Prints by Andrew Geddes1783—1844 l‘niil end .\'o\.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND (ieorge l\' Bridg ‘. 230 4531. Mon I'ri 9.30am - 5pm: Sat I)..‘~llam 1pm: Sun

2pm Spin. Bridiet‘niill-eh1W),.-\sl)i-()stmrne llenr) .\la\ot' he practised medicine and as James liridic lic \\ tote o\ er 3llpla} s. founded the ( ilasgovs ('iti/en‘s Theatre and counted Bernard Shau . 'l _\ rone (iuthrie and Laurence ( )livier amonghis friends and contacts. I his double life (ISSS’ IVS] l is e\plored in an c\hibition \shieh ends the centenary _\earoi liridie‘s birth. a year \s hieh hasalieads been ltillol plans and re\ i\ als of his vsork in Scotland‘s theatres. llei‘e. set another aspect to his talents is added to litidie'sportfolioof achievements in a selection of cartoons and sketches. .'\ ne\s book on Bridle \sritten b} his son. Ronald \lavor t himself a professor of drama in ( 'anadal has lust been published by ('anongate. price £795 and as ailable from bookshops and at the eshibition.

I NETHERBOW ~13 l liin Street. 55o053‘). .\lon Sat lllam 4.3llpm and es enings

vs hen performances. ("are

The Magic of Masks 1 null Sat 1*) Nov

Photo by Graham .\Iclndoe for cover of Portfolio Magazine


Three quarterly art publications have been published this month. The quarterly Portfolio Magazine, launched by the Photography Workshop this August is bigger second time round and includes articles on Thomas Joshua Cooper by Jonathan Robertson, Photographs in the Market Place by Zelda Cheatle of the Photographers Gallery London, Calum Colvin by Dave Brittain, a review of Brian Griffin‘s exhibition WORK, a tribute by George Oliver of Oscar Marzaroli Glasgow’s best known contemporary photographer who died earlier this year and listings and information on photography exhibitions and events in Scotland. Published on 11 Nov and available from the Photography Workshop's excellent bookshop and other selected bookshops. Subscriptions are £5 for individuals and £10 for institutions.

Alba‘s big news is that it has been completely redesigned by Paul Keir (Production Editor at The List magazine). Published at the end of Nov and available at selected bookshops. Subscriptions £10 from Talbot Rice Art Centre, University of Edinburgh, EH8 9YL.

Craft News, published by the Scottish Development Agency, is a well-designed leaflet which informs the crattspeople of Scotland. It is only available from the Crafts Office on request. Contact the department at SDA, Bosebery House, EH12 562 for details. (AB)

Around l lallovveen time. the Nethcrbovs displays ness masks b_v Siaonnagh Morton of the pageatit. carnival v ariet} . ()nce part of Suitcase (‘ircus. titis is Morton's first exhibition as mask-maker.

Lino Cuts of Edinburgh 23 Nov 24 Dec.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 (‘umberland Place. 557' ND“. Mon Fri lilam opinzSat ltlam 4pm.

Carola Gordon 12 Nov -l l)cc. Work in collage and vs atercolour.

Lilliesliet Pottery l3 Nov ll)cc. SirGeorge Rushbury (1889—1968) I: .\'m- 1 Dee. 'l'ravels vs ith a burin (an etching

tool I. I

I PALACE OF HOLYROOOHOUSE Tel 556 TVI for information.

The Highlanders of Scotland t‘niil April. S‘tlp. \Vatercolotirs by Kenneth .\Iac[.ea_\. one of the founding membersof the Royal Scottish Academy and a great favourite of (New Victoria. Throughout his career he carried otit sex eral commissions for her. including portraits of her husband and sons. and then a series of clan chiefs. 'I'hat commission is as undertaken at the height of the tartan ‘rage'. \vhicli blossomed during Victoria's reign as a direct result of (ieorge l\"s successful \ isit to lidinburgh in ISZZ. During this time. tartansvsere

ins ented and made innacuratel} for the Iznglish or .-\nglicised fans of the material. a process vs hich continues still at ) uppie halls and gentry \seddings.

I THE PEOPLE'S STORY ( ~anongate. ()pens later this year. Memorabilia of all kindsis sought for this neis museum. devoted to all aspects of Iédinburgh life. (‘ontact llelen ( ‘lark or Iilaine I‘innie at the Social History Section. Iluntl} House Museum. HZ ( ~anongate. 235 342-1 or (i679 if you has e anything tooiler. I PORTFOLIO GALLERY AT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP ~13 (‘andlemaker Rois . 23f) 1‘)ll.'l'ue Sat 10.30am 5.3(lpm. PTOIIIBS I 'ntil 3 Dec. l’ot‘Il'olio ( ialler} continues its search for nevv and exciting vsork on home ground. llerc. three recent graduates from photography courses in (ilasgtm . lidinburgh and Dundee are ptit throuin their paces. Jacqueline Chambers. Anne Rae and I.) nne Robertson are the three in question - bet\\ccn them the} explore self-portraiture. famil_v histories and narratiu'. Portfolio Session Sat l‘) Nov . lf_\ou area photographer looking for advice from a professional in the field. make an appointment to visit the gallery for this month‘s session. Photographing Painting, Sculpture and Craftwork Sun 13 Nov. llarn 5pm. L'lo members unnaged. £22 non-members. A special vsorkshop for artists working in the above media who would like to keep recordsof their work that are more than inst snaps.

Black and White Printing Sun 27 Nov.

I [am Spin. L In members unvsaged. £23 non-members. Learn about fine printing and toning in variotis materials with professional exhibiting photographer. (ilyn Satterle} Beginners Courses this month are full. Names are being taken novv for the January course. Darkroom 'I'he darkroom is novv open to members for black and white printing. print finishing and mounting facilities. The Sat 10am—1pm andZ-Spm. I’rior booking is essential. (’ontact the vsorkshop to find out hovv to become a member.

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 550 8‘): 1. Mon-- Sat ltlam~5pm; Sun 2- 5pm. Photographs by James Cox limit SJan. I-‘orty photographs ranging between the 18"lls and lS’St ls by a Dundee photographer. His most acclaimed work has been the social portraiture of communities in the fishing villages ofWest Haven and Auehmithie. This is the first exhibition ever devoted to his work and is accompanied bv the latest edition to the Scottish Masters series price £2.95.



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