to (iilbcrfo (iil and Milton Nascintento.


I Del ll: Reportage ( BB(‘2)o.SS-7.45pm. The trendiest way of putting off homework introduces a new current affairs prog. .‘Vlastermimling the Defll range. Janet Street-Porter promises a strong accent on design and sty lc. Bill of course - now how abotit some strong presenters‘.’

I Rocklitfe's Folly ( ism ‘l is .s'.5tipiii. lan llogg repeats his popular role as l)ct. Sgt. Roekliffe (of Rubies fame). postedto what he thinks w ill be a quieter beat in Wessex. Some hope.

I Signals (('4) t). 15- 111.45pm. l-ilni report and studio discussion of sex on teleyision in the filth of(‘4's new populararts progratnrne. Includes excerpts from 'l'\' films and plays which lime. in former times. been condemned for being explicit. ISportscene ( BB(‘1 l lfl.2f|pm 11.55pm. l.iye boxing coy'erage of Jim McDonnell. unbeaten in twenty -four fights. facing tip against South African-born WBA junior lightweight title-holder Brian Mitchell.

I The Late Shitt ( ‘4 1.4.S 3.115am. Reggae double bill: the late Peter Tosh liye in 197‘). and liddie (irant at the IUHtINotting llill (‘arniyal


I True Stories: Vietnam —Aiterthe Fire ( ( ‘4) lflpm- midnight. the first major documentary to examine Vietnam since the American withdrawal in 1975 counts the horrifying cost.

I Forty Minutes ( 88(‘21930 1ft. lflpnt. [iyery June 2.5tltlgy psies and tray ellers descend on the town of Appleby in (‘umbria for the annual horse lair to. ifwe can belieye this programme. almost unanimous hysteria. A TV crew caught the boarded-tip pubs. empty schools and some yery hostile townspeople.

I The Tracey Ullman Show Btu ‘2) 111.1(1-111.3(lpm.Anewseriesofthe British comedienne‘s enormously popular American show.


I Irish Reel ((‘41 S—-‘)pm. ‘ln the Name of (iod' portaits of sex en yery different practitionersof religion in Ireland. IOmnibustBB(‘t) 111.21}- ll.2llpm, Profile of leading British play wright ('aryl (‘hurehill

I Escape From New York ( S'ry’)

11.115pm- lam. In 1997 Manhattan Island has become a maximum security prison. When the President is kidnapped only Kurt Russell can get him out in time for the next summit meeting. Science fantasy from 1981. with Lee \'an (‘1eef. lirnest Borgnine and Donald Pleasence.

I The Late Show with Clive James ( B [3(2) 1 1 . 15- midnight. 1n the first ofa new series oflate eyening chats. James bids farewell to the Reagan years with an interesting mixture of guests. including former l 'S Attorney (ieneral. lidwin Meese. and American satirist PJ. ()‘Rourke.

I Hallway to Paradise ((‘41

11.211pm 12.20am. 'l'hc laconic Mr Sinclair introduces music from The Jimmy Sommery ille Orchestra and ladinburgh bluegrass stars The (‘ritter 1 till Varmints.


I Remember Remember ( S'I'V) 2.45--3.45pm. A timely reminder ofthe dangers of fireworks. the programme tells the story of an unfortunate young man who w as blinded at a supposedly controlled fireworks display in 1086. See (ittestlist.

IThe Street (('4) I225 12.55am. Planned to fill in the gap left by the departing Hill Street Blues. no effort has been spared to make this new crime serieslook asgritty and realistic as a news report. including taping it on hand-held yideocameras. ICecilia((‘4) 12.55- l.Stlam.'1'hefirst

('uban drama to be shown oy er here. Set in llayana iii early 19th century.


I Pasf Watchful Dragons ( BBC!)

5.45 (y. 15pm. Asan introduction totlie dramatised ‘('hronicles of Narnia‘. beginning next week. a documentary on (US. Lewis's Narnia booksand their religiousdimension.

I The Media Show ((‘41‘2 lllpm. After looking into the future in the contentious [1.3000 special. Mttriel ( iray lookstiaels‘

tolast night'seditionof I'lteStreet.

ISpitting lmagetS't‘y'l Ill lll,,‘sllpitt.

llay ing bid Ron farewell. the team turn their attention to the contenders for his tilllL‘e.

I Heart of the Mattert ism ‘1)

111.111 111.45pm. the first of a sci tesof reports by Joan Bakcw ell. Brian Willson. a \'tctnani yeteran turned peace campaigner. lost his legs w liilc protesting outside a nay a1 base against the transport of w cal‘ons to ( ‘entral America. 1 le belicy es it w as no accident.

I California Suite 1 SH”) 1 .55 3.5tiam. Adapted by .\'eil Simon from his stage play in l‘FS. less successful than its predecessor l’ftt‘Ztt .Stttlt’. littt the Michael (‘aine Maggie Smith sequence is worth staying up for.


I Scottish Action (SW 1 o. 3n “pm. First of a new series of hard-hitting Scottish documentaries iny estigates the state of the poor in Scotland: the homelessness and in particttlar the bad health associated w ith poy erty See feature.


IEurocopst(‘4) It) 11.115pttt. Six litlt’ttpeitll countries contribute aone-hour police drama each. 'l‘his w eek's is( ‘hannel 4'soffering. 'l ltmting the Squirrel. IWifness (S’l‘Vl llll‘pm. The first in a sericsof three. looking at the normally closed world of social work. homes in on Bradford.

I Bedtime For Room ((4) 13.35 3. lllarn. Probably the peak of the 'l‘arcw e11 to Ron' season. ( ‘hannel 4 spotlight the young Ronald Reagan as he plays second fiddle toachimpan/ee. Reputedlyessential yiewingduring (‘harles Dance's rehearsals for l'trs‘! Bum.


I Timewatch ( 1513(‘2 l s. lfl-‘)pm. ‘y'isinn of a (‘onqueror' concerns William of ()range‘s ‘( ilorious Reyolution' of loss. IThe Visifttim‘l 19.30 lllpm. In the first programme of a two-partcr (w hich also opens the new series) Desmond Wilcox looks at a controyersial new system aimed at helping autistic children. set up by psychologists in the States.

I The Great Rock'n‘roll Swindle t ( ‘4)

12.15 2.111am.Julien'l‘emplc'sgenerally shoddy interpretation of Malcolm Mel.aren‘s yersion of the Sex Pistols story . Neyertheless. containstlie classieSid \‘icious ‘My Way sequence. not in fact directed by ’l‘etttple.


I Scottish Action (S'I‘y') 7.30 Spin. Second programme of the week. See Monday and l’eature.

IThompsontBB(‘I 19.31) lflpm. I.l\!

coy er star limma litutttpsott premieres her series of comedy . music and drama show s. featuring a different cast each week. She's joined tonight by Kenneth Branagh and Stephen Moore. Relax. l’uttt' l-'ruttt' fans. Robbie (’oltrane w ill be there as well. See l‘eattire.

I Forty Minutes (1513(2) 9.311 10. lllpm. l.ucinda Lambton looks at yarious desirable dwellings in Britain from a 'l'udor tree house to a 1 lollywood hacienda in l)erbyshire inhabited by sixteen sikhs.


Radio Scotland. with one or two honourable exceptions. has never been noted for adyenturous programming »- it often seems that. ifthey felt they could get away with it. the programmers would fill the airwayes with wall-to-wall Art Sutter. Jimmie Mac(iregor and Robbie Shepherd. with the occasional Andy (‘amcron thrown in. This eonseryatiyism is an understandable character trait. especially when you remember that the programme with the highest audience figures on Radio Scotland is the Sunday Joint. ft is refreshing. though. to see that things are beginning to happen; Sat Oct 2‘). 9.30am. sees the start of a new comedy series Daily Sketch which is set in the offices of an ailing newspaper. lt is not. howeyer. going to be a sitcom. btit satire. There will be jokes about current affairs w ritten into the script every week. and ifit takes a particularly Scottish point of New we will all be pleased. It is produced by .lermic ('ampbell. who. as an ex-presenter of current affairs programmes. shotild bring a wealth of experience of the real thing to the business of making topical jokes. It is also this week that Radio Scotland announces a rescheduling of its 'l‘hursday night programmes. starting on Noy 17. in an attempt to cater to a younger audience. Perhaps there's life in the old dog yet.

If someone w ere to say to you 1 Love my Morris Minor would you (a ) smile sympathetically. (b) driy'el on at length about the relatiye merits of yourow n Vatixhall Astra or (c) ask why '.’ ( )ur attitudes to this most cuddly of cars are explored in a programme about the National Rally of the Morris Minor ()w'ners(‘lub. Oct 2‘). R4. 111.15pm.

Less cuddly. though just as hard wearing as the Morris. is (iermaine (ireer. who is castaway on Desert Island Discs Oct 311. R4. 12. 15pm. What she would think ofthe title of the first of a trilogy of plays bylth Maclnty re which opens the new Studio3 season on Radio 3 is a matter for speculation. but The Mankeeper is the name ofthe piece. Oct 2‘). 11pm. lt isa reworking of an Irish folk tale about a man who swallows the eponymous fairy. The second of the trilogy. Fine Dayfora Hunt. Noy'b. 11pm. deals with a similarly folksy theme and stars '1‘. P. McKenna. Mischieyous sprites also make an appearance on Radio 1.()ct30.3.311pmat

the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. In attendance will be Bros. Why anyone else will bother to turn up beats tne. astl‘e teenies who read the magazine are bound to have yoted for Bros in every category. Last year Philip “w ho'." Schofield was voted sexiest man aliy'e. ’l‘here w ill be a wealth of material there for psychiatrist Anthony (’lare. whose new series All inthe Mind R4. Oct 311. S..‘~flpm looks at the workingsof the human mind at all leyels. from the Smash Hits Poll-form filler-in to the academically inclined or otherwise gifted.

A new season of Globe Theatre starts this week in conjunction with the World Sery'ice. This time all the play s have been commissioned from leading British w riters. Anthony Mingliella's Cigarettes and Chocolate starring the nearly ubiquitous'l‘. P. McKenna startsoff the season ( )ct 3t). R4. 2.311pm. and is followed by .lohn .‘ylortimer's Glasnosf. Noy (t. R4. 2.30pm.

Another major drama season begins on Radio 3. .\'oy 4. 7.311pm. w till the world premiere ofl‘ennessee Williams's Secret Places of the Heart starring Miranda Richardson and Sheila (iish. This season of classic play s w ill continue into the winter.

l'iinally . this week is Drug Alert w eek on Radio 1.'l'here will be a free helpline to call if you are worried and bulletins ey ery day until the w hole thing w inds dow n w ith a Drug Alert Talk Show .\'oy 2. Rl.”.311p1n. Mass media coy‘erage of the di ugs problem is needed. bill a consistent approach throughout the year could be much more effectiy'e than a one w eek Alert.

Iain Agnew plays Mungo McConky in the Daily Sketch

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