I Dave Allen Theatre Royal. 1 lope Street. Glasgow . 1141 331 1234. 8pm. £4—£‘).511. The amiable Irish raconteur w ith his high stool. his bi'ogue and his shaggy dog



I Dave Allen Theatre Royal. 1 lope Street. (ilasgow. 041 331 1234. Spm. See above. Fri 1 1th.


I Harry Eniield Pavilion Theatre. Rentield Street. (ilasgow . ()41 332 1846 7.30pm. £4.50seals only left at time of goingto press. The multi-t'aced comedian. See Feature.


I Ken Dodd Kings Theatre. Leven Street. Edinburgh. 031 22‘) 1201. 7.30pm. £3—£5.50. Cones £2 offstalls and (irand Circle. That extraordinary uncombed phenomenon from Knotty Ash. probably best known now for hisamazing diddle-men.


I Billy Connolly Kings Theatre. Bath Street. (ilasgow . is’pm. £5—-£‘).50. SOLD OUT. but returns possible. llay ing made only rare appearances up here until recently. the Big Yin has suddenly become a regular fixture -- he appears at the lidinburgh Playhouse later this month too. I Ken Dodd Kings Theatre. l.even Street. lidinburgh. 031 22‘) 1201. 6 ck 8.30pm. £3—£5.50. Cones £2 off stalls andCrrand ('ircle at 6pm pertormance. See above. Monday 14th.


I Billy Connolly Kings Theatre. Bath Street. (ilasgow. 8pm. £5—£‘).50. S( )l.1) ()lfT. but returns possible. See above. Tues 15th.


I Billy Connolly Kings Theatre. Bath Street. (ilasgow. 8pm. £5—£‘).50. SOLD OUT. but returns possible. See above. Tues 15th.


I Billy Connolly Kings Theatre. Bath Street. (ilasgow. 8pm. £5—-£‘).50. SOLD OUT. but returns possible. See above. Tues 15th.

I Arnold Brown Crilded Balloon . Cow gate. Edinburgh. 031 225 3013 225 4463. ‘)pm. Erslwhile Perrier Award winner and desert-dry witmonger returns with another dose of his fine laconic humour. I Skint Video and Mark Miwurdz ( ‘rawfurd Theatre. Jordanhill College. (ilasgow. 041 ‘)50 3437 3438. 8pm. £2.50. A double bill of outspoken comedy from well-known cabaret circuit faces.


I Billy Connolly Kings Theatre. Bath Street. (ilasgow. 8pm. £5-£‘).5(). SOLD OUT. but returns possible. See above. Tues 15th.

I Arnold Brown (iilded Balloon Theatre. Cowgate. Edinburgh. 031 225 3013 225 4463. ‘)pm. See above. Fri 18th.




I THEATRE ROYAL l lope Street. 331 1234 Rambert Dance Company 22~26 Nov.

2. 15pm. £3--£8.50. Special double ticket offer. Book to see the opening night of each programme for only £‘).50. Programme1 22—24 Nov. Merce Cunningham‘s fabulously spare but poetic dance to the seven movements of Erik Satie's beautiful paino score 'Trois Morceauz en Forme de Poire'. llymnosis a new work by artistic director Richard Alston to Peter Maxwell Davies‘ piece for clarinet and piano. Soldat is another new work. this time by Ashley Page. with designs by Scottish artist Bruce Maclean. Rhapsody in Blue is by Alston to (iershwin with dresses by society designer \‘ictor lidelstein.

Programme 2 25 .26 Nov. Mates is an unusual piece by David (iordon which


Mates is a hoot. Choreographed by the witty American David Gordon, it is a piece at deliberately, deliciously skewered romanticism setto a collage ol overripe tango tunes. The music is interwoven with a hilariously purple spoken text, punctuated by such choice pulp verbs as thrashing, thrusting, pushing, grasping, mashing, crushing, throbbing and sobbing. The mock-erotic sound score dovetails beautilully with movement that is irantic, elegant, silky yet silly in the best dead-pan manner. The result is one of the tiniest, most entertaining dances in Rambert’s repertory.

No small part 01 the piece’s success is due to the campy, sexy costumes by Antony McDonald, the London-based designer who is also an associate director at Second Stride, one of Britain’s most innovative dance-theatre groups. In Mates, McDonald has decked out the Rambert ensemble with an imaginative DTT chic that aptly suggest matadors, harem

dance to music ranging from South American tangos to Liszt piano music. Dark Elegies by Marie Rambert. the company's lounder. sets grief to Mahler. limbarque is a new work by Siobhan Davies inspired by a recent trip to America.

Classes and Workshops

I GARNETBANK SCHOOL Renfrew Street. Info 334 334‘)

Jane Simpson—Contemporary Class every Tuesday 7—8.30pm. £2.

I HILLHEAD SECONDARY SCHOOL Oakfield Avenue. Info 334 1657

Fiona Alderman-Cunningham-based Class every Thursday 7-8.30pm. £2.

Stretch and Get Loose with Jane Simpson Class every Monday 7—8.30pm. £2.

I OAKGRAVE PRIMARY SCHOOL St Peters Street. Info 334 4203

Discovering Dance Class every Tuesday. Adult beginners 7—‘).30pm.

girls, harlots and lounge lizards.

‘I went wild,‘ the son-spoken designer admits. Belore he and Gordon evermet, McDonald wastold the choreographer wanted the dancers in underwear, with a touch of Dallas glam. Scouring copies of Vogue and like magazines lor inspirational images, McDonald linally reckoned that what was needed was something more interesting and strange’ than mere underwear.

‘1 think David was shell-shocked at the first littings,’ McDonald says, ‘but he didn’t panic at what I’d come up with. He was really clever. In tact, he‘s one of the best choreographers I’ve ever had at a lilting. We looked at individual dancers and he’d say, "He or she needs more at this orthat" or “So-and-so doesn’t look sexy enough“£

Since he began designing lor dance in 1980, McDonald has worked with Siobhan Davies, Richard Alston, Rosalind Newman and in particularly close collaboration with Second Stride's Ian Spink. ‘lan takes risks,’ McDonald says admiringly. ‘He goes much lurther than anyone else with the design ideas you give him.’

McDonald has also been employed by opera and theatre companies throughout Britain and abroad, including a Gaelic-speaking troupe on the Isle of Harris. ‘Have you ever been to Harris?’ he quizzes. ‘lt’s a bit like landing on the moon. I was born in

Somerset, but my lather is lrom Dundee, and his lamin was originally lrom the West. I love Scotland. But I don’tthink I could live there permanently. I’d go mad.’ (Denis O’Toole)

See listings tor programme details and Guest List tor interview with Bruce Maclean.

I SCOTTISH BALLET STUDIO 261 West Princes Street. 331 2931

All classes run until 17 Dee.

Junior Contemporary Every Tuesday. 6—7pm.£1.50.

Adult Contemporary Evcry Wednesday. 6—7pm. £2 (£1.50).

Perlormance Group Every Thursday. 6—7pm. £2 (£1 .50).

Beginners Ballet Every Saturday. 14 years to adult. 10—11.15am.£2(£1.50). Beginners Jazz livery Saturday. 14 yearsto adult. 11.30am—1pm. £2((£1.50).

I WEST SCHOOL Newton Street. Paisley. 887 3726.

Limon With Rosina Bonsu Every Tuesday. ‘).45—1 1 15am. £1.

Contemporary Dance Workshop 20 Nov. l—4pm. £5. Prank McConnell takes this extended class. Places are limited so telephone 887 4836 to book.

I RAMBERT DANCE COMPANY AT THE EAST ROOM, McCLELLAN GALLERIES [inter from Rose Street just oft" Sauchiehall Street. Phone (ilasgow Independent Dance on 334 4836 for details.

Mark Baldwin of Rambert Dance Company will take class on 26 Nov from 10.30am-12.30pm. £2. Places are limited so phone the above number to book.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521.

Julyen Hamilton and Barbara Mahler 12.13 Nov. 10.30am—5pm. £15 (£10). Hamilton takes contemporary and improvisation while Mahler. a teacher from New York. introduces the Klein technique. develoch by Susan Klein to re-educate the dancer‘s body on a deep and organic physical level. A weekend to be recommended. Places are limited so phone (ilasgow Independent Dance on 334 4836 to book. Actors and Dancers Workshop o-- 10 Dec. £3 per session or £10 for course.

10. 15am~l2. 15pm daily. A short course with (ireg Nash (with some movement experience) focusing on alignment and improvisation. Phone 334 4836 to book.

EDINBURGH Perlormance

I ST BRIDES CENTRE ()rwell Terrace. Khoros Dance Theatre 18.18 Nov. 8pm. This Edinburgh-based company perform regularly throughout the year. Accessible. entertaining performance is coupled with charm and humour. For further information on the company and classes phone Tracy llawkes on 22‘) 1071.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE (irassmarket. 226 2633.

The Little Prince 22—24 Nov. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£2.50). A new solo show by Scottish dancer Frank McConnell.

Rotating Dancers 25.26 Nov. 7.30pm. £4.51) (£2.50). Rotating Dancers continue the development of the experimental piece they began at the Winter (iardensin (ilasgow. The work is a collaboration with musician Derek lloughton and

artist choreographer Lindsay John.


I BRUNTON HALL Musselburgh. 665 3711 ext244.

Dance Xplosion A season of dance elassand performance workshops every Wednesday. Phone for details.

I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Square. Tracy Hawkes Evening classes for adults and children. Contact Tracy on 22‘) 1071 for details.


Dance at the Kings Mondays and Tuesdays 545—7. 15pm. £2. L'ntil 6 Dec. The popular Assembly Rooms classes have moved to the Kings and are run now by Edinburgh's new dancer—in-residenee Sheridan Nicol.


Early Dance Course 26.27 Nov. A weekend course in 16th and 17th centurydance. Beginners welcome. Details from Joan English 336 2896.

The List 11— 24 November 1988 25