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alteriiatiy e music. nightcluhs. cinema.seeks female-(34 ' l. Individual appearance

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Height. is a live issue: I know hecause The Independent says so. As the last reel of the American election campaign rolls the gap that divides the two ferocioust dull candidates is down to just six inches. ’l‘hat‘s if you believe .‘ylichael ‘Action Man’ Dukakis is 5ft Sin. I must say I find this hard to swallow. I le looks more like 5ft 3 or 4m to me either that or his hodyguards are on stilts. Ilis aides have chewed their gum tasteless to give the Bostonian (ireek a hoost and as his share in the opinion polls dwindles his height inches up. (‘ome election day he‘s on schedule to he a giant hut a day after he‘ll still he living on top of a heanstalk. 'l'he prohlem. apparently. is that voters associate authority with size. the theory heing that you can't he a tower ofstrength with 31in inside leg and a 14in collar. By contrast Bush. at (ift 3in. is a mountain of a man. and ifelected would hecome the joint fourth tallest president ever. sharing a podium with Roosevelt. Washington and Arthur and cowering under Jefferson and Johnson. and lanky Lincoln who shopped at High and Mighty.

This is good news for haskethall players. Otherwise. who‘s cheering? Those of us who have spent a lifetime as the butt of size-ist jokes will see this as yet another huge step forward

loveahlc. w rite soon? Box No

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Small is beautiful argues Alan 'I‘aylor. sizing up to the world domination of the high and mighty.

feels like to pay for a pair of trousers only to have to throw away an arm‘s length of material. This is only one example ofthe heinous exploitation ofsmall people that the (‘onsumers' Association wilfully ignores.

So small people continue to suffer mainly in silence. We know that right is on our side and that if it were not for us the world would he a much worse and certainly more overcrowded place. This is not smugness hut scientifically suhstantiated fact. Thanks to us more people can get into lifts. chimneys are swept and horse races are run. It is. I suppose. too much to insinuate that there has been a plot

to keep part of the population so to speak down. but a report puhlished recently (and how useful these are!) suggests that the lowly in origin stay lowly. while chinless wonders sprout like fungi in a glasshouse.

Height. it occurs to me. is a class struggle and if I had the energy I‘d join Militant and demand that the House of Lords he moved to Bournemouth. where all its rnernhers live anyway. Instead I would like to make a puhlic plea for positive discrimination at the workplace with equal rights for anyone under 5ft (yin. There should he free milk to encourage growth. stools at every light switch and

cinema. theatre. travel and non—scene socialising. l’hoto appreciated. Box Nos” 5.

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Non —smoker. photo appreciated. .-\.l..A. Box No Sll If).

I Gay/Bi Guyt22i. inexperienced. straight acting. i put off by ghettoish aspects of

gay scene. seeks similar. (ilasgow. Photo appreciated. Discretion assured and expected. Box .\'o.s‘il 17.

I Bisexual Guy r 2o) cross dress IV. 'l‘all. dark handsome non—scene. Seeks friends for fun times. relationship. (ilasgow area. Photo and phone no please. A.l..A. Box .\'o.\’ll IS. I Male (29) youthful ' appearance likes music. cinema. cats and iiiglitcluhs seeks fun loving sincere female for friendship and nights out in or around (ilasgow area. Write soon. Box Noh'tl 1*).

stacked shoes availahle on the National Health Service. To deny small people these rights is a denial of detnocracy itselfand could lead. I fear. to hloody revolution. For if they go on heing exploited small people. like all disadvantaged groups. are hound to hand together (albeit in small groups). I have heard of a just such a group in (iorgie. exclusively for five foot twos. and I am sure Li's! readers are aware that Shorties Are Smarter has long heen an influential voice in America. successfully campaigning to have Randy Newman‘s offensive hit single. ‘Short I’eople‘ ("l‘hey' got little baby legs And they stand so low You got to pick 'em up Just to say hello.‘) removed from many radio station playlists.

But it has been said that such ganging up may well prove to he the Shorties‘ undoing. Smallness. like haemophilia. is hereditary. and while the latter can result in hleeding to death the former offers the possibility ofdisappearance. In the space ofa few generations intensive in-hreeding could mean that people will get so small it would he irnpossihle to see them. Through no fault of their own small people have hecome an endangered species. I can think of no better reason why all franchised Americans should vote for Senator Dukakis.

The List 38 ()ct ll) Nov 1988 67