I Theatre is listed by city first. then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Touring shows are listed separately under the relevant heading. KEY: [D] tacilitieslor the disabled. [E] facilities for the hard of hearing. usually an induction loop system. Forprices. price in brackets eg (£1.50) isthe concessionary price. Long running shows. unless specified otherwise. do not run on Sundays.


I CITIZENS' THEATRE ( iothals Street-13‘l 111133 11o\()lliee .\1on Sat Illaiit Spin llat [1)] Pinocchio '1 tie 3ft \‘oy "pmon 3‘l.3ll.\’o\.3.3.5.“.".‘l. 31.33.31» 3fll)ee.3 h.‘).ll. 13.1h.1.\ 3H .lait;3pnion3ll\o\.l 15.1“.1‘) 33.31. 3h 31 l)ee.3 5. 3. 1U 11. 1h 1‘). 31 Ian. III;1111\1111.D.'\.1.“.13.311.::I)L‘e.111.l:. 1".Ian. 5pritott 1'. 3-1. 31 Dee. ". 11.31 .Iait; Spin on 1" Dee. 3. 11. 31 Ian L3 L1 511 \Iyles Riitlge has eieatetlsonte \sondetltil ( ~Itt isttitas shims tor the (‘rtt/ens llI pte\ iotis year s. and thisone should pro\ rile plenty of oppor tttttit_\ for fun “1111 eosttttites and make-up I CRAWFURDTHEATREloitlaithtll ('ollege. "h Sotithlttae l)ll\ e. ( ilasgtm 11.11 ‘l5tl 343“ 3-13.\ The Magic Snowball "I lie In .‘s‘m .sui .tun. 3pm tk “.3Hpm l’eiloitnaiieesalsoat 111nm on Sat 31 t\ Sat 31 Dee U511 ((35111 for some pet for manees. L35Hand 1.3 5lltoi otlteis (‘lteek \\Illl theatre \o per lorttiatteesort 3h Dee or 3.1ait ltekets (14195411111111 \\ ilileat res l\ e last year is streeessltil ( ~ltt isttttas shim tn \\ hieh tlte tys ins llet“ l\I and llet\\eerl set out . aloitg \\ ith a .\1agre Snou hall and a eat ealletl l‘leas. tom erpo\\ er the \\ teked \\ iteh ol the Soiitlt \\ ho has Ito/en the \or tlt snoyyless. l’olitieal o\eitones may he more tltait tottttitotts I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE( 'timltei natild. 11331» “33%” 11o\( )tttee.\1on-l'ir Illam opnt.Sat Illam 3pni.o \pitipett e\ gs Bat (Kile. TheJungle Book‘t ltttts 3-1\o\ Sat 31 Dee Illamek 1 3llprn. 3J \oy hDeeteseept3ft \oy t\ 3 Dee. 1,3Ilpni only I; " 31 Dee lllam. l.3ttt\ “.3llpm. L3 5lllt35flt. (Tltltl‘et‘lkttlltl 1heatteeontpany look to Rudy ard lx'iplritg's famous talesol Slough. Halon and llagheet'a toi tltett ('Itt‘tstrtitrs sltoys this year . adapted lot stage by Rohett Rohson I DRAMA CENTRE 13ft 1ttgt atn Street . 553 583“. Scum ‘1 tie 3S \ox Sat 3 Dee. “.3llpm Sat mat 3.3llpm. Aetual ’l'heatr'e. a tie“ (’ilasgoys theatre grotrp. in a tie“ prodtretron of tlte play tltat \y as Monstrous Regiment‘s lri‘st shim (‘Iart'e litekltant and (‘ht'is Bond's ittttsteal about tlte Pat is Commune. The play toetises on lotit lernale laundry \yoi kers \\ ho deeitle to ioiit tlte eomrtttinards. ‘1 opieal. giy en tlte intminenteelehrationsin1-'raneeott1te Bieentenary ol the l-‘reneh Resolution art opportunity to get ahead? I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 13 Washington Street. 331 4536. The Story of the Monkey King ‘t'riuis .s‘ in in Dee. S‘ Dee 3pm. 13 ek 13 Dee. ltlamtk 3pm. 14 eh If» Dee. 3pm & T3Ilpm. £1 .5” (£1). Parties 75p. The miseltteyotts Monkey King is a \yell-knoyy n figure in (‘hinese myth and often makes art appearance alyy'ay s causing hay oe aerobatic(‘hinese ()peras. This shim about him has been dey eloped by Pat Keysell. one-time preseitter ol' I'rsimt ()n. and incorporates plenty of rnoyement arid

in the

eomedy and \Itllttl‘le lot ehildten.

. I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. 11o\

()lttee .\Ion Sat noon hpm. ~1har‘s [1)]. [11 Phone bookings. 1teket('entt‘e. t'aiidleitggs. .\1on Sat III 3llam ti 3llpm. «Lil JI‘SSII

Jackandthe Beanstalk ltle :0 \iu .s'ui tr 1'e1‘. ~pni. 3 15pm alsoon 3“ .\'o\ . 3. 3. III. 1.3 l".31.31.3t»3ll)ee.._ 33.11.1115. 31.35.3Slan.'eh l’na

.\1el ean and Jimmy l ogan are topol tlte hill in the kings" partto this year . \srrtten lty l ogait hrittsell attd seen iit l-tliithtrt'gh last year

I MITCHELL THEATRE(ii'ansilleStreet. 33131‘1S.llo\()lliee\1on Sat noon ftpm Hat (ale I1)| Itekelsalsoa\;rrla1‘leltottt the lieket ( 'eittte. ( ~andler tggs. 33" 5511 Mon Sat lll.3I|atii o3llpm.

Ducanterol Cultureland t ‘iiiil Sat :iyx‘m.

" 3Hpnt Sat mat 3 3I|pin. L31L31..\1itehell lheatre for Youth in a soapoperaspool set iit ( ilasgtm and penned by the ( ienet'al \fanaget oldie-Kings llteatte.1lilly 1)illei

The Great John MacLean Night sun .1 Dee.

h 3Hpnt. t3t£11 .-\ night eelehtatingthe great Red ( ~lytlesttlet a leetttre by Ray (‘ltalltnor . eltatr titan ol the British 1 .ahotit History Soeiety arid eoniedy aitd inttsie from Da\it1.\1.iel eititatt. l);t\rtl .-\rtt1eison. I).I\IL1\IIlIlL‘ll.l‘.1;l111L‘(l.Slllllll and others ltekets ayatlahle in adyanee tioitt the Seeretaty . l.attarkshite .'\\sttel.tllttl1. 35 ( ioidon Street. ( ilasgoty 1111331331111

Mother Goose Mon 5 Sat 111 Dee. ".3llpm. Sat mat 3.3llpm. The l’atttlieon l’layersin tltert annual paitto

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE \eyy Street. l’atsley . SS“ 111111 litt\()1lleeitpelt lire-Sun noon-S 3llprtt. Bat (()pen noon-1 lpitt '1 ire-Sat: 13311-3 3l|pm t\

it .ltt-l lpitt Sttit. .\1ea|s serth I. (ate (()1‘L‘Illtiiiin-l lptttl, “)1

Boeing Boeing 1'1! :5 \oySprttlJlL31 I'l'ttltllltteil11L‘.tll'e(Ulllptttly inane“

eontedy hy .\1aie('antolettetttyolying

lltree ttil‘ IIHSIL‘SSL‘S.

I PALACE THEATRE” ( it'een Street. Krlrttatnoek 11503335911.

Peter and Penny‘s Panto 'I’liiii-s .s l'l'l 3H Dee 3.3flpmonS.14.15.1h.33 34.3" 31' Dee. 3pm on ‘I 31 . 31. 3S 311Dee lilant 0111.5. 1‘) 31 Dee I’etet'and l’ertrty gel emlnangled iii a stt ttggle helyseen .\1erlirt.

the e\i1(ireat11ahookyandthe(iood (ioyan latry (.1im Sillars in ntulti'.’l iitone ot' the [no pantos being mounted by Borderline Theatre ( 'ontpany.

I PAVILION THEATRE I31 Renlield Street. 333IS-Iti,11o\()lliee\1on Sal

Illam S'pm Bar.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs I- ll 2

Dee Sat 3‘I.lan. ".3Ilpnt 3.3llpm alsoon" 311)ee.".1~1.31t\3.\‘ .Ittlt. 111..“11i|lllill\(1t)ll 14 Dee. L35“ 1.5.511 1L3.5II 1.3.5111.Tysolteetteketslot patties litiying tyyertty or more tiekets torone pertoi manee. Sitim \\1ttte meetsthe

.t\ er’age male pitt‘ltttttetl Ulll IIIIU se\ en little men: Sleepy . Snee/y . Dopey. (ii'irntpy . llappy . llashlul and Doe I he attrittal Radio (‘lyde patito stats Andy (‘antet’on and Denny \Villts.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA 11111 Retttiexy Stieei.it41.‘~.‘~3 -1111|_

Men Should Weep ‘I tte 21 t It 25 \m.

3 15pm {311.1 1 l‘tnalYeai11.-\students 1111'.11;tl antoitt Steuart‘suoittlerltilly tuniiy arid tttoying play about resilient \yortten ll\ trig in I‘m ls tenement ( ilasgoyx. Lunatic and LoveruntlJulie I lie 31mm 1'11 3 Dee. ". 15pm. 1.3 11.1 l. .\ douhle hill tioiii Seeottd Year DD:\ students ot plays inspired by Strindberg .\ltelt;ie'|\1e‘ye‘t's /.IUI(lIlt urii/ I.oi a about tlte play“ right's lite. arid Ingmar Bergmanslit/re. Itased on his play .IilHjll/It'

Everyday Life After the Great French Revolution'l‘huis 1 Dee. ".-15pm U tL3.5fl). As part ol the Polish Realities seasoneirit'ently 11111111112111(illngtHsJIIL‘ tlteatre eompany :\l\;lt1ellll;tRIIL'IIII t.-\eademy o1 .\1o\ ement 1 present a pertormanee shoys trig a soeiety atttonitsed hy the ( iteat l-i'eneh Reyoliition and

illustratingtouhal e\terit ordinary lileeait

he not enhaiteed. hut t'estt‘teted lty reyoltition.

Carthage 1'11 3 Dee. " ~15pm. H 1 L351” l’entted itt hy a slanting \\ all. a grottpol aetorstry to attaek it to alter the \sor‘ltl they inhahrt and that rept'essesthem. Akademta Ritehti tn the seeond o1 tltert mm ement-based perlormanees.

I THEATRE ROYAL 1 lope Street. 331 I334. 11o\()lliee.\1on Sat Iltam ppm. 1‘ .3llpitt on pert e\ gsl. Bar. Bullet Hamlet .\lon 3S \oy Sat 3 Dee. '3 .\1atrttees'1hiirs .& Sat 3 .3l't‘m. 1.5.511 1.13.5“. The Royal Shakespeare ('oinpany irt their first maioi national tour stnee 1‘)S3 present a 3fltlt-eettttii'y staging of Shakespeare’s tragedy ol the lot ittettted l’tittee o1 Denmark. Drt’eeted by Ron Daniels. .\1ark Ry lanee as 1 lainlet (itrestlist. -

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 351 l Satieltiehall Street. 333 "531. ('ttlettpelt 1 lam-3.3llpm ltte-I't't arid during ey entng



For the past fifteen years Akademia Ruchu has been one of Poland’s best-known alternative theatre groups. The company's name means ‘Academy of Movement' and their productions use movement and visually striking performance to highlight moments of conflict and crisis and so reveal aspects of life in Poland.

The company bring three

performances to Glasgow's Third Eye Centre as part of the Polish Realities season: ‘Everyday Life after the French Bevolution', illustrating how life can be constrained, ratherthan liberated. by revolution; ‘Carthage‘, presenting a vivid image of people assaulting the restrictions on their life and ‘English Lesson', (see photo), using the structure of a foreign language class to explore limits on expression. See Listings.


Polish Realities l 'ntil 3 Dee. The extensiye season o1 l’olish eonteiitporar'y arts continues throughout the ntorttlt. There are talks. eoneerts. films. esltihitioitsand pertormanees. l’lease eheek reley ant listings seetions Iot' details of other eyertts. Theatre of the Eighth Day Tue :3 Sat 2i» .\'o\ ()ne ot the ittost interesting groups appeattitg at the Polish Realitiesseason. partly heeatise they eattrtot he part ol the oflteial progr arttme. not herngollieially teeognrsed In the l’olish ( ioyet'nntent.

1 hey present tyso ptotliietions. Wormwood ton \\ eds 33 t\ lhiiis 34 \ti\.rS..311[Ttttl.;t non-linear tlteatt ieal pteee about life under titattial layy and Ascent (on I‘II 25a Sat 3h .\'o\ . S 3llpnt 1. iii \yltieh people gathered round a table start to teeall the lile and death 01 poet ( )sstp \ltirtilelstr am. killed in a Silver tait eantp. and illustrate 110“ art ean he Stronger than oppression and death.

Wielopole-Wielopole: Video Screening \Veds 33 \m _ tipitt. l’r'ee. .laniis/ .\1arek.a eritie and historian of eontettipot'at'y l’oltsh theatre. inti‘odtiees a set'eeitingol Iaileits/ lxantor's settttnal pteee o1 theatre. Il'ri'lii/m/e-Il'ri'lu/m/t’. made by (it'ieot-3 Theatre and I’UIISII IV theatre. Le Theatre Contemporian Polonais 1'1135 \oy . hpitt l-tee. .'\111111[‘Itltltlellttlllltllll the Museum o1 \lodet‘n :\t'l iii 1 od/ahotit l’oltsli theatre tn the (ills and "Us. itttt'otltteed In .lantts/ .\Iarek

Videos of Alternative Theatre .s'ui in \m. 3pm. l'ree. \‘tdeoed tragnientsot perloiiitaneesliy alternatiy e theatres (iai‘tl/teneie; ‘1 he Theatre of the liiglith Day; llte Visual Stage aitd .-\kademia Rtiehti liittodtteed hy .Ianits/ .\1atek. Video: The Slow Darkening of Paintings Sat 3ft \oy . “pm I' tee. .\ \ itleo til .let /_\

(ii /egot'/e\\ski's theatre pieee liased on lotyi‘y 's tto\ el ( ~ruler/lie I'm/i (IIIU. Introdueed In .1attiis/ .\Iatek.

Videos of Theatre Performances Sun 2"

\o\ . 5pm. l'iee Star'y lheatre's ( ‘rrnti'





16 Nov—3 Dec at 7.45pm

A Scottish comedy by Alexander Reid

Full Price £4 Concessionary Price: £2.50


the Panto 7 Dec 1988-7 Jan 1989 by David Swan —a smashing new family show

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The List 25 Nov - 8 Dee 1988 23