Robert Aussel. a guitarist from Argentina.


I Lunch and Listen Theatre Royal. Hope Street.33l 1234. 1pm. £1.5ll(3uestol Scottish Opera in conversation over lunch. Further information from ISO - 2484567. I 'Cello Masterclass RSAMI). trio Renlreyv Street. 333 5057. 3pm. Free by ticket. .-\lesander Baillie directs one ofthe neyy Stakis seriesol masterclasses.

I SCO ( 'ity Hall. ('andleriggs. 227 551 I . 7.30pm. Iistra date: Saturday 5. (ilasgoyy. £3.21l- LSSlHSeries B discountavailable). The Scottish Philharmonic Singers join the S(’() for Motets by Bruckner and Poulenc. Andreyy l’arrott conducts and yyorksby Pouleric ( Figure Iiimmim’) and

Schoenberg ( I‘ri'erle aid linlwrl makeup the rest of the programme.


I Georgian Concert Society Si ('ecilia‘s Hall. (‘oyvgate Tickets: (>68 201‘) (Oiieen‘sllall). 7.45pm. £5(£4 Young Scot £2). ('ristotori play theorigirial instrumentation ol~ Mozart's ()uiiitet lor l‘ortepiano and \y ind K452 l 'the best yyork lhay e composed he said l and Beethoven's ()uintet ()p lo.

I Die Fledermaus Playhouse 'I‘heati‘e. (ireenside Place. 557 2591). 7.15pm. Iixtra date: Fri 4. lzdinburgh; 7 and S I)ec. (ilasgoyy. £3 £15. Neyv production. ricyy libretto. neyv eyerythirig really in this much yy ritten about Simon (‘alloyv production. The List vvritcs about it too. See panel.

THURSDAY 3 Glasgow I RSAMD Wind Ensemble (‘oncert Hall.

(ilasgoyy I'niy‘ersity. l.I5prit. Free at door. ngar Williams directs his student ensemble in the Serenade ()p 44 by Dvorak and Richard StraUss' Serenade in Ii “at ()p ‘7.

I Frankl/Pauk/Kirshbaum Trio RSA .\t I ). IlKl Renfreyy Street. 332 51157. 7.30pm. £llll£75lll Piano'l'rios by Beethoven (()p 1 .\'o l in F. flat)and'I‘chaikovskylA minor) presented in association with (ilasgoyv District ('ouncil as an International (‘elebrity Recital.


I South lndian Classical Music St (‘eeilia's Hall. (‘oyvgate Tickets: 667 Ill] 1 ext 4577 (Music Faculty l. 7.45pm. £3.51H£2.5(l). After attracting only a handful of people last year with North Indian classical music. Edinburgh I’niversity tries again with music from south India. Fascinating sltill. I Midsummer Marriage Playhouse Theatre. (ireenside Place. 557 2591). 7.15pm. £3—£I5. ()ne Edinburgh performance only of'l‘ippett's tale of two people about to be married on Midsummer Day in a new production by Scottish ()pera. See panel.

FRIDAY 4 Glasgow

I Morley String Quartet RSAMD. IIKl Reiifreyv Street. 332 51157. lpm. Free by ticket. Making quite a name for themselves recently. this young (ilasgoyv based quartet play Shostakovich No 7. Mozart K387 and Two English Folksongs by Frank Bridge.

I Piano Masterclass RSA MI). too Renl‘reyv Street. 332 5057. 2pm. Free. Peter Frankl directs.

I Piano Recital Kilmardinny House. 51) Kilmardinny Avenue. Bearsden. 943 0312. 7.45pm. Jonathan Ployvright plays piano music by Greig. Janacek. Rachmaninov and Schubert.

I Edinburgh Ouartet Hutcheson's Ilall. 158 Ingram Street. Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre). 8pm. £4 (£2). String quartets by

Amy Burton as Adelein Die Fledermaus

This issue sees the Scottish Opera winter season bandwagon roll into Edinburgh with two new productions and a revival of Jonathan Miller‘s ‘Magic Flute‘. lirst staged in 1983. The two new operas to the repertoire are strikingly dillerent. Tippett‘s ‘Midsummer Marriage‘ is magical, mystical —the world of a 50s‘ wedding party from downtown suburbia on one hand and the other worldly Ancients with theirwhite tunicked temple dancers on the other, but bringing these two worlds together as Mark and Jenniter prepare tor their marriage on midsummer day. This is intoxicating, expertly crafted music, lull ot wonder and no easy answers.

Central to the opera is the set 01 Ritual Dances, beautilully danced by

Second Stride, but rather sprawly in Ian Spink’s choreography. Patricia O'Neill‘s characterisation of Bella is the most convincing, but Marie Slorach is in line torm as Jenniler, Neil Howlett well suited to his King Fisher role and Penelope Walker is an appropriately enigmatic Sosostris. As in many at their productions these days, it is the Scottish Opera chorus who are the most consistent stars at the show.

The chorus had a good time in ‘Die Fledermaus‘ too. Johahn Strauss’s slice ol1870s‘ Vienna becomes late 80s' Glasgow, complete with insider trading, YOPs. PR, trendy interior design and laser-lit party. Whetherthe audience had such a good time is a dillerent story. Much ol Kit Hesketh-Harvey's new libretto is uncomlortable, lorced and contrived so that relerences to local Glasgow landmarks like Parkhead and Babbity Bowster's are in tor easy laughs. In a city where the indigenous patois is pure dead brilliant, this is hard to take. Things got better in Act ll’s party scene. where. torthe lirsttime, Strauss’s music and Callow‘s interpretation seemed to slot together, Adele‘s ‘Laughing Song’. superbly sung by Amy Burton, indicating particularly how the ‘director's opera‘ phenomonon may not be altogether a bad thing all at the time. More recognisable Glasgow humour came in Act III. with Graham de Banzie as Foz, the assistant prison otticer, in a script which must have been his own. (Carol Main)

Scottish Opera. Playhouse. Edinburgh —Tuesday1-Saturday 5 Novemberat 7.15pm. See listings lordetails.

Hadyn I( )p 33 No I l. Bartok l.\'o Zlaiid Beethoven (()p 1S N03)

I Piano Recital ( ioetIie-lnstitut. 3 Park (‘ircus. 33.‘ .3555. 3.3llpm. l‘lee at door Peter Michael Hamel. one or ( iei many 's best knoyyn composers. plays llmu/u/u loi prepared piano. ( ‘onlliiuoud retirion arid. Iolloyy ing a talk entitled l'lrroug/i .Ilioicro r/ieSeU. improvisations on the piano.


I Organ Recital Mel-.yyaii lIaII. Bristo Square. l.lIlptti. I'i'ee at door \liit‘ley Whitehead play s 'I‘hree ( ~lioral prehides on Nun komni. (ler l/eideri Her/um! by Bach and the Fantasy and Fugue ()p J‘lby Kenneth I.eighton. who died earlier this year,

I 8N0 I 'lei' Hall. I.othian Road. 33S 1155. '7..3tlprii. l'.\ll'il date: Saturday 5. Glasgow £2.71) £11.51). Russiarieyeriing ol' Dun II on .llost‘oiv Rll'r’l'll'tilll Is'lioi-misc/ii'nu by Miissorgsky. Rachiiiaiiinoy ‘s 3rd I’iaiio ( ‘oiicerto yy illi .lohn I.ill as soloist. and .-\ct 3 ol l/ie Nutcracker. \‘uri 'I‘eniirkarioy conducts. I Die Fledermaus Play house '1 lteiilte. (ireetiside Place. 55-7 15w, 53.15pm. I‘stta dates: 7 and S I)ec. (ilasgoyy. £ 3 £15. See Wed 2 for full description and see panel



I Harpsichord Recital 'I‘he‘t'ttr_\ . l’ollok House. Pollok Park. 3pm 4pm Free at door. Janetta and Morton ( iould play solo harpsichord rnUsie by Raiiieau. Scailatti and French Suite No 3 by Bach.

I 3N0 (‘ity Hall. (‘andleriggm 237 5511 7.30pm. £2.51) £1 1.51). See Friday 4. Edinburgh. for full description.

I Kassandra (ioethe-lristilttl. 3 Park


(‘iicus. 33.3 3555 " 3l|piii l'iee atdooi Musictlicatrctlyricalopcr‘allor iiie//o-soprano. temale choir and orchestra based tilt the .\cge;iti l’oetttsby l' r ich :\lelltl1 shoyy ii on .i y idco ot the yyorld piciiiieie iii 1‘15" and introduced by the composer


I Cottee and Listen Play house 'I lieatic. (iieeiiside l’lace. llaiu I'ricndsol Scottish ( )pera no it: a special guest to talk inloiiiially about their lite l'urtlier iriloriiiatiori lioni I’S() tl-ll SIS-15o”.

I 3C0 ()ueeii’s I l.ill. ( 'Iei k Streetlioh :iiiw ~15piii £3311 to Mist-c- \Vcdiiesday .3. I ilasgoyy . toi lull description I The Magic Flute Play house 'I Iieatre. (iieeriside Place. 55" 35‘)” 3 15pm I' \tia dales1fiaiid llll)ec.(il.isgoyy. £3 £15. See I tie I tor lulldeseriplion

I Sing GOOd News ( 'eiitral l lall. I ollcioss illL‘lsL'ISIIIllUUI 5‘ .illpttt H .5“ .\ celebration musical presented by Bob (‘liiislie \\Illltllelle\ll'.‘l aiidclioiis conducted by Izli/abeth Mackie iii aidol National Bible Society ol Scotland /;iriibia Appeal.

SUNDAY 6 Glasgow I Oas Kabinett des DrCaligari

(ioethe-liistitut. 3 park ( 'ireiis. 332 2555 5' 3llpiii. Free at door Silent lilm yyitli smile I“ Peter \llc‘ltite l lillltel.


I Friends 01 Edinburgh International Festival ()tteelks l lull. ( 'ler k‘ Street. Inc at door 3pm and rllillt. ()llicial lrieridsol the I‘diiiburgh l'csliyal base their .\(iM at 3pm. yy ith a talk open to noii—niembersat


inu. entitled I'r’.\‘lli'(l/ Retrospect.

I Meadows Chamber Orchestra Queen's Ilall. (‘Ierk Street. (ins 2019. 7.45pm. Interesting and unusual music for chamber orchestra conducted by Peter livans includes Barber's ly'nm'svi'l/e Simimer (if/915 and x1 dugio. and Lin/(- lorh‘rrmgy by 'I‘ippett. Lucy Shelton is the soloist in arias l'rorii [aide by Mozart and more familiar tare in the loriii ot' lladyn's Symphony No 1114 bringstlie concert to a close.

MONDAY 7 Edinburgh

I Gregorio Nardi ()tieeii‘s I lall. (‘lerk SireeLoOH 2111‘). 7.45pm. £3.5tl(£l ). Billed as the British debut ol' the rieyy PoIIirii. this ltaliari pianist plays yvorksby ('lementi. ('hopiii and iiicludinghis I'iriiluyi'uoii r/rerliemelid-111]].

I Guitar Recital litirriuglttlttlir.lttttior School. Warrender Park ( 'reseent. 7pm. ’I'ickets: at door. Music tor sologuitar played by IaiiSiiiitli.

TUESDAY 8 Glasgow

I Lunchtime Concert l lttlcliesori‘s l lall. 15S lngrarii Street. 1.15pm. Free at door. Strathclyde I itity ersity '\ series til tree lunchtime concerts continues yyith a piano recital by (iregoi io \ardi. presented in association yy ith the ltaliari Institute. See also Monday 5'. 1-.dinburgli


I SBCTBIS DI the M088 Reid ( 'olteell l litll. Bristo Square. l.lllpm. l-ree at door, It you yyaiit iii on them. no doubt 1-.1speth Mack (soprano) and .\'eil Morrison (lute) vs 111 oblige Progiaiiuiie includes Scottish lttte songs and solos ol the Ilith and l"tli eettlttt teS. .is \\ ell as songs by l’uicell. Schubert and Bur iis.

I Edinburgh Contemporary Arts Trust ()tieen's Hall. (‘lerk Street. has 21W), Spin (bar and restaurant lroin opml Fairly unusual tosay the least coiiibinationol trombone (.loliii Keriiiy l and iiiarimba (\acluko Maekanei. Programme includes yyorks 1‘) Jay ier‘ Alvarez. \'iiiko (ilobokat'. .loliri Kenny . I)ay id Robertson (pieiiiiere l and contemporary .lapanese c‘tilttl‘ti\L‘l\.

I Nelson Hall Concert Nelson l lall. McDonald Road Public I ibraiy . oll I.eitli \Valk. Free at door. Spin. lidinburgli Renaissance Band and I‘diiiburgli Iiarly Dancers.


I Brass Masterclass RS.-\.\ll ). tun Renlreyy Street. 332 5115”, 2pm Free. I‘ruiiipeter' .loliii \Vallacc. toiey er tamed tor play ing at the wedding ot ( 'harlesarid l)i. ietur its to his natiy e Scotland topass


The Edinburgh Quartet at St Bernard’s

Wednesday 9 Nov at 7.45pm £3.75 (cones available)

Further information from Edinburgh Quartet ()3! 332 8691

The List ZS ()et ~ Ill Nov 1988 29