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I MISSanlS I \'I 11 11511111 1 1".1'1‘. (‘osta-(i.1\1.1s'e\ee|le11t1"\jtl::1ile1zs based on the true stun \ oi .11: .\11‘.. 1. .11: lilm-maker w ho disappeared .1'. 131e 11.15111 oithe('hlle.1111111111.11\ “11111111 3" i i $11011}:[‘c'lltillii.tllt’c‘\1111111l.1\'lsl(11111111 and Sissy Spacek .1s the 1111ss1111: 111.11% lather and daughter w 1111 s111111l‘1e .1t :11ss.1

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IHaIlwayto Paradisett‘Ji

'1 .‘van 1.‘ .‘IIani l-inest‘youth‘progtor \ \‘.if\ Exits lite lt.1ll\\.t_\ mark From the sfit\\s s lil.1c k ( flil \llltlltl\ ltl tlte \lttltlti\\ (ii I’ 1: kin-.111 toolball ground. we meet \.1‘it1s'::post~111111knon-11st .\Iart1n.\lillar. .1111i 15:. t. 's .1 1111111111}; 111\ estigalron into ‘-\l‘\ I1l.1\LZH\\'\l.t\ltll'l\c‘1'\.tl'c‘ll1c 1.1111‘.1t‘\l 111 11111.1111


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I Privates on Paradett‘li

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I Diary 1972—82 1 ( lit 12. 15 1.15am. (her

111 1111‘111 if.

the next six nights (‘hannel 4 screen a distillation by Israeli film-maker Day-id Perloy of a decade of his life into six one-hour programmes. Filmed on a second-hand 1(1mm cine camera with sound from a cheap cassette recorder. Diary depicts a turbulent decade in his life and that of his home country.

I Spitting Image (STVI 111.15—11pm.“1‘he Reagan Years'. A l’ond farewell. What will they do without him'.’


I Bread (BBCl ) 8.35—9.05pm. Paul and Linda McCartney drop in for a cuppa. Are they really this desparate for the ratings'.’ I First Born ( BBC] ) 9.1)5— lllpm. Charles Dance stars in a potentially chillingand controversial three-part drama from the ‘‘e and Loves of a She-Des 11' team. Dance plays a Roman Catholic genetic engineer w ho fuses human DNA with that of a gorilla to create a new form oflil'e. named (Bordon by the way. and can't bring himself to destroy it when funding is cut (111.

I The Missouri Breaks ((‘41 “mm—12.25am. Bounty hunterpursues rustler across Montana in the 188(1s. Jack Nicholson acts alongside his old hero .‘slarlon Brando. Made in 197(1

I The South Bank Show ( STU

1030—] 1.30pm. Focusing this week on Dayid Hockney. arguably the most important British painter of the last quarter-century. on the occasion ol’an exhibition of his work at the late to celebrate his fiftieth birthday.


I Del ll: Behind the Beat (BBCZ) 6-6.35pm. Returning this week. a mixture oi house. hip-hop. soul and reggae. Includes a preview OI .Ilmmwu/kcr the new film lrom.\1ichael .lackson. for whom the term ‘space cadet' could haye been inyentcd.

I This Is David Lander 1 ( ‘4) 8.3(i-<)pm. A

$1 4'0 ‘9 V3 He w 99." [{3}

The Scottish Arts Council is on the move. From the end of October SAC’s new address will be 12 Manor Place, Edinburgh EH3 7DD.

The telephone number will remain 031-226 6051 with a new fax number, 031-225 9833.

Until then, business as usual at

19 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.

The ScottishArts Council

face always welcome on our screens. Stephen Fry . haltoi the Fry and Laurie comedy duo. returns with a new sitcom based on the life of an intrepid inyestigatiye journalist.

I Hill StreetBIues ((‘41 Ill-1115511111. Mixed blessings: a new series. but the last that was made of the cult cop show. In this episode a planel‘ul of cocaine crashes. giving rise to a scheme to steal the whole lot.

I Black Cinema in Europe: The Passion ot Remembrance (Cd) 10.55pm—12.30am. The first in this short season of lilms by black European directors tollowsthe lortunes ol the Baptiste lamily. who move to Britain lrom the West Indies in the 19505. and triesto shed some light on the Black British Expenence.


I Fawlty Towers ( BB(‘1 )b’~b‘.3(lpm. llasit really been thirteen years since Basil first strutted across our screens'.’ 'I‘onight his apoplexy is induced by suspicions ot moral misconduct among a party ol guests.

I The Divided Kingdom Maia—331111111. 111 this w cek's programme. ‘Seotland 7- ldentity in the Balance'. (‘arlisle journalist Beatrix ('ainpbell puts lorward her ideas on Scottish images. Margo MacDonald responds.

I Brass Tacks t 1313(2) 8.311-9an The romantic roguish image of the poacher gets a knock in this programme. Poaching rackets run it like the multi-million pound industry it is. and employ methods normally associated with mallow-st} le organisations.

I The Search lor Realism t BBt'l) 1145;1111—123511111. .—\ward-winning documentary on the use ol‘computers in special effects. I-‘ollow s the production oi a particularly trcaky Slur 'I‘n'k II'scquence. I Beats ol the Heart ((‘41 1.35 2.35am. Another chance to .see the acclaimed series on man and music around the world. This week. Brazil. l'rom the Rio(‘arni\ al

Do-sugn GRAFIK DESIGN wonxs ‘- '

The List 28 Oct— 1()Noy' 1988 25