three piece hot cluh swing.

THURSDAY 3 Glasgow

IJeanette Burns and Andy Alston Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant ( ~ity. 552 5924. liyening. Songs and piano.

I Riverside Blues Rh ct'sidc‘. l'tt\ Street. oll('|yde Street. 9pm midnight. Night Hawks.


I Jazz POOl l.'.-\ttache. ltitsc‘lllc‘nt Ht Rutland l lotel. West lind. l’t inces S"'eet 9pm. Free. A group lrom a large pool ot youngish musicians. usually

piano key hoards. hass. drums. guitar. and brass and or reeds. Modern. hop. some mainstream. hlttes.

. Cate Biatritz (ll l't'CtlL‘l'lL‘ls Slic‘c‘l. 2:?- 5244. 9— 12pm. l.l\ e jazz swing

I Edinburgh Jazz Quartet( ‘oppet s. (‘ockhurnStreeL225 1441. l‘.\enirig

I Graham Blamyre Jazzers Basin Street. llaymarket 'l‘erraee. 33" llltltt. lzsening. I Templehall Stompers lemplc t lolel. Esplanade. .loppa. not) 42o4. l‘.\ emng. Trad and dixie residents.

I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.eith. 9pm. '1 onight Brian Gibb. piano with \ocalist . cool resty les.

FRIDAY 4 Glasgow

I George McGowan Quartet Be rlm t .ounge Bar. 8-- 10 West (ieorge Street . ()ucen Street Station. 335 2382. lunchtime jazz with singer and guests.

I George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher Blackl‘riars. Bell Street. Merchant ( ‘ity. 552 5924. liyening. Resident drummer 's hand with singer and guests.

I Glasgow Rhythm Club l'nitarian ( ‘hureh. 72 Berkeley Street. ".45pm. Allweleome. Talks with gramophone records.


I Lou Donaldson Quartet ()ueens l tall. (‘lerk Street. (tots 2llli). S3Hpm. L5 ( Ln reseryed tahle seats). 'l'ickets lrom Queens l lall Box ()ltlcc or lrom Virgin Records. Princes Street. l-rom Monk and the Messengers. o\ er lrom the States w ith hisown quartet. honed tone and lightning fingers. hack to hop hasics. See panel

I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Broughton Street. 557 0546. FastGetaway. 9—11.3(lpm.

IAlpha Jazz Quartet tillersley House Hotel. Ellersley Road. (iorstorphine. 33" 6888. 8—1 lpm.

I Alex Shaw Trio ( ~oppe rs. L "oekhur n Street. 225 I44]. lisenirig.

I Spirits Oi Rhythm Basin Street.

llaymarket Terrace. 33“ tour». l'.\ening.



I Jim Fitzimmons Group Riy e rstde. l'os Street. ol't'(‘lyde Street. Alternoon

I George McGowan Orchestra Bet Iin Lounge Bar. 8-~ In West (ieorge Street. Queen Street Station. 335 2382 2 5pm Free. The Big Band Sound. old and new. I Alex Dalgleish All Stars Rolls Royce Club. l’aisley Road. .-\lternoon.

I Ron Moore, Rikki Fernandez t a lay et na Lansdowne ( ‘rescent. 33‘) "l N l“. 9.3tl-midnight. l'ree. .\ltisre in the l‘at'. I Society Quartet Society ()t .\ltisicians. Berkeley Street. 221 hi 12. Spm 5Hp. Music and dancing.


I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Broughton Street. 557 0546. Jack Hammer Band. 9-11.3(lpm.

I Alpha Jazz Quartet lillersley tlottse Hotel. Ellersley Road. (‘orstorphincz 33" 6888. 8—1 lpm.

I Alex Shaw Trio Platform 1.Rutland Street. 225 2433. Lunchtime.

I Peristatsis Brothers (“ate Biarrit/Jil


Tune in to crackly Continental radio stations and you will hear how much jazz is integrated into normal music programming. Yet we are a civilised nation, and our National Radio Station is about to dump the only slot for jazz in all its output.

Glasgow‘s Jazz Festival is two years old and expanding. Benny Carter and Gerry Mulligan, world famous players, composers and arrangers, have been brought together with the Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra. Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie, Wayne Shorter, Sarah Vaughan, Sonny Rollins and many other top quality artists have played in Scotland overthe last tew years, to packed houses, putting Scotland back on the world‘s jazz map. The Edinburgh International Jazz Festival is now the biggest in Britain. Dundee and, in the last month. Dunlermline now have their own Jazz Festivals. Music shops sell saxophones tasterthan ever. .. and BBC Radio Scotland has no time tor one of the 20th century‘s greatest art lorms. Any other budding Tommy Smiths out there, too young to go to the clubs, are sure going to get no more help trom their country's radio station.

Ironic isn’t it that next week (28th) two at Britain's instrumental geniuses, pianist Stan Tracey and unique saxophone stylist Art Themen will play to Edinburgh's large Queens Hall audience, and on the 4th the same venue will present Lou Donaldson’s Quartet (see photo).

Regarded as the true bearer oi Charlie Parker's tlame, Themen is working lull ahead in the idiom he mastered in 50s’ New York. This concert by a collaborator ol Monk, Mingus and the Messengers is

Bird lives! Bop altoist Lou Donaldson, Edinburgh 4 Nov.

important enough tor Channel 4 to send a team to film the event, tor broadcast later in November, as the only contemporary live music footage in their programme on Bird and his music.

The BBC does pay some attention to listeners’ letters. Please send postcards, notes and telemessages demanding not just a continuation of the status quo, but an increased air time iorworld music and jazz to the Controller oi BBC Radio Scotland, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow, and perhaps the philistine programmers will realise they have a duty to broadcast high standards at music, and cannot turn their back on the international language otjazz. I‘d love to have to eat my words and apologise. (Norman Chalmers)

l’rederick Street. 225 5244. ‘) 12pm.

I Alex Shaw Trio ( ‘oppc‘t'S. ( ~oL‘ls'thll‘n Street. 225 1441. l’.\L‘llilll_!.

I Toto And The Jazz Bostons l’t'eseryation llall. Victoria Street. 22h 38m. 2 4pm. I Doctor MacJazz Basin Street. llaymarket 'l'errace. 337 llth. lisening. 'l‘rad hand.

SUNDAY 6 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Jazz l’aisley .-\rts(‘entt'c. New Street l2.3tlprn l unchtime withthe Little Blue Bop.

I Jazz Academy ( ) l lenry ‘s. ( ireat \Vestern Road. at Rely inhridge. 33‘) 1275. ‘) llpm.

I George Penman‘s Jazz Band ( ‘urlers.

By res Road. 334 l2S-l. 'l’t'ad lrom

,\ 3U illu5tlpny

I Bill Fanning Orchestra ( ‘Iytle 1 tall Ballroom. 318(‘Iyde Street, 8 llpm. Bar. in o \ ocalists swing \y tlh ( 'ount Basic and (ilen .‘yliller Dancing.

I New Jazz the Bar . iron 'l'heatre. l’arnic Street. 552 42o".il.5ll(£ll.1.3tl-5pm. 'l'ron's \\ eekly jazz scene changes gear.


I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Broughton Street. Sfi‘ufitn. [is e hand. 8.3(L l lpm. tonight Melanie D‘Reilly and Francis Cowan. \ocals with guitar.

I Live Swing ( ‘ale Biarritz. ol Frederick Street. 225 5244. 0- 12pm. Phone for details

I Ronnie Rae Trio l’lattorm l.Rutland Street. 225 2433.1.unchtime.

MONDAY 7 Edinburgh

I George Benson l’lay house Theatre. (ireenside Place. 557 25%). 'l'wo perl'ormances (x45pm. 9.45pm. hoth S()l.l) ( )l'l. Sold out is what the audience from his early jazz years feel he has done. hut there is no deny ing his consummate skill on the guitar and his snake smooth \ ocals.

I Bell The Cat l.';\ttache. basement or Rolland l lotel. \Vesl lind ot Princes Street. liyening (iuitarandkeyhoard lead jazz soft rock tour piece.

I East CoastJazz Band Blue lagoon. Angle Park 'l‘errace. 331 W22. liyening. 9- 12pm. Resident 'l'rad hand.

I Shore Music 'l‘he Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.eith. 9pm. 'I onight Michael Wright. piano har music.

I Granary Quartet l lilton. Bellord Road.

332 2545. ‘) a l l.3llpm.

TUESDAY 8 Glasgow

I Bobby Wishart l lalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 DR). liyening. l.eading saxophonist's jazz and fusion hand.


I Swing '88 Malt Sltoyel. (‘ockhurn Street. 225 6843. Evening. ‘l'woguitars. and reeds. llot (‘luh sound.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Nayaar l louse llotel. Maytield (iardens. (its? 2828. liyening.

I West End Jazz Band Basin Street.

l lay market Terrace. 337 ltltlh. liyening. 'l‘rad.

I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.eith. 9pm. 'l'onight Robert Pettigrew and Kenny Ellis. Classy

piano douhle hass.


I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo ( ilttsgt)“ Society ()l Musicians. Berkeley Street. 22] (1112.8.3llpm. 50p. Bar.


I Charlie McNair's Band l’t'csct'y atiott llall. Victoria Street. 22o 381i». liyening. I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.eith. ‘lpm. 'l'onight Swing 88 three piece hot eluh swing.

THURSDAY 10 Glasgow

I Jazz Academy lounge Bar. ( ilasgow l'niyersity lfnion. 0pm. l‘ree. Students and guests.

I Riverside Blues Riy erside. l-'o\ Street. ott ('Iyde Street. 0pm midnight. Night Hawks.


I Jazz Pool l.‘:\ttache. hasement ol Rutland Hotel. West lilltl. Princes Street. 0pm. l-‘ree. l'sually piano kcyhoards. hass. drums. guitar. and hrass and ot' reeds. .‘ylodern. hop. sortie mainstream. hlues.

I Cale Biarritz ol l-‘rederick Street. 225 5244.9 12pm. Liyeswing.

I Edinburgh Jazz Quartet (‘uppe rs. ('ockhurn Street. 225 1441. l-yening.

I Graham Blamyre Jazzers Basin Street. llaymarket 'l‘errace. 33" liltlh. layening. I Templehall Stompers 'I cmple llotel. lisplanade. Joppa. ho‘) 42M. l2yening. 'l‘rad and diyie residents.

I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.eith. 9pm. 'l'onight Brian piano liztc‘kdl‘tip \\ llll \ ocalist.


FRIDAY 28 Glasgow

I The Go-Betweens and Diesel Park West Queen Margaret l'nion. l‘niyersity (iardcns. 33‘) 9784. 9pm. the last (ilasgow (io-Betweens‘ gig was a hit ol'a disappointment. hut that is not todetraet lrom the quality ol the hand. still w riting hrilliant songs after all these years. .‘slissat your peril. hut would any (lo—Between tans really w ant to see l)iesel Park West'.’ Not sure on that one.

I The Dogs D‘Amour and Baby's Got A Gun l‘he Mayfair. 47H Sauehiehall Street. 7.3tlpm. 332 3872. Not the earlystarting time. The Dogs ltaye just released their dehut alhum. In The I)\‘Iltlnlllt‘./¢’l Sir/mm while much is promised l’rom "lhe Bahies'. Not one. it has to he said. that will have me queueing tor hours lora ticket. I The Guana Batz and The Radium Cats‘l‘he Reyue. 244 (iallow gate. 552 4on1. ltlpm. And well. neither is this.

I The Blues Bums l.a 'l‘aniere. l5 liok Street. 221 4844. 9pm. liree. l.a'I'aniere regulars. with an unappealing name.

I The Silencers Ay r l’ayilion. Ay r. “292 265409. 7,3tlpm. A good night for outol town gigs; part of the Silencers’ Scottish tour. See panel.

I Honest Sam and The Dealers l-‘ort 'l‘heatre. Bishophriggs. 722 7054. 7.30pm. I Origin Sins and Dexter Slim and the Pickups ('umhernauld Theatre. Kildrum. (‘umhernauld 7pm. £1.75 (£1.25). l’artot ()rigin Sins' mini-tour.

The List 28 ()ct -- ll) Nov 1988 37