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Pl lMpl lOl Rt SlAUlQANl, Queen's Dock, IOU Stob< ross Road, Glasgow. lhe pumphouse is, in lact, three bars. lhe Bombay Club is a good lirst port olicall. l ounge in the opulent replica oi the (:lub ol the same name in Bombay. l njoy thirties style lndian (.uisine. Served by waiters, bearing Stella, in bla<‘l< tie and tails. l or something less imperial, travel to l ittle Veni( e, next door. An endearing ristorante where you (an dine amongst (:anvas originals olthe Venetian Riviera. in the neighbouring Rusty peli< an you (an pick your own lires'h atlanti< lobster and (‘rab in the lish (l) grill ( onservatory. ll» it's sunny sit out on the terra< e and gaze out into C3lasgow's Docklands. (Stella's great espe< ially when

it's pouring.)



["01 1Q! JETS, 7 RENFIELI)S’I', GLASGOW If you ’re one of the few who hasn ’t been to Fouquets, then get a crowd together and go. Below Renfield Street you’ll find a bar with an atmosphere and a mosaiefloor- tiled coekerel all of its own. Here you can dine in candle-light in the romantic shadows of a brick-built vault. Slip into a sumptuous leather Chesterfield in the lounge. Or maybe the restaurant is more you. Bet you won’t make it past the huge semi-circular bar, though. Stella ’s ice cool, as is the 1).] who’s there every nigh t. Thursday night is sixties night. With fab and groovy music to be danced to, and free dinners-for- two to be won.


()‘lll'i\ll\.5. ll Hill In S'l‘. (}|.:\S(}()\\ "Not on holiday? I’eelingthe lilues'.’( )‘l Ienry‘ is open every Sunday" proelairns the hlaek hoard as you walk inside. But you desery' ()‘llenrfs any day. \t street level it's liar floorboards. \ewspapers on the bar. Jazz o the hi-l‘i. Forget what happened today. Slum into a wieker ehair and unwind with Stella ir this sepia sanetuary. with it's preserved ioni

pillars and plaster-('()rrli('es. Below stairs yoi ean sit and ehatter at eandle-lit pine kiteher tables and ('oil‘ to your heart‘s eontent. ,l‘ll stall will lend an understandng ear and the_ won‘t he at all ol'l'ended it you haven‘t heart how good their menu is. “int: ask them It

show you their sealood.