun 30()ct. Workshops: 10am -noon. free; Performances: 3 ch 5pm. £2.50(£1.50). lidinburgh Puppet ('ompaiiy launch a tour of the famous Kipling story with a weekend of performances and workshops. Suitable for 5- 12 year olds for workshops on puppet making. face painting and mask making please bring along old material. socks. boxes. curtains and buttons. I ROYAL LYCEUM (irindlay Street. 22‘) 0007. Box()ffice Mon—Sat 10am-6pm. 10am 8pm on perf. evgs. Bar. Rest'('afe. [1)].[1-1]. ('l‘heatreSaver (‘oncession (’ards cost £1 . last all year. give £1 off the full price each time you come for you and a friend available to ( )APs. lfB-ttls. Students. Disabled and Y'I'S scheme) Tickets for Lyceum productions are also available at the Ticket Centre. Waverley Bridge; branches of AT May‘s Travel and the Queen's l lall. (‘lerk Street. AS You Like It Fri 28 ()ct—Sat 1‘) Nov. 7.45pm. £2.50—L‘7. 'l‘heatreSaver holders £1 off. liRlili Preview Thurs 27 ()ct. 7.45pm. New production ofShakespeare's comedy about the funny goings-on in the Forest of Arden. directed by Hamish Glen and with Myra McFady‘en as'l‘ouchstone. See (iuestlist. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 llamilton Place. 226 5425. Box Office Mon-Sat 9.30am-530pm. Bar. (‘afe. [D] [E].

Young People's Theatre weds 2h Oct—Sat 5 Nov. local youth theatres in ashort season of performances.

MacBurgers weds 2t» Sat 2‘) ()el . 7.31 1pm. £2 ( £1 ). Drawing on their ow n experiences as both employees and customers offast food chain stores. the Senior and .Middle Youth 'l'heatres at Theatre Workshop collaborate to present a play by Jenny Fraser and Stev e Brow ii about the infamous MacDonalds itsphenomenal sire and success and notorious staff treatment.

Trees'l‘hursS Nov. ‘..‘~0pm. £2l£l ). Sometime in the future. w hen trees have ceased to be. two private dctectiv es set out to try and unrav el w hat happened to the world's forests. Presented by Moving Parts Theatre ( iroup. a community company involv ing both adults andyoung people.

Forth Into the Unknown Hi 4 Nov . "Mimi. L2 ( £1 ). The well—established1-orth (‘hildren's 'l‘heatre. who for nearly ten years have been giving children in lidinburgh and lhereabotits opportunities toget involv ed in theatre. in a new show. Murphy's Law Sat 5 Nov . ".fsnpm. £21m i. West l.othian Youth Theatre in a new play" by Patrick lzvans set during the famine in West l.othian during the 1240s.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow. (irassmarkct. 22h 2(i33. Box ( )ffice

Tue Sat 10am- Spin. Sun h 10pm. Bar. Rest. Tickets also available from the 'I‘icket('entrc. Market Street.

Pick of the 19884Edinburgh Fringe Tue 4 ()ct-Sun b Nov A five w eck pick ofsomc of the plays shown at this year's tidinburgh l-‘ringe.

Stallerhof t ‘ntil Sun 3mm. 2.30pm. £4.50 (£2.50). The Wilde Players in a much-praised production of ( ierman writer liran/ Nav er Kroet/‘s harrowing. gripping play . in which a middle-aged farm hand becomes inv olv ed in a relationship with the mentally retarded daughter of his employer. Thisproduction

was nominated for an Independent ’l’heatre

:1 ward during the Festival —- be warned that it contains scenes that may be upsetting and is unsuitable for children. Playschool Tue 1 Sun () Nov.".30pni. £4.5fltf250). The final production in the ‘Pick ofthe 1-‘ringe' season is ( ilasgow .-\rts (‘entre's production of Robin Lindsay Wilson's play about a young drama teacher faced w ith a class oftough teenagers.

In With The New Tue S Nov Sun 4 Dec. .-\ month-long season of new Scottish w riting and performance.

Boothies Tue S’- Sun 13 Nov . 2.30pm. £4.50 (£2.50). The first in this season of new Scottish work is a play by Peter Murray. l-‘ocussing on the old boxing booths of the 194(ls. it tells the tale of Davie Wright.a young hopeful w ho learns a lesson.

I WEST END HOTEL 35 Palmerston Place. Who's Paying Mon 31 ()ct. "pm. The third in the new series of ladinburgh Playwrights' Workshops a workshopped productionof a new play by Merle Ferguson.

The Black Box Mon 7 Nov. 7pm. Izdinburgh i

Playwrights‘ Workshop present a new play by Peter (iihson. a satire on scientific research.

I This section lists shows that are touring Scotland. We give detailed listings onlylor periods when they are in the Central Belt area. There is a phone number loreach company. however. should you require more information. Unless otherwise specified. the number after each venue listed isthe telephone number for ticket enquiriesfor that particular evening (please note. this is notalwavsthe venue number).

I Changed Days Alan Spence’s play about the changing face of lidinburgh's ( )ld Town and its community over the years since 1930. presented by the touring company Winged Horse.

Muir/muse Parish ( ‘hureh Hall.


Iidinlmrgh Tue 1 Nov',7.3(1pm,tl3l 336 393-1; Triangle .-t rtv (entre. I’illon. lidinlmrgh Weds 2 Nov. 7.30pm. 031 332 0877: Springivell Home. Iidinlmrgh Thurs 3 Nov . Spm.

I Doctor Faustus The Medieval Players. renowned for their exuberant productions. tour a production of Marlovve‘splay about Doctor 1";itisttisaiitl his ill-advised pact. which they promise will have all the spitfire. sulphur and spectacle of the original Elizabethan productions.

.llagnmn ('enlre. lri'ine Weds 20 N Thurs 2" ()ct. 020-1 23381;.-ldaniSniiIh l'heatre. lv'ir/v'ca/dy l‘ri 2S ck Sat 2‘) ()ct . 7.30pm. (1592 2011-198; .llaeRuln'r! .-1rt.v ( "entre. Stirling Mon 31 ()ct. 7.30pm. 078601081; (‘ruvv/in'd ( 'entre. St .‘tlllll’t'lt'y Weds 2 Nov . (133-1 “fi1()1;.\ll!(‘h¢'lll‘hr’rlll’t’. (iltlvguii‘ Thurs 3- Sat 5 Nov. 7.30pm. (1-11 22‘51133. Tour continues to Belfast and 1-.ngland.

I Fancy Rappin‘ Wildcat open their tenth anniversary show. Written by Dave

Mcl .ennan and Dave Anderson. 11 celebrates 10 years of Wildcat. incorporating many songs from their earlier shows. and in a story loosely vvov en round that of()liver Twist. updated to the liighties. examines w hat has been happening in Britain over the last ten years. 1-'or further details please call Wildcat on 041 05-10000.

l’ai'rlion 'l heatre. (i/usgoiv Mon 24 Sat 2‘) ()ct. 2.30pm. 0-11 332 lS-lh; ( ‘lvdehank Town Hall. (lydehank Mon 31 ()ct. ".30pm. 0-11 0-11 1331; lionarllall. Dundee'l'ue l ck Weds 2 Nov . ".30pm. 0382 23530 N 0382 22200; .tlaelt‘o/iertxlr'ls ('entre. Stirling Thurs 3' Sat 5 Nov. “7.30pm. 02% (illlSl ; llrunton l'heutre. .lluvvellmrgli Mon 7' Sat 12 Nov . ".45pm. 031065 2240.1€ndof'l'our.

I A Midsummer Night‘s Dream 'l'.-\(i Theatre ( ~onipany in an exuberantly funny . subtle production of Shakespeare's magical comedy the last from Ian Brovv n as artistic director of TAU. l‘or lurther dctailspleasc call TAU on 041 420285”. Selkirk High School. Selkirk Tue 1 Nov.

0 'o

I ,0 I

O r l

7.30pm. 0751121279; Palace Theatre. lv'ilmarnoek Thurs 3 Nov. 7.30pm. 056.3 23590: St Andrew 'v l'heatre. ('lydehank Fri 4 Nov. 7.30pm. 041 041 3705; Civic Theatre. .-ly'r Sat 5 Nov. 8pm. 0292 26-1639: Magnum :1 rtv (‘enma Irvine Mon 7 Nov. 1.45 (N “.30pm. 020-1 78381 . Tour continues.

I The Msfits Very funny female comedy duo tour local community centres as part of the new lidinburgh 'l‘ouring(‘ircuit‘s pilot scheme.

'I‘riangle.»irt.v (en/re. l’i/ton. lz'dinhurgh Thurs 2'7 ()ct. 7.30pm ; .Sourhvide ('omniunity ( ‘entre. lidinhurgh liri 2S()ct. h’pm; ('loi'envtone ( 'ommunrtv ( ‘entre. lidinhurgli Sat 2‘) ( )ct. Spin. (Women's livening).

I Murphy's Law West l.othian Youth Theatre tour a new play by Patrick livans about the famine of West l.othian in 1740'. the child sltt\ c ti'ade of the little itlltl the infamous Murphy . Researched in West l.othian by the performers. the production is presented by young people between the ages of 4 and 20.

Theatre ll'orkvhup. lidinhurgh Sat 5 Nov. 2.30pm.0_‘~12265425.

I The Puddok an' the Princess Theatre Alba tour their rev iv al of the wonderfully funny tale ofthe uppity puddok and his relationship w itli the young princess. l‘or furllie r details please call Theatre Alba on 031 22h 5002.

Nether/mu I'heatre. lz'dinlmrghTue

25 Sat 2‘)()ct. 031 55h‘)5'7‘). landofl‘our. I Wild Garden Adventure 1‘;iblev‘isioii in one of their popular. funny children's shows. This one. w hich began life at the (ilasgow (iarden l-estiv al. concerns the wicked force lurking in the countryside which loves litter and other man-made country perils. and how w e can keep it at bay . For children and adults. l-'or further details please call 041 423 "052.

(i/avgnn .-fr!v ('entre. (ilavgmvThurs2'7 ()ct. ".30me l'hird live ( 'entre. (ilavgmv Sat 2‘) ()ct. 2.30pm. 041 332 7521 . Tour continues.

'0;,' I A Magical Christmas Adventure! .' ° 2

a: ’0‘ O

r, . O,

,0 ’00.!

O '.

, ' Stuart Paterson I Hans Christian Andersen

....:2 g 6-31DECEMBER

o O I 0

'As much a delight for grown ups as it is for children . . . even if you can’t beg or borrow a child,do see it" (Glasgow Herald). Tickets from £2.50. V; price for children.

Greatfamily ticket offer till Nov 7. 09p Discounts. rice concessrons. o

(031) 229 9697 (No pens. sundae)




By Janet Fenton. Directed by Adrian llarris "A magical tale of enchanted forests and ancient spells... "

Thurs 22 - Sat 31 December £2.00 - Children; £3.30 - Adults.

Group Discounts Available.

BOOKING NOW: (031) 226 5425 34 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge Edinburgh EH3 SAX.

Early booking advisable for this very popular famin theatre!

The List 28 ()et 10 Nov 1988 23