with the Highland Clearances prominent. I BOOK TRUST SCOTLAND l5a Lyndoch Street. 331 26-15. Mon—Fri9.3llam—5pni. Polish Books at the Eighties 4 Nov 4 Dec. An exhibition ofbooks to coincide with the Polish Realities season organised by Third Iiyc ('cntre and which can be found in a number of galleries in Glasgow throughout Noy ember.

I BLYTI‘ISWOOO GALLERY In] West (icorge Street. 32b 552‘). .‘ylon— Fri

Illam 5.30pm; Sat ltlam-r I pm.

General Exhibition A general exhibition including work by Mary Armour. Elizabeth Blackadder. John Boyd. John Cunningham. Norman lidgar. Norman Kirkham. Bett Lowe. I)ayid .\lc('ltire. Dayid Martin. James Robertson. (icot’t‘ry Squire and many more. (‘eramics by Janet Adam.

I THE BURRELL COLLECTION Pollokshaw s Road. 64‘) "I5I . Mon Sat Warn-5pm: Sun 2—5pm. Rest. |l)]

Flower Pots l'ntil 3t) ( )ct. Itxqtiisitcly painted ( ‘hmese ceramics lrom l lth -l‘)th century 'I'he eastern countries led the field in ceramics tor hundreds ot yearsand much ot' this work has riey er been equalled.

I COLLINS GALLERY I my ersity ol Strathclydc. 32 Richmond Street. 552 J-IIXIext 3(i.\’2 34%. Mon -I"ri lllant 5pm; Sat I: 4pm.

Sculpture and Drawings by Dhruva Mistry lfntil 2‘) ( )ct. Recent work from asculptor whose monumental temale Reclining Nude w as one ol the more prominent pieces ot sculpture at the (iarden I-‘estiy al. Polish Perceptions Ten Contemporary Photographers 1977-88 4—3“ Not. An exhibition organised to coincide with the Poliin Realities season currently filling the Nov ember slot in most (ilasgow galleriesthis month. ()utlets Iorprintcd images restricted in Poland leading toan inyentiyeness and experimentation in photography. Ilere. eighty photographs. many ot~ them documentary because of the need of artists to re-cxamine society. reflect photography in Poland today. Discussion 5 Nos. 3. I5~5pnt. Free. On tltc themes and deyelopments in Polish photography witli l'rszula (’zartoryska. ('urator of Photography at the .‘yluseumol Modern Art in Lodz. and otherartists.

I COMPASS GALLERY I78 West Regent Street. 32] (i3"tl. Mon —Sat ltlam--5.3llpin. Crossing Boundaries t‘niil 2s) ( )cl. ('eramics and drawings by Peter Beyan. Daye ('ohcn. James ('osgroy e and I .y s

I Iansen; Itttlr lecturers in painting troni the (ilasgow School (it Art cross oy er their iisual boundaries into the world of ceramics. A refreshing show by four obyiously yersatile and adaptable artists. l.ys l lansen has an exhibition ot paintings at the (‘ity Art ('entre. Iidinburgh until 5 Noy.

Polish Realities Exhibition 5--3ll Noy. Small works on paper by most of the artists in the other Polish Realities exhibitions around (ilasgow'. A good place to start digesting this season of Polish art as most otthe artists will be new and may need some introduction.

I COOPER HAY RARE BOOKS 203 Bath Street. 226 307-1. Mon I-‘ri ltlam~ 5pm;Sat lt)am~- lpin.

A Voyage Round Great Britain From 9 Get. An exhibition oi original hand-coloured aquatints by William Daniel ( 176% 1837). Aquatint is a method ot‘etching in tone. and this series of plates. combined with Richard Ay'ton's text. provides a yaluable record as well as presentation.

I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART Ms West Regent Street. 32] 3095. Mon- Fri 9.3tlam--5.3tlpm: Sat 9.30am - 12.3tlpm.

A general display of l‘)th and Ztlth century British. mainly Scottish art.

I FINE ART SOCIETY I34 Bly'thswood Street. 332 4027. Mon—I'm 9.3tlam—5.3tlpm; Sat ltlam— 1pm.

Forty years or Painting from a ()ct. By David McClure.


Polish Realities, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow

During the Seventies Polish art arrived and made a big stir in Scotland largely due to the ettorts and skills of arts impressario Richard Demarco. More than ten years on during which time Solidarity rose and tell and martial law was introduced, Third Eye Centre in Glasgow presents a season at Polish Art which is set to enrich the dialogue begun in those pioneering days.

What will the Polish art at the eighties bring to us? Andrew Nairne, exhibitions organiser tor Third Eye Centre and one at the selectors ot the Polish Realities exhibitions, describes most or the work as post-solidarity. ‘Artists had to think very hard about making art when there were bread queues and riots in the streets. Because of that there is a very Polish context tor the painting revival which was happening around the world at the beginning at the eighties. Conceptual art was incapable of responding to the experience otthe time.‘

Seventeen artists, hall at them who have never shown outside Poland, have been brought over to contribute to the season. Sixteen of them (Dwurnik, the most senior and internationally known or them all excepted) will visit Glasgow to install their work and be available to talk it. Though this is an aspect ot the season which is largely lost to the general public, it is perhaps one at the most important and essential to the exhibitions’ impact within the artistic community in Glasgow.

As well as the painting alluded to earlier, Polish Realities is exceptional tor the number at installations


Andrez Szewczyk's installation at graves: Basilica at Third Eye.

included. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum makes an unusual Victorian setting tor a very contemporary work by Kurka. Entitled D.D.M. (house) one at the main components is a bed with a chimney belching metal smoke. At Third Eye Centre they are preparing tor another artist. For his installation ‘St Wojciech' a bed ol special Polish wheat has been sewn 10 days betore his arrival, so that by the time the neon axe and tears have been added, the plants will be several inches high. Glasgow Art Centre hosts the work at the artists‘ group Kolo Klipsa, a name which rings with hip youth culture and cool. Their installation, says Nairne,

will be in the realms of a wild Grimms‘ lairy tale while in contrast upstairs Hanna Luczac makes a spare, quiet installation ot a more conceptual kind. And at the painters? Perhaps Korolkiewicz at the Glasgow Print Studio seems the most intriguing. a photo-realist painterwho tinds religion in a Poland supported by scattolding. (Alice Bain) To lind the Polish Realities venues among our listings, look underthe following Glasgow headings. Art Gallery and Museum, Collins Gallery. Compass Gallery. Glasgow Arts Centre, Glasgow Print Studio. Glasgow School at Art. Third Eye Centre.

Road (gallery at entrance to Buttertly Kingdoml. (illltl235. Mon- l-‘ri

l3.3ll 5.30pm; (‘Iosed 'I‘ues; Sat Sun

I lam ~5.3tlpm.

Portraits and Landscapes t‘nril l.‘~ .‘s'm . An exhibition which mixes flowers by Kew (iarden poster designer .lennie 'l'ult's. Alma Wolt‘son‘s misty landscapes. Josephine (iraham's portraits and Simon (ireer‘simages in ink.

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 4526. Mon- Fri ltlam- Spin; Sat Ill—~3pm.

The Fine Art at Deception t‘ntil 2w )ct. Works by Paul Chambers. Alistair Keddie and Ken Waldon. (ilasgow artists with an unusual style of parody and deception. Polish Realities Exhibition Kolo Klipsa. Mystical Realism 5 Noy-3 Dec. 'I‘hisexotic name belongs to a group of artistsloutided in Poland in 1983. Their house style isto make sculptural installations which transform galleries into elaborate sets. Polish Realities Exhibition Hanna Luczac. Black Holes 5 Noy- 3 Dec. ('rayon and boot polish are just two ot‘'s ingredients for creating black holes from herow'n imagination.

I GLASGOW OPPORTUNITES '7 West George Street. (ilasgow. (i2 IIiQ. 33] 0955. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Civis Glasguensis Sum t'niil 2.x ()ct. An exhibition of works by members otthe (ilasgow‘ Photography (iroup.

I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 22 King Street. 5520704. Mon-Sat loam-5.30pm.

Murray Robertson lintil ZS ()ct. First major exhibition by a young (ilasgow artist with an eye for German printmaking.

Polish Realities Exhibition - Lukasz Korolkiewicz 5 Nov—3 Dee. Photo-realisrii

lrorn this Polish artist. l’aiiitingsot - backyards. itibbisli and crumbling

concrete. Ityeiyday tension. I

Workshops 'I he studio wor Isshops hay e

reopened in their new premises and are

now ayailable loi artists‘ use. .‘sleiribeiship application lorins are .iy ailablc limit the aboy c address.


Street. 3329")". Mon 'l‘huis‘)aiii ‘lpm;

l"ri ‘lamu (ipm; Sat 0.3llani noon.

Mackintosh Gallery

Polish Realities Exhibitions Leon

Tarasewicz and Tomasz Ciecierski 5 .\‘m .‘~

Dec. 'l'arasew ic/ Iry es in .i \ illage iii the

north ot Poland. close to the Russian

border. 'I hese paintings hay e been inspired by his eriy ironmerit. ( 'iecierski's

smaller paintings loin together to make a

larger work to inyestigateoiir

understanding ol the landscape. weather and animal lite.

Newbery Gallery

Polish Realities Exhibitions 5 .\'m 3 Dee.

Anna Heller‘s painted realism studies the

relationship or people and object lt‘om

unusual angles. .‘ylii'oslaw Balka's installation River captures a tigure between death and sury l\ al.

I GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Ilillliead Street. 33‘) S555. .\lon 'l hurs 9.15am 9.15pm; I’ri‘). 15am «1.45pm; Sat ‘).l5am-I2. I5pm.

I UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW 045 3-125. Philosophy Department. 2nd Floor. West Quadrangle. Ilillhead.

The Dilemma ot Dscar Paintings and drawings by Morag l lilary . a yorrrigartist promoting her own show .

I NAGGS CASTLE Hill St Andrew s I)riy c.

Mon-Sat Illam 5meSiin2 5pm.

(ilasgow 's museum loi children Desperate Journey 'l his exhibition has been postponed until ltrithei notice while reno\ atioii wot k is car l ted oril in the

I HARBINGERS J l E ( iteat Westei n Road. 3309900 Mon Sat ltlam hprii.Stiii noori 5pm.

Design work by Scottish artists

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY I 'iin eisity ot (ilasgow . S2 Ilillliead Street. 33Il5-13l. .\lon l‘ri ‘).3l|am 5pm: Sat 0 ,‘silani lpni. From McTaggart to Eardtey In sin 15 April A wintci showing ot thcgallet'y 's L‘UIIL‘y'llttlt UI Sy‘tilltslt \Mtlc‘t colour \ including work by (ilasgow Iloys and Scottish ( 'olouiists

The Mackintosh House Gallery: ( )pt-n .w aboy e but closed tor lunch l2 3” l.3Hprir 5llp admission on weekday alterrioorisaiid Saturdays. A reconstruction ol the architects home titted w ith or igirial lui'niture.

Mackintosh Cabinet Design to No\ tlllIlI 15 April. I’rom simple stained pieces made iii the niid- IS‘Ill's to claboiatcly decorated

w liitc cabinets. this exhibition ot twenty designs proy ides .i representatiy e sui yey ot Mackintosh's work in this tield

Scottish Society tor Art History :5 .\ 3n Noy. A two day eonter'ciice on the interaction ol Scotland and Italy.

I HUNTERIAN MUSEUM I he I 'niy ei'sity ol (ilasgriw . 33‘) S555. Mon I'll

0.30am 5pm; Sat ll..‘sllairt lprn. Iw ice named Museum ot the Year

Money Plants l ‘ntil 3| ()et. Plants ot all sorts depicted on ancient and tresth minted coins.

Coracle. Kayak and Canoe t-xrenrletl nnnl 3 Dec. szamplesoi \cry early watercralt

The List 28 ()ct ltl Noy' loss 49