We would like to know more about our readers what kind of people you are. why you read The List. what you think about the magazine. and what you think about the world today. We would very much appreciate it if you would take the time to fill in our questionnaire. To show our appreciation. we are offering readers who complete and send in the survey the chance to win these fairly fabulous prizes. Don‘t feel that you have to answer every question ifyou don‘t want to you will still be entered in the draw.

We have divided the survey into sections and each section into two parts one asking practical questions. one asking broadly related questions about your opinions. (‘learly a survey of this size can only touch on a few subjects that are of importance but we are interested to know what List readers think about current issues. and hope you will enjoy giving your views. All questions are optional and do please add any extra comments you want to make. All the information we receive will be treated with absolute confidence. Send completed forms to READERSHIP SURVEY The List, 14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 ITE to arrive by 1 December, when the draw willtake place.

Name ...................................... ..

Address ................................... ..

YOU: Are you in paid employment'.’ Yesj No

Ifso. what do you do for a living'.’

If not. are you unemployed. a student. retired. a

housewife husband or other‘.’ Please state:

What is your annual income‘.’

Below {5000:}; {SOHO—I; 10.0003: “00004150003; £15.ll(l(l—£2ll.l)ll(lj; over {20.0003


Do you feel. in general. that the people in your immediate vicinity are richer or poorer than five years ago'.’

Richerj Poorer

Would you be happy to enter into a lob-share arrangement with

, .‘) ',,’“‘ - —j somebody. \ cs5“. .\o _J

Do you think that unemployment is still a social stigma'.’ Yes .\'o Additional remarks:

Do you feel that you have ever been discriminated against in the work place because of your age. sex. race. religion. physical disability. sexual orientation. political beliefs or for another reason‘.’ If so which?

Yes .\'o Reason:


Do you live in privately rented

accommodation university residence council housing your own house :I s l low many people live in ygtLr house'.’

A re you singl_e co-habiting j married

How many children do you have‘.’ None l j 3 j 3 3-1 3 more than 4 :3


D_o you approve or disapprove of the plan to replace Domestic Rates with the (‘ommunity ('harge or Poll 'l‘ax‘.’ Approve Disapprove

I_f you answered ‘disapprove'. do yt_)_i_i intend to pay or not pay'.’

Pay: Not Pay

Do you think that marriage is still a good thing'.’

V Ls :] .\o __J

In the 2 1st century_._d£ you think the family unit will remain the basic child-rearing structure of society".’ Yes .\'o Additional remarks:


How old are yt_)t_i'.’

Under 18 18—24 3 25—29 30—34 335—3uj4w j


Do you feel enough is being done in society for the increasing number of elderly people'.’


lfyou answered .\'o. what. briefly._

would you like to see being done'.’


What sex are



Do you think your sexual behaviour been altered at all by the threat til-AIDS?

D_oyou think other pgople's s_exual behaviour has been altered at all by the threat of AIDS'.’ .\'o

l_)oyou think that open-ness about sexual behaviour and problems is increasing or dccreasing'.’ Increasing Decreasing

w you favour the introduction of ('lause 28 of the Local (iovernnient Bill (banning the promotion of homosexuality)‘.’




[hyou suffer from any_lo_ng-term or grave illness. or any disability '.’ vesgsa; '

I lave you personally been affected by the problems ofthe .\'I IS'.’ (cg had an operation delayed).



[Eyou think sufficient provision is made in public buildings for those with disabilities?

Yes: No:

D_o ygLapprove of the recent (iovernment proposal for charges on dental and eye checks‘.’ \ Yesfi .ts'o'“:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Now your name will be entered for the prize draw! Again this year we are able to offer, thanks to the generosity of the cinemas involved, free movie

going for a yearl It you live in Glasgow, we've got a year's pass to the Grosvenor and the OFT to give a way, and the lucky Edinburgh reader will win a free pass for a year to the Cameo cimena and to the Filmhouse. All you

have to do is to return the survey to us at The List, 14

High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE. As well as the two overall winners, the next twenty drawn trom the hat will receive as runner up prize a copy of Brian Ferry's album, The Ultimate Collection.

And remember there is no obligation to answer all or

any of the questions to be eligible for the draw.

The List 11— 24 November 1988 5