Every so often a major record company stumbles across a band who are genuinely good and seem to have very little idea as to how to approach selling them to a public who are probably waiting to hearthem.

C.B.S. seemed to be lucky enough in linding Skin Games, who consist of Welsh vocalist, Wendy. Aberdonian drummer Dave Innes, and English people. Jonny Willet (guitar) and Jim Marr (bass). However. they signed in 1986. and have onlyjust got round to releasing theirthird single, Brilliant Shining.

It is a robust single, produced by Stephen Hague. who. although his reputation is based around keyboard based bands like the Pet Shop Boys and New Order. has managed to preserve the live/rock feel of the performance, with Wendy‘s intense vocal given a surprising amount of space.

It is also comforting to see that following the non promotion of their previous singles, Cowboy Joe/Blanche (Summer87) and No Criminal Mind (November 87), that the corporate wheels seem ready to support Brilliant Shining with a stream of white vinyl EPs, compact disc singles and the like. Its release also gives the band a chance to do what they have wanted to do most —tour— with dates at the Edinburgh Venue (3rd) and Glasgow Revue (4th).

‘I thinkthatthis time round we do have more support from the record company,‘ said Wendy. ‘With No Criminal Mind we didn‘t get 100%


support because they reckoned that it was a difficult record for radio. althoughthatfactdidn‘tmattermuchto us. This time I think they still see it as difficult. but less so than the last time, so maybe we have a better chance.‘

‘In addition. we are happierwith the song. It is more us. and it is probably more accessible than No Criminal Mind. which was two years old atthe time when it came out. So far we are quite happy with the response. It has done well on regional radio. and we‘ve had a couple of plays on Radio One. It has also done better in terms of the chartsthistime—we‘re at number142 this time. which isn’t as shameless as not getting into the top 200 at all!‘

However, to misinterpret Skin Games as another product of the chart now. thinklaterbrigade ofmajorcompany

bands is wrong. The music is

thoughtful and the lyrics intelligent. as highlighted by their best song. Tirade. which is Wendy’s answerto the sexist attitudes she has encoutered in the music business: ‘It is basically a song about sexism,‘ she explained. ‘which is fairly apparent. but it includes some more obscure. personal references. My more recent songs are lyrically clearer. but I still like that element of mystery like you get in a Cocteaus songfi

To the Cocteaus. Wendy has another debt. which will be revealed on the coming dates: ‘l‘m really indebted to them—l boughttheirnew album and started playing guitar along to it. and from that l have started playing guitar in the band as well . . .‘ (John Williamson)

I BillyJones I .ord Darnley . West Port. 330434]. lllpm. l~ree. l'dinburgli's solo acoustic rock 'n‘ roller.

I The Brothers l’reseiy ation l lall. Victoria Street. 33o SSH). 0.30pm. l-iee. Residency.

I Live band ("ayertL ('ow gate. 33fi5o4 I. l'neontiimed.

FRIDAY 4 Glasgow

I Spear of Destiny Barrow land. 344 (iallow gate. 553 4(illl '75l lpm. l hay e

ney er hated Spear of Destiny the way that some people I know do. and there has

ey eti been the odd single that l hay e liked but. when asked to try and be eiitliusiastie or to try and say somethinginteresting about them. then things get distinctly difficult. New album. The Price You I’m in your friendly neighbourhood store now. I Skin Games and And Now The World the Revue. 344 ( ialloyygate. 553 4(itll. lllpm. See panel.

I Big George and The Business I... 'l’aniere. l5 l-‘ox Street. 33] 4844. 9pm. Free. Another yeteran?


I The Macc Lads and The Cretins Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. Those nice chaps from .\l;ieelestield show tip for a rematch. alter playing last time to an audience which lapped tip eyery anti-lock insult and begged for more. The infuriating thing about the [ads is that they‘re a good. tight rock unit. but waste it all on childish. sexist. racist. ey'ery'thirtg-ist lyrics that make the Rapeman fuss look like an exercise in hair-splitting. Hell. it getstltem noticed. ()ne can only conjecture as to the effect on their following when it was rey'caled that singer Muttley’s name was

actually 'l’ristran (snort? l l’ass tliegray y. I Very Very Music Box Victoria Street. 33“ VHS. 9;] alter ‘lpm. See l‘ri 3S

I G-Spot Tornado l’iesery ation t lall. Victoria Street. 33o .‘Slo. bl atter‘i5llpm. ( iuitar-based rock. strong on melody . Bright hopes of our demo tape competition last year.

I The Heaters l .ord l)ai rtley . West Port. 3394341. lllpm. l-iee. Blues-rock

I Live band ( "ayeru. ( ‘tmgaie. 33050.: I. t'neotitit‘ttted

SATURDAY 5 Glasgow

I Chris de Burgh Sl:( '( ‘. l-innieston . 34S .‘lNNl. ( 'aused much delight at .’\k\ .\l

hay mg chalked tip their tlt\t number one for a while. the news was not met w ith the same delight in other quarters?

I Wedding Present Barrow land. (iallowgate. 5534M” " .‘yllpm. \omatter how much of the \\ edding l’iesent I hear. they still don't seem to moy e rue in any way. llayingsaid that.they do notoltend me either. the fence-sitting continues. I Doctor Feelgood The Rey ue. 344

(iallow gate. 553 4on1. lllpm. .\'ot helping much in bringing the ayerage age of performers in ( ilasgoyy this w eek down. Still a popular liy’e attraction. allthings eonsidered.

I Julia Fordham and Love Train l’ay iliott 'l‘heatre. l3l Reut'ield Street. 353 1846. .lulia i-‘ordham is oby iously a quality act. yet eyen so. such quality and tastelulness can sometimes leay e you desperate for something more challengingandexciting. The album is one to be dug out on selected appropriate occasions and hidden on others, l.oy e 'l‘rain haye a fine single out called Lighten l'p.

I The Godlathers Queen Margaret l 'nion.

l‘niy e rsity (iardens. 33‘) (VS-t. 9pm. Probably the hardest working band in Britain w hen it comes to touring. bill as yet no sign of any new yinylollerings.

I Crooked Rose l lalt Bar. inuyyootlluntls Road. 333 13 1“. 0pm. l'ree. ()ne of the better local bands gigging regularly

I Origin Sins 'l'lte Mucky Duck. la ( ilen Road. Shotts. ‘lpm. The tour continues


I Tattooed Love Boys l lard Rock ( ‘afe. Venue. ( altori Road. 55“ 30"}. With a name like that. you expect additional comment‘.’

I Just Add Water Music Box. Victoria Streel.33lll"llS. £1atter‘lpm lightand ambitious pop quartet. tisiug sequencers and synthetic bi ass to good effect. l’leasantly surprised our review e r.

I Avalon l’resery atioii llall. Victoria Street. 3.36 58H), folk rock. known indays long gone as the Medium \Vay e Band.

I The Bivvy Bag Band Negociants. l.othian Street. 335 (i313. 9pm. Free. Folkabilly. they call it. part oftheir repertoire. at least. Well-travelled and surprisingly eclectic group that haye gained a lot of attention since forming in April. i-‘rom blugrass sty'lings to folk and s'midgeonsol jazz. w ell worth seeing.

I Bulb Cormorant l .ord Darnley'. \Vest Port. 33‘) 434]. Afternoon. l-‘ree.

I Texas Breakfast l.ord Darnley . \Vest l’ort. 3394341. lllpm. l-‘ree. See l-‘ri3S. I Live band (‘ayertL (‘owgate. 33ft 5(14 l. l'nconfirmed.

SUNDAY 6 Glasgow

I Chris de Burgh SI‘.('( '. l'innieston. 348 3th)“. Again. I The Chills and Blam Blam YC the Venue.

47f) Sauehiehall Street. 333 3873.

ll). .‘yllpm. About a year since the (‘hillslaa y isited. so seeing the prime eyponentso’ the understated. but classic. melodies which characterise the Flying Nun labt l is recommended in case it is a while hefere they are back.

I The Tattooed Love Boys The Revue. 244 (iallow gate. 553 4on1. lllpm. Would you trust a band w ith this name?


I Hellowe‘en l’lay house 'l'heatze. (ireenside Place. 557 3591). 7 .illpm. u». (ierman heay y metallers w ith epic tendencies. oy er to promote their new l.l’. ‘Keeper ot the Seyen Keys l’t ll'. 'l‘itle says it all. really.

I Dr Feelgood l’t'eset'yation llall. Victoria Street. .336 33th. See 'l'lttlts 5.

. Ca V8 and Signs Soundeheek Rock ('lub. Venue. (‘alton Road. 55730“. 7.3llpiti. “.5”. l oeal metal groups.

I Bluetinger Music Boy. Victoria Street. 33” I’llS’. {l alter 9pm. See Stin 3t).

I The Tex Fillet Five Negoeiants. l.othian Street. 335 (613. ‘lpm. l‘ree. See Sun 3t). I Live band ( ‘ay’ern. ('owgate. 336 564 l. l'neonlirmed.

MONDAY 7 Glasgow

I Doctor Lovel a ‘l'auiere. 15 rm Street. 331 4M4. ‘lpm. l’ree. You may remember that [eke Many ika's band wereonee called Doctor l.oy e. You may also remember that prior to Deacon Blue. Ricky Ross and Doctor l.oy e played sey'et'al gigs in (ilasgow. \Vell. this Doctor loye is" from Kilsyth and has nothing todo with the others.


I George Benson l’lay house 'I healre. (ireenside Place. 55" 35W. o.45pm and 0.45pm. U35“. £13. t H). Virtuoso (an guitarist. turned to pop for the spectacular success that eluded him in the (an world. S()I.l) ( )l"l‘.

I The Chills and Jesse Garon and The Desperadoes Venue. ( ‘alton Road. 557 30".“ ltised to think that ‘l he (lo-Betweens were the last word in the Southern hemisphere's book of lyrical and romantic pop. until I sat down and listened. at last. to The (hills. l‘ora starter . try the excellent l-ly ing Nun l 'ls' l.l’ ‘ltray e Words'. then cancel all appointments and come along here. You won‘t regret it.

I Dr Feelgood l’resety ation llall. Victoria Street. 33b 38”». See Thurs}.

I Brian Watson .‘yttis‘ie Box. Victoria Street. 33” 1708. 9.30pm. Free.

I Johnny Sunbeam Negociants. l.othian Street. 335 6313. 9pm. Free.

TUESDAY 8 Glasgow

I Big Parade Bar l.u\emlmurg. 197 Pitt Street. 333 l 1 ll. lllpm. i-‘ree. ( ‘ompetent. it unspectacular band. w ho may hay e improy ed since I last saw them.

I Spectacular Falls 1... 'l'aniere. l5 i-‘ox Street. 33] 4844. 9pm. Free.

I Bobby Wishart l lalt Bar. l(ill\\'oodlands Road. 333 13 ll). 9pm. l-ree.


I Johnny Sunbeam Music Box. Victoria Street. 33“ I708. (Lilliput. Free.

I Live band Negoeiants. l.othian Street. 335 0313. 9pm. Free. l'neonfirmed.

I Live band (’ay'eru. (‘owgate. 3365641. lineonfirmed.


I Farewell Parade Fixx. 36 Miller Street. 348 385‘). ltlpm. Free. ()uality songwriting and committed live performance make Farewell l’arade a

40 The List 28 ()et 1() Nov 1988