Geoffrey MacEwan. 369 Gallery, Edinburgh

0n the night before Geoffrey MacEwan leaves Scotland for Holland permanently. he is performing. Not in the strictest sense, more a performance which puts words to his art. a series of paintings which began with Dante and have ended with the fourseasons and the portrait ofan artist. Though still one of 369's ‘house’ artists, MacEwan will be based in The Hague and is looking forward to exploring avenues of performance in a country with galleries more geared towards that medium. Beginning at 7pm on Tuesday 29 November, his farewell evening will be free and followed by a discussion.

Street lane. 55" 5454. Mon Sat

lllam 4.30pm. Sat lllam lpm; Sun closed.

Kingfisher Christmas Exhibition l nut 23 Dec. I'ppei (iallery . ('ontcmporary artists w ho hay e show ed at the gallery

oy er the past year.

Save the Children Fund Exhibition :1

.\'o\ 22 Dec. Low cl (iallct'y . Save the (’hildren w ill benefit from sales made at this exhibition of small. affordable works. I LEITH SCHOOL OF ART 25 NorthJunction Street. 55ft 4538 or 55-1 57)].

A full programme of art classes and courses has begun. School lcay crs and mature students w ho w ish to build a portfolio for entry into Art (' and evening classes for beginners and Saturday workshops for children will then be offered. for further information phone the above numbers or w rite to Mark and Charlotte (’heverton at 8 Brandon Terrace. (‘anonmills. Iidinburgh Iii l3 5IiA.

I MALCOLM INNES GALLERY ()7 ( ieorge Street. 226415]. Mon Af‘riflam—hpm. Christmas Exhibition 3o .\'m —24 Dec. ()ils. watercolours and prints by contemporary artists.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 55ots")2 l. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2— 5pm.

Genoese Drawings of the 16th and 17th Centuries t 'niil 3H l)ec.

By-passed by tourists today . (ienoa was

once a major attraction for visitors to Italy. Duringthe lbth and [71h century. when the city was ruled by a merchant aristocracy. builders of palaces and wealth. a (ienocse school of painting emerged producing Strozzi. (‘astiglione and (iaulli. the best ofthe bunch. This exhibition includes the big three as well as lesser known names.

Prints by Andrew Geddes 1783-1844 t 'niil 3” Dec.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND (ieorgc l\ Bridge. 22f) 45H . Mon - l’ri ‘)._‘sllam—-5pm; Sat ‘).3llam -lpm; Sun 2pm 5pm. (‘loscd 2-1. 25. 2o. 31 Decand l. 2. Han.

Bridie l'ntil I‘cb IUS‘). As Dr ()sbornc llenry Mayor he practised medicine and as James Bridie he w rote over .‘illplays. founded the ( ilasgow (‘iti/cn's' Theatre and counted Bernard Shaw. Ty ronc (iuthrie and Laurence ( )livicr among his friends and contacts. This double life

( ISSS‘ A 195] )is explored in aneshibition which ends the centenary year

I NETHERBOW ~13 High Street. 5509579. Mon» Sat lflarii--~l.3tlprn and eyenings when performances. (‘afe.

Lino Cuts of Edinburgh and Faroese Landscapes t not 24 Dec. Recent work by Neil Stewart.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 ( ~timberland Place. 557 “)2”. Mon— Fri Illam- (ipm.Sat 10am—4pm. ('losed 25. 2o. 27. .il Dec. and 1.2. Han.

Carola Gordon Until I I)ec. Work in collage and watercolour.

Lillieslief Pottery t'mil 1 Dec.

SirGeorge Rushbury (1889-1968) t‘niil I Dec. Travels with a burin (an etching lool ).

A Festive Collection 131 Dec. (‘ontemporary paintings and ceramics by invited artists. The ()pen Iiye is usually one of the best galleries for(‘hristmas buys.

Jack Cunningham Jewellery 3 1 Dec. A designer from Stirling who specialises in patiriated silver with a particular flair for brooches.

I PALACE OF HOLYROOOHOUSE Tel 556 737] forinformation. The Highlanders of Scotland t'niil April. Watercolours by Kenneth MacI.eay. one of the founding members of the Royal Scottish Academy and a great favourite of Queen Victoria. Throughout his career he carried out several commissions for her. including portraits of her husband and sons. and then a series of clan chiefs. That commission was undertaken at the height of the tartan ‘rage'. which blossomed during Victoria's reign as a direct result of (ieorge l\"s successful visit to Edinburgh in 1822. Duringthistime. tartans were invented and made inaccurately for the Iinglish or Anglicised fans ofthe material. I THE PEOPLE'S STORY ('anongate. ()pens later this year. Memorabilia ofall kindsis sought for this new museum. devoted to all aspects of Edinburgh life. (‘ontact

I lelen ('Iark or Elaine I’innie at the Social History Section. lluntly House Museum. 142 ('anongate. 225 2424 or (167‘) if you have anything to offer.

I PORTFOLIO GALLERY AT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP 43 (‘andlemaker Row. 22() I91 1 . 'I‘ue—Sat lt).3f)am--5.3flpm.

Protiles Until 3 Dec. Portfolio Gallery continues its search for new and exciting work on home ground. llere. three recent graduates from photography courses in Glasgow. Iidinburgh and Dundee are put through their paces. Jacqueline Chambers. Anne Rae and Lynne Robertson are the three in question between them they explore self-portraiture. family histories and narrative.

Black and White Printing Sun 27 Nov. 11am—5pm. £16 members unw’aged. £22 non-members. Learn about fine printing and toning in various materials with professional exhibiting photographer. Glyn Satterley.

I l (1893 - 1975) 50 Years of Printmaking

Exhibition continues until 3rd December Mon-Sat 10.30am—6pm We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Royal Norwegian Consulate General Peacock Printmakers


The Richard Demaroo Gallery 17-21 Blackfriars Street Edinburgh EH1 INB

Tel. 031-557 0707 Scottish Arts Council


SIX WOMEN ARTISTS Nanny Mulder Janet Patterson Jacqueline Watt Marie ()‘Mahony Alison Watt Janice Gray Perspex Jewellery by Campbell/Kulagowski 7 30 November

T“ I. .s‘t'o‘l‘llsll 94 George Street 3 u \Limo Edinburgh 031 225 5955

Mon—Fri 9am—S.30pm Sat 9.30am 2pm

The National Gallery of Scotland

isn't what it used to be.

That much everyone agrees. But the dramatic recent changes at the National Gallery have sharply divided opinion. It won't cost you any- thing to make up your own mind: the Gallery is open free Monday to Saturday 10-5 & Sunday 2-5. Recorded information on O31-332 4939.

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