I The Great PaperChase ( BB(‘!)

9.3!) Ill.3flprit. This is the long awaited film comedy based on the often farcical attempts of Superintendent .lack Slipper to track dovs rt train robber Ronald Biggs. ()riginally entitled Slip ( '1). this adaptation of Anthony Delano's book by Keith \Vaterhousc was scheduled for ('itristmas istso. btit the real Slipper ofthe Yard obtected to the programme and it's ortly now that the re-edited film cart be seen. Jeremy Is'emp plays Slipper vs hile Larry lamb adds the eelullord re-creations of the Train Robbers vs ith his Interpretation of Brggs.

I Omnibus: Paul Simon ( BBC!)

Hill) l l.2flpm. Mark Steyn ofThe Independent talks to the American singer songwriter in this film about his life and music.

I Halfway to Paradise ( ( ‘4!

11.30pm llltlam. Wet Wet Wet and Swamptrash feature in our very own North of the Border late rtight entertainment.

I A Bigger Splash ((4) 12.2!) 3.15pm. Documentary film tracing vsith an amazing frankness the events of painter



10—27 Nov at 7.30pm PHIL MCCALL in LOSING ALEC

by Peter Arnott music by Craig Armstrong A Ghost Story for Glasgow in the '80s

Tickets £3/£4 (£1) '/2 price preview

E TRON THEATRE, 63 'I‘rongate. Glasgow Tel: ()4! 552 4267

David IIockney“s life between l‘)7(land 1973. During that period Jack I fazan's cameras never seem to has e been far away. and the film documents. amongst other thittgs. the break-up of llockney ‘s relationship vs ith (‘alifornian artist. Peter Schlesinger. This. coinciding vs ith the retrospective at the Tate. vs ill be the film‘s first British TV showing.


I Water((‘4) lfl. lSprn—Illlfiani. Pretty disastrous Dick (‘lement and Ian La l‘rernias madcap comedy starring .‘inchael ('aine as the governor of a British island colony and Billy (‘onnolly as the leaderof a local tribe. Notable mostly for Maureen Lipman‘s impersonation of"I‘hatcher.

I The Street ((4) 13.05- 1.135an Latest cop show from America (screened as Hill Street Blues begins its last season ). Here the emphasis is on character rather than violence arid on location shooting in the hand held style of (S TV news. 'l‘wopairs of cops share shifts in patrol car Ztitlin stories set in Newark. New Jersey.


I Country File ( BB(!) l3.3f)— Ipm. iii ‘The Lie of the Land'. Skye based journalist. James l Iunter attacks the poverty of many people's lives in the Scottish I lighlands.

I The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion. The Witch and The Wardrobe ( BBC!)

5.40 (i. lflpm. The kids' hook that is fondly remembered by many adults makes itsT\' debut. Starring Barbara Kellerman as the Witch this is a production from thesamc team that made the award winning The Hot of!)e/tg/tt.v‘. The (‘.S. I.evs'is books which are part children's fantasy . part religious allegory ought to translate brilliantly to Sunday afternoon'l‘V tea-times.

I Equinox ((4) 7 Spm. The science and technology ofgetting airborne in tonight's programme ‘I-‘ree I‘light'. Documentary about the developments made in the construction ofgliders.

I Charles At Forty: A Prince For DurTime (Scottish) 7.45-—S.45pm. Anthony l Ioldcn. the Royal biographer and journalist. assesses Britain‘s favourite architecture critic.

I First Born (BB(‘l )9.()5— ll).fl5pm. Last episode of this wonderful. silly series about a genetic scientist (('harlcs Dance) and his half man. half gorilla ward.

I Visions of Britain ( BB(‘Z ) 9.25— it). lupin. Jonathon Porritt. Director of I‘riendsof the Iiarth. on the condition of the British countryside.

I The South Bank Show ( Scottish)

lll.3ll—l 1.30pm. Portrait of sculptors Wendy Taylor and Nicola l licks.

I Scottish Books (Scottish) ! I .307 12pm. Sheena McDonald presents Scottish 'I'elevision's monthly review of books.


I Scottish Action (Scottish ) ().3fl~ 7pm, ('ontinuing the investigation into poverty in Scotland. this programme looks at the poor standard of housing with which many farnalics have to cope.

I Scottish Assembly(Scottish)

10.35—1 1.35pm. New series of the shoy it) which a specially selected representative lflf) Scots discuss issues of the day. Presented by Sheena McDonald.

I Electric Avenue ( BBC!) ll.35—Midnight. Ilow computers help compile (iallup’s top 30 popchart.


I The Secret Life of The Vacuum Cleaner ((11) (v.3(L—7pm. Basically a moving. talking version of the ()bserver magazine cartoon strip of fond memory . 'l‘lte Rudiments of IITM/UHI. Tim I lunkin. writer and artist of the Rudiments strip has adapted the idea for television and first of the six half hour programmes reveals the secrets of the vacuum cleaner itself.

I The Train Now Departing ( BBt‘Z) S—S._‘s()prn. Nevs series for steam train fans. The first programme features the threatened Settle to (‘arlislc line.

I Food and Drink ( BB(‘2 ) Shit) 9pm. The returning food and drink series with a report on the novs v ast range of low-alcohol beers.

IEurocops((‘4) it)~ 11.!!Spni. The crime series made by all the members ofthe liuropean ('o-l’roduction .»\ssociation. The second story. made by Swiss producers SR(i Zurich. is set against a background of the Basel carnival. ISCDiI((‘-I) ll.ll5— l l.35pm. Nevs fast moving food programme presented by Dawn I‘rench. From the people vs ho brought you the fashion series. Swank.


I Voices of War ((11) (v.3fi-7pm. Second programme in the series vs hich uses personal letters. diaries and photographs of soldiers together with rare archive film to capture the emotions of the First World War as the event edgesout ofliving memory. Tonight. hovv the facts were altered to suit the Government line.

I Horses ((-1) 3pm. Repeat showing of Scottish television's dullish attempt todo for horses what Sir Kenneth (‘larke did for Civilisation.

I Sumo ((11) S-Sfillpm. (‘overage returns of the flesh kneading sport that earns its participants plenty of dough.

I ChristabehBB(‘JWQS-10.25pm. Dennis Potter's new series based on ('hristabel Bielenberg's autobiographical account of living in Nazi (iermany . See (iuest List.

I The Visit ( BB( ‘! ) 9.3!) !().3()pm. Second of Desmond Wilcox's investigations ofthe controversial ‘holding' treatment for autistic children.

I It's My City(BB(‘! ) !().2()—!t).5()pm. Body Shop founder Anita Roddick (vvell known for bringing jobs in herovs'n company to depressed areas ofthe country) introduces a rtevs BB(‘ competition to find the people who are doing most to ‘put the heart back irtto their communities‘. Prince ('harles will be on hand to launch the event.

I The Men Who Killed Kennedy. . .The Story Continues (Scottish) lll.35—-l l . 15pm. Reaction to the controversial Thames TV documentary vs hich claimed it had uncovered the killersof the IS President. I ! Drew Roger Rabbit ( Scottish)

l I. [S 1 1.45pm. Documentary about animator Richard Williams who created Roger Rabbit (a movie coming to your area. soon). i .


I Eye on the Whitehouse (Scottish) 1.3ll—2pm. American documentary which goes behind the scenes ofT\"s reporting of the Presidential elections toexplain how the coverage of ‘Super Tuesday ' in March was put together.

I Scottish Questions (Scottish) 7.3(L-Spm. Margo MacDonald and David Whitton report on the week in Scottish politics.

I Alexei Sayle's Stutt ( BB( ‘2 ) ‘)--‘).3f)pm. Last in the series.

I Thompson ( BB(‘i ) 9.30— lupin. Sccoiit! episode of the Iiutma Thompson comedy show.

I40 MinUIeSUiBCZ)9.3(l—Ifl.10pm.'A Policewoman's Lot' horrific acCount of

the violence that vvomen on the beat are beginning to face in Britain as they seem to be being singled otrt as specific targets.

I Thanks a 14 Million ( BB( ‘1)

ll) 10.30pm. How they spent the money raised by last year's (‘hildren in Need appacl.

I The Talking Saxophone ( BB( ‘3)

l 1.2!) llSSpm. Portrait of the nevv savophone talent. Andy Sheppard.


IRecord BreakerS(BBt‘! )Sufi 5.35pm. (‘elebr'ating Mickey Mouse‘sotlth Birthday. | I Children in Need ( BB( ‘! i" “put. ' 0.3!) ‘tfipmand If)..‘\flprii l._‘(|pm. The target nationally is LN million and in Scotland we'll be It‘s trig to ‘.\Iake it a .‘inllion‘. ( )ur lel is on hand to helpraise )

IThe Late Show With Clive Jamesr BB(‘3) 7.3” Spin. ( ieorge Sterner. ( ‘hrrstopher Ricksand .-\nt!!e( ohen-l’olal )orn(‘live James to discuss the fascination vv rtlt totalitarianism held by some of the Illth century ‘sgreates! vs r iters.

IBap MasterBonnierBBt‘j)

f)._‘s() lll. 15pm. ‘l)ooriesbury'creator

(iarry 'IAl'lltIL‘itll teams tip vs IIIl compose! l.i/ Svsados for this satire on the Reagan Presidency .lim .‘vlor ris raps as Reagan.

SATURDAY 19 g | l

IAII Creatures Great and Small ( BB( ‘! l SIS 0. 15pm. last in the current series sees Siegfried buy a television set presumably in case there are any gently nostaltliv‘Programmesabort! Yorkshire vetson.

I SAS: The Zero Option ( Scottish)

9.05 ll.ll5pm Nevv drama of derring—do from the boy s in black has the usual elements of ruthless ter'rotrstsand besieged l ondon I'HIIMSSIL‘S. A! vs ha! cost can order be t'L‘slt)!'ctI"

ITime Banditsrt 1)) !(!.(!_<piii )3 firm Terry (irlliam's comic fantasy tollovsssis dvsar'ls and a small boy through sev eral lime vsarps. vstth cameos from various Python and non-Python stars along the vvay. l’un. but not side-splitting I Peeping Tom ( BB(‘Ji ! lpin 1: lion .‘vlichacl Povv ell's long-neglected psychological thriller. riovs regarded as a minorelassic by many. not least because of the enthusiasm of Martin Scorsese. vs ho introduces this l'ilm ( ‘lub shovv trig ('atl Bochm stars as a young carrietamari vs ho becomes increasingly obsessed vs rtli sadism arid pornography


IThe Chronicles of Narnia ( BB( '1)

5.45 b. 15pm, The ambitious ( levsis I adaptation continues vv ith l-dmund i succumbing to the temptations of the ; \Vllilc‘ \Vitch. : IDutotlhe Doll's House: Herlndoors (Bli('2)S35 ‘) 25pm. Depressing l account of the lack of progress it! the :' struggle for vsomen's equality vshrle most married vsomen novs go out to vsorkUF percent do nearly all the vsashingand ironing. All (iarnctl prov idessomc would-be corntc relief.

ICrimewave ( BB( '3) I”. ll) ll 35pm. Surreal mishmash of lrlm no)! and black comedy from If) t/ Item/director Sam Raimi. receiving its first shovstngon British TV. A giant rat. a car chase anda pair'of hired killers lead innocent \‘re Alas fodeatlt toys. IClandesfinosH‘J)Midnight 1.45am. 3 (‘uban film made earlier this year . shovs n as part of the ( 'inema from 'I hree (‘ontinents series. 'I he title is ( loosely) translated as Irving Dangerously '.


IGoingforGoIdrBBt'! ) ii!) 3. ifipiii. (‘ontestants from around the l- H v re for a two-week ltolrday in Airstralia and a chance to escape from I lenty Kelly .vs ho haplessly hosts this pig's dinner of aun

25 The List ll-— 24 November 1988