I Glasgow West End couldsuit young pi'olessional on a permanent basis or person visiting the city. I’Iione llobli-ll 334 (135 l .

I Double room iii large

comloi table llat ollered to gay non smoker l’leasant location near l'iiiv cisin and l'ndergrourul. £35 p.vv. l’honc \llcltaelliJl ‘Nb 1094.

I Glasgow West End room lor young pr'olcssional lemale non-smoker. l'.\CL‘llL'IIl accommodation Lilli pm. (HI 357145“. Available Ist November.

I Double Room in large superior

llyndland l'lat offered to(iay Male. £150 per month inclusive. l’bone Peter “4] 333 llll5.

I Gay Man 24. non smoker seeks conilortable room in attractive West lind ( ilasgovv llal. l’hone .loltn (Ml 9-10-1464.


I Large Room in Bruntsiieldllat. .-\\ ailable lrom mid Nov ember. LS“) pcm. Please phone “31 33‘) John,

I Writer seeks own room in Ilal \sitlr I 2 others. l’ortobelloarea l’honc Douglaslifsl 325 (1465 ext 5llllollrce hour's


I Help! I-cmale. 3H.

non~smoker drives. adaptable.


is looking fora dynamic

MARKETING OFFICER to handle all aspects of Press. Publicity and Marketing in this innovative theatre - ‘the most successful theatre in Britain for new vvork‘ The Observer. Job Description available from Katie Stuart on 03] 226 2633 (‘losing date for applications is 8th November

ALSO an experienced and enthusiastic CAFE MANAGER

(details available as above)

lomv 21


20 words maximum

.ONLY £2


25 words maximum

.ONLY £3

SERVICES/TRAVEL 25 words maximum

.ONLY £4

PERSONAL 30 words maximum.

Rate inc Box No which must be used.


£2 per col cm. Min 3cm (£6). (Phone 031 5581191 tor details)


’r.’ .‘~o,,‘l(.'\‘ xii 9‘21! ’gX‘*‘ '3 V” .p: . «asa‘fiéfiy

tart-wry ‘fgfiyt . y ‘.


.if.\.("’ .‘s

varied experience. Requrres vsork ('.’) Please phone ()3! (mo 77] . 9am -2pm. Anything paying \chI considerch I Female lead/backing vocalist seeks band. Varied experience iau. funky soul big band sound. l.oves ( ~Iannad ty pe lolk music but vsill consider anything. (‘ontact 0324 24892. I Male (16) needs Saturday hornebased iob vvage ol't.‘25 - per vveek. (iood vvitli l'igiir'es. Reply la Bellvue Street. Iidinburgh. lil I".lil\. I Interesting responsible part—time work wanted. l-iom Nov 23rd. l’cmalc graduate. evperienced and qualitied horticulture. zoology . scientilic and social issues. Annie Damon. I-l I)ean I’ath Buildings. IWanted Ireclance part-time vvork. Iixperienced in graphic design. magazine production. publicity and scientific illustration. Phone ( 'lrris. H3] 553 4(0) (evening).


I" THE l [6. 9—560“. IBM @9561 MWLE EARN EXTRA CASH FOR THE WEEKEND! .Ioin iii/Ir /.I.\I‘s Stiecl Seller team on 'I‘hursday . l-riday and Saturday ev emngs alter publication and earn up to £5 an hour! lively and energetic people requiredevery tortriight. Ring.lliSSonil.‘sl 555 I 101 tor l'urther details.

I Horn players i).('. bills are

l evpandingtlicirlioinsectron. It

332 "53).

interested phone “.5



I Is there lite aiterwork? \ es. there is \vilh the liitei'v aisrty ('Itibl l\'( isaclub tor young pi'olessional people \\ e arrange a large number ol diverse eventssueh as badminton. hillvvalkingand cinema trips in the ( ilasgovv and l’tliill‘llitjli areas [or luillier details l trig ( il.is_::o\v (Lil (v3: 3S4: or last ( 'oasi (Us: " Isii I ISamovarcluboiGiasgowm the society ol young-at heart prolessionals 'l'vsenty-lillli Autumn programmestarts September l'tii iurlliei inlor'mation telephone MI 333 "I53

ISamovarClub Open Nighllor young at heart business and prolcssional people vv ho ineel loi‘socialeventsandconvivial company l'iii complrineiilaiv llelsel telephone till 3.5: H l 5“.


v I Piano upright. lurred to

standard (concert pitch i ideal tor music student. good playing condition. L15“ llelpvvitlt removal.l’lioncl)a\ell-1l33-1 1")“ (l’ianorestorei ).

I Bicycles \\ e speciaiise in

\ .rluc loi \lonev \lacliines. l-or l \ample 5Speedsvviih niudiiuaidsand carrier W”. l: SpecdsiSliirnanogeaislvvilli .iilov vviieels Ll ‘sll \Iounlam Ilikcstroinr.l_‘5 Something Special l ullv equipped \lounlain llike vv llli Slriiiiano

I \.i:'c \loriiilain lliopace chairisel SIS gears. biakcsand bubs. .\il / iiiudguardsand .il|o\ carrier only till“

I iv beloie you buy (‘cniral

(\cle I Inc lil ocliiin l’lacc

l Hllcltiss ::\ (15.“ 5


I Singingtuition by prolessional singer teacher Private lessons. \Vesl liiid ( ilasgovv and l.;lllltil\'\liiit'. :\l| vocalslyles. opera. musicals. cabaret. pop l’liiinellti‘lh "s1\‘lr\.“.

I French National. English teacher. otters pr l\ ate l' rencli tuition all levels Please contact Mlle ( ). l)av.incens (Hi 33‘) “.sfismi iLti jlsl‘rij. I Drawing and Painting tuition! Iisperi instruction lrom a pr'olessionalartist Individuals


orsriiallgroups L".5l|perliour (concessions) ll cleplione llJl 331) I l3il

1. Print Name. Address and Message in BLOCK



2. All ads must be prepaid - enclose cheque/PO with torm. - Cheques/P03 to be made


No oi issues


Message category -note: tel nos count as 1 word

Payment encl. Classitied deadline ior Issue 81 is Fri 4 Nov.


payable to The List Ltd. 3. Replies to Box Nos will be torwarded once per tortnight.

4. the List reserves the right to reluse any ad.

5. No liability can be accepted tor mistakes or lorlorwar'ding replies.

6. Repliesto Box Nos must be clearly merited ‘BOX NO XXX' in top tell-hand comer ol envelope.

7. All correspondence to: Classllied Ads

the List Ltd

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l l

i l

I Are you sell-employed? Accountanls‘ tees too much?

I lav c your accounts and tax relur ns prepared tor a competitive ice by Mar k \oonan. lel: (Lil 5.5483(1)

I Piano Tuner/Restorer.

\‘ictor ran and old pianos restored and tuned to standard concert pitch l'rec appraisal and estimate. (ilasgovs area. l’lionc l).i\ e llsll l 5.34 law).

I Release/contact improvisation/choreography. Residential \vithl esle_v Vine. \ov ember .3 " L-l-l t unvvaged). Um l \saged l. lull board Sac lor details l aurieston llall.(‘astlc Douglas. Knkcudbriglttshire. units gay i

I Beauty by Ann .il ( 'oslol‘phine and 'l olleioss ' open " days. easy par king. lash tints. express nails. lacials. electrolysis. manicure. pedicure. R.\'.\’.:\. letubc suribcd Ills l :hr‘LZZ.5(). slerider'tone ' S \' Jilinins£27.5(l, stearnbath and back massage. ‘l’ei l|_‘sl 339S3ll5.

I Exercise your choice. try Ann‘s aerobic classes. l’rolessional teaching. coupled vvitli numbers limited in classand individual attention. assure coniloi t and salely. \Ved in Davidson .‘vlains bpin & 7 15pm. .‘vlon in ('ostorphme(rpm. 7.15pm& 8.30pm“ ( ‘Beginnersi. lite and llltil's (rpm Walpole I la“. West lind. Block card lllclasses £14.50 Llh’llpay as you come. Student and unemployed conc. l-ulldetails enrolment tclli31 33‘)S3ll5_

I Urgently required. members tor a dating agency. Allages \H'llL' today lor details. PO Box 5ll.\'. ( ilasgovv. (i4: HI IA. ITimber constructions. I-urniture. toys. storage.

play structures. beds. studies. kitchens etc all interesting vvork considered by designer and

56'l'he List 28 Oct II) Nov 1988