row-boats to war-ships by 19th century artists. ineludingJames Cassie. W1. L. Leitch andJ.T. Serres.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY (ieorge IV Bridge. 225 5584. Mon—Fri 9am—9pm; Sat 9am—1pm.

Australia 200 Books and other material.

I CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 225 2424 ext 6651). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Licensed cafe. [1)]

Four Years On: Scottish Patchwork and Quilting Until 12 Nov. Not so much the cut and thrust of commercial art as the cut out and sew of patchwork and quilting. The second exhibition organised by the Thistle Quilters. which brings together amateurs and professionals from all over Scotland. National Health Service 40th Anniversary Exhibition L‘ntil 2‘) Oct. The ailing NI IS temporarily resuscitated in an exhibition of its past achievements.

Lys Hansen: Recent Works Until 5 Nov. Hansen is an artist I have long admired for the inroads she paints into human interiors. particularly the interiorsof wonten. 1 leads and bodies squeeze into the frame fitting only through distortion. with colour serving to heighten their tense energy.

An exhibition not to miss. Note that llansen is also showing in a mixed show at the ('ompass (iallery. (ilasgow this month.

WASPS First National Fine Art Exhibition 12 Nov- ll) Dec. With over 2liliartistsin residence in their studios. WASPS is an organisation that Scotland's creative community is w ell-served by. This exhibition brings together work by a number of the artists based in WASPS accommodation throughout the country. including Dominic Snyder. Philip Braham and Jacki Parry.

The Edinburgh Sketching Club 5 Nov -3 Dec.

Work by a local amateur painting club.

I COLERIOGE GALLERY 47b George Street.

221113115. Mon—Sat 1(1am—5.3(lpm. Thisis‘ the place to see contemporary British glass; the selection is usually very good and the gallery. recognising that glass isa tactile medium. has a very welcome policy of encouraging visitors to handle the pieces.

Studio Class lintil 2‘) ()ct. Work by Adam Aaronson.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 166111gh Street. 221) 12611. Tue—Fri 12.3li—5.3l)pm: Sat 111.3liam—5.3tlpm.

Rebecca Finch [Intil 2‘) ()ct. Photographic work.

Dutsite/lnsile Nick Stewart. a young artist front Belfast. will be the first to kick ofthis (‘ollective season of installation and performance work in non-gallery sites around the city. At (‘ranston Hall in the (‘anongate on November 12 Nick will create a garden htit from tree trunksand sheet steel. More about Nick and theother artists involved in the season next issue.

I COMMONWEALTH INSTITUTE Rutland Square. Mon--l-'ri 10am—5pm; Sat

Iliam— 12pm.

Images of Tribal india Limit 15 ()ct.

ONE FOR THE DIARY Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh 365 artists for 365 days. There are well-knowns, not-so well-knowns and unknowns. This is the ultimate in ‘art’ diaries.

John Bellany, Patrick Heron, David Mach and Elizabeth Blackadder number among the birthday boys and girls who agreed to submit a birthday picture to illustrate this exclusive publication one picture for every day, most lacing the day of that artist’s birthday. A list of birthdays at the beginning of every month announces the artistic celebrations to follow and enable avid astrologers to chart the stars of artistic hands.

The 365 paintings (or if they have already been sold on this tour the print ollhe painting) are hanging this month in the Demarco Gallery. It has taken Andrew Jones, a London gallery director, three years to get to this stage. Previously, he had put together an Artists' Deck of Cards (which is still available). The birthday idea grew from that one.

Elizabeth Blackadder

Three deep in standard frames, their conformity of presentation contrasts with the individuality of the 365 mini-paintings. Like a collection of stamps from around the world each is the same but different. '

Collections are never without a deliciously wicked materialism but ultimately appeal to child-like fascination. Here is a collection which can be seen and poured over for free and, even better, if you have a spare £99, purchased for your own. The finished diary (not yet printed) will be large, heavy and well worth its special ore-publication price. And not without its challenge. Opposite each reproduction, there is a lined page, ready for the events of your choice writing suitable for a diary of such eminent proportions.

What can you say lor example across from David Mach’s seals balancing a VW Beetle on their noses. Or what about Robin Denny's smoky birthday candles. A dull day would certainly be roused by Bert Irvine’s red and mauve dancepaint and there is a day for thought under David Nash’s heat to hearth volcano. Something a little saucy is destined for the day Stephanie Hecht painted her two lovers mating in the frog pond while in contrast, Paul Heagu’s life star reminds us of the spiritual inlinilies of life.

Bound together, these artist’s quotes, some oil-the-cuif, some haikus, some domestic, some universal, some decorative, some not, would add extra flavour to the daily diary writing ritual.

Don't miss the exhibition. It's fun.(Alice Bain)

Paintings and etchings by Sujata Bajaj.

I CRAMONO SCULPTURE CENTRE Moray Home College. (‘ramond Road North. “26001 ext 272.

New Sculpture in Scotland t‘ntil 11 December. A new and very welcome venue which will serve as a permanent. outdoor exhibition space for contemporary art and sculpture the only space of its type. Twelve sculptors have made work for the exhibition: Tracy MacKenna. Sibylle \‘on llalem. Moira lnncs. [)oug ('ocker. Wendy llalstead. Valerie Pragnell. Peter I lill. Arran Ross. Julie Mc(‘ran. John Hunter. David Moore and Iilizabctlt Meliall.

I DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 31)oune Terrace. 225 718‘).Mon»l-‘ri1(iam-5pm. Landscape photographs of Ireland. Iceland and Denmark t‘ntil 2 Nov. Kirsten Klein.


The Man and his Theatre 1 November ’88 to 25 February ’89 Mon-Fri 930-500, Sat 9.30-1.00



’5‘. Accompanying book: Dr Mavor and Mr Bridie: ‘1 Memories of James Bridie. by Professor Ronald Mavor (Bridie's son), Price £7.95.

National Library of Scotland. George 1V Bridge. Edinburgh EH1 IEW. . ., - Tel. 031-226 4531.



(5 1

I EILMI‘IOUSE Lothian Road. 228 6382. Mon—Sat noon—1 1pm; Sun 6.3(L-1 1pm. Licensed restaurant.

Hick Price Nick Price's exhibition continues. A month-long trek through the remote mountains ofNepal resulted in this group of photographs from an Edinburgh-based photographer. He described the experience of watching the people suffer as ‘like being in a space capsule. You're unable to touch the children. orto help them. You canoniy watch.‘ All proceeds from sales go to UNICEF.

I FINE ART SOCIETY 12 (ireat King Street. 55603115. Mon—Sat Iliam—6pm. Retrospective Until 29 ()ct. Portraits by Mary Taubman. Photographs 1853—1908 by Alexander Mann.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 225 6776. Tue—Fri l 1am—-6pm. Recent Watercolours L'ntil 12 Nov. Paintings by Jean B Martin.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Mon—Fri 9. 3llam-- 1 pm and 2pm—5.3l)pm.

Installations Until 11 Nov. Ancxhihition by Vera Szekely who uses kitc-Iikeobiects to create a light and floating space.

I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 2‘) Market Street. 225 2383. Tue- Sat ll)am-—5.3llpm: Stilt l.3lipm—5.3llpm. Licensed cafe. Revenges of Nature Until 21) Nov. ()nwin is a Scottish artist who lives and works in Edinburgh. This new series oftwenty nine works reaches into the prehistoric past and looks many years into the future with man in the middle creating acid rain. toxic waste. deforestation - in short a bringerof destruction. An exhibition which must be

I GALERIE MIRAGES Raeburn Place. 315 2603. Tue~Sat 0am—5pm. Still 2 5pm. closed Mondays.

Ethnic Jewellery lintil end Nov.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART lielf'ord Road. 556 8921. Mon—Sat lilam 5pm; Still 2—5pm. [1)] Cafe. The gallery ‘s justly renowned cafe is open Mon Sat lil.3(iam—~l.3l)pm1Sttn 2.31) 4.2llpm. Well worth timing your visit accordingly. Neillands Bequest A collection of paintings. drawings and w atcrcolours bequeathed to the gallery by the late (ieorge Neillands. The bequest includes works by Maxwell. (iillles. Redpath. Mac'l‘aggart. Philipson. Wilson and Iiardley. Of particular interest are the eighteen paintings by Maxwell. a Scottish painter who preceded current interests mid-century with figurative paintings dancing with colour and lore.

Figuring It Out 2 Nov. £1 .51) per day . Book with the liducation Department on the above number. The last in a seriesot classes which links practical drawing with study of figurative work ill the collection. Tour with the Curator 9 Nov. 2.31) 3.30pm. The collection at the (iallery ofModern Art is discussed by Richard ( ‘aIvocoressi (keeper) and Keith llartley (assistant keeper). See National (iallcry and Portrait (iallcry for details ofothcr gallery tours.

I GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY 15 Scotland Street. 556611211. Tues-I’ri Illam 5pm. Sat 111a m— 1 pm.

Cnoc Ha Maigheach- Hill of the Hare t 'ntil 12 Nov. A romantic title for a sensitiye. penetrating portrait of Mull in photographsand textsby 1)ayidllatlield. I HAMILTON AND INCHES S"? ( ieorge Street. 225 4898.

SilverJewellery by David Andersen t 'ntil end October.

I HANOVER FINE ART 22.»\1)undas Street. 556218]. Mort-Fri lllam 5.3(lpm; Sal lllam—me.

l lanoy er has just reopened in a new basement gallery in Dundas Street among the New Town galleries. It seems like a very sensible move. making the gallery



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