Brlslo Square. 'l‘lckcls: at door. 7pm. £2 (£1 ). Iidinburgh I'niv ersin Miisieal Society ol'lers all instrumentalistsand singers the chance ol taking part inCarl ()rlt‘s claim to tame. heard most recently in Iidinburgh at the televised opening concert ol the IUSS I‘estiv al. Short rehearsal. interval and then theeomplete pertormance.

I Georgian Concert Society Si Cecilia‘s llall. Covsgatc. ’l'ickels: (ms 2111‘) (Queen's l lall). ".J5pm. £5 ( £4 Young Scot £2 ). I~rctvsork and Miehachhance celebrating the 400111 anniversary in lhc Armada vv ith a programme ol loih century Spanish and Iznglisli music.

I SCO ()uccn's l lall. Clerk Street. ms 201‘). 7.45pm. £2.20 Witt), Su- l-ndu} 35 (ilasgovs . tor lull description.

SUNDAY 27 Glasgow

I Double-Reed Making Seminar Sle\ enson llall. RS.-\MI). 100 chlrcvv Streel.332 5057. ‘)am. Phone (or admission charge.

Reed making can be bad enough. But at 0 o‘clock on a Sunday morning’Surely impossible. The Radclillc '1‘r'usl shovvs hovs II can be done. I-or bassoon andoboc players.

I The Harpsichord in Concert St Mary 's (athcdral. ( ireat Western Road. .-\tlllIlS\lttll at door. Spin. ()boc. \ iolin. cello and harpsichord play masic by Bach. llandcl and Rarneau. Donations to‘l‘hird \Vorltl Aid ( iroup ( ( ilasgovs) Mozambique Appeal.


I Scottish Sinlonia ()uecn's l lall. ( ‘lct'k Street. ooh 201‘). 7.45pm. £3.50

(£250 £1.75). ltrnphasison Scandinav ia \sith(ireig‘s l lolberg Suite..\'ie1sen‘s Inct‘lingrmlruhlc Sy mpliony and Sibelius Symphony .\'o2.

MONDAY 28 Glasgow

I Competition ( iuincss Room. RS.-\Ml). 332 5057. 10am. l-ree. The l lugh S Roberton Scots Song Pri/e.

I Guitar Masterclass Sic-v enson l lall. RSAMD. 100 Renlrevs Street. 332 5057. 1.30pm. Admission tree. Directed by Neil Smith.


I Allander Ensemble Scottish National Portrait (iallery . Queen Street. Iickets: 11-11332 72-14(S.\’()).7.30pm. £3.50(£3). Friends of the SN( ) present chamber music by llaydn ( limpet-or ()uartet ). Bartok (\‘iolin duos) and Brahms (Clarinet ()uintet ).

I Hagen Duartett ()uecn's l lall.Clerk Street. (168 201‘). 7.45pm. £3.30 Loot) (£2.20al door). New 'l‘ovanonccrts Society brings young group lrom (iermany vvilh Wolf‘s Ira/run Scri'nudc. Schoenberg's 2nd String ()uartet ( \vith Audrey Luna. soprano) and Beelhov en‘s String Quartet ()p 135.

TUESDAY 29 Glasgow

I Franz Schubert Quartet at Vienna 580 Centre. BBC. Queen Margaret Drive. Tickets: Room 31 l . BBC. Queen Margaret Drive (please send s.a.e. )or BBC Reception. Iprn. I-‘ree ( .\'o admission to under 12s). ()uartetsby Beethoven and (iottl'ried v on Iiinem in a Radio 3 Live broadcast. \ocoughing.

I Kegelstatt Trio l lutcheson‘s Hall. 158 Ingram Street. Tickets: at door.

1 . 15pm—2pm. £1 . Works for clarinet. viola and piano by Mozart. Brueh and Bridge. Lightiin refreshments from 12.45pm.

I BBC 330 SS() Centre. Broadcasting House. Queen Margaret Drive. Tickets: Room 208. BBC (please send s.a.e. )or Reception. 7.30pm. Free. Vernon Ilandley is tonight‘s guest conductor for

Rukusmru by Sibelius. Bax's I‘inrugcland

lilgar's ( )\ erture In the Soul/i.


I Lunchtime Concert Reid Concert 1 Iall. Bristo Square. Free at door. 1.10pm. .lau. modern classical sl_\ les and (ireek music Itlse together in an eclectic concert of composed and imprm ised music. With Karen \Vimhursl and Moira Patterson.

I Esbjerg Ensemble ()ueen's l lall. Clerk Street. (nix 201‘). Tickets also lrom Danish Institute. 225 718‘). 7.30pm. £5(£3 50p). Visiting group ot musicians lrom Denmark play Carl Nielsen's \Vind ()uartel ( )p 4b and Schubert's ( )ctet ( )p loo.

WEDNESDAY 30 - Glasgow

I The Glasgow Phoenix Choir ( ‘iiy llall. Candleriggs. 227 5511. 7.30pm. lixtra dates: 'I'hursday l.l-‘riday 2. £2.50. Mixed bag vs ith some unusual seasonal music in the t’orm ol carols I'rom Poland and Ray Charles arrangements ol .lingle Bells. .-\1so. medieval Scottish psalm tunes. l’olk songs liom America. Ireland and 1:.ngland and a special selection called Sounds Iain/Inn:arranged by (icot'frcy King vsith apologies to 'l’chaikov sky. Pachelbel and Beethoven.


I Edinburgh University Wind Ensemble Reid Concert Hall. BristoSqttare. 'l'ickets: at door. 7.30an

I Cappella Nova Old St Paul‘sChurch. .lelll‘ey Street. 'I lcls‘c‘ls: (iliS 2(lll)l()lleen\ llall). Spm. lixtra date: l-‘riday 2. (ilasgovv £4.50 ( £2.50). A Concert l'or Peace to celebrate the (illth birthday ()1 leading Scottiin composer. Ronald Stevenson. Programme includes the lirst pcrlormance ol his In .llcmurium Robert (timer and four I’cuu' .Iloli’rs. leaping back a levy centuries. there's alsoCarser‘s Mass I’ulcr ( It'll/Ur ()ninium.

THURSDAY 1 Glasgow I Morley String Quartet ( ‘oncerl l lall.

(ilasgovs lfniversity. l‘ree atdoor. 1.15pm. ()uartcts by Debussy ( 1) minor. Op 10) and Shostakovich ( .\'o 7) played by


' I RSAMD Chamber Orchestra Stevenson

llall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrevv Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). limmanuel

Ilurvs it/ conducts \sol‘ks by Boyce. Bartok. Haydn and Vivaldi's Concerto for tvvo trumpets vvith soloists (ilenn Munro and Robert Baxter.

I The Glasgow Phoenix Choir(‘iry l lall. Candleriggs. 227 5511. 7.30pm. lixtra date: l-‘riday 2. £2.50. See Wednesday 30 lor tulldescription.


I Scottish Early Music Consort ()ueen's Ilall. Clerk Street. («)8 2019. 7.45pm. lixtra date: Friday 2. (ilasgovv. £(i £4.50 (£2.50). The \‘iennese 'I'rumpet Iixperiencc vvith .lohn Wallace and John Miller highlights flamboyant music for trumpet written for 18th century Vienna.

FRIDAY 2 Glasgow

I BBC 830 Stevenson llall. RSAMI). 100 Renlrew Street. 332 5057. 12.15pm. £4.50 (£2.75 £2.25 £1). Vernon Ilandleyyyith [{Igiir‘s In the South. Beethoven's 5th Symphony and Schoenberg's Violin Concerto. soloist David Nolan.

I The Glasgow Phoenix ChoifCity l lall. Candleriggs. 227 5511. 7.30pm. £2.50.See Wednesday 30 I'or full description.

I Guitar and Lute Recital l lmchcson‘s llall. Clarernont Street. Tickets: at door. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). Scottish lute pieces and music by Bach. Ponce and Villa-Lobos played by Anne Chauraud.


a concert at Gregorian Chant bv L’ENSEMBLE DRGANUM Messe de la Pentecote

SATURDAY 26 NOVEMBER at7.30pm DLD ST PAUL‘S CHURCH Jeitrey Street Edinburgh

Tickets available from the French Institute 13 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh (031 225 5366) and atthe door.

swmmmc THE


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