ilBuxex l . S. 3! . <7. (it). til I 3pm. I Raith Roversv Fortarsiark \ Ian I I’tatt Strcet. kir‘kealdy. 3pm


' IDueen‘sParkatirlingAIbionItampaen. (ilasgoyy (5 mins \Iorint Honda and Kings Park stations) Ip-n

Saturday 3


I DundeevHearts l)e't\ l’ark. Dundee (Rinses l.v\. III. IS. l".:l I. 1pm

I HIDSVSI Mirren I aster Ra id. I dittl‘uigh laxalioye) 3pm

IMotherwelvaeltict :r l’;i!l\_ \Iritltg‘nyell IIISaIMneI ‘pm

I Rangers v Dundee Utd ll‘va\ r. '.l :SIjt‘H (asahoy e ). 3pm


I IAYTVMeadDWDankThISlleSanteth

l l’zttk. SHmL‘tSeI Rtitttl. .v\yt z[‘tt‘. IFalkirkalydebank Riot k-.ille.l .rlkirk Iaxahayel 1pm. IMOftDnVAIrdrIe('apptelt'yy , ( iveenoek l5 intrixeattsdyke~tarianl 3pm .v\einneh rnateh tor the ayyay team. \\ hohay e

pray en their anthttton IIIIS \eawn hy

\I‘L'IIIIIIIL’ \Itl‘Sld'Itlill sums on lteyk playen and. one presumes. an manage! ( rt‘YLl'. -:i

.\le()ueei‘. \Ia' ti in. thr 'IEIZII. hay e

\itr‘pi txed many \y ith thet! e.r'l\ \eawn

larm alter .t IlIISI'tJI‘lL‘ time III the l’rerniet

leaguelaxt \z- it I ‘Ll.l\ vrao h'-.:~ly

\eotedtayy I Partick Thistle v Kilmarnockl 1: lilll.

(ilaxgi m (as ahi iy e l It‘ll)

ICEHDCKEY . ,... Saturday26

I AyrBruinsvSolihull Barons .\\r l. .- Rllllxd t'ltt‘L."II\ Road. .-\\r "pm I Fife Flyers v Streatham Redskins Kirk. .rldy l"e Rink '


I Murrayfield Racers v Solihull Barons \Iurraylteld lee Rink. Rtyerxdale

('rexeeitt. l'drnhitzgi‘. h 1“pm.

Saturday 3

IAyrBruinsvDundee Tigers \yr l;e Rink taxahoy e). ~pin

I Fife Flyers v Nottingham Panthers K‘Yh‘aldy It'.‘ Ru‘lx


, I Murrayfield Racers v AyrBruins i \ltttraytteld lee Rink (thal‘oye) (r ‘sllpm

,RUGBY. H.-.. 5 Saturday 26


3 I Stewarts Melville v Kelso ln\ e! lt'IIli. I etry Road. I'drnhutgh. Spar Still in relegation I! otihle. the


.‘i ".l

('ollegw 2y Ill hay e their work eut out thrx atlernoon .tLZ.'tY‘.\l



theehampaunthea").-:1.le7\ III‘I'IIL‘!\.

IWatsoniansvEdinburghAcads \ISICSIIIL‘. \lyt'emle Road. lzdirthutgh .‘pm llayint!

lost eyety league I".l‘ll'_‘ \o la! thi~ xeaxor‘.

the home team at r rmyy only plix mg for

; Hit It pride. “hiel‘ IS tlltllI ely tH I‘L‘k'llt‘ igl‘. against the ntueh Imptoy ei.‘ .’\L\ iex

I Glasgow Acadstlasgow High/Kelvinside \‘eyy Anniexland. llelenxhirrg‘i l ): rye. (ilasgoyy ant. \


I Corstorphine v Portobello t ‘rn. at Park. (‘ariieltnou e Parkway. lzdir‘hurgli. 2pm, IDunfermiinevMusselburghvelgmc I’ltt‘k. \L‘Iltet tony ti IIII‘.tIl Sifra‘f. I)ItliIL‘IlIIll"L' "pm

I Hillhead Jordanhill v Howe otFiIe llughendei‘. I ltrgiieizdeti Road. ( il.t\t.!t\\\ 3pm.

I The McEwans Leagues hegin Iliel! u :ntei' hteak alter thexe I:\tu: :x‘ the ne\t

matehexare\ehetialtd t-i' l.:f‘.‘\ 1-1.

Saturday 3


IAyrvPortobello \tzlii‘zae. «timely I


s I >.-.~ Ms

30 lhel tie—3% \x \


I Boroughmuir v Dunfermline Meggetland. (‘olrnton Road. lzdinhurgh. 2pm.

I Currie v Dundee High School FP Malleny I’ark. Balerno. [:dinhurgh. 3pm.

I Edinburgh Wanderers vWatsonians Murray field. ltdinhurgh. 2pm.

I Glasgow Acads v West at Scotland .\'e\y .-\nnie~land. Ilelenshurgh l)riye. (ilaxgayy ant

I Heriot's v Edinburgh Acads ( ioltlettaere. lnyerleith Roxy. izdinhurgli. 3pm.

I Kilmarnock v Stewarts Melville Bellxland. ()ueeth l)lt\ e. Kilmarnoek 3pm

I Mussetburgh v Howe of File Stoney hit).

I dtnhrrrgh. 2pm.

Friday 2 Sunday 4

I Marco's Leisure Scottish National Championships \Iateo'sl eixure(‘entre. lempleton llttxinesd‘entte. ( ilasgoyy (ireen. ( ilitxgti“. l'riday 7 lllpm: Saturdiy and Sunday Iliam "pm, (All IIIIIIIIgS approvmate; phone the Squmh .'\\\Ut'llllltili or! “Fl 31‘ :5“: tot eonltimatian) l he sixteen top-ranked men and the eight highext-ranked \yotttclt \\ Ill .ampete tor the L‘ltr‘ttIIpIHIISlIIP. l’lay ix initially in mini-leagues of tour. yy ith a play er \ position in the league deeiding

\y ho s he \\ ill meet in the IIISI round proper ot the knoek-out stagex. 'l'he

lit ltd!!!)IltIIISlIIPS for men ranked l"to ‘3. and \yomen ranked 9 to lo will take plaee oy er the same three day s at Marco‘s leisure ( ~entr‘e. ( it'oy e Street. lidinhurgh.

TENNIS ' Friday 2-Sunday 4


I Scotland Ladiestngland Ladies Allander Sports ( ‘entte. \lrlngay ie Road. llearxden l'rday and Saturday III..‘~I|am opm. Sunday Irorn Villain until all tttgtlL'IIeS lI.t\ e l‘een L'Ultlpletetl.

VOLLEYBALL Saturday 26

WOMEN'S FIRST DIVISION IWheatsheafJetvaarbert Ladiesl‘irhill lligh Sehool. ()\gang\ Road North. I‘LlllIl‘tllglt


I So Ragazzi v Team Scottish Farm St \tnian'x lligh Seltool. Rottkert(ilen Road. l';t\t\yoad. ( ilaxgoyy.

I Elliott Sports Jets V DV-81 I’irhill l ligh School. I )\gang\ Road North. lidinhurgh

Saturday 3

WOMEN'S FIRST DIVISION I lnverclyde v Deloitte Hazlehead

(IIL'L'IIIKIK St‘iitlx ( ~L‘ltltL‘. \L‘ISUII SITCCI.

(izeenoek I Team Scottish Farm v Glasgow

BannermancolumhaSports('entre. Sehool Street. \Vhilt'let. ( ‘oathridge.


I Kinleith Plant v East Kilbride 'I‘elt'nrtt

( allege. ( 'reyy e 'I all. I‘dinhttrgh.

I Team Scottish Farm v Bon Accord (’olumhrr Sports ( ‘entre. School Street. \Vhrlllel .(‘oathridge

I The National Leagues nayy take a break until mid January, Please note that times at II\IIII'L‘\ are not tlStlttlly finalised untila \\ eek or \o beforehand. more up todate intor matron should he ay ailahle from the Seattixh \‘olleyhall .-\\\oeiation. 031 335


WRESTLING Saturday 26

I Scottish West DistrictJunior Championships Kl‘l\ in Hall. Argyle Street. (ilaxgoyy l'limestohefinalised phone “41357 3525 for information ). A ehanee to See some honest grappling yy ithout haying your head tripped hy hluhhery-hellied gentle-roe!) in l 'nion Jaek leotards.


I Music is listed as diary: by day. then by city. then by event.


FRIDAY 25 Glasgow

I Midday Concert Stey enson I lall. RSAMI). lllll Renlt‘eyy Street. 333 5H5“. lprn. l-tee hy tteket. l’atrieia \laeTylahon (soprano) and Jean llutehison (piano) III a programme oI \Volt. Berg. Rayeland Bernstein

I 3C0 ( ‘tty I lall. ( IIIILIIL‘I'I‘L’IJS. 3:“ 55l I

“. Illpm Iixtra date. Saturday In. IJIIIII‘llIglI. 9.2.2!) LSS‘II, 'I \y‘oViolin (‘oneertox one hy Itaeh l A minor) and the other by liarher. \y ith .Iaime l .aredo playing and directing. Mendelssohn's Reformat/on Symphony is in the \eeond hall.

I Strathclyde University Chamber Choirand CI'IOIUS Steyenxon l Iall. RS.»\.\II). III“ Rentreyy Street. 3‘2 5057. Si‘m. £3

IL l .5“). Mozart I'M/wry K339 and tyyo anthemshy llandel /udok (/ii' I’m-wand I'omrrl/me IIos/itlulslIrllte'm.


I Organ Recital Reid ( 'oneert Ilall. Iirixto Square. I-tee at door. l.lllpm. (iihhonx' l'untuyru for Double (helm and Six .Sr/ru/i/m ('lroru/m by .I S Baeh played hy

l L‘I‘lt ( .UIIIL“


I SNO l Sher I lall. l.otlfian Road. 338 1155. ”..‘~llpm. lixtra date: Saturday 30. (ilaxgoyy. L37“ LI 1 .Sll(standhy'ilfill). Brahmx‘ .-It rule-mu l'eym ul ( )r'e'rlun'. Shoxtakoy ieh Violin (‘oneerto .\'ol (\oloixtl ydra Mordkoyiehland Raehmaninay \ Symphony No l. Bryden lhamson eonduets.

I Kevock Choir Palmerston l’laee ( 'hureh. Palmerston l’laee. 'l teketx: 32‘ (3441

(I amin (are). ". illpm LI WILLS“). .-\n tntorrnal and relaxing eyening in aidoI I’amily( are "llxrngerxyyithreligions. Scottish. folk songs and \Ulox

I The Three‘s Company I aigh Room. S‘r (‘eeilia‘S l lall. ( ~my L'ate. 'l iekeIS: 333493“ (I Logan).",3Ilpr11l4. lyyostngers anda piano in [It In I‘ve/or . alternatryely llon' logo u-mrm/murg In aid at .»\|/heimer\ Seotland

SATURDAY 26 Glasgow I SNO ( ~ity llall.(‘andleriggs. 33755] I. 7..‘~llpm. L35“ Ll l.5lll\t;rrrtlliy £25”). See Friday 35. l‘ dinhnrgh. for full

dexeriptii in


I PICCDID Pack ()ueen's Hall. (‘lerk Street. (\(rS’ Ilil‘), llam. Ll T5p yytll‘r badge (Adults £2). l’irxt of new autumn seriesol Saturday \peeialx tor ehildren \\ ith the

S( ‘0. ’l oday explores the yyorld ot‘the harp and Walt Disney

I Scratch Carmina Burana \IL‘I‘.“ an I lall.


It never rains but it pours. So they say. In the case of performances at contemporary music, it’s more like little sporadic outbursts and during this issue there‘s a new sort with both the New Music Group of Scotland and Edinburgh Arts Trust promoting performances of music-theatre. NMGS brings Turning Point, a London based llexible ensemble ot musicianslactors directed by Peter Wiegold, who has recently been working with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Wiegold describes it as ‘theatre based in rhythm, telling stories and performing sketches using stylized and repetitive gestures. It creates a surreal and cartoon-like effect with much humour.‘ The influences on Turning Point's work are diverse, coming from Oriental and African music, funk and minimal music, as well as, says Wiegold, ‘the music of our own avant-garde background.’ Using electric as well as acoustic instruments, along with their own voices, Turning Point’s concerts in Edinburgh (Friday 2) and Glasgow (Saturday 3) certainly offer something a bit ditterent and out at the ordinary. ECAT‘s concert on Tuesday 6 at the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh does that too, with two main works Laborintus II by Berio and the first pertormance of James MacMilIan’s Busqueda, both using exactly the same torces of eight

actors, three sopranos and narrator. Director for this event is John Moore, who says ‘lt's theatrical in the sense it uses many levels at expression from the spoken word through to dramatic statement,’ explaining furtherthat ‘lt's a bit like a radio play or a sound track from a film that's never shot.’ Bearing in mind Berio’s obsession with appealing on as many levels as possible, it's impossible to find a neat label. ‘You can’t call if music, you can’t call it theatre and you can't call it a pantomime piece. The nearest is probably aural fheatre', says Moore. Like the Turning Point performances, it also sounds like something not to be missed. (Carol Main)

Turning Point, Friday 2 at St Bernard‘s Church, Stockbridge, Edinburgh and Saturday 3 at Guinness Room, RSAMD, Glasgow. ECAT, Tuesday 6 at Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh. All start at 8pm. See classical listings for turther details.