Those who saw Theatre at the Eighth Day on the 1985 Edinburgh Festival Fringe will not have torgotten their blazineg committed pertormance. The Polish group took home a deserved Fringe First. Now they are back in Scotland at the Third Eye Centre. as part at the Polish Realities season -albeit unot‘ticially. Alter several years 01 government support. in 1985 they suddenly

tell out at tavour and. tor the Polish government‘s purposes. ceased to exist. They carried on. at course. in exile and underground. and this month presentlwo pieces- one about the power at art over censorship and imprisonment. one about lite under martial law- and a workshop. See Third Eye Centre. Glasgow.

Sleepy People' and ‘1 loney‘sucklc Rose' among them. I THIRD EYE CENTRE 3511Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521 . ('afe open 1 lam—2.30pm Tue-Fri and during evening performances. Polish Realities l ‘ntil 3 Dec. The extensive season of Polish contemporary arts continues throughout the month. There are talks. concerts. films. exhibitionsand performances. Please check relevant listings sections for details ofother events. Wielopole-Wielopole: Video Screening Weds 23 Dec. opm. l’ree. Janusr .‘ylarek. a critic and historian of contemporary Polish theatre. introduces a screening of Tadeusr. Kantor‘s seminal piece of theatre. HTt'lt)pt)/(’-“TV/(llwl/F. made by (‘ricot-2 Theatre and Polish T\' theatre. He will also introduce a videoon contemporary Polish theatre tomorrow. Theatre at the Eighth Day Ttte 22 —Sat 2o Nov. ()ne of the most interesting groups appearing at the Polish Realities season. partly because they cannot be part of the official programme. not beingofl'icially recognised by the Polish (iovernment. They present tyvo productions: Wormwood (on Weds 23 ch Thurs 24 Nov . S.3llpm).a non-linear theatrical peice about life under martial law and Ascent (on l-‘ri 25& Sat 20 .\'ov. 8.30pm ). in vs hich people gathered round a table start to recall the life and death of poet ()ssip Mandelstram. killed in a Siberian camp. and illustrate how art can be stronger than oppression and death. Th :atre of the liighth Day also hold a workshop from 2—4pm on Tue 22 Nov. See Photo. I TRON THEATRE o3 Trongate. 552 4207 S. Box Office Tue—Sat Noon-Rpm; Sttn 12.31% 1 1pm. (‘losed Mondays. Losing AleCThurs til—Sun 27 Nov. 7.3upm. Members £3t£1)zNon-members £4. HALF-PRICE Previeyv on Thttrs lll Nov. Premiere of the latest play by young (ilasgoyv playwright. Peter Arnott. Arnott's previous plays have won him considerable acclaim and this one survevs the effect of the return of the ghost ot'Alec MacSyveeney. die-hard old-school Socialist. tohis(ilasgoyv family. Tobe revieyved next issue. i The Police Fri 1 1 & Sat 12. l‘ri tack Sat 1*) Nov. 1 1pm. £3 members; £4 non-members. .\'ot the message-in-a-bottle pop group. but a satirical comedy by Polish yvriter Slavomir Mrozek. Theatre Racoon. \y ho previously presented Mrozek's The Prophets. in a topical production ot his play about the last political prisoner in an anonymous land. where the justification for many of the forces of law and order hangs on his presence. i Playreading: Birthmarks Sat 12 Nov. 2.30pm. A playreading in the bar of a play by Mark Jenkins. first prize winner ofthe Drama Association of Wales. which focusses on two years of Karl Marx'slife

spent in a thm nbeat Soho flat. l’olloyycd by a discussion.

Playreading: Zosianka Sat 1‘).\'o\.2.311pm. l-‘ocussingon the relationship betysecn Polish yy riter Sophie Breschka and sculptorllenri (iaudier. this play by T'na Hell “on the NSF Assembly Productions Playyvriting(‘ompetition A reading in the bar lolloys ed by a discttssion.


I BEDLAM THEATRE l'ot't'cst Road. 1131 22.< 9893.

Savedt‘nril Sat 12 Nov , isupm. £3.51“: concs;£1liL'TLmembers.1:1'T(‘in lidyvard Bond's tough contemporary classic. Sec Review '

Holly Stingers \\ eds to .\o\. 1..\Ilpttt. Ll members; £1 .50 non-members ( price includes lunch). Not so much a typo. more a lunchtime play limit 121 ‘T(‘.

Paid on Both Sides Thurs 17 Tues 22 Nov. 7.30pm.£2.5111£2 cones; £1 121 'T(‘ members. \\‘.11.:\uden's tirst play about tysogangster families explores ditterent aspectsoftheatrical lorrn. Pertormed by lil'T(‘. - The Bald Prima Donna \Vctls 23x1“; 1.30pm. £1 members; £1.511non-members (price includes lunch 1. lil ’T(‘ in lonesco's seminal play.

I BRUNTON THEATRE .\ltisselburgh. (to) 3711.

Fancy Rappin' Mon 7-s;u 13 .‘s'ov . 7.15pm. £4 (£2.50). Wildcat Stage Productions in their tenth anniversary shoys . Sec Touring.

The Warld's WonderWeds lo.\'ov Sat3 Dec. 7.45pm. Alexander Reid‘smagtcal old Scots play about the povsers ol the imagination. yy ith music by Richard (‘herns

I GILDED BALLOON THEATRE ( 'oys gate. 225 3013 225 4403.

Arnold Brown Fri 18 & Sat 1‘) .\'o\ .‘lpm. See ('abaret.

Facets ot Eve .\1on2l Sails .‘s‘m .spm. £3.5(l(£2.5(l). Monday . tsyo for the price olonc. Pirenze (iuidi. Italian actress vs ho has ysorked \vith Dario l-'o. iii a programme olonc yvoman pieces written by Po and l-‘ranca Rame. and translated by (iuidi herself.

I KINGS THEATRE 2 l.even Street. 22‘) 1201. Box Office .‘ylon Sat ltlam Spm. Bar. [1)]. [1i].

Richard ll Mon 7- Sat 12 Nov , 7.30pm, Weds & Sat mat 2.30pm. £4-£l l.('ones£3 offstallsandgrand circlefil‘ues Thurs. .‘ylon all seats half-price. Derek Jacobi is the prince in Shakespeare's lyrical history play. See Revieys.

Ken Dodd Mon 1-1 Nov . 7.30pmf1‘ues 15 Nov. (its 8.311pm. £3 £5.50. ('oncs £2olf stalls and grand circle Mon ck Tues at opm. See ('abaret.

The 1988 Gang Show Mon 21 —Sat 2o Nos. 7.15pm. Sat mat 2. 15pm. £1 £4.5tltprices vary according to night -— please check with


Noel Coward


25 November-10 December, Mon-Sat 7.45 pm. Tickets from £2.50.


Sat Matinee 10 December 3.15 pm. BOOKING NOW

031-229 9697



ByJanct Fcnton. Directed by Adrian Ilarris "A magical tale of enchanted forests and ancient spells... "

Thurs 22 - Sat 31 December £2.00 - Children; £3.30 - Adults.

Group Discounts Available.

BOOKING NOW: (031) 226 5425 34 Hamilton Place, Stockbridgc Edinburgh EH3 SAX.

Early booking advisable for this very popular family theatre!

1 ran KINGS

Tues 29th Nov. '88 to Sat 11th Feb. '89

7pm Daily. Saturday Matinees 2.15pm

Jimmy Logan Una'NMcLean AC 1113 EANSTALK

JOHN RAMAGE 0 ALYSON McINNES EUAN McIVER FLETCHER MATHERS plus lull supporting cast. ——--.- r- ..

TICKETS: Stalls £6.50 & £5.50.

Grand Circle £7.00. Upper Circle £4.75, Gallery £2.50. Boxes: (4) £26.00

(5) £32.50. CHILDREN & OAP's:

Stalls £3.00 & £2.50, Grand Circle £3.50. Upper Circle £2.50, Gallery £2.00.

CONCESSIONS 'not available certain performances"

Tickets for all the shows can be booked at the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs (10.30am~6.30pm). The King's or Mitchell Theatres (noon llll 6pm). The Theatre Royal (10am.6pm) and Citizen‘s Theatre (toam-epm)