I SCOTTISH BALLET STUDIO Zol West Princes Street. 331 2931 . All classes run until 17 Dec.

Junior Contemporary Every 'I‘ttesday. 6—7pm. £1.50.

Adult Contemporary live ry \Vednesdav. o-7pm.£2(£l.5ll) ' Performance Group [avert- 'I‘httrstlat. (t—7pni.£2(£l.5()) ' Beginners Ballet livery Saturda}. [4 years to adtllt. Ill—l 1.15am. £2l£l.5ll) Beginners Jazz liver) Saturday. 1-1 _\eurslo

adult. I 1.3(lam—lpm. £2 (£1 .50) ' West School Newton Street. Paisley. SS7

l)a\ies inspired b} a recent tripto 373" . . ' America. Limon WIlh Rosrna Bonsu liver} 'l'uesda} I . .- . . .. ‘).45—ll.15am.£l. Performance . I WINTER GARDENS People s l’alacc. _ t _ l (ilasgtm (irecn. Info 357 1450 conlemp9_rary Dance WOTRSNOD 3“ xi“. l I GLASGOW-ARTS CENTRE \\ ashlngton I Rotating Dancers and nachaka good. 1—4pm. L5. l‘rank .‘\1c('onnellitakes this I SUCH-33149“- ; r\‘pm midnight. An informal showingola “lcndc‘l Clim- PI‘WCV'W l'm'lCd-w i Kathakali Dancers Still (t Not . "pm. (‘harge culluhmmmn with mueicmn Derek telephone SS7 3726 to hook. b} donation .-\n eutuisitel} colourlul “(muth and MIN Choreogmphcr I RAMBERT DANCE COMPANY Venue tobe t ""“l‘C “l 1mm”$130591"“mmk'l‘lflhl ; [,intlsttt John. Rttclmku arc u no“ ' advised. Phone Glasgow Independent Ull1l’;{.ElA)trlg‘ElFl‘16;\Alll. See- panel. I I (“mum music gmup. 5“. mm]. Dance on 334 4836 for details. l t -' . i I “UPC 8mm}; :34 l Mark Baldwinoi‘ R'lmhert I)'tnce(‘om )‘tm ‘Ii‘ "s Q. ' c ( t I 6.1 flight __ ‘. fiimbennance compan!;:.:h§m; " willtake class on 26 Not from I i '7‘“l‘,”‘_‘ “9””9“ “1”” 5‘”.‘ " “‘7'” . I GARNETBANK SCHOOL chj'rcre 5mm. ll).3llam—13.30pm. £2. Places are limited . ‘x sstls-~-ll bl‘ 'k- tt- ~ - L ‘1‘ t- -- W“ W“ L “k “l” U- 5 ,,,,,,;,34 334i, sophone the above numberlordetalls. Kathakall Dancers. Churchill Theatre. ; Bunk Imus Ithc l‘l‘lk'll::;.fl_"l"f~'l” “l with ; Jane 3- r r‘ A r_ my (slimmm ITHIRD EYE CENTRE 35(lSauchiehall Edinburgh and Glasgow Arts Centre, j "i ~tt\..‘. ,. -, . - - g;g;rrair:]r::1 (:1; EIJ'NM V Mum. lucsda) '~.S‘..~llpnt. L2. NILLL 333 .1521- d B M m w Glasgow . . (‘unninl'h'tm's l’tl‘llltlll\l\ s Hr but thc'llL‘ I HILLHEAD SECONDARYSCHOOL . JP yen Harm mn—an adj-at? 8 er 17' l“ wmle paper waves lram'ng h'ghly e ~ .‘ ()aklieldxhenue.lnl'o3341057 N“? “’~3“i*m'~‘l"“- “5 “1‘” “mm” I (if h t R th dance tothc sc\cn mmenlcntsol l:llk . . , , , , , H . . v . CO 0W9 aces are W a ma 8 8 “We: still '[ll Ml“! ’k U [I‘I' mu.) Thur“,le1&3”an ,3. while Mahler. atcacherlrom .\e\\‘\ ork. a lied m del, m hue 'ice : “Tudulill: [Ulmkl L1 in.“ _'R.-\.lnlll(;\l\ Stretch and Get Loose with Jane Simpson introducesthe Klein technique.developed 'H e . lFa r .paper "\TL“ “MIL l. fulfil" hunt”. ." it'll. _ (‘jugg “at 310mm} 7.-3_3t)pm. g; by Susan Klein to re-educate the dancer's or Fhum Wh'Ch '3 umque l0 ""3 Squm (I. ‘3‘”? ‘f‘ If" - “2“” I f" '“ :Hl‘hffi‘” . HYNDLAND SECONDARY mm“. pm... body on a deep and organic ph}sica| let-el. lndian dance. transforms the actorlnto "':“lll"”l‘, l “1”” ‘; i " I': "m m“ into 334 4203 A weekend to be recommended. l’laces demon, god or prince and allows mm to \\)'. "\.-\l‘\ iL".\\l . . . . . I .. m _ . . (hymn 4.33:!“ ,tht'ml'l'c: “idem Contact improVIsatlon wrth Mary Prestldge «Irv llm'lcd W WICPhUnC ("d-\L’U“ express emotion In glorlous RIM‘INM; tn mm. B I“ Mm,” h.) ' Sat 2t) lllam—Spm and Stilt fall 1—5pm. [-‘ee Independent Dance- on (Lil 33-1 4S3hlor technicolour, a technique only present ' ' ' £le inclusixe. An Olympic team member dam"- in western theatre in perhaps the an 0'

("'l ll l" ‘l "'t l‘sW ... . {in}:2:311:51!L“U "\ “Mk 'Hk 1w” m the Sixties. l’restldgc has dramr from the clown Programmezzsgoxot. Matcsisan ""“"“""“”°““"”‘°"‘P‘"‘”‘* "‘m“ This nationaltourolKathkali dancers

_ H. I . .‘ acl'obaticsand g}'lltll;lstics to arrive at an llllll\ll.ll plccc lit l).l\ id ( toldon \\ hlch mdindlml .cunmct, tcdmiquu has been arranged Barbara Harrow. l

daneesto muste Mingling tromSotlth IOAKGRAVE PRIMARY SCHOOL 81 Pew“ .CHURCH HILLTHEATRE Morningth who is best known for herwork with Smi'rl‘m “Twit” "‘1’; ln‘l‘mlml‘lm“ Street. lnlo 334 42m Road. Tickets from L'sher llall. l.othian Centre Ocean Stream. 3 British “WMNHJW; ,.... O . _. ,__ . _ . . eoiiip-.n:‘.'ir under”: a Civil oi. ulnar °'$°°"e""9 03”“ “N m“ “NM- R‘W" 33" '-‘~‘ “Ml—5‘"1"""“°I""- company whlch she dewsed out of her t . l ."' .t ‘. .y. v ., ' ' ’1. -. . . . lambarque i... new “on. or Siobhan "\"l'" "“!~”‘"“" /""~“’P'"- “mm” - “"d 3 N“ - 7-3”P'"' 1“” own experiences working wuth

programmes from this Indian dartce

t t. f .t l n. t. k i Kathakaliartistsinlndia. Barbara has

tr; t;).t ))1.'2 . .

rl u.“ {ml win 8 H.“ .".n( In“ W the honourmbelnglhel'VSlwoman and a ~ H , extraordinarll) complesmake-up.

DANCE AMONG THE the firstwesternerin the history ofthe

Organised by Barbara llarrou . director of

('entre ()cean Stream (a dance compan} lecnniquelo learn the?” at ‘Fhum‘ and based on the colour and visual qualitiesol' IS something Ol a dlSClple Ol llS magic. . , the Kathakali) this isa uniqueopportunin The first programme tells lWD short \éllmter Gardens‘ People 8 Palace’ to see an ancient and quite remarkable stories from the Hindu Epics and the

3590‘" tr'tdition 'll work The comp'tnv moves to . l l - l . second ro ramme the full-Ien th The wonderful Winter Gardens. that p g g

l.ochgell_\' ('entre. File on 4 Nov. (ilasgtm Arts (‘entre on o Nov. MacRohert ( ‘entre. Stirling on 8 Nov and the Findhorn

story of Dussassanda Vada. Two

spectacu'a' greenhouse 0' palal'al drummers, a singer and six actors stop

proportion on Glasgow Green, gives

me Rotating Dancers/Rachaka double L’nixersal Hall. l’orreson l 1 Nov. See at! in bomgqinburgh and masqow on

billan unusual backdropto play with. mm" . mlsme v-ismomls country- -

Amen the "O ical ermanem I PLAYHDUSE THEATRE (ireenslde l’lace. presentation alone make the Kalhaka" 9 p 9 5571mm. experience one not to pass up.(AB)

residents, the dance group and band intend to spend the 29th October. between the hours of eight and midnight in experimental performance.

Rotating Dancers, a.k.a Jane

Midsummer Marriage Nov 3. Michael l 'I‘ippett‘sopera includesthe dancing _ t

talents of contemporary dance group

Second Stride. seen recently to much . acclaim at this year's Focus on Dance festival. An opportunin tosee

Simpson and Liz Ingram have joined I contemporary dance in an ()pc‘j-gl setting i forces for this occasion with dance group Catalyst and who this year “."gT'E’a;stlgémagzjicn um“ t artist/dancer Lindsay John and has travelled and performed in both

Khoros Dance Theatre 18 19 Nov. 8pm. This

musician Derek Houghton: Since Japan and Eulopet hagbeen Working Edinburgh-based company perform L Rotating began collaborating two years on this experimental piece with LIZ and regularly throughout the year. Accessible. { ago. the duo have been most active Jane for the past three weeks. Guided entertaining periormaee is coupled with

with community projects, which they by the Japanese technique at Butoh, shim“ and humour. For further

enjoy butwhich they admithave also his style is an individual one sure to "immwlfml’" "W minim"?undclimcs

been one of the only ways of securing propogate something interesting in this “’"m‘ “‘“1‘”"“'k°“f"33" “’7‘-

funding for dance projects in Scotland. i experimental greenhouse. ’IRAVERSE THEATRE (’r“‘“”“”k““ 33“


‘Gala Celebration‘, a collaboration . ; Derek Houghton, while composing fiatét'ing Dancers 35 26 My. 7.3“an £45“

with Visual artist Keith Maclntyre which lorthe dance piece, is also part of the (£35m. RotatingDanccrmmlmucmc

developed through 1986/87, was their Rachaka line up. This young band development or the experimental piece

first major foray into the idea behind describe themselves as crossing they began at the Winter (iardens in

the name Rotating Dancers, that is to boundaries between jazz, baroque, (ilitsellw- 50¢ Glasgow Pcrformuncc and

have a fluid and changing group of lndian and African rythym and folk from Pimc' ll" l‘l'r‘hs‘rdclélils-

artists from different disciplines both east and west. Sounds like the masses

collaborating in performance. Lindsay tropics on the green are just the place I ammo" HALL Muwlbmgh‘ (ms 371 1

John, who is known for his workwith lorthem to test their recipe. (Alice ext 244.

the now-disbanded Edinburgh-based Bain) Dance Xplosion A new season ol‘dance

class and performance workshops have

_ J details. d 24'l’he List 2S ()ct 10 NOV 1983