l.’ a

i Tim Hunkin presents The Secret Life of the Vacuum Cleaner. See Tuesday 15 Nov, 04

pl‘tiglarlttiie which has in be \t'cll liltTL‘ belteyed,

I Behind the Beat t BM ‘3 l trfsfipm. Sieye l)anle in concert. James Brown in an excerpt lrom his forthcoming documentary . and young dub poet .\lacka B all feature.

I Scottish Action on Poverty ( Scottislll 0.3“ "pm. l’tegnant mothers and infants lty mg on lat gc housing schemesare statistically three times tttote y ulnerable to healtlt risks titan those in mg in better accommtidation. S'l \' continues to explore tlte problemsoi poyerty and initiate action to contth them.

I Black Cinema from Europe: Jemima and Johnny: Dreaming Rivers: We're Doing ltfor the Childrenttlli lipttt lam ’i'hrceshort films exploring racial issues.

I A Camera is not a Molotov Cocktail t ( ‘4)

l 1.55am, .\ documentary w hich looksat the history or the cmema‘s attempts tostir tip resolution.


I Colin‘s Sandwich ( lint ‘3 l 0 0.3llpm. last ill the \L‘l'lL'S sees the closet L‘l‘cilti\ L‘ writer ( .\lel Smith l hayc a story accepted for publication

I Witness: Linda's Secret ( Scottish) 10.35pm i2.ii5am. l)ramatisation of a real social work case. dealrrtg ottce again w ith the traumatic strbteet oi cltild sexual abuse.

IScottH‘J) 1 lil.‘ ill‘pm. (‘ontinuation oi compulch dict-lover I)aw n l‘rcnch‘s ‘sey en-cottrse‘ serieson eating.

I Who Shot President Kennedy? t BB('ll 11.15pm l2.ii5am. Not a hugely noyei subiect. bill a fresh approach is promised iorthis investigationon the twenty-fifth anniversary of .ll'K's assassination.


I DoctorWho l BB(‘l ) ".35 Spm. ‘Sily er Nemests'. a new three-part adyenture celebrating the twenty -fifth anniversary of tire ‘l'ime lord's appearance on our screens. the Doctor and .»\ee \\ lit) thankitrlly isan altogethertougher character titan the tisttal assistants come tip against the cy bermcn again. Yikesl

I Antenna ( BB( ‘2 ) S'. ill ‘lpm. the science programme takes a dis erting look at the sex liyes of alligators and shrimps.

I Rumpole of the Bailey ( Scottish)

" “ll‘m. l.eo.\1cKernfindshimselfinthe ciy rl courts in this first episode of the 5th series. defending a tabloid liditor against a popular romantic not eiist.

I Signals—Outsideand Inside Artlt‘4)

f). 15 iii. 15pm. Media documentary series Colliltllles w ith art examination of public and pr iy ate ail. ccntring on Anthony (iormley 's controversial statue in Leeds.

IChrislabeltlitit‘zitilfi lil.25pm. Second part of Dennis i’ottet 'santt-Na/i

drama (see Guest List).

I Friday Night Almost Live ((‘4)

1”. 15—1 1.15pm. i.oadzastavros! ()ur front coy er pin-up boy httnky llarry joinsforces with bubbly Ben iii this repeat of the last series of the late lamented live latrghter show.


I Thompson ( BBCI ) 9.3m lllpm. Robbie ('oitrane and Kenneth Branagh gtrest in the third of limma's comedy series.

I Education debate: Exams to the Test (Scottish) 1 l.tl5pm~i2.il5pm. 1.1.x! columnist Sheena McDonald chairs this discussion to mark the centenary yearof the 'l ligher' examination. which questions its relevance in the Nut is and asks whether exam results may be trscd to assess teachers.

I Mephisto ((‘4l i1.5ilpm-2.3ilam. Klaus .‘ytarta Brandatter gives a memorable performance as an actor forced to confront non-artistic values dtrring the rise ofthe 'l'hird Reich in this welcome repeat of S/abo‘s stylish [US] film. made in (ierman. shown here with subtitles.


Radio Scotland launches its new forth of evening scheduling this week with a strong emphasis on youth a determined attempt . as it approaches its tenth anniversary. to reverse its olderattdiencc profile (also see l-‘eature at the beginning of the magazine. ) As well as a cltrtchof new programmes. a hold re-schedulingof evening broadcasting has been decided upon. iivenings from Mondays to Fridays will be 'themed' with music one night . arts and documentaries the next. so audiences will know just when to tune in or turnoff. Schedules are as follows: Mondays Scottish music night. with Robbie Shepherd in Shepherd‘s Fancy. followed by Archie i'lSllL‘i‘ and Danny Kyle in Travelling Folk. Tuesdays Arts and documentaries beginning with Tuesday Review. followed by the Studio 3 documentary. Beginning on November l5. Tuesday evenings will also be the slot. for the next twenty weeks. of the repeat of Billy Kay’s Odyssey series. 'I'hese programmes add tip to a unique piece of broadcasting. brilliantly mixing oral history and linguistic analysis. The first is They Fairly Mak ye Work. has 15. b.3ilpm about the female workers in the Dundee Jute mills. followed by Fromthe Gorbals to Gweedore. the story ofthe (ilasgow Irish on November 22. b.3ilpm. Tuesday neview‘s extended interview on November 15 features Ian Wooldridge. artistic director of the tidinburgh Royal Lyceum. Wednesday will be Sportsnight with Midweek Sportsound and phone-in (tel il-il 338 (not ). Thursday is Youth Night. a description which always trnfortttnately sounds dispiriting. it'll start with 17 year old 1)] competition winner ('raig White's Top 40. followed by a new series Bite the Wax. Much publicity has already surrounded the title of this strangely named programme. which apparently has something to do with (‘oca (‘ola. btrt theprogramrne is a lively sounding mix of music. politics. entertainment. information and interviews which gives itselfa helluva billing in the Radio'I'imes. l’cter liaston's Beat Patrol. devoted to new music with a Scottish emphasis. follows at 10.30pm. Fridays are scheduled to feature country music with (ierry Ford in Country Corner followed by a new programme from Tom Ferric. On Friday 18 however. most of the evening is taken up with aspecial programme from Henderson's Salad Bar in Edinburgh. part of the BB("s annual Children in Need Appeal. Donations can be made on (Bl 220-1888.

I Music is listed as diary: by day. then by city. then by event.


FRIDAY 11 Glasgow

I Midday concert Stey ensott l lall. RSAXH). lllll Renfrew Street. 3.“: 5057. lpm. :\tllill\\itiii free by ticket. .\lusiclor the unlikely combination of trombone and marimba performed by .lolm Kenny and Nachiko Maekane. including the first performance of for l/lt' Republic by lair \\'ilcock.

I Marimba and Trombone Masterclasses RSAMI). lilii Renfrew Street. 332 5H5". 2.3ilpm. :\tlilil\\ltlii free. following the lunchtime concert. Nachiko .\laekane

giy es a lllaslcrclass for those w ho w all! to know more about the marimba. w hile .iohn Kcntry is in the ( iurnness Roont doing the same for the trombone.

I Voice/Lute Recital l lutcheson‘s I tall. ISs lngram Street. tickets: at door. ".fiilpttt. {3.5” ( £2). Mel/o soprano Sandra l’orter

Now entering its second week, Glasgow’s month long festival of Polish Arts in the 1980s starts its music programme tomorrow (Friday 11) with Polish Ensemble Camerata Vistula (see photo). Formed only 2A years ago, it has quickly established close links with the Polish Compos- ers’ Unlon, so has given first performances of many of the works its concerts include, like nearly all of the season’s music being heard in Britain for the first time.

Along with the more well known names like Gorecki, Lutoslawski and Pendereckl, the Polish musicians, in large and small ensembles, also play works by names unfamiliar to us - Moon Flowers by Marta Ptaszynslta, Poland’s leading woman composer, a two cello piece by Czarneclti. a world premiere by Macie] Maleckl. Scottish ensembles the New Music Group of Scotland and Paragon play Polish music too. Paragon’s electro- acoustic concert on Saturday 19 includes three specially commis- sioned works, one by Scottish

teams tip with Anne ( 'hatrrantl oti gtrttat and lute for a programme including Scottish lttte music and worksby l-allaand Rodrigo.

I Polish RealitieS/Camerata Vistula l lcnry \Vood l lall. (‘laremont Street 'l’rckels: 332 "521('lhitdl'ye('enttei.Spm.L4 H25”). t'it‘sl conceit tn music programme of l’olish Realities brings l’ohsh ensemble (‘amet'ata Vistula to Scotland, l ike all the concerts. theirs isan all l’ohsh contemporary programme. including ,ilrmn ltlmu'n by l’oland's leadtngwoman composer. .‘ylarta l’las/y nska


I Organ Recital .\lcl:wan l lall. Bristo Sqttare. l.ii|pm. free at door 'lhomas l.aing-Reilly playsworksby t'ltll l’eetets. Louis Viet tie and Dirt ttlle.

I 3N0 l 'sher l lall. [ othran Road. 22S 1155 or (tbS 2lll‘) i ()tleen's l lalll. ~..“llpill lixtra date: Saturday 12. ( ilasgow.

£27” £1 1 fill. Should be anexcttmg eyening with ( iennadt Ro/htlcstyensky conducting l’rokoltcy ‘sSyI/urm Mule. .‘ylahler'syersion ol Bruckner 'sSymphony No4 and the Piano ( ‘oneetto by Selmittkc

composer John Maxwell Geddes being the only non-Polish work in the 10 day span of concerts. ‘The three works are incredibly different’ says Paragon’s director David Davies. ‘The tape of Only Beatrix features a voice doing all sorts of strange things. The Maxwell Geddes, for string quartet, clarinet and tape will be quite a delight and then Krupowlcz’s Farewell Variations on a Theme by Mozart uses an entire symphony orchestra and chorus. It should be quite a spectacular concert.’

Undoubtedly the concerts will provide a fascinating insight into what’s happening in Polish music just now, whether for acoustic instruments, electronics or, more surprisingly, the accordion. And even the conductor of the BBC SSO, Jerzy Maksymulk, becomes an official Polish Reality, with the first British performance of his Trio on Sunday 20. (Carol Main) Polish New Music of the Eighties, Friday 11 ~ Sunday 20. Various dates and venues. See listings for details.

The List 11— 2-1 November 1988 2