I ltlds aims to provide into about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow tor children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days balorc publication.

Activities and Fun I HAGGS CASTLE Hill St Andrews I)rlye.

4‘" ‘“‘<

3 Saturday Activities 2.15pm. lr'ee.rio

bookings taken. Recommended age in brackets.

26 NOV I’ancakesl5 SI

3 Dec Story time I)iaw iiigl4 7)

llaggs ( ‘aslle's ( ‘hr‘isttnas .Actiy tires will run lrom Sat 24 Dec-7 Jan (excluding l)ec 25 ck .Ian I l and there will be a day of I'L‘\II\C l‘un on Sat I" l)ee. 'I‘hedaily

aetiy ities are likely to be very popular. and parents anxious to book places can do so from Sat 10 Dec. loam. Booking islimited to one actiy ity per child. and the minimum age limit is4 years. I-ull details of the activities will appear in the next isstieol /‘/I(‘ /.I\!.

I SCOTTISH BALLET 2M \‘l'est I’rinces Silect.5512‘)3l

Junior Contemporary Classes lit ery Tuesday is 7pm. until 17 I)ec.£l .50. Open to anyone. any standard. aged l2 and t)\ er.


Andrews Dr is e. I’ollokshields. 42-7 272.5 The Desperate Journey Iixtended until March. 198‘). Ifsing a numberofsmall displays this exhibition tells the story of a family of crofters from Sutherland w ho are ey icted it'om their home during the Highland ('learances. They go first to (ilasgow . and then make the ‘desperate iourney ' across the Atlantic to(’anada. ()n the w ay they meet all kinds of hazards and w hen they arrive are befriended by I’egius an Indian chief. Based on the children's book by Kathleen I"idler.

I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT ls'ely in l Iall.

55-10223. (entrance from Bunhouse Road;

parking facilities). Mon Sat Illam 5pm; Sat 2 5pm.

Design Council‘s Schools Design Prize: Scotland 1988 L'ritil l)ee 7. Award winning designs.


I GROSVENOR CINEMA Ashton Lane. lIiIIhead. 339-1298 The (irosvenor w ill be screening films primarily for children every Saturday afternoon. This replaces the Saturday Afternoon Picture Show. Doors open at l.-l5pm; film starts at 2..‘~llpm. 1.1.2“.


I’aisley . (Ml-887 lllltl. Adtilts £1 . kids 5llp.

Ghostbusters (PU) Sat 26 Nm. lll.3llam. Large screen video ( LSV). Three paranormal investigators‘ find there are bucks to be made by rottting out ghosts in New York. (ireat special effects and lots of laughs.

Anniett.‘ i Sat 3 Dec. Itl.3llam. st. Sentimental broadway musical about Little ()rphan Annie. originally based on Harold (iray 's comic strip.


I CITIZEN'S THEATRE ( iorbals. 42i)llil22 Pinocchio 2‘) Nov 21 Jan. tirnesy ary.

check with venue. L2 L45“. 'I‘he('iti/ens' i

short spell as a studio theatre comes toan end w ith this production and the main stage. temporarily out of action whilst icnoy ation work is carried oirt. is back in action. As in prey rous years Myles Rudge adapts the laiiytale and ( ilIL‘s I layergal directs expect lotsol colour . styleand

I CRAWFURDTHEATREIordanhill(’ollege ol Itducatioii. Southbrae l)ri\e. ‘l54llllllll ck 'I'icket Centre. ('andleriggs. 227' 551 I. The Magic Snowball :9 \oy .Ian 2pm ck "..‘\llpiii cyery day except 2-1 ck SI l)ee Illam ck 2pm; No perls 25 l)ec ck Llan. I’r'rces \ ary between 14.5“ t £3.5Ulck L2.5ll-L.‘\.5ll. Rey iy al of last year'spanto by \\ rldeat in w hich the Wicked Witch of the South i guess who) and her horrible henehman. Malcolm Roughkind. have cast a lro/eri spell oy er the north. Bright and bree/y and politically right-on

I CUMBERNAULD THEATREHZMWDSS" The Jungle Book I hid Sat 3] Dec. 2-1

Nov (il)ee. lllaiii ck 1.30pm. (except 20 .\'o\ ck 3 Dec l..‘~llpiiionly i. From "l)ee. lilam. ISUpm ck Tillpm (except Sats l..‘~(l


Newsagents, observes Derek Rodger, editor olThe Scottish Child, don't seem to know where to put his magazine on the news stands. Sometimes it’s next to parenting magazines, like Mother and Baby; sometimes it’s next to the ‘heavies' like New Statesman and Society, orThe Listener.

it‘s something Rodger takes as a compliment, tor the whole approach of Scottish Child is to challenge categorisation. ‘We live in the age at the specialist, butthat doesn’t necessarily take into account the needs at parents and children. Lite doesn’t fit into specialised containers.‘

Rodgertheretore is trying to establish a new style at magazine lor adults, parents, and, eventually tor children too, and to encourage within it as a wide variety oi interests as possible. ‘ltaimsto challengethe way we think about ourselves, and the way we think about our children‘ says Rodger

The current issue certainly reflects this approach and includes a moving short story about how people come to terms (or don’t come to terms) with the truth about child abuse, looks at Roald Dahl's work and assesses the legacy ol Jock Stein, the ‘dominant working class Scottish hero ol the post war period‘. And alongside these pieces by well established writers, like Neal Acherson and Joyce McMillan, he’s

pm ck 7.30pm only . l .\'o pert 25 Dec 'I'ickets adults L35”. cones 9.2.5”. A (‘hi'istmas show rather than a panto. and much closer to Kipling than it is to Walt Disney I With all the layourite characters including Baloo. Bagheera and man-cub Mow gli

I KING'S THEATRE Bath Street. 552 5%]. Boxottiee Mon Sat noon hpm. Irc‘ket (’enti'e. (‘andleriggs Mon Sat

ill..‘\llam txfillpm. 22" 55ll

Jack and the Beanstalk 3r) .\'o\ ll l‘c-h. "’pm. Matinees \Veds and sats 2.15pm. .\'o perls25 l)ee ck l.lari. Artall-aetioit. all-starpantowith.limmy Logan. l'na McLean and Ralph Raieh as Brenda Blunderbore.

I MITCHELL THEATRE (irany ille Street. 22l 31% Box oflice noon (rpm. tickets alsoayailable from 'I'icket (critic. ('andlcriggs. 22'7 55I I . Mon Sat

lll..‘\llam 0.30pm.

Mother Goose Dec 5 ill. 7.30pm. Sat matinee 2.30pm. The Pantheon I’layers present their traditional panto.

Decanters ol Culture Land t’ntll In Not. “.Fllpm;Sat2(i2.3llpm. L312. Presented by the talented and hard-working Mitchell Theatre for Youth and written by Billy l)itter'. ( ieneral Manager at the King's. (ilasgoyv

I PALACE THEATRE ‘) ( ireen Street. Is'ilmarnock . ll5b5 235‘)“

Peter and Penny's Panto .s- .‘sll l)ec. "Jr lprn esery day. Weekday matinees Illamck 2pm. Sat matinees 2pm. .\'o perls 25 ck 20 Dec. £2.10. L.“.III(\ L-l. Illleoncs L2. lllck £3. Ill). Presented by Borderline. the oiin Scottish company who are mounting two pantos lItlsCIll'lslltlas.

I PAVILION THEATRE l2] Renlield Street. 332 IS-lti. Boxolliee Mon Sat lilarn Spin Snow White 3 Dec 3s .Ian. “Airpm. Matiiiees l-l l)ee. weeks beginning Mon 1‘) ck Mon 26. 2.30pm . .\'o perls 25 Dec ck l.Ian. L5.5ll(L3.5ll). L3.5ll(£2.5ll). Radio ('Iy'de‘s annual incursion into the wacky world ol pantomime. With Andy Cameron. Sheila(ireir ck (iary Marshall.

hoping to interest a group at children in writing about their own experiences.

Rodger is the first to admit that Scottish Child, which is priced at £1 , is an ambitious project. He is taking a big risk in trying to build a magazine in a broad-based area, where there isn't an easily identiliable advertising market. However Scottish Child hasn’t had to start from scratch. It began several years ago as a quarterly and gradually outgrew its limited subscription circulation. This summer itwas re—designed, Rodger became the ‘more or less tull-time' editor and it was launched as a bi-monthly independent magazine in September. Sales are currently a healthy looking 5000 and Rodger, having doubled his print run every issue, is optimistic about its luture.

Having worked as a teacher, a youth councillor and campaigned on behall ol homeless teenagers, Rodger, a lather of two, is very clear aboutthe magazine's identity. ‘I'm always being asked why it's called the Scottish Child when it includes a whole range at issues, but I think people are aware of the possibilities of Scottish culture and history and I want to rellect that. Scottish identity is under tremendous threat as all marginalised cultures are, but it still survives.‘ Certainly he has the commitment to make Scottish Child survive too. The November issue is on sale now, next issue will be out in February. (Sally Kinnes)

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE l2 Washington Street. 22l ~152h

The Story of the Monkey King .s‘ It» l)ec. .s' l)ec2pm. l2 k 13 Dec lllainck 2pm. l~lck lit l)ee 2pm ck 7.30pm. “.5”. eoricsil. parties "5p. .\'ot a panto. or e\ en a (‘hristiiias play . this is a w intersltow. which hapl‘eiis to be on in Dec. lt'sbased on the ancient (‘hinese my th of a tnischeyious monkey who istaught a lesson by the gods. Adapted by Pat Keysell. former presenter of l'isi‘mt ()Il. l! emphasises mm-c'mcrrl. music and mime. [here may he no Scrum. but (here are 1on of monkeys. gods and (I ( 'limesetlrtrgmi. Rum I/rour.

I STUDIO THEATRE 2(tl \Vest Princes Street. 331 2931

Skazka 2. 3 ck Ill l)ee. 7.30pm. 3 ck ill l)ee. 2.30pm. Adults £5. ()Al’s £35”. kids £2.50. Ska/ka is Rtissian tor fairytale and this my entiy e pantomime ballet w eay es together Iolsol different Iolklalestl‘atttls. Aimed at primary school age children it takes Nadia aild \'anya to the underwater world of the Rtisalkas w here they comein against theein ls'roy the l)eatllless. so there is plenty of opportunity to booarid Illss (‘hor'eogi'aphcd by three riternbersol tlte east.

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I BRUNTON CENTRE .‘slusselburgh . (ili5 371 l ext 2-H.

East Lothian Youth Theatre Iiyery Wednesday . "mill ‘).3(lprii. l'ree. Drama workshops for I3 21 year olds. All welcome. l’hone yenue for details.

I 3 \Vest ’l‘ollcross. 223 3252. Disco Izyery Saturday (will lllpm. Ll.5ll. l'nder lSs alcohol-tree disco. I.I\e aets most weeks.

I EDINBURGH ZOO ( 'orstoi'phine Road. 33-10171. ()pen every day of the year.

I GURGIE CITY FARM 5l (iorgie Road. 337 4202. Open every day of the year.

9am 4pm (pluseyeniiig sessions). I'i'ee. Izdrnburgh's mid-city farm. in which all kitids of Iiyestock and organic produce thrive. ill spite of the traffic gr'indingpast outside.

Young City Farmers Group lay my Saturday. lilain lpm. l~'or 7 13 year olds. "5p membership. pltis l5p per session. A lively weekly group in w hieh children can learn about farm life and how to look after the animals.

I MURRAYFIELD ICE RINK Riy ersdale ('rcseenl.337 (i933. Mon? Ir'ri

2.3llpm ~4.3llpm. and evenings y ar'iotis times (check with venue). Saturdays lllarn noon family skating 2.3(L ~l.3llpm. 7.30 10.30pm. Strnday Ill ll._‘s(lam (irotip tuition. Sunday afternoon open 2.3a 4.3upm.

I NATIONAL GALLERY 'I'he Mound. 556 8921. Mon Sat Illam 5pm. Stilt 2 5pm. I‘ree.

StarTrek A star-led guide around the gallery'st'hristniaspictureslorS l2year olds. There are free aetiy ity packs with instructions of w hat to look out lor. questions to answer and drawings to complete. A good way tor a child to getto know the gallery and giy e parents an hour or so‘s peace.

I DUEEN'S HALL (‘lerk Street. has 3019 Piccolo Pack Sat 26 .\'oy . Sat 3 and Sat Ill l)ee. l lam. KidsLl (75pit they still have their Piccolo badge) adults £2. l-‘orS- 12 year olds. The I’iccolo Pack is back. the S('()‘sliy ely package of musiclor children. Taking a different theme each week. the orchestra introduces musical ideas and instruments in a lively and accessible way. The series runs for three eonsecutiy e Saturday mornings. and themes are as follows;

Discoverthe Colourtul World at the Harp. Zn Nov. with a little Ravel. l)ebussy and Walt Disney. Boogie on Down 3 l)ee. Life at the bottom end of the orchestra with the deep rich sound of the contra-bassoon. cellos and

48 The List 25 Nov - 8 Dec 1988