Dwurnik is one of the best known Polish artists included in this season. outside his own country. Ilere. four large works combine his ‘village' paintings (usinga style he adopted in the 1970's) with expressiv e solitary figures. Jaroslaw Modzelewski. Wlodzimierz Pawlak. Ryszard Wozniak 5 Nov --.‘~ Dec. (iallery 1 . Three members of(iruppa. an artists' group formed in 1982 w ho led a movement away from conceptual art in the seventies back to painting in the eighties.

Miroslaw Balkat'ntil31)ee. (iallery l..'\ member of the informal group Neue Bieremiennost (New Pregnancylmakes an installation in the gallery which looksat the question of personal destiny. Marek Chlanda and Andrzej Szewczyk l mu .‘~ Dec. (iallery 2. ('hlanda makes space-specific sculptures and drawings. Szew'czyk‘s installation Basilica looks at the natttrc of communication. Mariusz Krutt: St Cat t7ntil 3 Dec. installation eschews intellectualism and looks at the world through instinct and use ofthe senses.

Polish Realitieszoocumentary Exhibition I'ntil 3 Dec. 1-‘0_\er. A small exhibitionof photographs. graphics and printed material on Poland over the past ten years which highlights Richard Demarco's pioneering role in bringing the art of Poland to the west.

Videol'ntil 3 Dec. (iallery 1.Showingat

l . 15pm. each day. Two videos byyoung Poliin film-maker Andrzej Kraszevvski documenting recent significant artistic

Publication Third Iiye (’entre has published Polish Realites: Contemporary Visual Arts in Poland to celebrate the season. It is available through their bookshop and galleries at a special exhibition price of £4.95 (normally £6). See Art (iallcry and Museum. (ilasgow School of Art. (ilasgow Print Studio. (ilasgow Arts (‘entre and (‘ompass (iallery for detailsofother Polish Realities exhibitions. The (‘ollins ( iallery has independently organised an exhibition of contemporary Polish photography . See also’I‘heatre. (‘lassical Music. Film and ()pen sections of The List for detailsof other Polish Realities events.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 1.3 (‘hisholm Street. 552 4813. Mon~Sat noon- (vpm.

A Five Year Retrospective t'ntil end Nov. Since it opened. 'I‘ransmission has been fundamental to developing new directions in art in Scotland. in particular(since 1985) the growth of performance and video art in (ilasgow. Artist-run. the gallery acts not only asan exhibition and performance v enue. but as a “focal point for discourse and debate among artists'. This exhibition aims to recreate the spirit of the first show. which showed four ofthe artists who were later to form the New Itnage. (ilasgow exhibition at Third five (‘entre twoyears later. In December. the gallery is moving to new premises.

I WASPS 2h King Street. 5520501. Mon—Fri 1(1am-—-5pm. A new-shop. exhibition space and resource centre with information on work by all WASPS artists. Slide library and information about how to commission work.

I Artists from the Tillicoultry Studios Nov 14~Dec 3. The WASPS studios in Tillicoultry (near Stirling) have only five spaces. ()f the artists in residence there. perhaps Lys Ilansen is best known. having just recently shown at the (‘ity Art Centre. Iidinburgh and the ('ompass (iallery. (ilasgow. Peter Russell has just shown at the Smith Art (iallery in Stirling and the Robert McNeill at the SSA exhibition in Edinburgh. Fiona Strickland. Ann Wegtnuller. ()sear (ioodall and John McClenaghan will also be included in the ’I'illicoultry show.

I WARE ON EARTH 488 (ireat Western Road. 33‘) 2112-1. This recently opened gallery is exhibiting the works of Fiona Sutherland. formerly

Paintings by Claudia Petrottl Stop loallory, Edinburgh

at the sister gallery in Izdinburgh. New Sicilian work will shortly be arriving inthc tvvogalleries.

I WASHINGTON GALLERY 44 Washington Street. (1-11 22] 6780. Mon »I-‘ri l(lam lpm. 25pm; Sat Illam lpm.

l. Lesley Main limit 11 Nov . Lesley Mainis a (ilasgow painter of landscapesand flowers. decorative themes executed with skill and a lightness oftouch.


I ARCHITECTURE GALLERY 2(l(‘hambers Street. Mon—I‘ri Vain—8.45pm. Sat.Sun 1(lam 2.45pm.

Chinese Paintings and Artetacts from Yunnan Province I'ntil 11 Nov. Work by artistsof the Na-Khi community. a small group who live next to the borders of Burma and Tibet.

I ARTIS 2o ( iaylicltl Square. 556 "541». Mon-Sat 1(Iam 5.3(lpm.

Edinburgh Tapestry Company 1 'ntil 12 Nov. An exhibition in the office of this art hire company.

I BOURNE FINE ART 4 Dundas Street. 557 411511. Mon— Fri 1(lam-—(vpm.

Scottish painting 18(10- 19511 and decorative arts.

I CALTON GALLERY 11) Royal Terrace. 556 1(ll().Mon--I"ri Illam—(vpm; Sat

Illam— 1 pm.

Marine Paintings Until 18 Nov. I‘or all those with a collecting interest in the sea row-boats to war-ships by 19th century artists. including James ('assie. W1. 1.. I.eitch andIT. Serres.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY (ieorge IV Bridge. 225 558-1. Mon-I’ri 9am-9pm; Sat

9am— 1 pm. Australia 200 Books and other material. including a dttsty old wallaby. I CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 225 242-1 ext (i650. Mon-Sat 1(lam~~5pm. Licensed cafe. [1)] WASPS First National Exhibition 12 Nov-- to Dec. With nearly 3(I(lstudios countrywide. Workshop and A rtist Studio Provision Scotland Ltd. better known as WASPS. is an invaluable organisation to the creative community in Scotland. This year they are touring a show which collects together work by artists based in WASPS accomodation. which ranges from a cottage to a old cigarette factory . WASPS artists come in as many varieties as the studios themselves. As well as newly graduated artists. many well-known Scottish artists find a place in their buildings - Jacki Parry. Lys I Iansen. Peter Ilowson. Ken (‘urrie and Philip Braham are just some of them. The exhibition is more a celebration of WASPS than an encapsulation of Scottish art. but is well worth a visit.

Colour in Scottish Painting 19 Nov-21 Jan. The city's permanent collection traces the development of Scottish colouristsover the last hundred years.

FourYears 0n: Scottish Patchwork and Quilting Until 12 Nov. Not so much the cut

and thrust of commercial art as the cut out and sew of patchwork and quilting. The second exhibition organised by the Thistle Quilters. w hich brings together amateurs and professionals from all over Scotland. Edinburgh Sketching Club t'ntil 3 Dec.

Work by a local amateur club.

I CHESSEL GALLERY Moray I louse College. High Street. Mon—Iiri Illam-Spm.

Roger Hilton I'ntil 18 Nov. Paintings and gouaches by this well-know n Iinglish artist.

I COLERIDGE GALLERY 47b (ieorge Street. 220 1305. Mon «Sat Illitltl--5.3Ilpl‘lt. Thisis l/lt’ place to see contemporary British glass; the selection is usually very good and the gallery . recognising that glass isa tactile medium. has a very welcome policy of encouraging v tsitors to handle the pieces.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY loo 1 liin Street. 22(112(y(l.'1‘ue -l'ri 12.3tk5.3llpm:Sal 10.30am 5.3(1pm.

Outside/Insite Nov 12 2‘) at (‘ranston Street I lall. (’anongate ( iust down from .Iohn Knox's l louse ). Nick Stewart. a young artist from Belfast. is the first to work under the (’ollectiv e's series of installations collectively called

()utside Insitc. A student of science as

w ell as art and a critic as w ell asarlist. Stewart makes what he calls ARK. See panel.

Ian Robertson I ‘ntil 2o Nov. Recent work by this Aberdeen artist inspired by a visit to Turkey and (‘rete and the art he found there. Minoan. (it'cck and Byzantine.

I COMMONWEALTH INSTITUTE Rutland Square. Mon-~I‘ri 1(lam‘ 5pm; Sat

lllam 12pm.


I louse ( ‘ollege. ('ramond Road North. 312 nuul ext 272.

New Sculpture in Scotland t'ntil ll December. A new and very welcome

v cntte w hich w ill serve as a permanent. outdoor exhibition space for contemporary art and sculpture theonly space of its type. '1 welve sculptors have made work for the exhibition: Tracy MacKerina. Sibylle Von Ilalcm. Moira Innes. Doug ('ocker. Wendy I Ialstead. \‘alerie Pragnell. Peter I lill. Arran Ross. Julie Mc(‘ran. John Hunter. David Moore and IiIi/abcth Mel-all.

I DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Dounc '1‘crrace.225 718‘). Mon ‘I-‘ri [Dam-Spur Kirsten Klein l’ntil 9 Dec. Klein is oneof Denmark‘s foremost photographers. ller landscape pictures look at the beauty as well as the practical aspects of the countryside.

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART l.auriston Place. Mon Iiri 9am—5pm; Sat 9am-2pm. Dietro I Palazzi L'ntil 2 Dec. Three centuries of lesser Venetian architecture (1492 - 18031 In this exhibition the buildings in this hardly changed historic city are placed against the background of social change.

Graeme Murray limit 28 Nov. Recent


works by this Scottish figurative artist w o draws a storm in charcoal.

I FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 228 6382. Mon—Sat noon—l 1pm; Sttn 6.3(1-11pm. Licensed restaurant.

Benson and Hedges Photographers. Illustrators and Video Awards 1988 Until to Dec. Just opened. an exhibition based on the theme ‘Adventure'. Long renowned for their superb advertising photography. it is fitting that Benson and I ledges sponsor such a competition. now in its fifth year. This year. the winner ofthe Professional Photographers' (iold Award is once again the Edinburgh-based Dov Revesz (winner last vear).

I FINE ART SOCIETY 12(ireat King Street. 556(1305. Mon—Sat 1(lam—(ipm.

David McLure [fruit 2‘) Nov.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 225 (v77tv. Tue-Fri l lam—(1pm. Recent Watercolours L'ntil 12 Nov. Iiirst solo exhibition by Scottish watercolourist Jean B Martin.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 53%. Mon-Fri ‘).3(1am~ 1 pm and 2pm~5.3(1pm.

Installations L'ntil l 1 Nov. Anexhibition by Vera Szekely who uses kite-like objects to create a light and floating space. Though Ilttngarian born. Szekely now lives in Paris.

I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 2‘) Market Street. 225 2383. Tue-Sat Want—5.30pm: Sun l.3(lpm—5.3(lpm. Licensed cafe. Revenges of Nature Until 20 Nov. ()nvvin is a Scottish artist who lives and worksin Iidinburgh. This new series of twenty nine works reaches into the prehistoric past and looks many years into the future with man in the middle creating acid rain. toxic waste. deforestation in short a bringer of destruction. An exhibition which mUst be

I GALERIE MIRAGES Raeburn Place. 315 2(v(l3. Tue—Sat 9am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. closed Mondays.

Ethnic Jewellery L'ntil end Nov.

I GALLERY BAR Oddfcllows Bar. Forrest Road.

‘I hated it at first, but I love ttnow!’

l3 Nov—4 Dec. An exhibition offorty black & white photographs on a variety of themes. produced by members ofthe Gorgie/Dalry Photoworkshop.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2-5pm. [1)] Cafe. The gallery’sjustly renowned cafe is open Mon—Sat 1(l.3()am--4.3()pm; Sun 2.30—4.2(lpm. Well worth timing your visit accordingly. Neillands Bequest A collection of paintings. drawings and watercolours bequeathed to the gallery by the late (ieorge Neillands. The bequest includes works by Maxwell. Gillies. Redpath. MacTaggart. Philipson. Wilson and Iiardley. Of particular interest are the eighteen paintings by Maxwell. a Scottish painter who preceded current interests mid-century with figurative paintings dancing with colour and lore. See National (iallery and Portrait Gallery

(‘YDILCIIDBIIIQ I‘INII ADI hellish I‘.\l.\"l'l.\t :s in! :1 2011M ‘IIX'I‘I'LW 345 W»: Lksy-v' N

\ :Il‘)‘. \l \ O41 will k‘Jfl‘

\ \-El .:\ \ \‘..Y..(\

Cecile Walton, D.Y. Cameron,


MacTaggart, Redpath. Philipson. Colquhoun, Laura Knight. Charles McCall.

Sir Stanley Spencer and others

19 November—31 December Mon—Sat 9.3(1am—5.30pm

The List 11 24 November 1988 53