accommodation. which ranges from a cottage to an old cigarette factory. WASPS artists come in as many varieties as the studios themselves. As well as newly graduated artists. many well-known Scottish artists find a place in their buildings— Jacki Parry. I.ys Hansen. Peter Howson. Ken (‘urrie and Philip Braham are just some of them. The exhibition is more a celebration of WASPS than an encapsulation of Scottish art. but is well worth a visit. Colour in Scottish Painting L'ntil 21 Jan. 'I he city ‘s permanent collection tracesthe dey elopment of Scottish colouristsover the last hundred years. Edinburgh Sketching Club t‘ntit 3 Dee. Work by a local amateur club. I CITY CHAMBERS High Street. Fri lb Dec (LAIlpill S..‘~llpm. Christmas Art Auction works have been donated by various Scottish artists for auction. The proceeds are going to "The Blueliclds Support Fund which has been set tip to help combat the devastation caused by Hurricane Joan in Nicaragua. There w ill be an opportttnity for potential bidders to y iew' the works in the (’hambers on the prey iotis day. I COLERIDGE GALLERY 47b ( ieorgc Street. 22” l3il5. Mon—Sat Illamv-SJllpm. Thisis I/it’ place to see contemporary British glass; the selection is usually very good and the gallery . recognising that glass isa tactile medium. has a very w clcomc policy of encouraging visitors to handle the pieces.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY tori l iigh Street. 22“ l2oll, Tue—l-‘ri I230 5.30pm: Sat Ill..‘\llant-- 5.30pm. Outside/Insite I'ntil 26 Nov at ('ranston Street I lall. (‘anongatc ( just down from .lohn Knox‘s l louse). Nick Stewart. a young artist from Belfast . is the first to work under the ( ~ollectiy c's series of installations collectively called

()utside Insite. A student of science as well as art and a critic as well asartist. Stewart makes w hat he calls ARK.

Ian Robertson I hid 26 Nov. Recent work by this Aberdeen artist inspired by a visit to'l urkcy and ('retc and the art hefound there. Minoan. ( ireek and Byzantine.


l louse College. ( ~raniond Road North. AI: Iilllll e\l 27:.

New Sculpture in Scotland t‘ntil i I December A new and very welcome

y enue which will scry e as a permanent. outdoor exhibition space for contemporary art and sculpture —- the only space of its type. Twer e sculptors have made work for the exhibition: Tracy MacKenna. Sibylle \"on llalem. Moira lnnes. l)oug ( ~ocker. Wendy l lalstead. \‘alerie Pragnell. Peter Hill. Arran Ross. .lultc McCran. John Hunter. David Moore and lilizabeth McFall.

I OANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Doune Terrace. 225 7l8‘). Mon—Fri loam—5pm. Kirsten Klein Ifntil ‘) I)ec. Klein is oneof Denmark's foremost photographers: Her landscape pictures look at the beauty as well as the practical aspects ofthe countryside.

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston l’lace. Mom l-‘ri 9am—5pm: Sat 9am—2pm. Dieiro | Palazzi I.'ntil 2 Dec. Three centuriesof lesser Venetian architecture (1492‘ 1803). Iixhibitions of Italian art and culture have featured regularly in Edinburgh in past months. Here's another. Italian architecture. particularly that of cultural centres like Venice. has always had a fascination for both architect and layman alike. In this exhibitionthe buildings in this hardly changed historic city are placed against the background of social change.

Graeme Murray Limit 28 Nov. Recent works by this Scottish figurative artist who draws a storm in charcoal.

Alex Nisbet 30 Nov until mid-Dec. Drawings. paintings and prints.

I ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION 23 Atholl Crescent. Mon—Sat lllant—SpmcxceptTue


WIDE OPEN SPACES Dreamtime: A Traveller’s Images at Australia, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.

The posters tor this excellent show reproduce one of its tlnest pictizxos (see lllus) and it sets the whole tone tor what is to tollow. The painting ls called ‘By Sydney Harbour, No Worries’ and it shows a yellow iigure stepping out into the blueness with a big launty stride. the yellow paint ot the iigure has been allowed to drip a little and it suggests that she has just stepped oil the artist's brush, tresth minted, and still wet. Or it might be that the figure is beginning to melt, sweating paint, in the sun.

The background too, is a teasing, pleasing paradox it shows a vast area of blue In which there are small tlecks oi white, like stars in the big Australian sky. Then you remember that this Is a picture by Sydney Harbour and the dots become tiny boats, as though seen from above. Whatever the explanation, it is a lovely, evocative picture in which there are no false notes. Speaking about it In an interview in the catalogue the artist, Janet Patterson, says, It ‘sums up my teellngs about Austalia. l tool the tlgure has come to terms with its surroundings [without being] absorbed by them. it feels to me like a one-to-one situation.’

All the paintings here are the result ot a six month tour Edinburgh-born Patterson made ot Australia, travelling thousands and thousands of hot, dusty miles. Looking at the show it is as though her first and lasting impression ot the country was

Christmas Watercolour Exhibition 3 I? Dec. The fourth (‘hristmas show at this spacious New Tow n gallery.

I FILMHOUSE l.othian Road. 22SMS2 Mon—Sat noon llpm; Sun (L30 I lpm. Licensed restaurant

Benson and Hedges Photographers. Illustrators and Video Awards 1988 l nut to Dec. JUst opened. an exhibition based on the theme 'Adventure'. Long renowned for their superb advertisingphotography. it is fitting that Benson and l ledges sponsor such a competition. now in itsiiftli year. This year. the w inner ofthe Professional Photographers (iold Award is once again the lzdinburgh-based I)oy Revesz (winner last year i.

I FINE ART SOCIETY 12 ( ireat King Street. 5560305. Mon—Sat lilam (ipm.

David McLure tfniil :0 .‘s'oy.

The Thirties 3 Dec—mid Jan. British artists working in 'I‘hirties style. As well as paintings by artists like Mary Armourand David Donaldson i not two you imagine stamped with the Thirtics. it has tobe said). (‘ow ie. Iipstcin. (iluck and liurich. there will be a selection of'l’hirties' design. sculpture and architectural drawing to give a real icel for period.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 225 (i776. 'l ue«l-'ri l lam ()plit. Lucas and Buckle t not 25 Nov. (‘olourful landscapes in oil and ink.

Great Christmas Picture Show i--331)ee. Oils. pastels and watercolours. many with a Mediterranean flavour by 25 artists.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5360. Mon—Fri 9.3(lain— 1 pm and 2pm—5.3tlpm.

Photographs trom the Gillman Collection The American (iillman company started collecting European photographs in the seventies. The first part ofthis exhibition concentrates on I‘Jth century work.


absorbed through colour. Colour and colour relationships, are the dynamics at her pictures. In “Steel House, the Grampians’ bright yellow and bright blue, vivid and deep as a child’s set at poster paints, represent the sky and desert, while a iigure In the foreground, In a deeperyeilow still, hovers like a mirage.

Her tlgure or traveller goes through sea-green Queensland Ralntorests, a turquoise blue Canberra Storm and oi course, passes by Sydney Harbour. She is a master of colour combina- tions, compositions, shapes and patterns, but she ls too very much more than this. It is not Just that her style ls etticlent, it is rather that her observation is. She has, for example, the Imaginative wit to see that a sketch showing nothing but a radiator grill on which a number oi Insects have gone splat can tell you all you need to know. (Sally Kinnes)

I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 2‘) Market Street. 225 23S? Tue Sat lilam 5.30pm; Sun 1.30pm 5.3Upm. 25. 2b Dec and 1.2 .laii. licensed cafe ittst recently franchised It} \egociitltts w ill] tWo specialities spicy easier it and sticky cakes.

Two ( ierman photography shows for December.

Bernhard Prinz 3 Dec 15 Jill]. l-‘irsi British show lot this young photographer from l‘urth in liayerne. large cibachromc prints with the gloss of film and magazine photography pose his architectural models w lIIl human models. both personiiications oi ideals rather than straight portraits. Some of the architectural models will also be on display in the gallery.

Aenne Beirmann1925—19333 Dec-iSJan. Trained as a musician. Biermann started takingphotographsoflattiin and friends. an actiy ity' w hich led to professional commissions. 'l‘i'agically she died very

Edinburgh College otArt

52 The List 25 Nov 8 Dec 1988

young. leaving her arehiy c with herJewish husband. lie escaped (iermany in WW and went to Palestine. btit unfortunately his w ife's photographs w ere confiscated by the Na/is on route. This exhibition has painstakingly gathered all remaining material by her iamily.

Constructa Feeling in Dec. lll.3liam--noon or 2-3.3llpm (‘hildren aged 8- l2 years. l-‘rce. Places are limited so you are advised to book Make a wooden construction of anger. loye. |calottsy etc. using Prinz's sculpture for inspiration.

I GALERIE MIRAGES Racburn Place. 315 2on3 Tue Sat 0am-5pm. Stiti 2 5pm. closed Monday s.

Mirages 1" Nos 2-1 Dec. Fine collectionof gifts irom the cast.

I GALLERY BAR ( )ddlcllows Bar. Forrest Road.

I hated it attirst. but I love it now I 'tttiI-i l)ec. An exhibition oI iorty black and

w hite photographs on a y ariety of themes. produced by members of the

(iorgic Dairy I’hotoworkshop.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 55o 8021 Mon Sat lllam— 5pm;Sun 2 5pm. |l)|('aie. (’losed 24. 25. 2b.3l Dec and l . 2. 3Jan.

'I he gallery ‘s iustly renowned calc isopen Mon Sat lildtlam 4..‘~iipm;Sun

2._‘~tl 4.2lipm. (‘ream teas will be served from 3 «l. lipm.

Heillands Bequest A collection of paintings. drawings and watcrcolours bequeathed to the gallery by the late (ieorge Neillands. The bequest includes worksby Maxwell. (iillies. Redpath. Mac'l‘aggart. Philipson. Wilson and Izardley ()I particular interest are the eighteen paintings by Maxwell. a Scottiin painter w ho preceded current interests mid-century with figurative paintings dancing with colour and lore.

Prints by Jim Dine and 8.8. Kitai t'ntil 30 Dec. In corridor.

Main Gailery't'he ‘superrcalists' return to the main gallery with Duane l lanson's image of American "Tourists‘..lohn

Day ies' four men ‘l-‘or the last Time' and John de Andrea‘s stunningly lilelike model in repose.

I GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY l5 Scotland Street. 55ooo2ll. Tues-l‘ri Illam- 5pm. Sat lllam— lpm.

Diane Brown Gallery. New York L'ntil 14 Dec. As ( iiaeme Murray opensan exhibition of photographs by Thomas Joshua ( 'ooper in New York. his gallery in lidinburgh prepares to show sculptural work by New York artistsin the stableof [)ianc Brown. The five included are Joel l-‘ishcr. lirik levinc. Wade Saunders. Robert Sokolowski and Julie Watchel.

I HANOVER FINE ART 22A Dundas Street. 55(i2lSl. Mon-Fri Illilitl-‘5.3Il[7itl; Sat lIIam~-lpm.

l lanoy er has just reopened in a new- basement gallery in l)undas Street among the New Town galleries. It seems Iikea very sensible move. making the gallery more accessible to browsers than the upstairs rooms in Hanover Street which housed it over the past three years.

Pat Berveridge and Charles Simpson t'ntil 29Nov. Recent paintings.

Small Paintings tor Christmas 3-31 Dec. A mixed exhibition ofover 3tlartists. Ceramics. jewellery. sculpture. tapestries also included.

I HART STREET GALLERY 1‘) l lart Street. 5567069. Mon-~Sat lilam—(ipm.

(icneral selection of paintings and prints. Framing service available.

Scottish Landscapes and Figure Paintings by Adrian Kingsley Plumb.

I leA 44a George Street. 225 (i882. Mon-Sat “lam—5.30pm.

Design Work Until 26 Nov. ('arved wooden birds by John Thompson. ceramics. glass. wood. jewellery and silk scarves by local designers.

Christmas Exhibition 27 Nov—24 Dec. Unusual gifts by local designers. New jewellery and ties. Free gift wrapping service.