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Choose from over 50 varieties including C hdtea u (1e Pradefll . 8 7, (fa/liga .llontenem £3 .45 , Domaine de Clairai‘ [3.3 5 , Limaux .82, l err/iglio £4.07.

Case prices too.

RICA]. FOODS. 8 Brougham Street. 'l‘ollcross, 031 228 1651 and 37 Broughton Street. (131 5571911

The French Cultural Delegation in Glasgow The French Institute in Edinburgh present a concert by LE QUATUOR M ESSIAEN CONCERT HALL T . Glasgow University "O by, Ravel 6.8590“, 1ere Rhapsodie by Debussy Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps by Messiaen MONDAYSDECEMBER at 7.30pm REID CONCERT HALL Tickets available from the French Cultural Delegation Bristo Square in Glasgow (041 357 3632) and from the French Edinburgh Institute in Edinburgh (031 225 5366) or at thedoor.

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The new album. recorded in the ( ast .ide Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. [ISA 'l‘raditional music at its best

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I Cappella Nova (‘ilasgow Cathedral. Tickets1227 5511 (Ticket('entre).8pm. £4.50 (£2.50). See Wednesday 30. Edinburgh. for full description.

I Scottish Early Music Consort Stevenson Hall. RSAMI). 100 Renlrew Street. 332 5057. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). See Thursday 1. Edinburgh. for full description.


I Organ Recital Mcliwan Hall. Bristo Square. Free at door. 1.10pm. Works by] S Bach. Mendelssohn and Alfred 1 lollins make up today's programme. performed by Dennis'liownhill.

I 3N0 L'sher Hall. Lothian Road. 227 551 1 . 7.30pm. Extra date: Saturday 3. (ilasgow. £2.70—£l 1 .50 (standby £2.50). Emphasis on Hungary with Kodaly (Dances ofGa/anta) and Bartok ( Piano ('oncerto No 2). Brahms' 2nd Symphony completes the programme. conducted by (iyorgy Lehel with soloist Ian 1 lobson.

I Edinburgh University Chamber Choir Reid (‘oncert Hall. Bristo Square. Tickets: at door. 7.45pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Michael Turnbull directs his students forces in

1 la ndel‘s (x'treclit Te Deum and the .llagnilica! by .1 S Bach.

I New Music Group of Scotland Si Bernard's Church. Saxe (’oburg Street. Stockbridge. Tickets: (168 201‘) (Queen's Hall). 8pm. Iixtra date: Saturday 3. Glasgow. £4 (£2.50). Songs. stories and music-theatre from London based ensemble Turning Point directed by Peter Wiegold. Should be quite light-hearted and good fun using a blend ofdiflerent styles including jazz. funk. Afro-Caribbean. minimalism.



I RSAMD Junior Department Concert Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. Free at door. 3pm. Wind band arid brass ensemble in a varied programme conducted by SNO trombonist Lance (ireen.

I Harpsichord Recital Pollok l louse. Pollok Park. Free at door. 3pm——-1pm. Into the Library for Forqueray‘ Suite No 5. Byrd‘s The Batte/ and pieces by 1 latidel. played by Janetta and Morton (iould.

I 8N0 City Hall. (‘andleriggs. 227 5511. 7.30pm. £2.50—£1 1.50 (standby £2.50). See Friday 2. Edinburgh. for full description.

I New Music Group of Scotland Guinness Room. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 8pm. £4 (£2.50). See Friday 2. Edinburgh. for full description.


I Piccolo Pack Queen's 1 lall. (‘lerk Street. 668 201‘). 11am.£1.'75p with badge (adults £2). More Saturday morning musical fun for children. this time concentrating on the theme Bass is Beautiful.

I 81 Andrew's Concert L'sher Hall. Lothian Road. 228 1 155. 7pm. £1-£5. The Edinburgh Fiddlers. Edinburgh Highland Reel and Strathspey Society. Anne Lorne Gillies. Isobel Meiras. Jim Ferguson. The Royal Scottish (‘ountry Dance Society all perform in aid of Greyfriars International Appeal.

I Edinburgh University Musical Society Orchestra McEwan Hall. Bristo Square. Tickets: at door. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). Elgar‘s Sea Pictures with soloist Frances McCafferty and Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony with Morley Whitehead in a concert which opens with the Dance ()verture by Kenneth Leighton. as a tribute to this Edinburgh University professor who died earlier this year. Christopher Bell conducts.

I 800 Queen‘s 1 lall. Clerk Street . 668 2019. 7.45pm. £2.20—£‘).()0. Ragtimeand Concerto in D by Stravinsky. Schumann‘s Piano Concerto and Mozart's Prague Symphony make for an attractive programme conducted by Jukka-Pekka Saraste with Howard Shelley as soloist.



I Christmas Concert by Schoolchildren

Hy ndland Parish (‘hurch Hall. 24 Novar l)ri\e. ( il2. 2.30pm. Admission at door. The Rainbow Music (‘iroup andyoung local instrumentalists w ith carols for all. (‘ollection for Nicaraguan 1 lurricane Relicl through '1 liird \Vorld Aid ( iroup ((ilasgoyy ).

I Ouatuor Messiaen (‘oneeri Hall. (ilasgow l'niyersity . Tickets: at door. 7,3(1pm_ £3 ( £ 1 .511). Qtttttttorpnttrlt’ lttt iltt tent/M. Ray el‘s Piano Trio and Premiere lx’apsoilieby Debussy in celebrationol Messiaen's 80th birthday.

I Glasgow Orchestral Society I leiiry- \y'ootl Hall. (‘laremont Street. 'I‘ickcts: at door. 7.30pm. £2.50(£1.50). Amateurorchestra of high standard with Borodin's()verture to Prince Igor. l'cliaikoy sky's 5th Symphony and Mo/ait l’iano(‘oncertoNo 21 . soloist Robin ('oly Ill. (iiulio Romano conducts.


I Edinburgh Academy Choral Society S1 John's('liiiicli. West 12nd. Princes Street. Tickets: at door. Spin. £ 1 .50 ( £1 ). Songs of the Fleet by Stanford. Parry 's lilest l’airof Sirens and Sit ( 'nai'c‘oni/ian/eil fol/(songs by Vaughan Williams in parents aiid friends of the lidinburgh Academy 's annual concert.



ICarol Concerti‘iiy llullt‘anaIei-iggs. 227 551 1. 7pm. ('liristmas intisic from the Salvation Army .


I GuitarRecitai Borouglimuii .lunior School. \Var render l’ark ( 'i‘esccnt. Tickets: at door. 7pm. Robin Robertson is the guest ol the ('lassical ( iuitar Society of lidinburgh.

TUESDAY 6 Glasgow

I Student Concert l lutclieson‘s l lall. 158 lngrani Street. Tickets: at door.

1.15pm- 2pm. £1 . Strathclyde l'niversity invitcsstudentsoi the RSAMl) toperform as part of its regular lunchtime series.

Tea coffee and sandwiches available from 12.45pm.

I Stakis Masterclass ( itlliiliL‘ss Room. RS;\.'\11).100Renlrew Street. 332 5057. Free at door. 2pm. (‘ontrary to what this listing might make you think. it's not an event about food and drink but a woodwind masterclass directed by Jack Brymer.

I The Magic Flute Theatre Royal. 1 lope Street. 331 123-1. 7.15pm. lixtradatc: Saturday 10. £3 -£23. Scottish ()pera returnsto (ilasgow with Jonathan Miller's production. Mixed reactions. Last chance to see it. so theysay'.

I BBC 330 SS0 Centre. Queen Margaret Drive. Tickets: Room 208. BBC. Queen Margaret Drive (please send s.a.e. )or Reception. 7.30pm. Free. An all Berlioz. programme including .ilenuet ties I-"ollets and Hungarian Mare/1 from The Damnation of l‘aust. H'ai'erley' ()t'erture. Queen Mal) Scherzo and the Love Scene from Romeo and/aliet. Serge Baudo is conductor.

I Strathclyde University Chamber Orchestra Henry Wood Hall. ('laremont Street. Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre). 8pm. £3 (£1.50). A celebration ofthe 150th anniversary of Max Bruch. featuring (what else?) the (3 minor Violin (‘oncerto with Miles Baster as soloist. lt's flanked by Mac(.‘unn‘s ()verture Lam! oft/1e Mountain and the I'lUUil arid Dvorak's Symphony Nob.


I Organ Recital Meliwan Hall. Bristo

32 The List 25 Nov 8 Dec 1988