work does have a Polish title. Strangely enough. the names of the works by Polish composers Krzanovvski and Krupowicz are in English.


I Vienna Boys Choir Usher 1 lall. Lotltian Road. 228 1 155. 7.30pm. lixtradate: Sunday 211. (ilasgovv. £3.50—£ 10.50. l-"amous boy s choir in a programme of sacred and secular music. Viennese lieder. Austrian iolksongs and. of course. Strauss. including a one act comicopera. Wall: lime in Old l'remru.

I Edinburgh Bach Society ()ucen's l lall. ('lerk Street. box 2019. 7.45pm. £4 (£2.50). Not surprisingly. an all Bach programme (J S that is) - (‘antatas Nos71. (ior! is main Kmrig. and l 19. l’rc'ise. Jerusalem. den Herr/r. In between (st/re orchestralsuite .Vr) 4. Philip Russlrr’rls guest ('(mducmr and [)(lp/lllt’ (I'mlsmi leads.

I Scottish Masking Company Reid ( 'oncert llall. Bristo Square. Tickets: («)8 2019 (Queen's l lall). 7.45pm. £3.50( £2.50). See Friday 18 for 11111 description.

I Edinburgh Society oi Musicians 2 Bell‘ord Road. Admission at door. Spm. lilizabcth Shavv (violin) and Simon Hughes(piano) play three violin sonatas. Beethoven No4. Mozart K454 and the Sonata in A major by (‘esar Franck.

I Scottish Chamber Choir St Mary \ (‘athedtraL Palmerston Place. Tickets: (ibis 2019 ( Queen's 1 lall ) or 22S 1 155 (Usher 1 12:11). 8pm. £3.50 (£2.50). (‘hoir pIUs orchestra tonight for Mozart'sSo/emr. Vespers. Salve Regina by Scarlatti and \"ivaldi's Bt’rlllfl Vir. all conducted by (‘olin 'l‘ipple.



I Vienna Boys Choir Theatre Royal. 1 lope Street. 331 1234 332 9000. 7.30pm. £4-£10.50.

I Polish Realities/Paragon Ensemble (iuinness Room. RSAMl). 100 Renirevs Street. 332 5057. 8pm. lixtradate: Monday 21 . [Edinburgh £4 (£2.50). l-‘irst chance in Scotland to hearler/y Maksy‘muik. maestro ol the BBCSeottisb. asa composer. Also. tyvooil.utoslayyski's Dance Preludes in this closing concert of Polish Realities.


I Friends oi Scottish Opera Queen's l lall. (‘lerk Street. (168 2019. 3pm. Derek Watson gives an illustrated talk entitled love and Society in Mozart'soperas'.



I John Currie Singers Stevenson t lall. RSAMl). 100 Reni'revs Street. 332 5057. 8pm. £5 (£3. 50). Bach's (of/be ( 'unruru and Dido and Aeneas by Purcell. The orchestra Comes from Scottish Opera and guest conductor is Justin Brovvn.


I Paragon Ensemble Queen's l lall. ('lerk Street. 668 2019. 7.45pm. £4 (£2.50). See Sunday 20. (ilasgovv. for full description.


I Silver Duo 1 lutcheson's 1 12111. 158 lngram Street. Tickets: at door. 1.15pm—2pm. £1. Works for cello and piano by Beethoven. John Maxwell (ieddes and Schumann played by Noreen and Philip Silver.

I Violin Masterclass Stevenson l lall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 2pm. Admission free. Emanuel l lurvvitz directs.


I Lunchtime Concert Reid Concert Hall.

a 1 II

I! V"‘ l l

l/ I

2' K” i 1 Travelling Folk, BBC Radio Scotland‘s hour and a hall at iolk music, hosted by Archie Fisher and the Duasimodo at Queen Margaret Drive, Danny Kyle, travels over to a new Monday night 8pm slot irom the 14th, when the guest will be the singing Scotsman irom Oz, Eric Bogle. Two more singers, Ireland's celebrated traditionalist Dolores Keane, and the exceptional contemporary piano based lyricism oi Michael Marra are ieatured over the last two weeks at November. Glasgow’s Tryst is now established as an annual event, based around the Merchant City, and runs ior10 days irom the 18th, including concerts, ceilidhs, workshops, tree sessions and a St Andrew‘s night poetry and music event organised by the little Scots literary magazine, Chapman. An event which just misses being includeded in this issue's listings, but which might be worth noting in advance, includes the Friday 25th lunchtime concert oi iiddle music, performed in Hutcheson‘s Hall by two highly evolved bowmen, Shetland based virtuoso iolk iiddler Aly Bain, and the Strathspey and Reel Society ‘high' style oi Ron Gonella. The major concert during the week





Capercaillie. Glasgow Tryst. 22nd.

pairs the top instrumental and Gaelic song band Capercaillie with leading pipe band Shotts and Dykehead in the City Halls on the 22nd. Both groups stray happily irom strict traditional values, using various instruments, rhythms and tempos to inject a more contemporary excitement.

McGinn 0i The Calton, a concert in celebration at the late Glasgow songwriter and periormer, was a sell out during Maylest, and the combined talents oi Stramash, all singers irom the same Glasgow milieu, present the show again on the 20th.

Both Rod Paterson, mm; and Dougie MacLean, 19th, are well loved interpretors oi the older Scots song, but also seasoned performers oi their own material. In Rod's case there should be the added iizz oi Dick Lee's clarinet and sax.

Tonight At Noon, Glasgow Tryst 23rd and Edinburgh Folk Club 16th, is the only Scots band that has an eighties sound, in the sense that they update the songs and tones in a rock synth setting, like a iolk Human League, and still do

them justice. (Norman Chalmers)

liristoSquarc. 1.10pm. l-r'ee at door. (‘oncert by students ol lidmburgh l'niyersity's .\1usic l'aculty.


I Competition Stevenson llall. Rs.-\.\tl). 100 Renlreyy Street. 332 5057. 10am Admission tree. The ( ioycl nor's' Recital Prize for Brass.


I Edinburgh University Renaissance Singers ( ircy iriars ( ’hurch. ( andlemaker Royy . Tickets: at door. Spm. A concert ol advent masic irom Spain. Italy and (iermany in aid oi the ( ircy lrrars Internataiorurl Appeal conducted by Dr Noel ()‘Regan.



I Morley String Quartet sic-retinitis l lall. opp Queen Street station. Tickets; 332 5057(RSA.\11)). 12.45pm. £2.50t £1 ). ()uartcts by llaydn (()p 54 .\'o l )and Sllostakovicll(NoSUp110).

I The Silver DUO ( ioncel‘t llall. ( ilasgoyy lTniversity. 1.15pm. 1~'ree at door. Noreen Silver (cello)and Philip Silvertpiano) play .lames MacMillan‘s Slut/v on 'l'u'o Planes and Brahms‘ Sonata in 1- ()p99.

I RSAMD Wind Band Concert Sley elisoli l1all.RSAMl). 100 Renlreys Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). \‘ar'ied programme

irom lzdgar Williams and his Academy \Vind ltnscmble and ( ‘oncerl Band including ( iershys in‘s Rhapsody in Blue. a Strauss polka and .-l [Vanilla/1'sHummer by .\1ar'trnl)alby.


I Three‘s Company l.lligll Room. Sr Cecilia‘s 1 lall.(‘oyygate. Tickets; at door. 7.30pm. £4. Pot-pourrr oi songsbased round the theme of Ire/ii l-eer or / Lowlo (in u- limit/wring. In aid ol Al/lieimer's Disease Scotland.


I Ian Goodwin and Tom Smith/Clach Na Cudden ( ilasgovy Arts Centre. Washington Street. 221 452i). 7.30pm. £3(£1.5il). Broad spectrum of song. patter. tunes and hooch.

I Rowantree Folk Club Royvantree Inn. By l'ddingston (‘ross. L'ddingston.


I Charity Concert ior Save The Children The

Pleasance 13ar.'l'he Pleasanee.'1‘ickets:

£2.50 from Student Shop. BristoSquare; £3 at the door. Concert by members ofthe Crown Folk Club. also featuring Albert Sempeke and Graham McGurk.

9-1 1 .45pm. £1 . ()ld coaching Inn. Singer's Night.

I Peelie Wallies ()verdraught Bar. 128 Broomielayv. livening. Young sessioneers.

I Peal Diggers Scott's (‘orner. Derby Street. 334 4891.12vening.

I Ceilidh Riverside. Fox Street. ol'l(‘ly'de Street. 248 3144. 10pm. £3.


ITravel Agents'l'he Ballroom.(‘hamber Street Student l'nion. Spm. £2. Danceto world music. Ceilidh.

I Simpson Perrie/Brian Mulligan Shore Bar. The Shore. 1.eith. livening. Violin and guitar. iolk cabaret.

I Junction Bar West Preston Stret. 9pm. Live music.

I North Sea Gas Platlorm 1.Rutland Street. 12y ening. Resident pub iolk band. I Royal Oak lniirmary Street. 557 297i). liyeningtill1.30am.l.atebaryvith ini'ormal songs and music.

I Muckle Ado Scotch And Rye. 50(icor'ge l\' Bridge. 22.5 liiSl. ltyening.

I Session Sandy Bells. l‘orrest Road. livening.



I Nicaragua Beneiit “internal-dens. Peoples Palace. Spm- lam. £4(£2). (‘eilidh and disco has champion accordionist James ( ‘ameron‘s band. 1)J's Stuart (’osgrove and Toby Broyvn plus special surprise guest band. l.atc Bar. Organised by A( "1'1‘ 1 lurricane Disaster Support.

I Folk Band Blacklriars. Bell Street. Merchant (’ity . 552 5924. Aiternoon. lnstrurnental session.

I Kells Scott‘s (‘ornerz Derby Street. 334 4891.1{vening Saturday residency.

lrish Scots singalong band. Popular.

I lain Bruce()verdraught Bar. 128 Broomielayy. livening.

I Ceilidh Dance Riy erside. l-‘ox Street. oil (‘lydc Street. 248 3144. 10pm. £3. Late licence.


I Electric Ceilidh Dance Sr Bridescemre. ()ryscll Terrace. oi'l' 1)alry Road. llaymarkct. 7pm late. £3 (£2). Bar. 'l'icls'ets irom All’ 1S4 l)alry Road. 337 5442.

l-eatures the accordion. bass. percussion. iiddle. guitar etc oi the Spiece Pentland Flyers yy ith support irom pipers. dancers. (iaelic singers. Also Asian music and lood. lienelit tor the Adult Learning Project Association. I Tonight Al Noon Preservation l lall. Victoria Street. livening. 1ileclrol‘olkroots. I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 9pm. lidinburgh's Highland haunt. .-\ccordion etc. I Denny Swanson Scotch And Ry e. 50 (ieorgel\'llritlgc.225 1(i.S'1.liyening. I Royal Oak lniirmary Street. 557 2977). liveningtill 1.30am. 1.ate bar. iolk basement. I Session Sandy Bells. l-‘orrest Road. livening.



I Setanta Black Bull llotel. Milrtgavie. 8.30pm. Black Bull Folk (‘1th presents established (ilasgoyv song and music band. with lrish leanings.

I Zut! La Chute Wintersgills. ( ireat Western Road. lavening. ()ld tirney. American and cajun.

The List 11— 24 November 1988 29