I The Open listings are designed to list any event that would not fit in to one ot the other sections. You're invited to send inlormation on talks, walks, political meetings etc to. The List. 14 High Street. Edinburgh EH11TE. to arrive at least seven days before publication date.


I ConCert Science Fiction Convention Grosvenor Stakis Ilotel. Edinburgh. 5pm. Membership£15 for the weekend (until Sunday midnight). L“) per day. See below for special events. Information: 337 2053.


I Brookside ‘Script-lo-Screen‘ Event'i‘lie Scottish Film Council. 74 Victoria Crescent. l lam—5pm. L8 (L4). Phil Redmond and an entourage from Tlte Close mount their first Scottislt ‘Script-to-Screen' sessions in (ilasgow. today and tontorrow. Your cltartce to gain insight into the various processes beltirtd British TV’s most respected soap opera. Information: 33‘) 8855 extno318. I Cathcart Model Railway Exhibition 'rivuiiy Illam—(tpm. tomorrow I lam—5pm at the Cooper Institute. Clarkstort Rd. (ilasgow. Informatittn162l) I585. LI (5tlp for children. ()Al’s); Family rate £2.50; party rate 30p per child. accomparty irtg adult free. Features videos and trade stands. Entries will also be accepted for the William McMillan Memorial Trophy. These should be hand-made rttiniaturesol locomotives. and the standard is expected to be high. I Championship Dog Show The szhibition Ilall. Edinburgh Exhibition artd Trade Centre. lngliston. 9am—6pm. Admission '5llp (20p). lnformatiort 333 3ll3o. The Working Breeds Association of Scotland hold their annual pre-Cruftsshovv. I ConCert Science Fiction Convention l'irst full day features a reading and. later. art interview witlt author'l‘anith A fancy dress party begins at 6pm. See Fri 28. I Edinburgh Federation ot Anti Poll Tax Groups Benefit We Free Kings artd Very Very play the Wee Red Bar. lidinburgh College of Art. Lauriston I’Iace. 9pm—2am. with disco. £2.5ll ( L l .5tl unwaged). Information: 340-1071. I 'Labour. Home Rule and Scottish Nationhood' The City Chambers. lliglt St. Edinburgh. “lam—3.30pm. lnlormation: 069863631 53398. A one-day conference organised by the Scottish Labour I listory Society. chaired by Mick Me(ialtey. Speakers include Jim Sillars artd Stephen Maxwell. I The People's Festival (irangentouth. A rally organised by Falkirk Iiast Constituency Labour Party. Beginning at I 1.30am with art address by Joan Lestor on Campaigning. the Festival alsooffers exhibitions. entertainments. stalls. bar and children's play until 4pm ( admission 20p). and a dartce front 7.3llpm till midnight (£5 including supper). Information: 032-1 711069471787. I Road Relay Race Bannerman I Iigh School. Glasgow Road. Baillieston. Glasgow. Starting 2.30pm arid finishing 4pm (approx). The Allan Scally Memorial Race (incorporating the Scottislt Universities Road Relay Championships) is around 2t) miles long. rttn in four legs (but on two).

46 The List 28 Oct it) Nov 1988


I Voice Workshop The Salisbury Centre. 3 Salisbury Rd. Iidinburgh (M7 5438.

9.30 I I .3llam). Today arid tomorrow. L35 £25 for twodays. Bring shared lunch. Led by actress I larriet Buchan ( recently seen irt Wildeat's ll'urrrrrg ()rr One). this workshop is open to everyone. arid is designed to explore the lull potential of breath artd voice through physical work.


I Brookside ‘Script-to-Screen' Event the second oftwoone-day sessions vvrtlt Brooksiders from botlt sides ol tlte cantera. See above.

I Cathcart Model Railway Exhibition. Ilartt 5pnt.Sccond day of tltrsevcnt. including pri/egiv irtg. See above.

I ConCert Science Fiction Convention the filial day features a talk by his. creator of the cartoon book arid character lv’i'illm. wltowill be explaining why artdhovv reading comics is becorttirtg art adttlt pursuit. There will also be a rallleol Sci-I‘i-rclaled at telacts in aid of R.S.I’.(‘.C. arid Artltritrscare.

See Fri 28.


I Doug Scott Lecture: Himalaya 88— Bhutan/Makalu. At (ieorge Sqtrare 'l'lteatre. Izdinburgh. “willpnt. Tickets L3 lrortt 'liso's. Rose St artd I.eith. .\'ev isport Waverley Market. or (iii lltedoor, Information: 333 till-ll) or (III V5 51S. lIotloot from the slopes of the 5th highest summit on earth. Scott lectures vv itIt slides

on the first ascent ol .litchu Drake. Bltutan

irt May this year. arid tltc second atterttpt on Makalu's \Vest face. See partel


I Lecture: ‘Pluralism in Welfare Provision.“ I. I5 I.55pnt iii the Boyd ( )rr Building. I.ecture Theatre 3. lrtlorittation: .‘s3‘i8855 ext 42-“). Prof R. Taylor considerstlte implications of the shifting relationship between Slate arid voluntary welfare

prov isiort at ( ilasgovv l'tttversrly 's Tuesday lunchtime lecture. tree andopen tothe public.

I Colin Baxter and Jim Crumley italIt-i up llall. l'ast Kill‘l'ltle ( 'rvte ( enltc "Sllpnt Free. A new tape slide presentationol their rtevv book about St Is'ilda as paitol Scottish Book for trtrgltt

I Justo Jorge Padron ‘i he l’ttelly Association of Scotland. I“ ( ieor ge Square. lidrnburgh “.3llpm. admission Ll (students. urtvvagcd tree l. or annual membership L5. Information 334 5241 Winner of the Izur'opean Prize for literature. l’adron reads lrortt hispoetry irt both littglislt arid his rtatrv e Spanish (written translations provided).

I Paisley Book Fair l’aisley Town I lall. Information: 887‘ No.8 44H" ri333. first day of tour-day celebration of popular Scottish literature to mark the 5tltlth anniversary of Paisley 's Burglt ( 'ltarter. All events are free. though ticketsare required for children's talks. l’aisley 's maverick genius .Ioltn By rrte appears at Illam. artd opens the event at llant. 'I lie Rev d Christopher Avv dry of Thomas the Tank Itrtgine lartte. .loart I.tngard arid \Villiam Mellv artrtey are today 's other big

names. joined at various titties by Moira Miller. David Iart Neville. liv‘ely'n I lood. Tessa Barclay arid .Iirttrtty Mac( iregor. who is giving a talk about the \Vesl Highland Way . There are also stalls. exhibitions. a temporary brarteh of .loltrt Smith booksellers. children‘s characters arid a creche Illam- 4pm. livents tirtishat S.3llpm.


I Paisley Book Fair continues w ill) Andrew Langley talking about his books for older children at lllant. Today 'shighlights should be the liditor of Illt’ lii'iuru celebrating 5llyearsof [he Bruno arid I/rc Uumlv at llartt. the inside inloi ntatiort session from Mills artd Boon at 3.3llpnt arid the appearance of 34 year -old mum! ri'rrr/tle lam Banks at "..‘~llprtt. The l-ootball Forum at “.3llpnt should also attract a good crow d. Also today . .lack

I louse on er uric w tiling. the laurtclt ol the Pocket Scots I )ictronar'y by Aberdeen

l‘rtryerstty I’rcss. pr t/cgrv trig for Scots \VritrngCompetition. arid a talk by cltildt'ert‘s author Mtcltael l lar'dcasllei ‘Books Are l'irrt.‘ See Wed 2.


I Fast For Kampuchea today . ioiiioi imv iii Sunday ()\fam Itave at r artged this sponsored last to publicise the international aiderttbargostill iriiposedon Kilittlillcltett arid the continuing I [S presence ol l’ol I’ot's Khmer Rouge. and to raise funds for the battered Is'antpuchean people. Intor ntatrort, Il3l 335‘933ll. ll~ll III ~1ll‘2oi arty ( )\lartt slttip

I Marxism Today presents: What‘s Left Mott Hall. Mitchell l'ltcatre. ( ilasgovv

L3 L.‘ ( unvvagedl. lnlormation: ~13‘l5llSl. 'l'ltisltugeevent designed tornvcsttgate Scotland's current political situation in art accessible arid ertioy able w ay begins tortrgltt at “.3llprtt vv itlt art open discussion by celebrated Scots including Mick

Mc( ialtey . Alasdair ( iray . .loy cc


After six days‘ gruelling slog. the members of Doug Scott‘s expedition to climb Jitchu Drake in May this year were rewarded with the first successful ascent and with one day of good weather on their arrival at the summit. Their intrepid climb also brought them into contact with the formerly isolated Bhuddist community of Bhutan. and Scottwas ableto observe the Bhutanese at work and play.

This month. he has been attempting a route up the previously unvanquished West face of Makalu (at 27.800ft the world‘s 5th highest peak) which he espied at a mere 24.000tt while jaunting up Everest. Has he succeeded? His lecture on Mon 31 should reveal all. with the aid of some stunning slides. See listings.

McMillan artd Liz Lochhead. chaired by- Margo McDonald. w illt opportunities To: audience participattort.

I Paisley Book Fair. The third day begirts with Margaret Stuart Barry talkirtgabottt her ‘w itclt' books for (v 8 year-oldsat llartt. More teertage lictiort I lam-3pm with authors I’eggy Woodlord. l’hilippa Dickinson. Anne I‘ine arid publishers ('orgi artd Barttartt. Reincarnationof .larttes l\'. A..l. Stewart takesyou back over I’aisley ~s ( arid her ovvrt ) 5TH) yearsin ‘lll turns at I I5pnt. arid bestseller Saralt

Ilarrrsonconcludestlte alternoon.3 Jpnt. The evening offers ( ‘olin Buster's St Kilda

sltovv (see abov c. Wed 3 I or actor John (’airney at 7.30pm.

I Poems and Pints west l-iid l lotel. I’alnterston I’laee. 8pm, 5llp. lidinburglt

Writers .-\ssociation present a I-irst Friday

session of readings. rtttisreartd beer-svv illrng,


I Fast for Kampuchea See abov e.

I Mr and Mrs Fish are art .-\ttterrcart couple w Ito dress up as sea creatures arid. thus clad. describe for all the lamrly the world of marine lile. l‘innily ertouglt. youcan catch them at the rtet pi rec of 5llp at the lecture I heatrc Royal Museum of Scotlartd. ( ’Itamber's Street. l~dmburglt at l Iartt arid 3pm today I look tip to adrrccl irtlorrttatiort Irrte on 23.5 "53-1evt ll‘l. Sounds reelly interesting

I Paisley Book Fair llte tiiial tliiy kieltsiiu at Ill l5arti vvrtlt .Si'orv (ii/l .I/v [flu/l. lealur trig various celebs artd hosted by .-\|e\ ( atltcart. l’ostmart l’at's creator .loltn('unlrlle appearsat I Iartt arid I/It’ l’iilrer merchant Michael Munro is on at 3pm. ()tlter appear ances include .luditlt Saxton. chrldrcns' entertainers.lugglers \Vild. Margaret Thomson Davis.

(irmim'vv Hunk (H Rm on/v editor Donald

McI-arlan arid recordbreaking rttottrttarrteer (‘raig ( 'aldvsell. .\'evs maga/ritc Sm! l-n'c w ill be laurtclted at

3.15pntand BBC RadioScotlandpresents

l/lt' [fools/round l: t/m'vv at I ..‘~llprtt. I What‘s Left. \Iiu't/vm lor/r/stveekertd

ol dlsctrssrttli and etilet'larrtrttenl continues

vv tilt a vv Itolc day ol events liont Illant llll late. 'I oday 's topics tncludel ocal Democracy . ( ~lttld Abuse. l’oll lax. Scottish l'conortty . the \ tippte Vote. (ior baeltev . \l IS. feminism and a tortgtre-rn-clteek political analysis ol l/It' lfi'imoartd llie [lam/v llteevertrrtg leattttes Ii\l.\ Bandits arid ( ‘r tttei llrll Vat mints. vv Ito play (ilasgovv ( 'oIIegc Student I‘nion. lickcls L5 Liltrrtvvagetl). or LS L5 for Sat artd Strrt

I Women In Mind South Side ( 'oritrnurttly Centre. I I“ \rc‘iilsiirt St.l dinburgli

‘) .‘tllartt 5pm l‘ree to all women. though places for some vv or ksltops rttav be limited Information. littF'lllSl \fbl Sotrtlt Side \Vell \\ orttart ( iroup Itave

til garttsetl .t Ll;l\ til \yiil lssllttps ltl promote awareness of arid discussion about all issues sur rounding women and mental health. Iopies include aioiitatlierapy. stress. addiction. mothers arid daughters and e\presstrtg feelings I ltcre will alsobe it calc. .t L‘lc’e‘lle .llltl .l l lelp l )L'\ls \lillle'tl l‘y vvontcrt vvltocart give triloi matron on .i

orteio-one l‘.tsl\


I Fast torKampuchea. See .iimv e

I What‘s Left. l‘ day ollcrsdtscussron ort Apartheid. Scots I lumour . l' urope I‘NI. ( 'orttmunism. Pornography and Sexual Violence. '( il.tsgrt\y is \lllL'\ Heller" arid \ieatagtia 'l Itercs also a bus tour around ( ilasgovv ’s accommodation to assess tltc e\lertl arid nature of housing problems See Sat .5


I Fashion Show lorSND S\( )( 'eiiiie. llertry \\ ood l lall. ( ilarentottt Street.

zllpnt L5t lteketsavarlablc frorti the S\( ) ( mice and lrorrtf allter tncs