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In 0‘»; HUM" l’ ilish Realiticsexhtbitions aiomrd ( Ilcl‘gtl“. A good place tostart digesting this season of Polish art as most ofthc artists will be new and may need some introduction. Christmas Exhibition ' I)ce end Jan. The (‘ompass is famed for its ('hristmas show w hich is as mixed and fun a bunch asyou could get Paintings. ]C\\CIICI_\.CCTEImlCS. glass and sculpture IIII the gallery. I COOPER HAY RARE BOOKS 203 Bath Street 22o 3074 .\1on- l-‘ri 10am-5pm; Sat 10am 1pm AVoyage Round Great Britain l 'niil end Nos An exhibition oforigiiial hand colouicd .iqtiatints by William Danielt 1769 1837). .-\qtliltlllt isa method ole tching in tone. and this sci'ics ol plates. combined w ith Richard Ay ton‘s text. pros ides a \ aluable record as well as presentation. I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 West Regent Street. 221 3095. Mon -l-'ri 9 30am 5 30pm: Sat9 30am -12.30pm Winter Collection I 'ntil 31 Dec. .-\ selection of line art by Me I‘aggart. Philipson. (’olquhonn. Stanley Spencer and others. I THE DESIGN COUNCIL SCOTLAND 72 St Vincent St. (i2 5T.\' 221 6121. Mon Fri 9 30am 5pm. Sat 9am 5pm Print Design Exhibition An exhibition sponsored by ( oui'tatilds Acetate showing designs for printed textiles. The designs are dis ided into three categories; scars es. das wear and lingerie. I FINE ART socrerv 134 Blytliswood SIIL‘L‘I. .33: Jill-.7. .\I()II I‘Tl 9 30am 5.30pszat10am 1pm. Alexander Mann (1853—1908) L'ntil 29 Nos . Paintings and photographs. Hail Caledonia t'niil 3‘) .\'os A pictorial reminiscence of the Highlands. Work by Mc'l’aggart. 1). Y. (‘ameron and Mary Armour Glen Scouller: 3n l)ec. Paintings from Pros cncc by a Scottish contemporary artist. Contemporary Scottish Prints 2 301)cc. I GATEHOUSE GALLERY Rouken (ilen Road (gallery at entrance to Butterfly Kingdom).0200235. Daily 11.30 5.30pm; (‘Iosctl 'Ittcs. Christmas Exhibition 4 Dec until early Jan. Stained glass by [it Rowlcy and painted boxes by Ann Nicholson. Also paintings. ceramics and )esvellery. I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 4526. Mon Fri 10am--8pm;Sat 10 3pm. Polish Realities Exhibition - Kolo Klipsa. Mystical Realism t not 3 Dec. This exotic name belongs to a group of artists founded in Poland in 1983. Their house style isto niakc sculptural installations which transform galleries into elaborate sets. Polish Realities Exhibition- Hanna Luczac. Black Holes I hill 3 Dec. (‘rayon and boot polish are just two of Inezac‘singredients for creating black holes from her own imagination. GLASGOW OPPORTUNITIES 7 West George Street. 2210955. .\tonrl-‘ri9am~5pm. Elspeth Roberts l'niil 201m. Recent prints. I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 22 King Street. 5.520704. .\ton- Sat 10am-»5.30pm. Polish Realities Exhibition -Lukasz Korolkiewicz Ifntil 3 Dee. Photo-realism from this Polish artist. Paintingsof backyards. rubbish and crumbling concrete. liseryday tensions are frozen in still life. Workshops The studio w orkshops have reopened in their new premises and are now as ailable tor artists” use. Membership application forms are as ailable from the above addiess. Christmas Exhibition llL-24 Dec. Many regular members from the print studio will be exhibiting their work in this seasonal show. I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Renfield Street. 332 9797. Mon—Thurs 9am—9pm; Fri 9am (rpm; Sat 9.30am--noon. Mackintosh Gallery Polish Realities Exhibitions- Leon


Scottish Society 01 Women Artists, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

It came as quite a surprise to learn that the SSWA was rounded by a man. It seems that during the Twenties it was ditticult to get women artists together never mind improve a situation which virtually excluded them lrom exhibiting. However, it's a tact that William MacDougall got the society oil the ground in an ettort to help his artist daughter in her career.

Since then, the society has had its ups and downs. A high point was reached during the Forties when the women artists showed first at the National Gallery on the Mound and some years later, under the presidency at Ann Redpath, lorthe tirst time in the Royal Scottish Academy.

Row, over torty years on, the new president, Joan Renton, finds a society at the crossroads. Women artists in the Eighties are well represented in Scottish galleries —to counter the particularly male ‘new image Glasgow' painters, women artists like Lys Hansen, Gwen Hardie and Margaret Hunter have round their own, distictive approach to painting which gives healthy balance to Scottish art. 30 though there are still perhaps some subtle barriers to some women artists, there are no physical boundaries and certainly no lack ol exhibiting opportunities.

As a result or this and perhaps also because the Society has in the not-so-distant past had a gently homespun image, it has not always attracted Scotland's top women artists. Today, there are loyal supporters at that calibre, like Lys Hansen (who has a huge, brilliantly-coloured piece in this year’s show) but encouragement or the numbers who stay away is something the new president sees as crucial to the Society’s luture success.

Several avenues to this end are being lollowed. This year standards have been more critical then ever and next

year the Society hope to use a larger prize purse to bring in more, well-known professionals. Students

and young artists are being encouraged

to join (membership lor the under 25s is a token £1 a year) and tor the past live years or so, men have been invited to submit work to the open show held every year at this time or the year in the RSA.

With 400 members and rising, the society seems to be in a healthy condition. Its survival to some extent or course may depend on the outcome or the wrangle over the future or the RSA itselt. But perhaps that uncertainty has galvanised the society into action tor the luture and will provide new impetus to a group which thought it had lost a cause. (Alice Bain)

Tarasewicz and Tomasz Ciecierski limit 3 Dec. Tarasewiez lives in a village in the north of Poland. close to the Russian border. These paintings have been inspired by his environment. (‘iecierski‘s smaller paintings join together to make a larger work to investigate our understanding of the landscape. sseathcr and animal life.

Hewbery Gallery

Polish Realities Exhibitions Until 3 Dee. Anna Beller‘s painted realism studies the relationship of people and object from unusual angles. Miroslaw Balka's installation River captures a figure between death and survival.

I GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LIBRARY llillhead Street. 339 8855. Mon—Thurs

9. 15am—9. 15pm: Fri 9. 15am—4.45pm: Sat 9. 15am—12. 15 m.

I GRAEME MUNDY FINE PAINTINGS 79 West Regent Street. 332 7919.

James Gorman 25 Nov-24 Dec. An artist who makes stylised human images in bizarre situations. Contemporary paintings and fine pottery also on display. I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Glasgow‘s museum for children.

The Desperate Journey The story oi a

Ilighland family . es icted from their home during the (‘Iearances and forced to make the long journey to the New World. Based on the book by Kathleen I-‘idler.

I GOETHE INSTITUT 3 Park ('ircus. 332 2555.

Step by Step Carelul Urban Renewal in Berlin. Kreuzberg t Tniil 2o .\'os . This is an exhibition documenting architectural work carried out in Krcuzberg. West Berlin. In 1981. the destruction otthc working class area reached its climax and this exhibition represents a positis c sign that a change in urban policy is taking place.

Urban Renewal and Community Control Sat 10 Dec 9.45pm—1 . 10pm. The Architecture Building. Strathclyde University. Rottherow. A conference complimenting the ‘Step by Step' exhibition. 1t w'illdiscuss lessons from (ilasgow. Berlin and the neighbouring tow ns of Kreuzberg and Woodlands.

I HARBINGERS 417 (ireat Western Road. 3399999. Mon -Sat 10am—6pm.

Radio Waves Until 30 Nov. \'ery unusual radios by (ilasgow designer Alastair Macdonald who also teaches at Glasgow School of A rt.

Mixed Exhibition From 4 Dec. An

exhibition in which ten artists will be displaying their work.

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l 'nis ersity oI (ilasgow . 82 llillhead Street. 330 5-13 I. Mon Fri 9.30am - 5pm; Sat 9.30am—Ipiii. From McTaggart to Eardley tfniil 15 April. A winter shoss ing of the gallery's collection of Scottish watercolou rs including work by (ilasgow Boysand Scottish ('olourists.

The Mackintosh House Gallery: ()pen as abos c but closed for lunch 12.31» 1 .30pm. 50p admission on weekday afternooiisand Saturdays. .-\ reconstruction ofthe architect's home titled with original furniture.

Mackintosh Cabinet Design t'nul 15 April. From simple stained pieces made in the mid- 1890‘s to elaborater decorated w hite cabinets. this exhibition of twenty designs pros ides a representative survey of Mackintosh's work in tliisfield.

Scottish Society tor Art History :5 es lo Nos. A two-day conference on the interaction of Scotland and Italy to be held inthe Talbot Rice Art (iallery [Edinburgh

I HUNTERIAN MUSEUM The I 'nisersity of (iiasgow . 339 8855. .\Ion- Fri

9.30am- 5pm; Sat 9.30am-- 1pm. Twice named Museum of the Year.

Coracle. Kayak and Canoe Iixtended until 3 Dec. Iixamplcsofsery early watercraft from a buoyant but pre-steam. uncngincercd age.

I IMAGES GALLERY 74 llyndland Road. 334 5311. Mon- Fri 9.30am-- 5.30pm. No exhibition at present but general stock includes 18th and 19th century Japanese woodblock prints and 19th and 2(lth century etchings. w atcrcolours and oils. I INTERDEC GALLERY Mary hill Burgh Hall. 24 ( iairbraid Road. 946 5912 Scottish and Bangladeshi Exhibition tiniil 31 Dec. Iimbroidery . tapestry weaving. batik and paintings by gallery artists. jlist right for ('liristmas shopping. This gallery may look inauspicious. btit it gives a sery iricndly w eIcome and has some good buys. I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 221 (i025. Mon Fri 10am-5pm; Sat

10am 1pm.

19th & 20th century continental oilsand w'atercolours.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngas'ie. 956 2351. Tue— Fri 11am-«5pm and 7- 9pm: Sat and Sun 2- 5pm. (‘losed Mondays.

Glasgow Society of Women Artists t‘niil 2o Nov. The annual exhibition ofthis long-established group.

The Scottish Potters Association Christmas Exhibition 3‘ 22 Dec. This selling exhibition ofcontemporary pottery includes a display of pottery fromearlier times by this society.

Sky Studios Recent paintings by Ken Bushc.

I MCLELLAN GALLERIES Rose Street. Mon- Sat 10.30am—opm; Sun 2pm -5pm. Cancer Reliet Exhibition Limit 25 .\'os-. ()s'er (>00 paintings. sculptures and ceramics priced from £15 to over £1000 w ill be sold in aid of(‘ancer Relief. ('offee is served. I MAIN FINE ARTThe Studio (iallery. 16 Gibson Street. 33-1 8858. Tue-- Sat

I (lam—5 pm .

The opening of the Mains‘ new gallery at 3-1 is now imminent. The cream-coloured gallery. converted from an old Victorian chemist 's shop is looking quite beautiful and will be a welcome addition to the west end. Watch out in the List for theofficial opening date.

I EWAN MUNDY FINE ART 48 West (ieorge Street.3312406.Mon—Sat 9.30am—5.30pm.

I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin Hall (Entrance from BunhoUse Road with parking facilities) Mon-Sat llL-Spm; Sun 2—5pm.

Design Council's Schools Design Prize Scotland 1988 Until 7 Dec. Award-winning designs. I 908 GALLERY 12 ()tago Street. 339 3158. Mon—Sat 10am-6pm. Carole Moore Until 30 Nov. New paintings

50 The List 25 Nov 8 Dec 1988-