musicians. ls lllclr Illc r'cally all scx ll drugs ‘n' hcarl 'n' soul‘.’ .Iolin I-oi'dham‘s Kajéidoscope programmc. The Jazz Players tR4. 9.45pm)inycstigatcs.

In [hc \yalsc‘ Ul (morc I nc\\ l.cnnon and Md "ai'tncy litographrcs. tlic licclt ltay c uncartlicd mut‘c Lost Beatle Tapes t R I . Sat 25. during thc .‘t-"Nlpm slot ) yy hicli this Wk In“ L- [hc Scoiisc Scallrcs launching jhc prolon pc radio pop slioyy lop (it'tir. Mcanyy Iiilc an cy—Bcatlc in a ncyy gtiisc (icoi'gc llai i'ison. iioyy a 'l‘i‘ayclling \Vilhury is iittci'y icyycd iii 'I'ucsday 39‘s Kaleidoscope. t R4. ‘).~l5pill r,

Like Likes Like. Like is Illc ratth contriycd titlc ol I’ctcr l-yaiis' \llHL‘y ol thc i'ulcs o) attraction in R4's Science Now slot (Sat. 4.3llpm ). an altci'naliy c to Iolloyy irig lllc ( )ld I-ii'm‘s tiiatclicsagaiitst St .\Iiricn and :\l‘L‘l’tlL‘L‘ll on Radio Scotland's Sportsound t starting at 1.30pm ). ‘l Iic samc cy cning you can also considcr' ariotlicr linc Scottish institution. currcntly uiidcrscycrccnyri‘oiiittcrital tlircal. in The Great Forest 01 Caledon. R-t. Ill. 15pm.

On Sunday . R4 ollci's insight iiilo 'I:ntcrprising l’iolcssor's' in The New Prolessionals at -Ipm and ‘( ictllllcy Boycott. Sclioolltoy' tit Could DO Betterat 4.45pm. Monday ZS's highliglit.SludiD3 (r'cpcatcd Inc 2‘) at «S .‘llpm ) is a discussion. Itostcd lyy cistyy liilc l is! columnist Rirl‘c‘ll l)ayysoii Scott. ol tlic [Nissllullly (II it Sc‘tllltsll \illllllltlllllk‘llllk'. I RS. noon)

.\lotc dcpr‘cssmg topics Iicgm to Iic lii'oaclicd on I tic It) at ‘) ll5am. yy ltcit R4 chartsiyyo tttcii‘s strugglc against Parkinson‘s I)rscasc tn | WantTo Be Normal. thouin somc liopc is ollci cd In a i‘ccciit mcdical lti'cakiliiougli. It\«rcpoi lct Margarct .lay c\plams licr commitmcnt to action in thc str'ugglc against :\ll)S in Turning Points t R4. 4pm ). and a dcprcssing day coiitintics at ‘I5llplll. \y itli a R3 play about a man iccoy c i'iiig tiom his gtrltrtcntl'sstitcttlc.The Distinguished Thing by \igcl ( icai'ing. llrc thcmc i'csuincs on \y'c-t) Arm lIl) Plague and Panic (R4. S. 15pm ). u hicli looks hack lllllycais to yylicn Britain yyas iit .iyyc o) atcr'i'ily mg scyiiallytransmittcddiscasc syphilis. llistoi'y i‘cpcating itsclt'.’

('ui‘icntly y y ing is itlt St mogul as tilmic llayotir ol llic lcstiy c month. ll'lro I‘Iillllt’tl Roger Rub/r11." is discusscd Ity its pt'oducci Stcycn tyslio .’)Spicllrcrg oit RS'sBile The Wax ('l liti I .‘lpm ). and I’ll 2 sccstlic launch ot R l 's onslaught against thc lcgal dcmon drug in Rhythm 'n‘ Booze. Bullctins will lic pi'cscntcd throughout tlic day. tliotrgh tlic cmpliasi s is ttot on tcc-totalism so much as on propagation ol thc somctimcs alarming lacts. The Strat Pack (R l . 3pm. Sat 3) has Rory (iallaglicr and olhci's lclling \Iikc Rcad yy liy llic I‘cndcr Sti'atocastci' has l‘ccn onc ol llic cndur'ing layouritcsol r'ocls 'n‘ roll guitarists. and latcr Sincerely Yours ( R4. It). l5pm ) lclls anothcr' touching transatlantic succcss story : that ol Paul and Stcpltaiiic l)ttkc. yy'hosc courtship Itcgan as a pcnpals' corrcspondcncc Itctyy ccn London and Ohio.

On Mon 5. RS prcscnls a ncyy radio play . Pathu Hanska: ATaIe ot the Mountains by Alison .\lcl.cay at noon ( i‘cpcatcd'l'uc (t at S..‘~tlpm). Bascd on tltc colotirtul Iilcol Sir William l)ruminoitd Stcyy art . yy ho fought at \Valcrloo arid latcr cinigratcd to thc Rocky mountains. lalliiig tot'thc romantic alluic ol thc trappch lilc. it cliartshis attcmpts tocrcatc a smallcorncr of a l’crthshii'c licld that \yotild lic t'oicy ci' Amcrica. (‘hai‘lcs ( ilass tclls tlic stoi'y ol his cscapc last ycar lrom thc clutclrcsol Shi‘itc tcrrorists and rcllccls on tltc ways ll changcd his outlook in Turning Pointsr R4. 4.ll5pm.'l‘uch). yyliilc \Vcd 7l1rlllgslllc

l'.l\'. prcmicrc ol Iltirmomtmi t R3. 7.3llpm). hy thc minimalist composcr John Adams. ('oitductcd by Simon Rattlc in Birmingham. it has a lcxl yy hich uncxpcctcdly comhincs pocms liy .Ioltrt Dortnc and lintin Dickinson.


I Sport is listed as diary: by sport. then by day. then by event.

1 BADMINTON 7 Friday 25 Sunday 27

I Carlton Vauxhall Scottish Open Championships \tcatltm hart). spot is (critic. l‘tlllll‘lllg‘l) l'lltl.t_\ rioortto T .‘llpm Saturday Illam “pm Sunday trom Ill .‘sllam. yy itli tlic irnalssclicdtilcd to i start at 2pm

f Tuesday 29

IScotlandehinal arkltalll c-tstrtc

i (c'llllc‘.l .iikliall .-\iiotlicr iii llicsci‘icsol ; li rcridly intci nationals iiiyoly mg liotli mcn and \\t‘llll‘ll. this match \y ill takc placc

f oycr ttyo scsstoiis llic tiist. licgiriitrngat 1pm. \y ill consist ol tliicc matclics. \y Itilc

I tlic rcmaiitiiig iotii matchcs yy ill ltc licld in tlic c\ citing scssioii. coinmcncmg .tt “pm



I BoroughmuirAcesvEdinburgh Royals \Icadou hank Spor ts ( ‘critrc. l‘tlllllllll gli. I I5pm I City olEdinburgthoyal Deeside lyirccastlc l Irin School. ( ioigic Road. I'dinlititgli. 3 15pm i


I BoroughmuirvRangersylc-aamtltattk

ytut (‘cnéczl tlllil‘lllg‘ll .‘ypm rrday


I East End v Boroughmuir liaslliarik .'\c‘.ltlc‘lily .-\cadcmy Sticct . Slictllcston. (il .lsgt)“ Spill.



'3 I Rangers v Edinburgh Royals liar r llc‘dtl ESpot ts ( 'cntrc. (ilasgoyy. I. l5pm

I I City olEdinburghvBoroughmuirAces

| lyriccasllc l ligli School. ( it)! grc Road. I'diriluiiglt5 I5pm,


‘i IMlLivingstoanames Watt IllL'l‘tll'lllll. ; .\lmorttlyalc \\ cst. liy ingstoii. \'oori,


' I Race Days lllL‘Stldy . I htiisday arid Saturday. I’oyydcrltallStadium. licaycihall Road. l-diiiltui‘gli lach i mccting iricltidcs Ill iaccs. star litigat .‘yllpm L3.lllSt.trid; Ll.3ll( irotiiid.


i I Race Days 'I ucsday . 'l‘htiisday aitd

: Saturday . Sliayy Iicld Stadium. Ruthciglcii j Road. ( iltisgtiyy. liltcl'c arc lL'II luccs It] lcach niccting. starting at ".45pm. LI.

IFDOTBALL jSaturday 26


I Dundee Utd v Hamilton ‘l'annatltcc.

I l)uridcc t Buscs IS. 10.31) 3pm. I‘hc ayyay tcam. on schcdulc tostirpass Morton's I’rcmici' lcaguc i‘ccord ot llltl goals coliccdcd in .t scasirl). sccm llkcly lo add tyyo or tliicc moic to thcir account this allcrnoon l‘nitcd may itot hay c tIic ktllcr instinct to knock cight past thc .-\ccicsas ('cltic did. but on thcir day Mcadc and I’aatclaincii can causc distrcss to thc most


.tl‘lc Ul Llc‘lc‘llc‘k‘S,

I Hibs v Dundee l'.;I\IL‘I Road. deinliurgli tlIttscs l.~l. 5. h. I5. ~13. 44. 5]) .‘ypm. \o-oiic is yct taking l lilis" charitpionship l‘lkl scriotisly hut yy itlt Stcy c .-\ rcItilmld cy idcntly

ptoy trig an inspiration to thc youitgci' playcis. .t l‘lzl'.-\ (‘up placc is \ycll \y ithin tlicir icacli. \Vhilc tIicy arc asupciioi' tcam to l)tmdcc. tlic lattci' still liay c a cotiplc ol mdiy iduals capalilc ol yytiining gamcs on thcir oyy ll. most notath 'l ommy (‘oy ric. .i toi'midaltlc slr‘ikci last ycai yy ho

proliahly loi good icasons

toi somc ohscur'c tcason is cui'rcittly

play ing in iiiidlrcld

I Motherweltv Hearts l'll‘ l’atk. \lotlici'yycll tall Mothcryy cll litrscs pass ground) 5pm. .-\s yy c go toprcss. .\lotliciyycll liay c not yyoi) a Icagtrc gamc. and l Icarts hay c only lrcatcn l Iamillon tyy icc ()nc ot lIicsc proud iccor'ds ritay go today . Inn \y itlt \Iothciyycll hay mg i'ccoyci'cd lroml lll.lU\\ ii to sccllt‘c tidl ayy last tinic thc sidcs mct at [y itccastlc. you

can't i'cly on tlic litlllll‘lll’gl) sidc making thcir supci'ioi alnlity count.

I Rangerstberdeen lttim. ( ilasgtm (2 mins llitoy tindci‘gioiindl. 3pm l-.\cr'y \ycck. lI sccms. .-\ltci'dccn at c iityoly cd in y\ hat thc pi‘css tci'm “had-icinpcicd gamcs' trough translation. tliicc scitdings oil and a dccapitation) (iiycii tltc lllllll\ to lair Durant thc last timc thc tcams mct in thc Icagiic. this gainc could ltc cy cit moic had-tcritpcicd than usual. yy itlt tlic ayyay sidc along yy llll ( ‘cItic tltc orin tcam to dclcat Rangcis tn thc lcaguc so tar

proy idiiig sth nci opposition than Rangcts hay c laccd at ll‘tt)\ tor a yyliilc

I St Mirren v Celtic l oy E‘ St l L‘L'l . l’aistct

I lllmiits li'om ( iilmotii Sticct station). 3pm. 'lhc customary scciiar io Itcic is that St .\liricn prostiatc lhcmscly cs. collccliycly iiitii mui '\\ alk all our mc lug lioy'. lIicit lct ( ~cltrc scoi c as many goalsas arc icquiicd to \y in tlic championshipon giltil dillcicricc I’llltcllcfi .ll‘l_\ . lllc' Scottiin I cagtic hay c schcdulcd this to Itc thc liiial Icagtic liytuic ol thc scason loi l‘illll clulis in \lay . so today 's riialch \\ ill pr'oy idc a usclul dtcss icltcarsal tot a|| tliosc yy cals lacklcs and pciialty -conccding lungcs.


I Clydebankv MeadowbankThistle

Killui“ ic I’ar k. ( ~lydcliank l I iuinsSingci station ). 3pm.

I Falkirk v Clyde (100 yards Grahamston station). 3pm.

I Kilmarnock v Dunlermline Rrrgltt I’ai k. Ruglty Road. lsiliii.ii lttlc‘lrs. 3pm

I Partick Thistle v Airdrie l'll lllll. ( ilasgoyy


There is much more to martial arts than merely learning how to beat up an opponent properly. although this is an important and appealing lactor. The martial arts have close associations with Eastern philosophies. and consequently advocate inner harmony and total physical control. Most relevantto today. however. is their emphasis on the need tor a calm frame at mind. physical fitness, and a practical grounding in sell-delence techniques.

There is a good variety ol martial arts classes available in Glasgow and Edinburgh. and beginners. regardless 0) sex or age. are always welcome to join (wear loose clothing —T-shirts and tracksuits are ideal). Classes last about two hours. and cost from £1 to £2.50.

The best known and certainly most popular styles in Britain are judo and karate. Judo can be described as an international lorm of wrestling. while karate is an Oriental style of unarmed combat with elements at jujitsu. aiming to locus the body‘s entire muscular power in one instant.

Taekwon~do. arguably the most powerlul martial art in the world. has been gaining steadily in popularity. and leatured in the Olympic Games as a demonstration sport. There are two recognised styles, world and international. dillering only slightly lrom each other.

Those less keen on the physical aspect ol sport may be more interested in jujitsu. one of the oldest and most non-competitive ot styles. It is a lorm ot unarmed sell-defence which uses the opponent's momentum and strength against him to subdue. ideally without injury.

Ki-Aikido is strictly non-competitive. and aims ‘to resolve conllict. notlo generate it‘. It is an ideal means ol sell-detence tor women. as its techniques are based not on strength. but on the phenomenon ot the ‘ki lactor’. incorporating inner harmony and sell-conlidence. (Carol West).


I Scottish Karate Board ol Control 74 Lamington Road. Glasgow. 041 883 6095.

I Scottish Judo Federation 8 Frederick Street. Edinburgh. 031 226 3566.

I Scottish Ju-Jitsu Association 3 Dens Street. Dundee. 0382 458262.

I Taekwon-do (WTF) Han Wong Academy. 9 Thornybauk. West Tollcross. Edinburgh. 031 229 2722. I Taekwon-do (ITF) Master Loh. 42 Melrose Road, Greentaulds. Cumbernauld G67 48A.

I Ki-Aikido Ki Federation. Edinburgh. 031554 7906.

I Bellahouston Sports Centre Bellahouston Drive. Glasgow. 041 427 5454. Classes include judo and karate. I Meadowbank Sports Centre London Road. Edinburgh. 031 661 5351. Classes in Ki-Aikido. Jujitsu. Wadokai Karate. and WFT Taekwon-do are held here.

I Martial Arts Commission 01691 3433. General information on martial arts (including ones not mentioned here such as kendo and kung to). and details ollocal clubs.


'l‘Iic List 35 Nov S l)cc l‘ItS’S 29