Stephen Street II. 15 midnight. Vocals with gtritar. little and harmonica.

I Fiddlers Arms ( irasstttarket. lix enrng. Scottish music session. liar eltlsesat I lpm I Gill Hewitt Ro}al ( )ak. lrrtir'tttat‘} Street, 55" 2‘)?» lzsenrng. Song \e‘ssitln \\ rlh ( irll on the barrio

I Dougie Mco Seoteh :\nd R} e. 5ll( ieol'ge l\' Bridge. 335 Inst. I-.senrng.

TUESDAY 1 Glasgow

IPaisleyArts Folkl’arsles -\rts(‘entre. New Street. NS— llllll Split lzrre ('uthbertsonsrngs


I Milnes Acoustic Music Night Milnes liar. llanoserStreet S .‘llpni l'ree \ess

\\ eekls tolk blues and \\ltate\ er else IIIIISIe seene. l’:\ set rip. and regular local musicians ( itll liotsman and lock Iiroxx n. with a ueeltlx guest per tormer lonrght Ian Brucesmgs

I Crown Folk Club Isa I he l’leasarree

Spin. Instr trrnent and song “or kshopsare among the things tlte re-openederoxs n

\\ ill organise among their rntor rnal lolk e\enrngs.

I Barrie Band Iianner mans liar . ( 'oxx gate. 55o3254 I-serung. I’rddle. llute. tttatttloeelloand \oeals, \lailtl} lrlsll

I Chris Thompson St James ( )istel liar. (‘alton Road. opposite St .larnes( 'entre Iixenrng Roekalnlh blues

I Miro linsrgn l'\\.rrt.l .ru nrnar ket. topot the High Street herring. .'\eoustreee|tre

I Kenny Grier Ros al ( )alt. Intrr mar} Street. 55" Pro. (iurtarrst singer late hat.

I Colin Ramage Seoteli .-\nd R} e. SH (ieorge |\' lirrdg -. 3:5 lti.\l l'xenrng


I The Humph Family 'I he trading l’ost . M ("alton Place. 43‘) 34-5 l'roru about S..‘~I|prri. (‘Ie\ er pseudo eotrntr} stutl

I Scotia Folk Night Seolta liar. Stock“ r-II Street. 553 Shh].

I Folk Session l lalt liar . \Vootllantls Road 3521311! l'.\enrng Instrumental musre on trddle. accordion ele.


I Black Eyed Biddy lidrnlurr gh I-oIk ( 'lul‘. ()sllotll'lte l lotel. York l’laee. $50.55*” Spin. L35“ l l. I .5“). l‘.tltet‘tatl‘.lllgpopular Seottrslr threesome. IKalhkali(‘hurehrll'l'heatre. Morningside Road. .‘sllpm. L5lL25llr

'l rekets trom t 'iner I lall I3o\ ( )tlree. 33S l155.NationalIotrt'otspeetaetllatdance music and drama per lorntanees lrorn Indra 'I'mieonseeutrs e rrrghts.separate programmes See I)arree listings tor lurther details

I Alchemy Ilannerrnans liar. ( mt gate. 55o.‘~_‘5J. l‘.\ enrng. \ess l-olkon s} nth. trtldle. lltlte and \ oeals.

I North Sea Gas l’latlorni I.Rut|and Street I-.\ening. Resident pubtolkliand I Guizer Seoteh .-\nd R} e. 5H(ieor'ge IV lll'ltlge. 3:5 lnsl l'.\elltllg'

THURSDAY 3 Glasgow

I Star FOlk Club ( ilasgrm Soetet) ()t \ltlslelalts. Berkeley Street. 3:] til 13 Spm. L I .5“. 'I onrght Andy Stewartand Manus Lunny. tine Scottish singer and leading Irish instrumentalist. See panel. I Kenny Caird ( )serdraught liar. IZS' IIroomieIass. l'.\elllllg. Soeialrst song exerting. 5


I Kathkali (‘hurehrll 'l‘heatre. Morningside Road. ".RIIpm. £5I£2.5ll). National tour ot spectacular dance. rrrusre and drama pertormanee tr'orn India. ‘I \so eonseeutn e nights. separate programmes.


s .y w, ‘43..

\ 'f}‘ q

\‘ l


s ; . ~

. i' I " 71%.. J DANCE CLASS The Desperate Danz Band are back in Glasgow and Edinburgh tor two nights at rockin‘ reels. At their best they drag Scottish dance music into the let century, and the rest of the time they are happy to be the most adventurous band to cater to any Caledonian caper. At Glasgow's Madisons on the 9th, they contribute to a benetit ceiIidh/disco tor Medical Aid to Palestine. In Edinburgh’s Calton Studios on the 7th they share the bill with emerging singer/songwriter lain MacDonald and his band. lain's Gaughan-produced lirst album Beneath Still Waters was judged by some to be the Scottish album of last year, and he steps lurther down his road at marrying a traditional sensibility to a contemporary roots-rock oriented sound.

For those who prefer some gentle


in" . é? v 7‘ I.“ '1‘. “a it "1: 0 N t, ’-' \ 4.25" -'

sedentary excitement, Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny, (see photo), with a pedigree stock at Scottish and Irish song trom the former and retined, superbly played guitar and bouzouki from the latter, confidently stimulate and entertain at Glasgow's Star Club on the 3rd and Penicuik on the 8th.

Nostalgia, or plain curiosity, might bring out some 60s’ veterans to both Roy Harper's Glasgow 10th, Edinburgh 11th and Spencer Davis‘ Glasgow 3lst and Edinburgh 1st gigs. A better and tairer reason is that both artists are so good at what they do. Harper's keen intelligence and classic Outsider psychology has chosen to map our decaying island trom the inside, Davis has elected tor the wide open roads ol North America, on the run with his mistress, the blues. See Guestlist. (Norman Chalmers)

/%RT Q

I Green Tree ( ‘ou gate. l' \enrng. l-olk seene session. late bar

I Colin Ramage/nobin Laing I' nsrgn l'\\ar't. l.a\\nrnarl\et. lisenrng.

I Jim Setltt‘lt .-\lltl RM‘. SIN ietltge |\' Bridge. “5 IoS‘I l'\etllttg

FRIDAY 4 Glasgow

I Rowantree Folk Club Ron anlree Inn. II} t ddrngston ( ~ross. l ’ddingston. S. ‘sllpm. tl 'lonrglit Kate Kramerand Wattie McCrae Scottish and Amer rean dtro

pla} trig guitar and liddle trorn both eultures

I Second Fiddle Scott‘s ( ‘orner. Her Street. 334 JSUI Izsening.

I PeelieWaIliesr)xertlrauglirBar.12s liroornlelau. l:\enrng. I~rrn session.

I Ceilidh Dance Rrx eISItle. l‘o\ Street. ott ('Isde Street. 24S 314-1. Illpm LS. late

liee nee


I nincon Chilenocur-neurotic(are. l‘;l\elltel‘.l ot St .Iohns. runetron ol lotltian Road and Princes Street Spin L3 5“ tt25lll. I-ood and retreshments. \olmr. I“ (III Isl in a new serresot monthl} South .-\rnerrean elassreal lolk eoneelts. \\ rth Scottish music as support. (ials arino ('eron-( atlaseo plas s classical gtlrtat’. lit.llltl} Itlth eentur} L‘tlltlptlsllltIIIS. (’arlos Arredondo. e\-".S‘-I eompan) musician. sings songs hot n ot the perspeetn e ot a ('hrlearr political e\ile. Sponsored h} ("ate l’erraranantr. .\'o 2 St Stephen Street. \trrage ( iallel'_\ and .-\/teea ( ‘ratts.

I The Humph Family 'l'he lt'ading Post.

32 3-1 'I he Shore. l.eith. 553 5 I 53 ‘Ipm. llrgitls talented. not too serious look at eountr} st_\le.

I Simpson Perrie/Brian Mulligan Shore liar. 'I he Shore. l.eith. l'senrng. Violin and guitar . cabaret.

IJunction Bar \\ est l’reston Stret.‘lprn. l.r\e music.

I North Sea Gas l’lattorm I . Rtrtland Street. l'sening. Resident pub tolk hand. I Royal Oak lntirnrars Street. 55" 397i. Izsenrng till 1.3IIam. l..‘rte barmth intormal songs and music.

I Muckle Ado Seoteh Anti R}e. 5tl(ieorge IV Bridge. :35 IoSI. l'.\ening.

SATURDAY 5 Glasgow

I The F0lk Band Blacklriar‘s. Bell Street. Merchant ( it) . 552 592-1. Alternoon. Instrumentalsession.

I Kells Seott's(’orner. Herb} Street. 334 JS‘II. l-.\ening. Saturdas resrdene).

Irish Seotssingalong band. l’opular.

I Ian Bruce ( )s erdraught liar. 13S litootllieltm. lixerrirrg. liigsoree.

I Ceilidh Dance Rner'srde. l'o\ Str' ('lstle Street. 34S 5l-H. Itlpm. 15. late



I 8ivvy Bag Band \egoeiants. IIrrsto Square. Itsenrng. I-olkaliill}

IThe Humph Family'l'he'l'ratlmg Post. 53 5-1 'I'he Shore. l.eith. 553 5153. ‘Ipru. llighl} talented. not too serious look at eountr} style.

I West End Hotel Palmerston I’laee. 0pm. Meeting plaee ot Iidmlurrgl‘. ( iaels. .'\L‘etlltll0tlete.

I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 2976. liveningtill I.3tlam. Late bar. folk basement.

I Denny Swanson Seoteh And R) e. Sn (ieorge IV Bridge. 325 1081. Evening.



I Zut! La Chute Wintersgill» ( ireal Western Road. livening. Old time}. American and eajun.


I Glenelg Sessions Youngs I lotel. l.eamington 'I‘erraee. upm- midnight. I-ree. Acoustic music nights. 'I'onight Kenny Drill and Friends.

I The Humph Family the Trading Post.

32 34 The Shore. l.eith. 553 5 I 53. 9pm.

I lighl) talented. not too serious look at country st_\le.

I Seannachie ( ireen tree. ('on gate.

lis ening. Scottish songs and App) instrumentals trorn resident hand.

I Jim Knight/Colin namage/nobin Laing lznsign l'.\\art. Iaxxnmarket. szening. 'I‘hree singer guitarists.

I Larry and Friends Antiquar‘} . St Stephen Street. Itxening. (iuitar based tolls's} blues and s“ mg.

I North Sea Gas Rutland I lotel. Rutland Street. 33‘) MHZ. ‘Iprn. Singalong.

MONDAY 7 Glasgow

I The Curries Theatre Royal. llope Street. 331 1234. 7.30pm. £(s.5lI-£.‘~.5I|. I’opulist t'olk. pertormed b} pros. three nights.

I Victoria Bar Br'idgegate. 552 (ill-III. 9pm. Regular session.

I Irish Music Stage Door Bar. (ior‘bals Street. JZIHI‘BZ. ‘I'op ( ilasgou Irish instrumentalistsand singers.


I Desperate Danz Band/lain MacDonald Band (‘alton Studios. (‘altorr Road. 8pm. £35“. MacDonald trsed to pla} with the Dam Band. so they're all pals. 'l‘lte untt‘aditional side ot Scottish ceilidh and song. Roots rockers. See panel.

I Jim and Ann Marie Antiquar} . Sr Stephen Street. l). I5 midnight Vocals

\\ ith guitar. flute and harmonica.

I Miro 'I‘he ( ireen ‘l'ree. (‘oxsgate lzxening. Bar till lam. Instrumental thrash.

I Fiddlers Arms ( irassmarket. Inserting. Scottish musie session. Bar closesat I Iprn. I Dougie M00 Scotch And Rye. 5ll( ieorge I\' Bridge. 325 MS]. lisening.


I The Corries Theatre Royal. l lope Street. 331 123-1. ".RIIpm. L650 (3.5”. I’opulist tolls. pertormed h) pros. Seeond night.

I Paisley AflS FOlk l’alsle} :\rts(‘entre.



A magnificent combination of drama, dance and music from India

Wednesday 2nd November (Programme A) Thursday 3rd November (Programme B) 7.30pm

CHURCH HILL THEATRE Morningside Road Tickets: £5 (£2.50 concs) Available from: Usher Hall Box Office, Lothian Road (031 228 1155) Mon—Sat 10am—5pm

The List 28 ()Ct It) Nov 1988 31