Donald Smith. Artistic Director ol the Netherhoss discuss the dillicultiesol hringing a children's hook to the stage. l’at't ot Scottish Book l-ortnight.

I QUEENS HALL South (‘lerk Street . (iris Zill‘)

Edinburgh Puppet Company Workshop ( )ct 3‘)ik 3“. Want noon. l'i'ec yyorkshopslor children on iron to make rod puppets, (lirrngalong anything appropriate to make into a puppet huttons. oldsoeks. hits ot cat‘dhoard etc). Also lace painting and mask making. Also see 'Iltcatre tor details ol a perlormanee hy the company . I THlNS BOOKSHOP 53-5‘) South Bridge. 55h (ya-13

Saturday Club l2y ery Sattrrday .

“L3” 1 1.3mm. l‘ree ()pen to any child (age range appro\ I 13 years l,

Story -te||ing tor younger children as \y ell asaetiyitres and competitions \\ltll prizes. Special seasonal aetiy ities lrom time to llllle.


I FILMHOUSE l .Utlllall Road. ljslhss All seats L l . hookahle. l'lllll\ start at 2pm. The Never Ending Story t t ' ll IVS-1.

\\ , tie-i'riiiiriy l‘lJ mriis ()et 2‘). In linghsh. Alone in the nor Id and hullied at school.

Bastian retreats into the ney er ending \Hit'ltl tll llL‘lltlll

Theatre I BRUNTON THEATRE .\tusselhurgh. («6

Mill). Ros oll ltlam Spin.

The Bug Play I 'ntrl .\'oy 5. "..15prn.U tLZSW. An allegoi real tale yy here man is unimportant and the \yot'ld is ruled hy insects and hiitterllies. ()tlierys ise kiln“ n as the Insect l’lay l-or " yeaisupyyaids l’art ol the ( iuys ‘n' ( iiiisers' season.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE l liin Street. 55095“). BU\ otliee \tiltl Sat

ltlam 4,3tlpm.

The Puddok an‘ the Princess 1 ‘mil ( )et 3*). “.Rllpm and Sat also at 3.3tlpiii. L2 5”

t L l .5”). ‘l heatre Alha's imaginatiy e re-yyorking ot the prince yy ho is trapped in the skin ot .i puddoek or trog. l-or oycar olds plus l’art ol the ( iiiys 'n' ( iuisers'

Storytelling Festival l'ntil ( )et 2‘). "Slipm. L: t Ll l. No child yy ho on es a goodstoty should miss this chance to hear the \y ay [)unean Williamson tells them the author ol sey eral hooks and a ys ell know it Scottish 'traycller‘. Williamson rs orieol the undisputed masters ol this art. See also Actiyrties and l'un. l~or " year oldsplus and adults. l’art ot the ( iuys ‘n' ( itllSet's

I QUEEN'S HALL South ( 'lerk Street . (ioS :tll‘)

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ( )et 2‘) «k 3“. .‘ypm & 5pm. Adults L35“. kids L l .5”. ln \s hich Rikki-'liikki-l an. the Mongoose has to contend yy ith a trouhlcsome cohra. Adapted lrorn Kiplttig's “telling/e lino/s hy the ladinhurgh l’uppet ( 'ompany . l~or 5 year olds upyyards. See also Actiy itiesarid l-un.

I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE ( irmdlay Street. 239909"

AsYou Like lt()et 3s .\‘m tuitspm. Llfitltheatre say ing price tor children and young people. l‘Rl'l- preyieys ()et 2". Part ol the (iuys 'n' ( iuisers' season. Shakespeare's tarnouseomedy ol loy e and politics in yy hich the company is hrought to its sensesalter a spell in esrle in theI-orcst ot Arden. l-‘oi' ll years upyyards.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l lamilton l’laee. 335-135.

Young People's Theatre Event t 'niil .\‘m 5. Part of the ( iiiy s ‘n' ( 'iuisers' season. MacBurger t 'niil ( )ct 3s). ".fsnpm. L2 ( Ll ). This annual eyent kicks oll with a play hy the 1-1 year olds and ahoy e l’rom the middle and senior youth theatres t'rom the 'l‘heatre Workshop. lt's ahout the unscrupulousyouth employment policy ol’ an American hamhurger chain w hich opens a neys outlet \s ith a Scottish theme. Trees Nov 3. '7..‘~llpm. L3 ( Ll ). Presented and dcy'ised hy' .‘sloy ing l’arts y outh

theatre trom Westerhailes.

Forth into the Unknown .\‘m 4. 7.30pm. £2 (Ll l. \Vell-k‘noyy n. and much acclaimed. lor their lidinhurgh l-‘estiy'al l‘ringe productions. l‘orth (‘hildren's ‘l'heatre present their new shoiy.

Murphy‘s Law .\'oy 5. "’..‘~tlpm. L3 (Ll ). By \Vest l.othian Youth ’l‘heatre.

_ CHILDREN’S BOOKS compiled by Rosemary Goring

I Rags and Riches .loari lingar-il ( l tarnish Hamilton L705 l. A holiemian mother. dauntless dyed granny . and aristocratic hut idle lather don‘t make tor a dull lite. Spirit around a second-hand clothes shop ys hieh they all help to keep ahoye the waterline. Rags and Riches is a ysarm. humorous chronicle. told in turn hy Samantha and Seh. as they try tomake order lrom their tariiily's splendid chaos. Intused throughout \s ith the aroma ot mother ‘s her hat teas. this is a deeeptisely simple “or k. touching on sensrtrye issues \yithskrltul suhtlety.

I Ouest tor a Maid l-raners .\tary llendiy l(’anong.itc L705) \Vayes thunder at the elrtl-loot. the yy ind lloyy is. and .-\le\ander [II is tossed to his death troni his horse. his late drayy n hy the \s itchy hand ol \tcg's eery sister llei act casts Scotland into political tur mod. and as the succession rs hotly dehated and plotted. it talls to Meg and her lrrends to protect the hapless .\taid oi \ot‘ysay . a ragdoll In the handsot sehenieis.

A y l\ id. \sell-researched story . ()uest tor a Hard reeks yy ith atmosphere. While it takes some time to yymd up to rtspoint. the interest and sympathy .\trsllendry cyokes. and her rattling sty le \seay e a satisly mg yarn that yy ill he as en on ahle lot adults as lot eltlltlt’ell.

I Dinosaurs; an A-Z Guide Michael llenton tls'inglrsher L" 05 l. Just the hook to hay e on hand \y hen you're out and ahout in

l’r inees Street: you may think the human species looks pretty rough. hut skim through this gruesomer realistic guide and you'll realise that things could he

hour the diminutis e Saltopus t a mere hllcm longl to the hriitish ‘l’yranosaurus Re\ i Hm hy til. the garmrt ol prehistoric li/aid lite is icy ealed. \s ith intimate details on eaeh; a time chart to place them chronologically ; a glossary ol technical tet ms. and a “or ld-ys Ide directory ot museums holding dinosaur remains should you want to track the old hones doyyri. Attractiyely presented and highly mlorniatis e. this is a truly terrilie read.

I Bewitched by the Brain Sharpeners l’hilip (‘iirtis t lleay er Books Ll ."5 l. the last time the llram Sharpeners came doyy n to earth. their y retimsyy ere nearly di'iyenout ol their minds. IlllS trrne they are hooked hy .\tr ( ’uttorth-llroysn. the mercenary head ot l)elaeotir‘t ('ollcgc. \\ ho yyarttsto Increase the school l(). roll. and tees. l lis scheme. hoyyeyer. is tumhlcd hy the sliai'p-ysitted Selysyn yyhoenlists the help ol his old chums hour the neighhouring comprehensiy e ( ( 'his y y -( ‘hasc School l. and sets out to s;i\ e the college lrom e\trnction. A lightyy eight scramhle ol a read. hoth amusing and predictahle.

I Downeastto Danderlohn I lary cy

tlleay er Books LIWl. A working summer hreak in the thickets ot Maine yy hiplashes into adyenturc tor 'l'empest in ms Sam and tenure. the one ysatchrng the “mid through hird—yyatchinghinociilars. the other plugged into his ysalkman. liyents escalate as they ys atch a stranger l'all trom a clrll. and suddenly ys hat had appeared to he an innocent neck' ol the yyoods tur'nsout to he crays ling yy ttll spies. yy'hosc plans the tyy ms hegin to threaten. Filled With laithlul detail ol gargantuan meals and a yy arm undertoyy' ot adolescent humour. this is a racy. realistic thriller that would make you think In ice ahout treading tor the hills.

I Music is listed as diary: by day. then by city. then by event.




I Gusztav Fenyo Rs.\.\tl). inn Relllle“ Street. 3‘: SUV lpnr l'ree hy ticket Beethoyeri Piano Sonatas ( )p lll .\'o I. ( )p “Sand ( )p I lit. in l'. l- sharp and .\ tlat respeetiyely

I Paisley Chamber Choirl liiielieson‘s llall. HS Inf—'ram Street tickets. 33: 5M" tRSA.\tI)l. ".Ftlpm L.‘ FillLl Sill \toie usually seen as l'l‘tllll ot l louse \lanager at the RS.-\.\tl). Simon ( 'rookall changes rolestoeonduet llrrtten's //\ Hum/HS! ('i'i i/ru. par tsorigs hy lilgar . Scots songs hy (‘cdrre 'l horpe l)a\ re. madr igals andelosc harmonyarrangements

I Three-in-Dne Society ol .\lirsieians. "3 Berkeley Street. l rekets: at door ot‘ttt ('Iassical. lolk and tau mirsieiansget together to per lorrn in aid ot ’l Irrrd \\'oi ld Aid ( iroiip t ( ilasgoyy l .\to/amhique Appeal. l liiee groups are the ( ilasgoyy l'lute ()uai tet. Ramslougar and the l‘rarik ()iiintet.


I Organ Recital Reid ( 'orieert l lall. llr'isto Square.|pm tree at door ( ieoige \Vilson. organist ol l)unhlane ( 'athedral. gises a recital in l'dinhurgh t ’niyeisrty 's regular l'riday series

I SNO l 'shet‘ l tall. l.otliiari Road. 335 "..‘~llprri. l'\tra date: Saturday 3‘). (ilasgoys L171 Ll I Fit 1 Ser res l~ discount ayailahlc l. Sehoenherg loyers are in tor a good yyeekend. \\ ith the \iolrn ( ~oneei to lrom the S.\'( ) and eliamher music trom the Ne“ \lthle ( itiltlp ill Seiltlatltl Brahms llanks the Sehoenlu-rgyyith l'ururlioiiy (IIIil Ilienii'hi Hair/iiand Symphony Not

I Prince Consort ( ‘hurehrll theatre. Morningside. 'l rekets: ooh .‘lll‘llUueen's llall l. "Ftlpm. t-xtra date: Sat 2‘). L32“ tine relreshmentsl. llrghly sueeesstul tormula ot liu/lm/y. Songs run/Siriur/res tcaturing \sorks limit the yyorlds ol opera and operetta. songs lrom stage. music hall and more

SATURDAY 29 Glasgow

I 5N0 ( ‘ity llall. ( 'andleriggs. 33" 55l l.

"Sllpm. L25“ Ll 1.5lllSe‘rie's l’drseount ay'ailahle ). See l'rrday 2‘). lzdinhurgh. tor lulldeseription.


I St Mary‘s Music School Open Day 5 Palmerston l’laee. 2..‘~llpm opm. Scotland‘s independent school lot musically grlted children opens its doorsto all those interested in yy hat they dothere. with stall and pupils on hand to tell all alter a short coneert at 3.30pm.

I New Music Group at Scotland St Bernard‘s ( 'hurch. Saye ( ~ohiiig Street. Stockhridge. 'liiekets: (itiS Zill‘ltUtreen‘s llall). Rpm. Iixtra date: Sunday 30. Glasgow. L4 (£2.50). A change ol ycnue for the NM( iS season this year in hoth Iidinhurgh and ( ilasgoyy . ( )pening concert features music hy the Second Viennese


School the Adagio l'rom ller'g'schamher (‘oneer to in his oys n arrangement. Sehoenheig's riuimsiii l'or violin and piano. tour l’reees t \ iolin piano) and the Piano Variations hy \Vehern and the(‘hamher Symphony hy Sehoenherg arranged hy

\\ ehern

I Prince Concert ( ‘hurehrll 'l'heatre. .\loi‘nriigside. 'l rekets. ooh ltll‘)t()ueen‘s ltaII l. 3pm and " .‘~llpm. L'filtltine r'elr’eshnients). See l'll IS lor lull

deser rptrori.

SUNDAY 30 Glasgow

I Westbourne Music Belliay en

\\ esthourrie (lunch. \Vesthourne (ialtlelts. tickets. 33: 5tl5"t RSA.\tl)l. 3pm. L4 l L3) In the last ol thrspresent seriesol Sunday alternoon eoneerts. the Alhernr ()uartet play .\to/art's I/It’lllllll and lleethoy en‘s Sti mg ()uartet ( )p l3]. I New Music Group at Scotland RSAMI). It'll Rentreyy Street. 333 5H5” Spin. L4 (LI 5“) See Saturday Ill. lzdmhurgh. lor liill description.

I New Glasgow Singerseiiy llitll.

55l l Spin. L.» 5 L45“. llrahms‘ Requiem yy ith soloistsludith loyal and Anthony .\tieliae|s Moore and lleethoy en's lemon! ( )yerture. (iraham lay lot conducts.

I The Edinburgh Players .s‘i Bernard’s ('hureh. Stoekhridge. tickets: at door.

" lSpm. L3 1 me relreshrnents). lightish orehestia programme ot Rossinr‘sSi/ki'n [iii/tint)yertiire. Mozart‘s l’ute ( ‘oncerti in ( i \\tlll .lean Murray as soloist andthe Symphony in (~ maior hy lli/et. \eil Bell


MONDAY 31 Edinburgh

I Domus ()tieen's l tall. ( 'lerk Street. hhh‘ llllll.".v15pni. Loot) (series discount

('andlei iggs.

ayailahle concession standhy Llltll. Highly regarded piano quartet open this year 's New I my n ( 'orieer'ts series \\ ith the Adagio and Rondo ( ‘onccrtante hy Sehiihert. .\tartrriii‘s l’iano Quartet and Up So hy Brahms.

TUESDAY 1 Glasgow

I Lady on a Double Bass 1 lutehcson's l tall. IRS Ingram Street. l.l5pm. l‘ree at door. llronysen .\'aish and l lelen l)a\ iesyyith ltotlmeisler. llottesini. Serge Lanecn and Anon.


I Piano Recital Reid ( ‘oncert llall. Bristo Square. l.lllpm. tree at door. l’etcr Arnstem giy es y aried prog’ramme ol music hy Sehuhert. ('hopin. Schumann. Seriahin and lrrrishing tip ys ith hisoyy n Sonata. hased on themes hy Jelly Roll Morton.

I The Magic Flute l’lay house 'l‘heatre. (ireenside Place. 55" 35‘)“. 7. l5pm. Iixtra dates: Sat 5. lidlnhtlt'gh; hand ltlI)ce. (ilasgoys. L3 L15. Scottish ( )pcra‘s Izdinhurgh Week opens yy ith their rcy iy'at ol .lonathan Miller's production. thistirne directed hy I)ay id Walsh.

I Guitar Recital St Mark‘s I 'nitarian ('hurch. (‘astlc 'l'erracc. Tickets at door. 7.3tlpni. L3.5tltL2.5tl). 'I‘he (‘lassica (irritar Society ol Iidinhurgh presents

28 The List 28 ()ct ltl Nov 1988