RUGBY Saturday 12


I Ayr v Ards Millbrae. Alloway. 2pm.

I Corstorphine v Haddlngton Union Park. (‘arricknowe Parkway. Edinburgh. 3pm. I Portobello v Boroughmuir Cavalry Park. Duddingston Road West. Edinburgh. 3pm.

I Trinity Acads v Musselburgh Bangholm Park. (‘raigend (iardens. Edinburgh. 3pm.

Tuesday 15

I Ayrv Wigtownshire Millbrae. Alloway. 3.30pm.

I Edinburgh Wanderers v Melrose

; Murrayfield. Edinburgh. 3pm.


I Boroughmuir v Hawiclt Meggetland. Iidinburgh. 3pm.

I Ountermline v Kirltcaldy McKane Park. .\'ethertown Broad Street. Dunfermline. 3pm,

I Musselburgh v Edinburgh University Stoney hill. Iidinburgh. 3pm.

Saturday 19

I Scotland V Australia Murrayfield. Izdinburgh. Of all the home nations. Scotland have been the most successful in adopting the last-flow ing tucking tacticsof Australia and New Xealand. Havingsaid that and despite the disappointing results on their tottr the Australians

undoubtedly have the athletic ability to band out an embarrassing defeat to Scotland shottld they play to form. The international is preceded by- a match between Scotland L'nder 3] and NZ l’ndct 31 Youth Team.


I Ayr v Howe oi File MilIbrae. Alloway'. 3pm,

I Corstorphine v Selkirk t'nion Park.

Carricknowe Parkway. Edinburgh. Morning kick-off.

I Edinburgh Acads V Currie Raeburn Place. Edinburgh. Morning kick-off.

I Portobello v Haddington Cavalry Park. Duddingston Road West. Edinburgh. 3pm.

I Preston Lodge v Royal High Pennypit Park. Rope Walk. Prestonpans. 3pm

I Watsonians v Glasgow Acads Myreside. Myreside Road. Edinburgh. Morning kick ()ff.

Friday 11—Sunday 13

I Milli In Action British Grand Prix Tryst

l Sports Centre. (‘umbernauld Fri-I-(ipm;

Sat 9.3(larn—R30pm: Sttn 9.3llam—3.3()ptn. 4.30—7.3(Ipm. ()ne of five heatson this year's new (irand Prix circuit. with the final taking place in May next yearin Leeds. this meet has attracted a nttrnberof Britain's ()lympic swimmers. including Nick Gillingham and Ruth (iilfillan.

VOLLEYBALL Saturday 12


I Provincial Insurance v Glasgow Bannerman Telford (‘ollege. ('rewe Toll. Edinburgh.

I WheatsheatJets v Inverclyde Iiirhill High School. ()xgangs Road North. Iidinburgh. MEN'S FIRST DIVISION

I Kinleith Plant v Su Ragazzi 'I‘ell‘ord College (as above).

I Elliott Sports Jets v Team Scottish Farm Iiirhill I ligh School (as above).

Saturday 19


I Provincial Insurance v Carlulte Brannock Telford (‘oIlege (as above ).


I Kinleith Plant v Bellshill Cardinals

'I‘elford ('ollege (as above ).


The gas lamps flicker amongst the Victoriana in this turn-of-the-century flat up a close in Glasgow’s (iarnethill.

Free leaflets and travel

ad vice from:

3' National Trust for Scotland

158 Ingram Street. Glasgow. (i1 IEJ (tel: (I41 553 S391).



Tear off and join the experts at Glenmore Lodge

Invomou-shlro. PH22 100. Tel: (047-986) 276.

3 The Scottish Sports Council ‘3 Developing Sport in Scotland




I Art is listed by city Iirst then by venue.

running in alphabetical order. Please send

. details to Alice Bain not Iaterthan 10days betore publication date.

I ANNAN GALLERY I 30 West ("atnpbcll Street. 331 5llh’7 is, Mon--l"ri‘)am~ 5pm; Sat 9.30am I 3.3llpm.

(ieneral exhibition of regular artists.

I ART GALLERY 8: MUSEUM. KELVINGROVE 357 393‘). Mon—Sat Illam 5pm1Sun

l 5pm. (ate. |l)| \‘olttntary guidesare available tree of charge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. ('ontact the enqttiry desk

A Right Royal Reception t‘ntil 13 .\‘ov . l toys togreet the royals. lSSSsty le. Sirlohn l.avery 's(also see l'ine Art Society lrlte State I 'isi! off/er .IIu/t'yrv Queen I'ttrm'ut all/1e (i/uygott Internal/(mill Admin/mu. has been specially cleaned for this show . 84th Annual Art Competition t'ntil 23 Dec. Winning entries from schoolchildren's competition.

French Prints. Drawings and Watercolours I'ntil early .lan. Work by Matisse. Signac etc. from the permanent collection. National Schools Embroidery Competition l7nti| 37 .\'ov. Thirty winning entries. Arundel Society Prints I out mid Jan.

The Statta Project I ’ntil S .lati. Paintings and photographs by Ian McKecv er and Thomas Joshua (‘ooper on the island of Stai’fa. A moody exhibition ideal for winter showing.

Polish Realities Exhibition t'ntil 5 Dec. Installation by Marius Krttk and Piotr Kurka. Titled Dom (w hich means house in Polish) the show explores the ‘aiter-Iives' ot'objccts and questions ottr immediate environment.

I BARCLAY LENNIE FINE ART 3l l3 Bath Street. 33(15-1l3. Mon Fri Illam 5pm: Sat lllam- 1pm.

John G. Boyd l'ntil 3 Dec. Paintings by art artist popular in (ilasgow.

I BOOK TRUST SCOTLAND 15a [.y'nedoch Street. 331 36-15. Mon-I-"ri9.30am 5pm. Polish Books ol the Eighties t fntil 4 Dec. An exhibition of books to coincide w ith the Polish Realities season organised by Third Iiye (‘entre and which can be Iottnd in a number ofgalleries in (ilasgow throughout November.

I BLYTHSWOOO GALLERY In] West (ieorge Street. 336553). Mon I’ri Hum—«5.30pm; Sat IIIam-- 1 pm.

General Exhibition Includes work by Mary Armour. Elizabeth Blackadder. .lohn Boyd. John ('unningham. Norman Iidgar. Norman Kirkham. Bett Low e. David McClure. David Martin. James Robertson. (Scot-fry Squire and many more. ('eramics by Janet Adam. I THE BURRELL COLLECTION Pollokshaws Road. (34‘) 7151. Mon Sat lllam—-5pm; Sun 3-5pm. Rest. [1)] The Glory ot the Page t'ntil l5Jan. Illuminated manuscripts from the Ifniversity of Glasgow.

I COLLINS GALLERY L'niversity of Strathclyde. 33 Richmond Street. 553 44(XIext 3683 3416. Mon—Pri 10am 5pm: Sat l3—4pm.

Polish Perceptions Ten Contemporary Photographers 1977—88 t'ntil 3o Nov. An exhibition organised to coincide with the Polish Realities season currently filling the November slot in most (ilasgtiyv galleries this month. ()utlets forprinted images are restricted in Poland. Ieadingto an my entis eness and experimentation in photography. llere. eighty photographs. many of them documentary because otthe need of artists to re-examine society. reflect photography in Poland today.

I COMPASS GALLERY I78 West Regent Street. 331 (i370. Mon—Sat “lam—5.30pm. Polish Realities Exhibition l mu 3o .\'ov. Small works on paper by most of theartists in the other Polish Realitiesexhibitions around (ilasgtm. A good place tostart digesting this season of Polish art as most of the artists will be new and may need some introduction.

I COOPER HAY RARE BOOKS 303 Bath Street. 33o 3074. Mon I‘ri Illam~-5pm:Sat lilam Ipm.

A Voyage Round Great Britain t,‘ntil end .\‘oy. An exhibition oI‘original hand-coloured aqttatints by William I)anicl( 17(1‘) IS37). Aqttatint is a method of etching in tone. and this series oI plates. combined with Richard Ayton'stext. provides a valuable record

I CYRIL GERBER GALLERY 348 West Regent Street. 331 3095. Mon—Sat 9.3llatu-~5.3tlpm

Winter Collection 19 Nov—31 Dec. A selection of fine art by McTaggart. Philipson. (‘olquhoun. Stanley Spencer I FINE ART SOCIETY I34 Bly Illsyyootl Street.333-Ml37.hton-I5n

9.30am 5.30pm; Sal lllam- lpm. Alexander Mann (1853—1908) I 'ntil 29 Nov. Paintings and photographs.

Hail Caledonia t'ntil 2‘) Nov. A pictorial reminiscence otthe Highlands. Work by Mc’l‘aggart. I). Y. (‘ameron and Mary Armour.

I GATEHOUSE GALLERY Rouken (ilen Road (gallery at entrance to Butterfly Kingdom). (i3llll335. Mon-I'ri

13.30 $.3llpm; ('losed Tues: Sat.Sttn

1 Iain 5.30pm.

Portraits and Landscapes t'ntil 13 .\'ov. An exhibition which mixes flowers by Kew (iarden poster designer Jennie 'I‘ttfi's. Alma Woltson's misty landscapes. Josephine (iraham's portraits and Simon (ireer‘s images in ink. I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE I3 Washington Street. 331 4536. Mon- I’ri Illarn »Spttl;Sztt ill—3pm. Polish Realities Exhibition - Kolo Klipsa. Mystical Realism L'ntil 3 Dec. This exotic name belongs to a group of artists founded in Poland itt 1983. Their house style isto make sculptural installations which transform galleries into elaborate sets. Polish Realities Exhibition Hanna Luczac. Black Holes l.'ntil 3 Dec. (‘rayon and boot polish are just two of Luczac‘s ingredients for creating black holes from her own imagination. I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 33 King Street. 5530704. Mon-Sat Ilium-5.30pm. Polish Realities Exhibition Lultasz Korolltiewicz Until 3 Dec. Photo-realism from this Polish artist. Paintingsof

46 The List 11— 34 November 1988