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Tuesday 29 November Saturday 7 January

Tickets £2.50‘£4.50. From: The Ticket Centre, Candleriggs Tel: 041-227 5511 Forfimlter details contact Wildcat on 041-954 W0

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Walter Carr


Grego Fisher

) as dashing Colin as (35 Guissi‘eesxogse' ( rom' o / 90 me He") 2982:: ; 'Scotch & wry' etc) ‘t . Treat the family to . mm V .

the very best this Christmas —« take them to see Scotland’s No.1 P_crn_tomime! Tuesday (3 December Saturday 18 February Evenings 7pm, Matinees 2.15pm Tickets. $475 to £0.75

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JATCQ: 5 0979

Sponsored by the BOX Office m open Mon Sat lOam—Bpm Mohammedan-unant- J n - EDINBURGH RADIO ts-Sarw'e'm 3:. alive: 3'.- 2 LINEN saucer t03|t229 izot FORTH





[HI-fit-g THE TRAVERSE THEATRE - Z 2 5 2 E 3 3


Box Office). Edinburgh Scouts and Gangs in the annual reef-knot show.

I St MARGARET'S HALL Napier College. 4-1-1 2266.

Owen and Sassoon at Craigloclthart Thurs to & Fri 11 Nos. 7.30pm. To mark the seventieth annisersary of the Armistice Stephen MacDonald introduces scenes from his play .Vnt .-t bout Heroes. which dramatises the meeting at (‘raiglockhart Hospital l now part of Napier(‘ollege)of Siegtried Sassoon and Wilfred ()w en.


Punch's Wile Weds lo Nos . 2.3(lprn1’l‘hurs l7 Nos. lpm. In the first ot a seriesof performances about women iii public life ss ho disappeared tip a cul-de-sac. ( ‘indy ()sw in and Brian lipton present a play about ('aroline of Brunswick . eortdueted as an utters tess ss ith (’aroline abotit her lite, Wife of George l\'.(‘aroline was not best treated by her husband. but relusedto lie tloss n and die. and ( )sw in's play documents her spirit and gall.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE «13 l ligh Street. 55h 057‘). Box ( )ll'tCL‘.

lltani 4.5llpm. 7- ‘lptn pert. es gs. (‘ate. [D]. |li|. Changed Days Mon 7 Sat 1‘) Nos _ 7.30pm. Weds tk Sal Matinces 5pm. LINK). Winged l lorse in Alan Spence‘s story of the ( )ld Town in lzdinburgh. from 1930s onwards. See Res iess and 'l‘ouring.

Stick 3 Needle in My Eye Wars 9 Sat 12 Nos. I.lllpm. t; l .5“ ( {l t. The second in the new season trom ( )xygen House a play by Jenny l’raser tsshoalso has aplay at Theatre Workshop this tortnight . see below ) and Louise Ironside. set in ladinburgh and using music arid dance to tell a tccnagchsslory.

Is There Life After High School Mon 21 Sat 2o Nos . 7.3“pm. Sat o5” tk 8.3llpm. The (’ompany . ss ho specialise in turning up unusual musicals. in an American musical that is has ing success on the other sideof the Atlantic. but hasn‘t yet been seen over here.

StationS/The Eagle weds to Sat I‘)Nos.

I Iltpm. {1.51) l H t. Third in the current seriesot ()sygen Ilotise lunchtime performances is a double bill by Dasid Ashton. one tocusing on an old soldier accused of child molesting. the other on an old woman. waiting to be ‘snatchcd tip by lllL‘L‘ilglL“.

In With The Doctor and Others \s‘etts 23 Sat 26 Nos . l. lltpm. £l.5(l(£l ). An adaptation ol a short story by (ilasgow

w titer .lames Is'elnian. resols ing around a trip to the doctors. is the fitial production in this short season of lunchtime plays.

I PLAYHUUSE 18 23 ( irccnsitle Place. 557 25‘)“, Box ( )tfice Mon Sat Illam opm (Spin on show nights). liar.

No theatre performances this issue.

I QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE Department of Drama. ( ‘Ierw ood Terrace. 5398] I l.

Susannah and the Elders weds it» Sat is) Nos . 7..‘~(tpm. £2 ( Ll t. l’t'cyicss on'l‘ues 15th. 5ltp. Theatre on the l lill in.Iames Bridic‘splay.

I ROYAL LYCEUM ( irindlay Street. 22‘) 0097. Box ( )ftice .‘slon Sat Illam (spin. Illam 8pm on pert. esgs. liar. Rest ('afc. [D]. [Ii I. ('I ltcatreSayct‘ (‘oncession ('ards cost f; l . last all year. give £1 off the lull price each time you come for you and a friend asailablc to ( )Al’s. I‘D-Ills. Students. Disabled and YTS scheme) Tickets for l._sceum productions are also available at the Ticket ('entre. Waverley Bridge; branches of AT May‘s Travel and the Queens 1 tall. ('lerk Street.

As You Like ltt~’ri 28()ctv-Sat IUNos'. 7.45pm. £25” £7. TheatrcSas'cr holders £1 off. l-‘Rlil: Preview Thurs 27()ct. 7.45pm. New production ofShakespeare's comedy. See Review.

ITHEATRE WORKSHOP.”Hamilton Place. 226 5-125. Box Office Mon-Sat 9.3(tarn-53lipni. Bar. (life. [1)][li].

No theatre performances until December.


Urassmarket. 226 2633. Box Office Tue—Sat mam—8pm. Sun b—lOpm. Bar. Rest. Tickets also available from the Ticket Centre. Market Street.

In Willi The New Tues 8 Nov—Sun 4 Dee. A month-long season of new Scottish writing and performance.

Boothies Tues 8—Sun 13 Nos. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£2.50). The first in this season of new Scottish work is a play by Peter Murray. I-‘ocussing on the old boxing boothsof the I‘Mlls. it tells the taleof Davie Wright. a young hopeful who learns a lesson. See Panel.

SaltWater't‘ues lS—Sun 20 Nov. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£2.50). A new play about a woman examining the s'alucsof her life sofar. written by Ann Samuel. who came to writing after several years in finance. then several months working with abused women and their children.

A Week of New Scottish Dance Tues 22 ~-Sat 26 Nov. See Dance Listings.

I WEST END HOTEL 35 Palmerston Place. Let Them Say Mon 21 .Nos‘. 7pm. Edinburgh Playwright 's Workshop in a workshopped production of a new play by Kenneth llowdcn.


I This section lists shows that are touring Scotland. We give detailed listings onlytor periods when they are in the Central Belt area. There is a phone number for each company, however. should you require more inlormation. Unless otherwise specified. the number after each venue listed isthe telephone number lor ticket enquiries for that particular evening (please note. this is notalways the venue number).

I Changed Days Alan Spence's play about the changing face of lidinburgh'sOId Town and its community over the years since 1930. presented by the touring company Winged llorse.

.Vt'lht'rlmn' .rl rts‘ (it’tttrt'. Iitfttthttrgh I 'ntil Sat 1‘) Nov. 7.30pm. Matinees on Weds tk Sat. ()3! 5569579. lind ofTour.

I Fancy Rappin' Wildcat in their tenth anniversary show. Written by Dave Melennan and Dave Anderson. it celebrates It) years ofWildcat. incorporating many songs front their earlier shows. and in a story loosely woven round that of Oliver Twist. updated to the Eighties. examines what has been happening in Britain over the last ten years. For further details please call Wildcat on 041 9540000.

BHUHUN Theatre. .Ilusxs't'lhurg/t Mon 7—Sat 13 Nos. 7.45pm. (BI (36.5 2240. lindof Tour.

I A Midsummer Night's Dream TAG Theatre ('ompany in an exuberantly funny. subtle production of Shakespeare‘s magical comedy the last front Ian Brown as artistic director ofTA(i. For further details please call TAU on ()41 42‘) 2877. Puts/0v A rts ('t'rttrt'. Pills/CV Sat 12 Nov. 8pmll41887 lllllt; Tour continuesaround lingland until I‘) Nov. around Dumfries and (ialloway area from 22-25 Nov (contact 0387 6123-1 for furtherdetails). then finishes up in (‘arlisle on 26 Nos.

I Murphy‘s Law West Lothian Youth Theatre tour a new play by Patrick livans about the famine of West Lothian in 1740; the child slave trade of the time and the infamous Murphy. Researched in West Lothian by the performers. the production is presented by young people between the agesoH and 20.

Theatre Workshop. Iz'rlt'nhurgh Sat 5 Nov. 7.3(lpnt.()3122(s5425.

I Wild Garden Adventure Fablevision irt one oftheir popular. funnychildren‘s shows. This one. which began life at the Glasgow (iarden Festival. concerns the wicked force lurking in the countryside which loves litter and other man-made country perils. and how we can keep it at bay. For children and adults. For further details please call (I41 423 7052.

Adam Smith ( ’t’ntrt’. K irkcaldy Sat I2 Nov. 11.30am.

24 The List 1 l 24 November 1988